Sep. 08, 1966
60 min.
NBC TV Network
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  • Goof (continuity error): The deck locations for Kirk's Quarters, Sickbay and Transporter Room vary (usually between decks 4-7) throughout the series.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): There are numerous instances where the flimsy nature of the set can be seen when an actor/actress bumps into a wall and the wall bends with him/her.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): In almost all of the hand-to-hand combat shots, with the exception of close-up shots, the characters fighting are very obvious stunt doubles.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Spock (Leonard Nimoy) holds the rank of Commander based on the rank stripes on his uniform (two solid gold bands), however there are several times throughout the series where he is referred to as Lieutenant Commander. However a Lieutenant Commander's rank stripes consist of one solid gold band and one dashed/segmented band.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): The Star Trek Universe is inconsistent in its use of measurement standards. In "Star Trek" (1966) {Obsession (#2.13)}, Ensign Garrovick describes a gaseous creature as being "several cubic meters" in size, but his distance as "about twenty feet away". These discrepancies continue through all the Star Trek series and movies.
  • Goof (continuity error): In several episodes, the positions of people being beamed up/down change. For example, in "Star Trek" (1966) {Mirror, Mirror (#2.4)} when the landing party is being beamed up, Kirk's arm is positioned down, then up as he starts to materialize the first time, then down again as he finally materializes.
  • Goof (continuity error): It takes a while for character names and back histories to settle during the first season and there are many inconsistencies. At the same time, the crew wears different colors of uniform for the first few weeks.
  • Goof (continuity error): The color of a phaser beam depends on the weapon's setting ("stun" or "kill") but the colors are inconsistent between episodes.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): Numerous instances where Kirk orders phasers fired, but the animation is that of the photon torpedoes.
  • Goof (continuity error): The color of the Enterprise's phaser beams differ between episodes. In some they are blue, while in others the are red, yellow, or orange. The animation for the photon torpedoes also changes from a red-orange color to the more-often-seen white-colored animation.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): As Pike retreats up the stairs from the warrior on "Rigel VII", you can see the blade of his spear bend as it pushes against the warrior's chest.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): For all their intelligence and telepathic ability, the Talosians seem to have difficulty with the English language. When Pike is given a vial of liquid nourishment, the Keeper says, "If the form and the color is not appealing, it can appear as any food you wish to visualize." Shouldn't that be "...ARE not appealing"? And when Pike and the three women escape to the surface, only to discover that they are still under the Talosians' control, the Keeper tells Captain Pike, "To help you reclaim the planet's surface, our zoological gardens will furnish a variety of plant life." Zoological gardens are animal life and mean a zoo. Surely the Keeper meant to say "botanical gardens."
  • Goof (continuity error): The position of the landing party changes when the "mirage survivors" disappear.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Vina is tortured by the Talosians and disappears, in the next shot her shadow is still visible moving out of frame on the left.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): Wooden batons, nailed to the rock outcrop on the barren planet to allow the actors to walk up the slope are clearly visible.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When the phaser cannon being used to breach the Talosians stronghold begins to overheat, Number One uses her communicator to call up to the starship Enterprise (which is supplying the power) and order them to "disengage." When the cannon continues to fire, she lowers the communicator, looks up, and YELLS "Enterprise, disengage!" to the orbiting ship.
  • Goof (audio/visual unsynchronized): The sound of The Keeper's voice constantly changes. This is because the video was put together from footage used in "The Menagerie" using Vic Perrin's voice, and 'rediscovered' footage with Malachi Throne's voice. Vic Perrin was used to dub the keeper in "Star Trek" (1966) {The Menagerie: Part I (#1.11)} and "Star Trek" (1966) {The Menagerie: Part II (#1.12)} because Malachi Throne appeared in The Menagerie in person as Commodore Mendez, and the voice would have confused viewers. Originally, the whole of "The Cage" used Malachi Throne's voice for the keeper.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Captain Pike is abducted, remaining crew members fire a barrage of phaser weaponry at the portal; in each of the three attempts, the exact same effect results. Parts of the entryway get blasted out, and then with each succeeding blast, the exact same thing happens to the "door." In addition, though one of the crew fires his phaser from a different location than Tyler and Spock, his shot appears to be coming from the same location as Tyler's.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): During the Rigel VII fortress fantasy, after Captain Pike throws his sword at the Kaylar warrior and stabs him in the back, the warrior displays a normal set of teeth and is missing the large, misshapen mouthful of teeth he sports in earlier scenes.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): SPOILER: When Sulu touches the face of dead crew member Barnhart, the actor flinches.
  • Goof (crew or equipment visible): When Kirk walks into the turbolift, returning from his mission to the surface of M113, the cameraman's shadow can be seen following him in. And, this shot is used in many additional episodes of the show.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Kirk jumps out from behind the rock after stunning Crater with his phaser, the large "stone masonry" structure next to him wobbles when he nudges it, revealing it's fake.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): The "vampire" has lived without salt for a year, yet once prey shows up, it seems to desperately need salt every few minutes. However, it could be stocking up on salt supplies within its body just as a camel stocks up on water, or as humans and many animals store calcium and other rarer minerals into bone tissue.
  • Goof (continuity error): At the beginning of the show, Kirk picks up a bunch of "flowers" (actually some scrub brush) for McCoy to give to his old girlfriend. Kirk then throws them on the ground. The camera pulls back, and the "flowers" are nowhere to be seen. They should be laying on the ground.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Spock is recovering from his attack, he has green blood on his forehead, which is correct for a Vulcan. However, he also has an inexplicably red gash by the blood stain.
  • Goof (plot holes): When the landing party is beamed up to the Enterprise, the transporter would have detected that crewman Green was an alien creature and not human.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): During the climatic scene in McCoy's quarters McCoy is shot out of focus.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Captain Kirk is talking to Professor Carter about going aboard the Enterprise for his protection, Kirk's arms are alternately folded/unfolded between shots.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): Charlie is being examined by Bones, but when we cut to a close-up on the display screen, we see a reflection of Charlie standing up staring at something off camera.
  • Goof (continuity error): When the captain of the Antares is trying to warn Kirk of Charlie's abilities, Kirk is in a corridor talking to Charlie about not slapping girls on the butt. He says, "I'm on my way to the bridge now," and gets on the turbolift wearing his usual yellow shirt. When he arrives on the bridge he is wearing the green tunic.

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