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Marty Deeks NCIS: Los Angeles

Marty Deeks

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  Played by:
Eric Christian OlsenEric Christian Olsen
Eric Christian Olsen (born May 31, 1977) in Eugene, Oregon, the son of Jeanne, a non-denominational chaplain, ...

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Marty Deeks Quotes

07x05 - Blame it on Rio Season 7 / Episode 5: - Blame it on Rio

Anthony DiNozzo: [He and Deeks are pinned down behind some crates with Rio in between them] What is that thing you do?
Marty Deeks: What?
Anthony DiNozzo: With your hair. It's like a nervous tick or something.
Marty Deeks: What are you talking about? I can't see. I got hair in my eyes.
Anthony DiNozzo: Get a haircut.
Rio Syamsundin: He's right. You should to go to Supercuts. You need to get some layers.
Anthony DiNozzo, Marty Deeks: Shut up!
07x02 - Citadel Season 7 / Episode 2: - Citadel

Marty Deeks: Mam, this is, eh, Kensi. Kensi this is my mam. And those are words I just said out loud
Kensi Blye: Hi, it's a pleasure to finally meet you
Mrs. Deeks: You cook?
Kensi Blye: No
Mrs. Deeks: You wanna to learn?
Kensi Blye: No
Mrs. Deeks: I like her!
Marty Deeks: I like her too
06x17 - Savoir Faire Season 6 / Episode 17: - Savoir Faire

Marty Deeks: [to Callan] Oh yeah? You like pancakes? You know who likes pancakes? I like pancakes. Sometimes I make pancakes with marshmallows. Not the big ones. I use the little ones. And then I combine them with chocolate chips. You know what that is? That's delicious!
06x17 - Savoir Faire Season 6 / Episode 17: - Savoir Faire

Marty Deeks: [In the boathouse, watching Callan interview a suspect] Wow, well played, Callan. Well played. You got 'im wrapped around your pinky. Not that it isn't something I haven't done a thousand times. Except for, of course, I did it in a courtroom with a ton of people. The judge [Holds up his hands as if he's staring through the scope on rifle] staring me down. The jury, sizing me up, sayin' what you got, public defender? What. You. Got?
Eric Beale: [On the monitor] Uh... Deeks?
Marty Deeks: Huh?
Eric Beale: You, you know that I can hear you... right?
Marty Deeks: Yeah. No, no. Yeah, I know- definitely know that you can- I mean I knew that you were there... if that's what you're asking.
Nell Jones: [Moves on screen] Good, because I'm here, too.
Marty Deeks: Oh. Nell. [laughing self-consciously] Hi.
Nell Jones: 'S up?
Owen Granger: [Moves on screen] Detective.
Marty Deeks: Oohph. Granger. Of course, Granger is there. It's like the whole Opsapalooze. What's going on, guys? What can I do you for?
Owen Granger: Question. Do you crumble graham crackers into your S'mores-cakes?
06x17 - Savoir Faire Season 6 / Episode 17: - Savoir Faire

Sam Hanna: Be smart out there.
Kamal Pajman: Okay.
Kensi Blye: Uh, that... means don't do anything stupid.
Marty Deeks: Don't worry. From him... it's a term of affection.
06x16 - Expiration Date Season 6 / Episode 16: - Expiration Date

Marty Deeks: He's on my side. Go find your own ghurka.
06x16 - Expiration Date Season 6 / Episode 16: - Expiration Date

Jemadar Thapa: I've been walking the warrior's path for so long that home isn't a place anymore. It is a feeling.
Marty Deeks: What do you mean?
Jemadar Thapa: It is my wife's smile. My children's laughter. The friendship I never expected. I built my home on these feelings so I would never have to leave.
06x16 - Expiration Date Season 6 / Episode 16: - Expiration Date

Jemadar Thapa: There is something else a warrior carries in their heart, sahib. An expiration date.
Marty Deeks: Yeah, well, there's nothing we can do about that though, right?
Jemadar Thapa: And yet we spend our lives trying to do so many things about it. When all we really need to be... is ready.
06x04 - The 3rd Choir Season 6 / Episode 4: - The 3rd Choir

Kensi Blye: Did you find anything in Mattias' file?
Marty Deeks: [Going through an archive box] Nothing. Oh! Except for a... dead cockroach. That's! Not. Dead. It's not dead. It's not a dead cockroach. [Grabs something heavy from Blye's desk and smashes it in the box] Now he's dead. Not! Dead. What the Hell? [still smashing] Not. Are you kidding me?
Kensi Blye: And you're the guy who's supposed to have my back...
Marty Deeks: [continues to smash] Well. It's so... smart... and crafty. Surprisingly... swift. [Bligh grabs the box and puts it on the floor] Don't- You're gonna- He's gonna bite you! He's not gonna- Don't! [She stomps her boot inside the box] No, you got it... You did- You did good. That's why we're partners.
06x01 - Deep Trouble (2) Season 6 / Episode 1: - Deep Trouble (2)

Marty Deeks: [solemnly] You're dyin', Wilson. You're dyin'. [Wilson closes his eyes, fighting tears] No, no. See don't- you don't want- you don't wanna do that because the, uh, salt from your tears, you're gonna sting your burns.
Michael Wilson: Screw you, bitch!
Marty Deeks: Bitch? I'm not the one crying.
05x08 - Fallout Season 5 / Episode 8: - Fallout

Kensi Blye: I told you to send them an alert when we were coming in.
Marty Deeks: I did. [Callen's Phone Dings] Oh, There it is. It's not my fault we move faster than the speed of cellular.
04x17 - Wanted Season 4 / Episode 17: - Wanted

CIA Agent Michael Snyder: He also likes blondes.
Kensi Blye: All right, I will wear a wig, but I will not dye my hair for this man.
CIA Agent Vokstanik Sabatino: Wouldn't help. You're not his type.
Kensi Blye: [Long pause] What's his type? [Snyder and Sabatino smirk and look at Deeks]
Marty Deeks: No. Really?... Come on!
04x17 - Wanted Season 4 / Episode 17: - Wanted

Marty Deeks: You smell like sunshine and gun powder. Two of my favourite things.
Kensi Blye: Eww. You're like wet dog.
04x02 - Recruit Season 4 / Episode 2: - Recruit

Sam Hanna: Your lucky number is the atomic weight of helium?
Eric Beale: And you call me a geek?
Marty Deeks: Helium makes you talk funny.
Sam Hanna: Makes you think funny too.
04x02 - Recruit Season 4 / Episode 2: - Recruit

Marty Deeks: [eating a fish taco] This is delicious.
Sam Hanna: Too bad you don't know what it is.
Marty Deeks: Sure I do. It's a Lake Superior white fish. I'd say caught in a gill net. Probably two or three days ago.
Sam Hanna: [groans]
Marty Deeks: What? I'm a surfer - I know my fish.
Kensi Blye: Yeah, he's kind of like a trained seal, only without the "trained" part.
Sam Hanna: Or the "SEAL" part.
04x02 - Recruit Season 4 / Episode 2: - Recruit

Marty Deeks: All right, you know what? Let me just drop some knowledge on you for a second, all right? It's French. It comes from fencing. It means "to touch." So, if I were to touch you with my sword, then you would say "touchê."
Kensi Blye: Then I wouldn't say it because you ain't never touching me with your sword, Zorro.
Marty Deeks: Wow, that just happened. Fair enough. Okay, that was a touchê.
Kensi Blye: Okay. Touchê.
Marty Deeks: But you don't get to say it.
Kensi Blye: Touchê, touchê.
Marty Deeks: Yeah, it's like teaching semantics to a dolphin.
04x02 - Recruit Season 4 / Episode 2: - Recruit

Kensi Blye: [giggling her tush in front of Deeks] Touchê, touchê, you cannot not touch my touchê.
Marty Deeks: Okay, that's a human resource violation and it's going in my report to Hetty.
03x24 - Sans Voir (2) Season 3 / Episode 24: - Sans Voir (2)

Marty Deeks: There's a giant train about six inches to your left.
Sam Hanna: Deeks, shut up.
03x23 - Sans Voir (1) Season 3 / Episode 23: - Sans Voir (1)

Marty Deeks: [Deeks has his arms around Kensi, showing her how to handle a gun during an undercover operation] Just trying to make sure you have the right form there, hon bun. Easy.
Marty Deeks: [Kensi elbows Deeks in the stomach] Uhn. Uhn.
Kensi Blye: Just making sure the recoil doesn't smack the gun back into your forehead, hon bun.
03x23 - Sans Voir (1) Season 3 / Episode 23: - Sans Voir (1)

Marty Deeks: It's gonna be hard for you to believe Kens, but this is actually one motel that I have no prior experience with. Yup. Never been here for an undercover op or an under-the-cover op, which is much for fun for all parties involved. But it's kind of amazing , really.
Kensi Blye: Deeks.
Marty Deeks: Sorry. I have a tendency of using comedy to defuse tension in situations.
Kensi Blye: Shut Up Deeks.
Marty Deeks: Alright.
03x22 - Neighborhood Watch Season 3 / Episode 22: - Neighborhood Watch

Marty Deeks: Sugarbear?
03x15 - Crimeleon Season 3 / Episode 15: - Crimeleon

Marty Deeks: Hey, you realize I could have choked to death.
G. Callen: On the woody?
Sam Hanna: Always figured Deeks would go out like that.
03x13 - Exit Strategy Season 3 / Episode 13: - Exit Strategy

Marty Deeks: The real question is: do you think you were born a tomboy or did you become one because your father really wanted a son?
Kensi Blye: You did *not* just say that!
03x13 - Exit Strategy Season 3 / Episode 13: - Exit Strategy

G. Callen: He's got a grenade!
Marty Deeks: Oh come on! Who does that?
Alex Elmslie: I appreciate your help, but I can't come in with you. I only have *12 hours* to find my family!
Kensi Blye: What if you don't?
Marty Deeks: I don't have much of a choice.
Sam Hanna: Are you really prepared to kill Jada?
Marty Deeks: ...Please don't try to follow me. I'm sorry. [Alex puts down the grenade and runs away]
03x13 - Exit Strategy Season 3 / Episode 13: - Exit Strategy

Sam Hanna: What are former French Operatives doing in our country, period?
Marty Deeks: You'd think they'd have learned their lesson after Kensi kicked one of their ferers in the croissants.
Kensi Blye: You know it.
03x12 - The Watchers Season 3 / Episode 12: - The Watchers

Marty Deeks: You uh, you missed a - button.
Kensi Blye: Oh. You heard the guy. He was this close to giving up his partner. I had him eating out my hand.
Marty Deeks: How's that?
Kensi Blye: Just drive.
03x12 - The Watchers Season 3 / Episode 12: - The Watchers

Marty Deeks: Looks like I'm going inside. If I'm not back in 10 minutes, it's cause I'm in trouble or I'm getting a bikini wax.
Kensi Blye: [to Callen and Hanna] Welcome to my world.
03x12 - The Watchers Season 3 / Episode 12: - The Watchers

Marty Deeks: It's just if - you uh- I don't know, you want to ever talk about it. I know a thing or two about fathers so...
Kensi Blye: [pause] You *shot* your father!
Marty Deeks: *One* time, all right? It's not like I killed the man. [Kensi scoffs then chuckles] I didn't say I was an expert. I just meant that...
03x12 - The Watchers Season 3 / Episode 12: - The Watchers

G. Callen: [after Granger leaves with the suspect] This is my fault.
Sam Hanna: How do you figure?
G. Callen: I should've let you shoot him.
Marty Deeks: It's probably not too late if you run out there.
03x11 - Higher Power Season 3 / Episode 11: - Higher Power

G. Callen: All right. There must be other toy ponies.
Sam Hanna: You don't get it. She talks. She flaps her wings. And she responds to 30 commands.
Kensi Blye: OH! Five more than Deeks.
Marty Deeks: [Deeks enters] How's that? Talking about me?

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