May. 25, 1992
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Shortland Street (NZ)

Shortland Street is a serial medical drama centred around the lives and loves of the staff and patients of Shortland Street Hospital; an engaging and entertaining mix of medical crisis, human drama, romance and suspense.

Shortland Street (NZ) Season 22 (2013)

22x76 22 22x76 Episode 5226
Arriving at Henare's clinic with TK, Roimata's relieved up to realize her mum has gone with Henare. TK sells the trip as a romantic holiday and feeling claustrophobic, ...
Apr. 29, 2013
22x77 22 22x77 Episode 5227
Nicole feels tempted to call Boyd and talk about their break up but when Vinnie reminds her of what a nice guy is really like, Nicole deletes Boyd from her phone. Later, ...
Apr. 30, 2013
22x78 22 22x78 Episode 5228
Upset after her date with Vinnie, Emma allows Kylie to support her. But Emma's defenses spring back up and Kylie's concerned by Vinnie's account of Emma's demands ...
May. 01, 2013
22x79 22 22x79 Episode 5229
Sarah, although still confused that the glamorous Harper wants to work as a locum at Shortland Street, is excited by the thought of working with her friend, and this excitement grows ...
May. 02, 2013
22x80 22 22x80 Episode 5230
Roimata, TK and Josh work together to save the crash victims, keeping their personal tension in check. When she tries to explain the mistake she's made with Josh, TK ...
May. 03, 2013
22x81 22 22x81 Episode 5231
Arriving home to a coldly furious TK, Roimata tries to make a quick exit. However, TK needs answers and refuses to let her go. He pushes Roimata to explain her behavior, but when ...
May. 06, 2013
22x82 22 22x82 Episode 5232
On the outs with Boyd, a miserable Brooke suffers the patronizing antics of Boyd's family. Meanwhile Boyd is drawn in by Angela, the woman his family wants him to marry, and starts ...
May. 06, 2013
22x83 22 22x83 Episode 5233
Encouraged by sleeping with Boyd, Brooke sets out to work her advantage. Protective of Boyd, she suggests that his father is clinically insane. Boyd's defensive over this, but privately ...
May. 07, 2013
22x84 22 22x84 Episode 5234
Deeply unhappy, Roimata fears a backlash against her at work and she's unable to accept Josh's positive reinforcement. Tensions run high in ED, but Roimata's relieved that news of her ...
May. 08, 2013
22x85 22 22x85 Episode 5235
Ula's frustrated when Jared refuses to get intimate under Vasa's roof, and when he finally gives in to her, they're nearly caught in the act by Vasa. Vasa grows suspicious, especially ...
May. 09, 2013
22x86 22 22x86 Episode 5236
After Brooke's announcement, a chagrined Boyd reveals that it will only be a marriage of convenience.He tries to apologize to an upset Nicole, but she rejects him once he admits he ...
May. 10, 2013
22x87 22 22x87 Episode 5237
Feeling empowered, TK returns to ED to reclaim his department. Off TK's anger at Josh, Roimata's given hope TK still cares, but she's knocked when he rejects her. Hurt, Roimata uneasily ...
May. 13, 2013
22x88 22 22x88 Episode 5238
Ula's intially annoyed when Jasmine insists leave to go and find Dayna. But Ula's annoyance turns to concern when she learns Dayna's taken dodgy pills and she and Jasmine split up ...
May. 13, 2013
22x89 22 22x89 Episode 5239
Ula digs deep and uses her first aid knowledge to help Dayna. When Dallas and Jasmine arrive, Ula's calm, focussed and ready to help. Later, she's quietly proud to receive praise ...
May. 14, 2013
22x90 22 22x90 Episode 5240
Sarah's left reeling when Rachel tells her to clear out her desk and go. TK glosses over his written warning and Josh is irritated that it hasn't been taken further, but Roimata convinces ...
May. 15, 2013
22x91 22 22x91 Episode 5241
Brooke's frustrated when her emotional connection with Boyd is undercut by his father Alasdair's demand for money. Boyd wants to pay him off as quickly as possible, and Brooke's worried ...
May. 16, 2013
22x92 22 22x92 Episode 5242
A shocked Bella refuses to accept Zlata's baby-for-cash deal, and Zlata is forced to accept her offer of help to be a better mother. Bella begins her mothering boot-camp, and Murray ...
May. 17, 2013
22x93 22 22x93 Episode 5243
Jared and Ula are thrown when Vasa responds positively to Jared's accusations and apologizes. Although Vasa wants to be supportive, she struggles to deal with the consequences of condoning ...
May. 20, 2013
22x94 22 22x94 Episode 5244
Ula's annoyed when Jared prioritizes talking with Bryce over a family dinner. His discussions with Bryce lead Jared to think about joining the army. He discusses this with Ula and when ...
May. 20, 2013
22x95 22 22x95 Episode 5245
Murray reels from a shaken Wendy's news about her pregnancy but is supportive. When Zlata and Bella suggest the house is germ-ridden, Wendy snaps at them and flees. Later, the pregnancy ...
May. 21, 2013
22x96 22 22x96 Episode 5246
Both Bella and Zlata are thrown at Zlata's sudden maternal impulse, but Zlata eventually regains her composure and decides to continue the immunization without Bella. Roimata warns ...
May. 21, 2013
22x97 22 22x97 Episode 5247
In denial about Roimata's true feelings, Josh is determined to make their relationship work. However, in an attempt to increase their public profile as a couple, he accepts an invitation ...
May. 23, 2013
22x98 22 22x98 Episode 5248
An apologetic Rachel assures Chris she'll quit smoking, but he doesn't trust this and Rachel realizes shes lost his support. At work, Henry's apprised of the quit-smoking situation ...
May. 24, 2013
22x99 22 22x99 Episode 5249
Bella becomes dissatisfied when Zlata demands financial support but won’t give Bella time with Luca. Bella makes progress with her co-parenting when she convinces ...
May. 27, 2013
22x100 22 22x100 Episode 5250
Desperate for attention, Jessica threatens to hurt herself if they don’t take her to hospital, but Dallas and his offsider restrain her. Then Dallas opens the closet ...
May. 27, 2013
22x101 22 22x101 Episode 5251
Rocked by Wendy’s admission that she feels she can’t have the baby, Murray is concerned for her emotional state. In an effort to show that she wants the baby like ...
May. 28, 2013
22x102 22 22x102 Episode 5252
Emma sadly accepts she’s ruined any chance of romance with TK and comes clean to Kylie about her crush on TK. Meanwhile TK is unsettled by Sarah’s claim that he’s ...
May. 29, 2013
22x103 22 22x103 Episode 5253
Zlata balks at Bella’s proposal of a Civil Union and turns her down but Bella’s determined to talk her round. She tries to enlist Wendy and Murray’s help but ...
May. 30, 2013
22x104 22 22x104 Episode 5254
Roimata discovers her inner and outer strength, physically subduing Justin but is later left unsettled by Josh’s coddling. After talking to Nicole, then seeing yet ...
May. 31, 2013
22x105 22 22x105 Episode 5255
Seth begins to execute his plan to dethrone Rachel, using a meeting to leave her understaffed, overruled and worried that he's on to her secret smoking. Reluctant to publicize their ...
Jun. 03, 2013
22x106 22 22x106 Episode 5256
Rachel's denial of drinking and claims that Seth and Henry are colluding read as paranoid ranting to Chris. Unwilling to reveal she's taken stolen Zolopam, Rachel digs herself deeper ...
Jun. 03, 2013
22x107 22 22x107 Episode 5257
Determined to stay strong, Rachel sets a trap to catch the duplicitous Henry. Needing unequivocal proof, Rachel hopes that Henry has taken the bait. Henry becomes disgruntled with Seth ...
Jun. 04, 2013
22x108 22 22x108 Episode 5258
Though shes got her job back, Roimata's still pained by her emotional distance with TK, but grateful to have found a genuine friend in Vasa. Meanwhile, Josh takes Roimata's return to ...
Jun. 05, 2013
22x109 22 22x109 Episode 5259
Nicole and Vinnie downplay their kiss, but Vinnie still feels attracted to Nicole. At work, Vinnie avoids Nicole and she's concerned to think things have changed between them. She tries ...
Jun. 06, 2013
22x110 22 22x110 Episode 5260
When Wendy asks Murray if he now wants her to go through with the pregnancy, Murray hedges by seeking an explanation for her change of heart. Next day, Wendy explains that she wants ...
Jun. 07, 2013
22x111 22 22x111 Episode 5261
Jasmine's annoyed at Dayna for posting her picture on How Hot Am I? and realizes she won't be able to remove them from the internet. Bella's sympathetic but Evan's annoyed at the negative ...
Jun. 10, 2013
22x112 22 22x112 Episode 5262
Dayna manages to score herself a mini-photo shoot with Jasmine and Phoenix tagging along as chaperones. Lincoln is underwhelmed by Danyna's look on camera but is intrigued by Jasmine's ...
Jun. 10, 2013
22x113 22 22x113 Episode 5263
Jasmine informs Phoenix that Lincoln has offered to take her on as a model and not Dayna. He's surprised but understands the geek chic look that Lincoln can see. Jasmine doesn't think ...
Jun. 11, 2013
22x114 22 22x114 Episode 5264
Struggling without her Zolopam, Rachel wonders how she's going to keep it together to present her Ministry of Health pitch. But digging deep, Rachel triumphs over Seth by spinning a ...
Jun. 12, 2013
22x115 22 22x115 Episode 5265
Wendy is upset when Murray refuses to talk to her about his feelings, and convinces him that he needs to take some time away from Ferndale. Aware Wendy wants a break from him, Murray ...
Jun. 13, 2013
22x116 22 22x116 Episode 5266
Josh is keen to learn why Harper was so scared last night but she initially refuses to explain to him. Finally, she tells him some of the truth. She ran out on a very powerful man and ...
Jun. 14, 2013
22x117 22 22x117 Episode 5267
Seth attempts to rise above the fallout from his public outing by claiming that hes made the hitherto oblivious Rachel and Harper look like fools. Meanwhile, Brooke is charmed that ...
Jun. 17, 2013
22x118 22 22x118 Episode 5268
Boyd refuses to play a part in Brooke's political ploy, and implores her to give it up. Crushed by Evan's harsh judgment over her termination, Wendy worries that he'll tell Bella and ...
Jun. 17, 2013
22x119 22 22x119 Episode 5269
Wendy is rushed to ED and a fearful Evan calls Jasmine and Bella into the hospital. However, he's conflicted when he sees how difficult it is for Wendy to reveal she's had a termination. ...
Jun. 18, 2013
22x120 22 22x120 Episode 5270
Roimata's bemused when she discovers Vinnie fibbed his way into staying at Vasa's. This starts to make sense when she learns that Vinnie and Nicole are hot for each other but fighting ...
Jun. 19, 2013
22x121 22 22x121 Episode 5271
Brooke's smug after stumbling onto an opportunity to blackmail Harper in order to advance Boyd's career. Meanwhile, Harper is embarrassed at jumping the gun with Brooke and is anxious ...
Jun. 20, 2013
22x122 22 22x122 Episode 5272
Nicole is crestfallen when the romantic night she was expecting with Vinnie turns out to be anything but. Trying to get to the heart of Vinnie's problem, Nicole gets the sense it might ...
Jun. 21, 2013
22x123 22 22x123 Episode 5273
Josh gets the validation he craves when Neil accepts his offer to continue his illicit doctoring. Meanwhile, Brooke is frustrated when Harper refuses to be blackmailed. In ...
Jun. 24, 2013
22x124 22 22x124 Episode 5274
Neil's friend has a cough and Neil wants him medically checked. Josh refuses because its not an emergency and he needs to get back to work. He then continues to fob Neil off when ...
Jun. 24, 2013
22x125 22 22x125 Episode 5275
Bored and looking for a project, Bella decides to help Nicole get together with Vinnie. When she ropes Dallas in, they figure out that Vinnie and Nicole are hot for each other. ...
Jun. 25, 2013
22x126 22 22x126 Episode 5276
When Seth makes a deal with Brooke to get dirt on Josh, he's encouraged that he may have procured a way to weaken Rachel. Josh is rattled when Seth bullies him for information about ...
Jun. 26, 2013
22x127 22 22x127 Episode 5277
Finally together, Nicole and Vinnie decide to leave it to Bella to spread the news of their new relationship via the hospital gossip mill. However, after a relationship talk with TK ...
Jun. 27, 2013
22x128 22 22x128 Episode 5278
Concerned by the serious rift between Murray and Evan, Wendy tries to talk Evan around to trusting his father. Evan wont listen and starts to talk about moving out to get away ...
Jun. 28, 2013
22x129 22 22x129 Episode 5279
Josh sports the results of a sound beating thanks to Neil, but instead of sympathy, Harper warns that his continued involvement with Neil means his friends and flatmates are at risk. ...
Jul. 01, 2013
22x130 22 22x130 Episode 5280
Rachel's unsettled when Boyd confirms that her staff are unhappy, and decides to reverse her unpopular budget cuts, but Harper is forced to follow Seth's agenda and convince Rachel ...
Jul. 01, 2013
22x131 22 22x131 Episode 5281
At his first staff meeting, Seth doesn't manage to win full support. Harper tries to extricate herself from Seth's machinations now that she has played her part to stitch up Rachel, ...
Jul. 02, 2013
22x132 22 22x132 Episode 5282
A protective Chris determines to find the true reason behind Rachel's dismissal. Harper intimates she was coerced into betraying Rachel, and Chris is further disturbed when Boyd ...
Jul. 03, 2013
22x133 22 22x133 Episode 5283
Enjoying his new relationship with Nicole, Vinnie's unsettled to realize they lack the new couple sexual spark. Set on rectifying this, Vinnie ambushes Nicole at work, but his ...
Jul. 04, 2013
22x134 22 22x134 Episode 5284
Josh reassures Bella he's severed his drugs ties, but feels conflicted for lying. Bolstered off her positivity, Josh feels good about life again until TK, finally having enough ...
Jul. 05, 2013
22x135 22 22x135 Episode 5285
Annoyed Wendy thinks she's an airhead, Kylie decides to wind her up by playing up to her expectations. Emma's concerned to learn Kylie's planning to drive Wendy crazy, but Kylie ...
Jul. 08, 2013
22x136 22 22x136 Episode 5286
Harper finds Henry desolate and learns enough to realize that something large is at stake. At Rachel's lowest point, Harper passes on this information, despite Rachel's continued ...
Jul. 08, 2013
22x137 22 22x137 Episode 5287
Rachel returns to power and breaks with the past by announcing a new era of inclusive decision making, while Sarah, guilty for her initial support of Seth's plan, resolves to fall on ...
Jul. 09, 2013
22x138 22 22x138 Episode 5288
Boyd analyzes his feelings after a hurt Brooke challenges him to admit that their partnership never stood a chance because he always had to have everything his own way. When she tells ...
Jul. 10, 2013
22x139 22 22x139 Episode 5289
Chris is disappointed when his justifications for accepting the CEO role fail to placate a furious and upset Rachel. Alone at the I.V, Rachel is challenged by Harper to justify ...
Jul. 11, 2013
22x140 22 22x140 Episode 5290
Kylie can't bring herself to break Evan's heart and instead assures him she wants them to stay together. Evan wants to talk further but a guilty Kylie distracts him with sex. ...
Jul. 12, 2013
22x141 22 22x141 Episode 5291
Josh is thrown when Neil turns up at the hospital and informs him the drug heist is happening now instead of next week. Josh knows he needs to warn the police, but instead he's ...
Jul. 15, 2013
22x142 22 22x142 Episode 5292
Calling Bella up to the security room on false pretenses, Neil takes her hostage. Trapped in the lift, Vinnie and Kylie try to stay cheerful. Overheating, Vinnie takes some layers off. ...
Jul. 15, 2013
22x143 22 22x143 Episode 5293
Ula is shocked when Neil pushes his way into the ambulance with Bella - tasers Matt and orders Ula to drive. Outside, Josh is thrown to learn that Evan has sent Neil off to an ambulance. ...
Jul. 15, 2013
22x144 22 22x144 Episode 5294
When a cold Nicole won't stop and talk to Vinnie about their break up, Vinnie worries he's wrecked their friendship. He challenges her to acknowledge that intimacy isn't what defines ...
Jul. 16, 2013
22x145 22 22x145 Episode 5295
Vasa is forced to dampen Ula's hopes of getting Adam back, and is relieved when a discussion with Dallas leads Ula to accept giving up Adam was the best choice. But Ula's conflict ...
Jul. 17, 2013
22x146 22 22x146 Episode 5296
Reeling from her grandfather's inappropriate kiss, Jasmine gets the sense that Len's behavior may not be intentional, and she becomes upset when her parent's concern for her overrides ...
Jul. 18, 2013
22x147 22 22x147 Episode 5297
A guilty Sarah saves Brooke and Boyd the uncomfortable task of asking her to leave and offers to vacate the flat. But, her stress increasing, she slips up at work and TK asks if ...
Jul. 19, 2013
22x148 22 22x148 Episode 5298
Thrown by Matt and Sue's harsh accusations, Vasa worries that they could be right. Vasa realises she has trapped herself in a lose-lose situation when she fails to convince Ula ...
Jul. 22, 2013
22x149 22 22x149 Episode 5299
Kylie commiserates with Emma, who feels like a fool for misreading TK's cues. She supposes it's good she at least has clarity and urges Kylie to similarly clarify her relationship ...
Jul. 23, 2013
22x150 22 22x150 Episode 5300
When Chris resolves to turn down the CEO job, despite privately thinking he might want it, Rachel is selfishly relieved. Chris tries to prove to himself that he's meant to be a ...
Jul. 24, 2013

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