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Rusty Beck

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Graham Patrick Martin (born November 14, 1991) is an American film and television actor. Graham starred ...

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Rusty Beck Quotes

03x05 - Do Not Disturb Season 3 / Episode 5: - Do Not Disturb

Rusty Beck: This is new... , and also kind of creepy. Why do the dolls look dead?
Dr. Joe Bowman: I asked my younger patient what it was like at home. She didn't want to say, so she demonstrated by shaking the dollhouse really hard and screaming, "Earthquake!"
Rusty Beck: I suppose you read some sort of deep meaning into that?
Dr. Joe Bowman: Well, it does indicate a fear of earthquakes, don't you think? Or maybe it does something to do with how her parents are getting along. Kids sometimes don't know how to say bad things about moms and dads. We give up our secrets in different ways.
03x05 - Do Not Disturb Season 3 / Episode 5: - Do Not Disturb

Rusty Beck: Can I ask you a question?
Sharon Raydor: About?
Rusty Beck: That girl who was here a few days ago. Lina. What happened to her? Now that her family disowned her.
Sharon Raydor: Well, it's a federal case, but Lina has agreed to be a witness against Josh Allen in his murder trial, in return for asylum and tuition to a state university.
Rusty Beck: Oh. So, better than it was.
Sharon Raydor: But worse than it had to be. You can draw a direct line from what Lina was hiding from her family, to the murder of Mehar Sethi. And Lina's father found about it anyway... in the most tragic way possible.
03x05 - Do Not Disturb Season 3 / Episode 5: - Do Not Disturb

Julio Sanchez: Oh, hey, Sykes, I forgot. Cooper stopped by earlier and said he was going to be late to dinner.
Amy Sykes: I'm not going to dinner with Cooper.
Andy Flynn: I'm surprised you guys ever came back from surveillance.
Buzz Watson: You're dating Cooper?
Rusty Beck: People don't know that yet?
Amy Sykes: There is nothing to know.
Mike Tao: Oh, let the girl be happy.
Louie Provenza: Or, as happy as anyone can be in a relationship. Good night, everybody. I hope to see none of you before morning.
Rusty Beck: Oh, actually, could you wait just a second? I wanted to ask all of you a question... Would it bother any of you, or... Would any of you think differently about me if I... If I said... If I said I was gay?
Mike Tao: Oh, you're gay?
Buzz Watson: We did not know that.
Andy Flynn: I think after we get past the initial shock...
Julio Sanchez: Ha.
Louie Provenza: Julio, this is serious. The answer is, if you told us you were gay, we'd think that you trusted us more. And then we would trust you more. Did you hear that, Sykes?
Amy Sykes: Oh, my God. I'm dating Lieutenant Cooper. There, are you happy?
Andy Flynn: I knew it!
Mike Tao: Ha-ha-ha. Pay up, Buzz.
Buzz Watson: Give me a second.
Louie Provenza: Sykes, you do know that you have to inform the captain?
Amy Sykes: I did. Which is how you knew.
Rusty Beck: No, no, no. I knew because I saw the two of you outside of SOB. I was heading in for therapy with Dr. Joe, and you were dropping Lieutenant Cooper off... out front.
Amy Sykes: You didn't say anything.
Rusty Beck: Well, you guys were making out. What was I supposed to say? [all laughing]
03x05 - Do Not Disturb Season 3 / Episode 5: - Do Not Disturb

Rusty Beck: So, nothing changes?
Louie Provenza: Oh, well, we'll kid her for a while and eventually they'll break up, and who will care?
Rusty Beck: No, I, I mean... between you and me.
Louie Provenza: Oh. Well, uh... As long as you don't come dressed like the Village People and singing show tunes, we'll be fine.
Rusty Beck: Wait. Who are the Village People?
Louie Provenza: Look, there are some things that I don't mind teaching you. But I'm afraid you're gonna have to figure out being gay... all on your own.
Rusty Beck: [browsing the web] The Village People... Hmm.
03x04 - Letting It Go Season 3 / Episode 4: - Letting It Go

Sharon Beck: I guess the one good thing is I don't have much to put in it... Oh, oh, do you have my prescription? I'll just... toss it here with my clothes.
Rusty Beck: I couldn't fill your prescription.
Sharon Beck: What? [pause] Why?
Rusty Beck: Because it's a forgery, Mom. It wasn't given to you here.
Sharon Beck: A forgery? It's not a forgery. Look...
Rusty Beck: No one at this rehab would give you this drug. And you involved me in a crime trying to get me to fill it.
Sharon Beck: A crime? Oh, my God. I don't know what you're talking about. Do I seem high to you right now, Rusty?... Listen. I apologized to you, okay? And I meant every word of it. And I've tried very hard to keep from making things worse of you. But as you said the other day, you were not the easiest kid. And knowing what you were... Hm? Even when you were little, I knew what you were and that has never been easy for me... facing that...
Rusty Beck: Facing what?
Sharon Beck: Oh, are you pretending that you're not gay? Because I know that you are. And, pssh, I can overlook it, you know. But can't you just overlook some of my problems? At least I'm trying to be normal. I don't get that hit off of you.
Rusty Beck: Are you saying that you let your boyfriend beat me up, and you dumped me off at the zoo and drove away and got high for three years because you knew I was gay?
Sharon Beck: Gary wouldn't let me come back and get you. They put you in a foster home.
Rusty Beck: Where I was knocked around, Mom.
Sharon Beck: You chose to go on the street, do those things... for money, with guys.
Rusty Beck: And where do you think I learned how to do that, Mom?
Sharon Beck: Oh. [sighs] I'm not blaming you, Rusty, okay? And I'm assuming you did the best you could. And that you can't help yourself.
Rusty Beck: I think I should go.
Sharon Beck: What? No! Come on! Can you just show me some of the forgiveness that I am showing you?
03x04 - Letting It Go Season 3 / Episode 4: - Letting It Go

Rusty Beck: You got out of rehab last night and you are already drinking?
Sharon Beck: [on the phone] Three beers is not drinking. And you know what, I needed that much to get over our little fight.
Rusty Beck: It was not a little fight. It was, it was a big, terrible bunch of lies that you told me. I am not responsible for your drinking and I am not driving you to the halfway house. Go back to rehab and start over. Goodbye. [hangs up]
Sharon Raydor: I'm so sorry.
Rusty Beck: That this happened, or that she'll only call back?
Sharon Raydor: It sounds like her on the phone, I know, but it's her addiction talking, not your mom.
Rusty Beck: Why do I even care anymore?
Sharon Raydor: Because you love her. [Rusty's cell phone starts vibrating] And because you don't want to give up hope that someday she'll be well.
Rusty Beck: But not tonight. [puts his cell phone's power off]
03x03 - Frozen Asssets Season 3 / Episode 3: - Frozen Asssets

Rusty Beck: Hey, if my mom drinks, or uses again, do they kick her out of AA?
Andy Flynn: If they kicked everybody out who fell off the wagon, trust me, those meetings would get really small. Look, kid, seeing how your mom is coming up on two months and hearing how she wants to stay in recovery, I think she said a lot of the right things.
Louie Provenza: My philosophy in life: Stay positive.
Rusty Beck: Okay, then, thinking positive, I, I should get a job.
Andy Flynn: How does that relate?
Louie Provenza: What's the matter? Jobs build character. Did I ever tell you about my first job?
Andy Flynn: Cabin boy on the Mayflower? Oh, no, dishwasher at the Last Supper.
Louie Provenza: Laugh it up, laugh it up. But I grew up in the '60s. Those were the days, my friends.
03x02 - Personal Day Season 3 / Episode 2: - Personal Day

Rusty Beck: It's bad, isn't it? That she... she didn't check into rehab on her own?
Sharon Raydor: Rusty, how she got there is not as important as what she does with it.
03x01 - Flight Risk Season 3 / Episode 1: - Flight Risk

Rusty Beck: A sad break?
Sharon Raydor: Two little children found dead in their family's suitcases.
Rusty Beck: Oh, my God... how did that happen?
Sharon Raydor: I'm not sure. Drug running can often end badly, marriages too. Uh, love is tricky. You think you know someone, and then, very suddenly, you don't.
Rusty Beck: But love can go back and forth, right?... And, from what I've seen, being a mom can be pretty tricky too.
Sharon Raydor: It has its challenges, yeah.
03x01 - Flight Risk Season 3 / Episode 1: - Flight Risk

Rusty Beck: And, um, that... that other thing... that you think you know... I am not ready to talk about that at all.
Louie Provenza: My God.
02x19 - Return to Sender Part 2 Season 2 / Episode 19: - Return to Sender Part 2

Julio Sanchez: It's all right. I wake up screaming too. [pause] This place is pretty scary, huh? You'll feel better after you say your piece in court today.
Rusty Beck: Has there been an arrest yet?
Julio Sanchez: Don't worry about that guy. I'm gonna kill that guy.
02x19 - Return to Sender Part 2 Season 2 / Episode 19: - Return to Sender Part 2

Linda Rothman: How are you holding up?
Rusty Beck: Fantastic. Thanks for asking.
Linda Rothman: Fantastic? Is that why your guardian asked the psychologist Dr. Joseph Bowman to perform an evaluation of your mental status because you're fantastic?
Rusty Beck: No. That was... um... that was for another reason.
Linda Rothman: What reason?
Rusty Beck: It was related to a lie that I told Captain Raydor.
Linda Rothman: So you're still lying to the police? Surprised. About what this time? About what did you lie to the police?
Rusty Beck: I don't think I can say.
Linda Rothman: Your Honor?
Rusty Beck: I, I, I can't... I can't answer that. I really can't...
Linda Rothman: Your Honor?
Judge Grove: Rusty, you will answer truthfully, as you have been sworn to do. About what did you lie to the police?
Rusty Beck: I lied about all of the threatening letters I had received about my testimony against Phillip Stroh.
Linda Rothman: Your Honor, I object!
Judge Grove: To your own question? Too late. You asked and demanded an answer. And now these letters are on the record. I'd like to read them, DDA Rios, if you could hand them over after we're done here today.
02x19 - Return to Sender Part 2 Season 2 / Episode 19: - Return to Sender Part 2

Rusty Beck: Thank you for everything that you've done for me, but I don't think I should live with you anymore.
Sharon Raydor: Why?
Rusty Beck: Because I don't think you'll want me there.
Sharon Raydor: Rusty, why on earth would you say that?
Rusty Beck: Because I... I played chess with that Wade guy. And... and in some ways, not... not... not... not the illegal ways, not... not the violent ways, but in other ways that I can't fix, I'm just like him.
Sharon Raydor: No, no, no, no. You are not like Wade Weller.
Rusty Beck: Yes, I am, I am just like him. I'm exactly like him, and I'm... I'm... I'm just like Dr. Morales and... and maybe Dr. Joe and all of those guys who picked me up on the street. And I can't fix it, Sharon. I can't... I can't fix it. I am just like them, Sharon. I am just like them.
Sharon Raydor: Rusty, what you are... is who I love. And all of you is coming home.
02x18 - Return to Sender Part 1 Season 2 / Episode 18: - Return to Sender Part 1

Billy: Hey. Anyone in front of me?
Rusty Beck: No. Have a seat. I'm Rusty.
Billy: Bill. Nice to meet you. [clears throat] You mind if we have a little music? It helps me focus. Especially when I'm playing in the top tier over here.
02x18 - Return to Sender Part 1 Season 2 / Episode 18: - Return to Sender Part 1

Rusty Beck: [sees plastic cover on the couch] What's with the plastic? Is it to, like, keep stuff off the couch or something?
Billy: No, no. The plastic is to minimize my contact with blood.
Rusty Beck: Your what? [alarm blares]
02x17 - Year-End Blowout Season 2 / Episode 17: - Year-End Blowout

Rusty Beck: And I've already spent a lot of time, like, blending in with crowds and staying alert. Isn't that what undercover is all about?
Amy Sykes: You're not going undercover. You're gonna be in plain sight all the time. [Rusty gets into the car] But that's only if you can demonstrate your training, and you're not doing that.
Rusty Beck: [laughs] What? You're criticizing me already. Amy, I just got in the car.
Amy Sykes: Without checking the backseat of your vehicle for an assailant, which you've been told a thousand times to do.
Rusty Beck: Oh, my God. I have been in the car for like two seconds.
Amy Sykes: If you screw up the drive tomorrow, and not checking the backseat first is screwing up the drive, this whole operation to draw out the person writing you threatening letters will be called off. And if you don't want that to happen, you need to spend the rest of the day doing exactly what I tell you.
02x17 - Year-End Blowout Season 2 / Episode 17: - Year-End Blowout

Lt. Chuck Cooper: So this is our Number One for tomorrow, right?
Rusty Beck: What?
Amy Sykes: During the operation, your radio call name will be Number One.
Rusty Beck: Oh. Beats being called number two.
Lt. Chuck Cooper: Oh, you're very funny, Mr. Jump Street.
Rusty Beck: Yeah, all I meant was that...
Lt. Chuck Cooper: Oh, very funny. Now, sit down. Impress me. I want to be impressed because there's no way I'm putting some kid on the street unless I know he's going to cooperate with me 1,000 percent. You got that, Jump Street? I want to be impressed.
02x16 - Risk Assessment Season 2 / Episode 16: - Risk Assessment

Louie Provenza: And the only reason that you are riding along with us is to see if you can be a team player and follow directions. And so far, Mr. Beck, you are doing a crappy job.
Rusty Beck: Let's have it.
Louie Provenza: Stay in the hall.
Rusty Beck: Geez. Why is he being so rude?
Buzz Watson: Not following orders is worse than being rude. If you want the captain to sign papers approving your participation in an SIS operation, you better do what the lieutenant says.
Rusty Beck: Bu... but just standing here is boring.
Buzz Watson: You expect us all to be fascinated with your life, but you never take the smallest interest in other people.
Rusty Beck: I do so take an interest in other people. I do that all the time.
Buzz Watson: All the time? Really?
Rusty Beck: Yeah.
Buzz Watson: So tell me, why did Lieutenant Provenza become a detective? What was Mike Tao going to do before he started working Homicides? The reason you can't answer those questions is because you never ask people about themselves, ever. Not even how they're doing in the morning.
Rusty Beck: Well, I don't have to ask how you're doing, because you're, like, obviously in a really bad mood.
Buzz Watson: No. I'm disappointed... again.
02x16 - Risk Assessment Season 2 / Episode 16: - Risk Assessment

Rusty Beck: So I've been thinking over being a team player, and if this really is a team, then shouldn't I know more about the people playing on it?
Andy Flynn: You asking a question about us?
Rusty Beck: Yes. Why is that such a huge surprise? It's not like I'm an egomaniac. I am interested in other people.
Louie Provenza: Okay. All right. What are you interested in?
Rusty Beck: Well, you know, like, why did you become a police officer?
Louie Provenza: 'Cause I'm scared of fire. I'd rather be shot at than stand on the roof of a burning building surrounded by flames. Plus, I enjoy telling people what to do. It's fulfilling.
Rusty Beck: And uh, what about you, Lieutenant Flynn?
Louie Provenza: Oh, God. The short version, please.
Andy Flynn: When I was a kid, my older brother and I, we "borrowed" a motorcycle that belonged to my cousin and took it for a joyride. And this cop, Officer Nichols, he caught us and brought us downtown, showed us the jail, and said, "This is where you're headed." Now my brother, he didn't think too much of Officer Nichols, but me, I decided, better putting people in jail than going there myself. Right?
Rusty Beck: So, you were almost a criminal.
Louie Provenza: Ah, here we are.
02x16 - Risk Assessment Season 2 / Episode 16: - Risk Assessment

Andy Flynn: Mike, you have an apartment number for our victim?
Rusty Beck: I think it's that one.
Louie Provenza: And how do you know that, Detective Beck?
Rusty Beck: Because that's where Brenda's husband is standing.
02x16 - Risk Assessment Season 2 / Episode 16: - Risk Assessment

Rusty Beck: So, uh, Julio? May I ask you a personal question? How did you decide to join the police?
Julio Sanchez: Uh, when I was 13, a couple of gangsters murdered my cat Osa. I decided to keep track of her killers, so one day I could arrest them.
Rusty Beck: For killing your cat?
Julio Sanchez: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Um, eventually, I got them for attempted murder and rape. You know, by then, they were third strikers, so I put them away for the rest of their lives. It felt good.
02x16 - Risk Assessment Season 2 / Episode 16: - Risk Assessment

Rusty Beck: So, a day like today must be, like, why you became a police officer in the first place, right?
Sharon Raydor: Well, I had no intention of being a police officer. I only took this job so that I could help pay Jack's way through law school, and then Jack was gonna help pay my way through law school. Hmm, hmm.
Rusty Beck: And then?
Sharon Raydor: And then I got pregnant, then I got pregnant again, and then, and then Jack left. And to be entirely honest with you, by then, I liked the law a lot better than I liked the lawyers. And then there's the idea of saving people from bad things. I liked that, too.
Rusty Beck: Yeah, I know.
02x16 - Risk Assessment Season 2 / Episode 16: - Risk Assessment

Buzz Watson: These guys really killed that 15 year old kid Tyler, just to make an example out of him?
Amy Sykes: Sounds horrible, I've seen worse.
Rusty Beck: Where did you see worse?
Amy Sykes: Kabul. While I was an MP, stands for Military Police. We had interpreters, locals, and they were murdered sometimes for helping us, just to show what would happen to Afghans who supported our troops.
Rusty Beck: Military Police? Is that how you became a cop?
Amy Sykes: Police officer, you mean? No, I went ahead and got my undergrad in political science. Turns out chasing bad guys is a lot more fun than arguing about government. Working Homicide, it's clearer who the bad guys are. Couldn't always stop them in Kabul. Here I can. Best job in the world.
02x16 - Risk Assessment Season 2 / Episode 16: - Risk Assessment

Mike Tao: And you should know by now, how seriously we look after our witnesses.
Rusty Beck: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, it's kind of weird how much trouble you guys go to, to protect people you don't even know. What made you want to do that?
Mike Tao: Me, personally?
Rusty Beck: Yeah.
Mike Tao: I started out in med school. You know, make my folks happy. I thought I'd work in an ER, but the more I learned about being a doctor, the more it seemed about paperwork and liability insurance. Physicians spend a lot of time covering their butts. We spend a lot of time covering each other, and I like it better that way.
02x16 - Risk Assessment Season 2 / Episode 16: - Risk Assessment

Rusty Beck: The... The approval papers. Sharon just signed them.
Buzz Watson: Well, congratulations. You didn't screw it up.
Rusty Beck: Well, maybe this is how I get my start. Although I can't imagine ever working here for a living. [pause] Hey, you know, I talked to everyone else about it, but I never got to you. I mean, you're a part of the squad, right?
Buzz Watson: Uh, yeah.
Rusty Beck: Well, so, what made you decide to work here?
Buzz Watson: When I was 11 years old, my father and uncle were leaving a Kings game, stopped at an ATM on the way home, and were both robbed and shot to death.
Rusty Beck: Oh, my God. Buzz, I... I am so sorry.
Buzz Watson: Yeah. So I thought, like Julio, I'd join the academy, became a detective one day, track down the killers myself. But my mother was terrified something would happen to me and then there'd be no one left to take care of her. So I got my film degree instead. Now here I am, directing an important movie every day of the week, helping rescue those we can. Maybe rescuing ourselves a little, if we're totally honest about it.
Rusty Beck: Yeah, I might be doing that. Huh. Rescuing myself.
Buzz Watson: Well, that's what we're all hoping.
02x15 - Curve Ball Season 2 / Episode 15: - Curve Ball

Rusty Beck: God, you got a lot of angel ornaments.
Sharon Raydor: Oh, you can never have too many angels.
02x15 - Curve Ball Season 2 / Episode 15: - Curve Ball

Dr. Joe Bowman: One last question. Walk me out.
Rusty Beck: The last question?
Dr. Joe Bowman: If your mom came back today, would you get in a car and drive off with her? [pause] Or would you stay where you are with Sharon?
Rusty Beck: I don't know anymore. I... I don't know.
Dr. Joe Bowman: Interesting... Okay. Well, that's good, I think. That's good.
02x14 - All In Season 2 / Episode 14: - All In

D.D.A. Emma Rios: Excuse me. Do you have a minute? Because I want to apologize. I'm... very sorry about trying to stop you from seeing a doctor, but my concern for your safety is real. I don't believe the state should expose minors to the kind of danger you're facing.
Rusty Beck: Anything else?
D.D.A. Emma Rios: Just doing my job. Sorry.
Rusty Beck: Your job sucks. But that's an apology I can accept. Good night, Emma.
02x13 - Jailbait Season 2 / Episode 13: - Jailbait

Rusty Beck: I don't see how feeling sorry for myself will change anything. It won't my mom back, it won't change what happened to me.
Dr. Joe Bowman: Pity is one thing. Sympathy is another. Forget about yourself for a second. Picture another 15-year old boy, walking through the zoo at Griffith Park, expecting to be picked up by his mom. Picture him waiting. Picture his panic as he begins to understand his mother's not showing up. Picture him with no resources, and no clothes and no food, and nothing but the knapsack that he was carrying with him, walking three miles back to the apartment where he'd been living, only to find one small suitcase, packed, and left behind. And himself alone. Can you picture that, Rusty?
Rusty Beck: Yeah. I can picture that, yeah.
Dr. Joe Bowman: Anything you'd like to say to that boy?
Rusty Beck: I... I'd tell him that it wasn't his fault. And that even though he might have to do some bad things... though some bad things might happen to him... that he'd end up with people who cared about him.
Dr. Joe Bowman: So, you do have some sympathy for that boy?
Rusty Beck: Yeah, sure.
Dr. Joe Bowman: Okay... Okay. I was supposed to do a straight two days with you, but we had a little trouble getting started, so... fill out this paperwork, and, I'll make some time for you right before Christmas, and we'll see if we can finish up.
02x12 - Pick Your Poison Season 2 / Episode 12: - Pick Your Poison

Rusty Beck: I feel like my life is like... I just, I feel like my life is being sacrificed so that you all can have a trial.
Lt. Louie Provenza: It's tough. We know that. That's why we wanna talk to you about all three ways to deal with these threats.
Assistant Chief Taylor: Not three ways. Two ways.
Lt. Louie Provenza: Three.
Assistant Chief Taylor: No. No, no.

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