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Rusty Beck Major Crimes

Rusty Beck

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Graham Patrick MartinGraham Patrick Martin
Graham Patrick Martin (born November 14, 1991) is an American film and television actor. Graham starred ...

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Rusty Beck Quotes

03x17 - Internal Affairs Season 3 / Episode 17: - Internal Affairs

Rusty Beck: You're a good lawyer, right?
Jackson Raydor: I'm a great lawyer, yeah.
Rusty Beck: Okay, great. You are a great lawyer. And you had a fantastic wife and two amazing kids. You know, lots of people might say you already won the jackpot. [pause] And you just didn't realize it.
Jackson Raydor: Yeah, I do know when I've lost.
03x15 - Chain Reaction Season 3 / Episode 15: - Chain Reaction

Rusty Beck: Emily, Ricky, let's get out of here before we become witnesses to something.
03x15 - Chain Reaction Season 3 / Episode 15: - Chain Reaction

Ricky Raydor: Mom, where's the Christmas Village?
Rusty Beck: The what?
Emily Raydor: Ignore him, Rusty. He's obsessed with child hood junk.
Ricky Raydor: Whoa, "Junk"? No, no. Christmas Village is very valuable. It's filled with collectives. Rusty, it's a special diorama made with these model buildings from Dickens' novels and they all light up. It's awesome.
Sharon Raydor: I am so sorry, honey. I left the Christmas Village in storage.
Ricky Raydor: Why would it be in storage? We put it up every year and... and... Mom, where are the pinecone elves? What is this? That looks like a guilt cookie.
Sharon Raydor: They were falling apart.
Ricky Raydor: You didn't throw them away.
Sharon Raydor: I'm afraid I did.
Ricky Raydor: You dumped Harry, Sam, Franklin, Scotty, and Twinkle in the trash?
Emily Raydor: Ha-ha-ha.
Rusty Beck: You named them?
Ricky Raydor: These are not just pinecones with hats. These are part of my childhood. They're a Christmas tradition.
Sharon Raydor: Well, this Christmas we can make some new traditions. The four of us, a new family.
03x15 - Chain Reaction Season 3 / Episode 15: - Chain Reaction

Rusty Beck: Did those wine bottles come out of Jack's garbage?
Ricky Raydor: Yeah, just don't say anything about that to Mom.
Rusty Beck: Bu... but what if she finds out we knew and didn't say anything?
Emily Raydor: Here's another Christmas tradition you need to learn...
Ricky Raydor: Right. So, after a certain age, the holidays are for our parents, not for us. So, it's our job, our responsibility, really to make them feel like we're having as great time as we did when we were seven.
03x15 - Chain Reaction Season 3 / Episode 15: - Chain Reaction

Emily Raydor: I'm just a... I'm worried that Dad's gonna say he's drinking because, you know, he feels like he tried to change and we still cut him out of Christmas.
Rusty Beck: Yeah. And he probably will say that because users find a reason why it's someone else's fault they're drinking. And Sharon knows that.
Emily Raydor: You just don't understand the whole history. Mom promised Dad that he would never see his kids again unless he stayed sober. And, you know, you may not know this, but she keeps her promises.
Rusty Beck: Right... Well, you may have to pretend like you're seven at Christmas but you and Ricky are still adults. Does Sharon still tell you who you can and can't see? She doesn't do that to me. Don't you think this might be what Jack wants? For you to not trust Sharon?
03x15 - Chain Reaction Season 3 / Episode 15: - Chain Reaction

Ricky Raydor: It's okay, little brother.
Louie Provenza: Happy holidays!
Ricky Raydor: What Mom doesn't know won't hurt her.
Rusty Beck: I hope you're right.
03x14 - Trial by Fire Season 3 / Episode 14: - Trial by Fire

Jeff Berrier: Hey, Lieutenant Mike!
Mike Tao: Hey, Jeff. Welcome to the real L.A.P.D.
Jeff Berrier: Ah, thank you so much. Thank you. Yeah, Beckin's described this place to me so well, I could probably move around it with my eyes closed. Uh, oh, I got my camera. Is it okay if I take photographs?
Captain Sharon Raydor: Yeah, if you let me review them before you leave. Right, Beckin?
Rusty Beck: Oh, oh, that's my nickname at work.
Jeff Berrier: Well, it's "Beck and call" because he's there when we need him. He's got a great work ethic, he, uh, never complains, he's always upbeat. Positive, positive, positive. We love it.
03x14 - Trial by Fire Season 3 / Episode 14: - Trial by Fire

Jackson Raydor: Ah, Rusty Beck. The L.A.P.D.'s very own Oliver Twist.
Rusty Beck: And a "Merry Christmas" to you too, Mr. Scrooge.
Jeff Berrier: Who was that?
Rusty Beck: Oh, uh, that's my mom's ex-husband.
Jeff Berrier: Oh, she was married to someone else before she met your father?
Rusty Beck: The short answer to that is yes.
03x13 - Acting Out Season 3 / Episode 13: - Acting Out

Andy Flynn: Uh, Nicole? Nicole? So, uh, you're not mad about this?
Nicole: About what?
Sharon Raydor: We're not dating.
Rusty Beck: Several times a month.
03x12 - Party Foul Season 3 / Episode 12: - Party Foul

Sharon Raydor: Are you at least having a good time?
Rusty Beck: Yeah. It's... I mean, it's crazy, but the people are nice. And, you know, the second AD, Jeff, he said that I am the best set PA that he has ever met. He's a really great guy, Jeff. You'd like him a lot. He's smart, and he's very funny. And he's actually only 25, which is really, really young for an AD. And he also says our hours aren't bad for TV at all.
03x12 - Party Foul Season 3 / Episode 12: - Party Foul

Rusty Beck: Uh, hey, I was wondering. What would you think if I waited to summer to start college instead of January? Just because "Badge of Justice" shoots till May, and they, like, really, really depend on me over there.
Sharon Raydor: Oh, I'm sure that they do, but I can't imagine anyone on that set would want you to put off college just to lend them a hand.
Rusty Beck: No, no, actually, Jeff says that, sometimes, uh, work experience is better than college because it helps you, like, figure out what you wanna do with your life.
Sharon Raydor: Ah, well, I think that it is possible to appreciate Jeff's perspective without giving up on your own.
03x12 - Party Foul Season 3 / Episode 12: - Party Foul

Rusty Beck: Uh, but we went to Delancy's afterwards, and I'm not sure how the subject came up exactly, but it turns out that Jeff thought I would be nuts to skip college this semester.
Sharon Raydor: Did he?
Rusty Beck: Yeah. And he brought up another point that was... kind of obvious, which is, if you really like people... you don't have to stop being friends just because you're going to college.
Sharon Raydor: You know, I think you're right about this Jeff. He does seem insightful.
03x12 - Party Foul Season 3 / Episode 12: - Party Foul

Sharon Raydor: You made a plan to go to college, and you're sticking to that plan. And it's the bigger plan, really. And keeping the bigger plan in mind when things don't go exactly the way you want... that's what real stability means, Rusty.
Rusty Beck: You're just glad you got your way again, and that somehow or other, I always end up doing exactly what you want.
Sharon Raydor: Oh, well, yes. Ha, ha. That too.
03x11 - Down the Drain Season 3 / Episode 11: - Down the Drain

Rusty Beck: Morning.
Sharon Raydor: Morning. You headed to work?
Rusty Beck: Well, if getting a lot of people coffee and telling other people to be quiet when the camera is running is an actual job, then, yes, I am going to work. Part of the Hollywood glamour machine.
03x11 - Down the Drain Season 3 / Episode 11: - Down the Drain

Sharon Beck: Whose idea was it? Was this your idea, or Captain Raydor's?... Since you're so interested in explaining yourself and telling me the truth.
Rusty Beck: It was Sharon's idea. But I agree with it, a hundred percent. Look, I made my decision. So don't make me feel bad about it because it won't work.
Sharon Beck: And this is how you sound when you're happy? Really?
Rusty Beck: I am just trying to make the best out of a bad situation.
Sharon Beck: Okay, you know, I'll do that too, but I want you to think of something, while you're sitting there and you're judging me... All mothers make mistakes.
Rusty Beck: I know. But your mistakes were against the law... I'll see you when I can. You take care... And thank you for not trying to manipulate me, Mom. I appreciate that.
Sharon Beck: Whatever happens, whatever you sign, I will always be your mother.
03x11 - Down the Drain Season 3 / Episode 11: - Down the Drain

Rusty Beck: Sharon, one day, I promise you... one day, I will give you a reason to be proud of me... I promise.
Sharon Raydor: Oh, my God, Rusty. I am already so proud of you.
03x11 - Down the Drain Season 3 / Episode 11: - Down the Drain

Craig Richwood: Russell Thomas Beck. You are here today by your own free will with the understanding that Sharon O'Dwyer Raydor will, at the end of these proceedings, legally be your parent through adoption. Is that correct?
Rusty Beck: Yes, sir.
Craig Richwood: Sharon O'Dwyer Raydor. You are here with the understanding that at the end of these proceedings, you will legally be the parent of Russell Thomas Beck through adoption. Is that correct?
Sharon Raydor: Yes, sir. Yes, Your Honor.
03x11 - Down the Drain Season 3 / Episode 11: - Down the Drain

Craig Richwood: Sharon, Rusty, the adoption process is now complete. As of this moment, you are officially and legally a family. Congratulations and thanks for asking me to de the honors. [all crap their hands, chatter and laugh]
Buzz Watson: Congratulations.
Rusty Beck: Thanks. Thanks, Buzz. Thank you. Thank you.
03x10 - Zoo Story Season 3 / Episode 10: - Zoo Story

Sharon Beck: Do you think there's any way you could come up with $500 somehow?
Rusty Beck: Where do you think I'm supposed to get $500, Mom?
Sharon Beck: I'm... Do you... Well, do you still do that work you did on the side... when I was away? I wouldn't judge you if you did.
03x10 - Zoo Story Season 3 / Episode 10: - Zoo Story

Louie Provenza: You're sure you want to see this?
Rusty Beck: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I have to see it.
Louie Provenza: Well, it wasn't just vitamins and energy bars. In her purse, your mother also had two dresses and a pair of shoes she had liberated from a department store. Plus a little meth.
Rusty Beck: I don't get it. Why does she keep using drugs?
Louie Provenza: We can't know the answer to that. But you listen to me, son. Her drug use has nothing to do with you.
03x09 - Sweet Revenge Season 3 / Episode 9: - Sweet Revenge

Rusty Beck: I'll just stay out of your way.
Ricky Raydor: Thanks. Sorry to invade your space. Turnabout is fair play, right?
03x09 - Sweet Revenge Season 3 / Episode 9: - Sweet Revenge

Ricky Raydor: Okay... funny guy... I have one question for you... before you officially become the little brother I never wanted. I'm interested in what your idea of family is. And what the word means to you. "Family."
Rusty Beck: Well... I guess... it means the people in your life who you've decided... to love no matter what. And... the people who are going to love you back... no matter what.
Sharon Raydor: Sounds pretty good to me, loving each other no matter what.
Ricky Raydor: Not bad.
03x08 - Cutting Loose Season 3 / Episode 8: - Cutting Loose

Rusty Beck: Don't you get tired of being right all the time?
Sharon Raydor: It is exhausting. But no, not really. Not really, no. Ha, ha.
03x07 - Two Options Season 3 / Episode 7: - Two Options

Sharon Raydor: Here's a job. Take down all the comparison photos from our last homicide. Grab the ones from those boxes there. Alphabetize them by last name. And on the back, write the case number for which they were requested so that we can add all those girls to our database.
Rusty Beck: There are over a thousand pictures here.
Sharon Raydor: Yes, I think you're right.
03x06 - Jane Doe Season 3 / Episode 6: - Jane Doe

Rusty Beck: And then, he started asking me a lot of questions about you.
Sharon Raydor: Oh, heh. How so?
Rusty Beck: Well, he seemed to think you might be dating someone. Which would be news to me.
Sharon Raydor: Oh, me too. What else?
Rusty Beck: Um. Well, you know, it's probably just Jack being Jack. And you say not to believe anything he says. But he made it seem like you might want to... adopt me.
Sharon Raydor: He told you that?
Rusty Beck: Yeah, and that it might mean that the two of you would divorce.
Sharon Raydor: Oh, well, I am absolutely divorcing him now, no matter what.
Rusty Beck: Don't do that because of me, though, Sharon.
Sharon Raydor: It's not about you, Rusty. Jack has just proven, and for the very last time... that he is the most unreliable person on the earth.
03x05 - Do Not Disturb Season 3 / Episode 5: - Do Not Disturb

Rusty Beck: This is new... , and also kind of creepy. Why do the dolls look dead?
Dr. Joe Bowman: I asked my younger patient what it was like at home. She didn't want to say, so she demonstrated by shaking the dollhouse really hard and screaming, "Earthquake!"
Rusty Beck: I suppose you read some sort of deep meaning into that?
Dr. Joe Bowman: Well, it does indicate a fear of earthquakes, don't you think? Or maybe it does something to do with how her parents are getting along. Kids sometimes don't know how to say bad things about moms and dads. We give up our secrets in different ways.
03x05 - Do Not Disturb Season 3 / Episode 5: - Do Not Disturb

Rusty Beck: Can I ask you a question?
Sharon Raydor: About?
Rusty Beck: That girl who was here a few days ago. Lina. What happened to her? Now that her family disowned her.
Sharon Raydor: Well, it's a federal case, but Lina has agreed to be a witness against Josh Allen in his murder trial, in return for asylum and tuition to a state university.
Rusty Beck: Oh. So, better than it was.
Sharon Raydor: But worse than it had to be. You can draw a direct line from what Lina was hiding from her family, to the murder of Mehar Sethi. And Lina's father found about it anyway... in the most tragic way possible.
03x05 - Do Not Disturb Season 3 / Episode 5: - Do Not Disturb

Julio Sanchez: Oh, hey, Sykes, I forgot. Cooper stopped by earlier and said he was going to be late to dinner.
Amy Sykes: I'm not going to dinner with Cooper.
Andy Flynn: I'm surprised you guys ever came back from surveillance.
Buzz Watson: You're dating Cooper?
Rusty Beck: People don't know that yet?
Amy Sykes: There is nothing to know.
Mike Tao: Oh, let the girl be happy.
Louie Provenza: Or, as happy as anyone can be in a relationship. Good night, everybody. I hope to see none of you before morning.
Rusty Beck: Oh, actually, could you wait just a second? I wanted to ask all of you a question... Would it bother any of you, or... Would any of you think differently about me if I... If I said... If I said I was gay?
Mike Tao: Oh, you're gay?
Buzz Watson: We did not know that.
Andy Flynn: I think after we get past the initial shock...
Julio Sanchez: Ha.
Louie Provenza: Julio, this is serious. The answer is, if you told us you were gay, we'd think that you trusted us more. And then we would trust you more. Did you hear that, Sykes?
Amy Sykes: Oh, my God. I'm dating Lieutenant Cooper. There, are you happy?
Andy Flynn: I knew it!
Mike Tao: Ha-ha-ha. Pay up, Buzz.
Buzz Watson: Give me a second.
Louie Provenza: Sykes, you do know that you have to inform the captain?
Amy Sykes: I did. Which is how you knew.
Rusty Beck: No, no, no. I knew because I saw the two of you outside of SOB. I was heading in for therapy with Dr. Joe, and you were dropping Lieutenant Cooper off... out front.
Amy Sykes: You didn't say anything.
Rusty Beck: Well, you guys were making out. What was I supposed to say? [all laughing]
03x05 - Do Not Disturb Season 3 / Episode 5: - Do Not Disturb

Rusty Beck: So, nothing changes?
Louie Provenza: Oh, well, we'll kid her for a while and eventually they'll break up, and who will care?
Rusty Beck: No, I, I mean... between you and me.
Louie Provenza: Oh. Well, uh... As long as you don't come dressed like the Village People and singing show tunes, we'll be fine.
Rusty Beck: Wait. Who are the Village People?
Louie Provenza: Look, there are some things that I don't mind teaching you. But I'm afraid you're gonna have to figure out being gay... all on your own.
Rusty Beck: [browsing the web] The Village People... Hmm.
03x04 - Letting It Go Season 3 / Episode 4: - Letting It Go

Sharon Beck: I guess the one good thing is I don't have much to put in it... Oh, oh, do you have my prescription? I'll just... toss it here with my clothes.
Rusty Beck: I couldn't fill your prescription.
Sharon Beck: What? [pause] Why?
Rusty Beck: Because it's a forgery, Mom. It wasn't given to you here.
Sharon Beck: A forgery? It's not a forgery. Look...
Rusty Beck: No one at this rehab would give you this drug. And you involved me in a crime trying to get me to fill it.
Sharon Beck: A crime? Oh, my God. I don't know what you're talking about. Do I seem high to you right now, Rusty?... Listen. I apologized to you, okay? And I meant every word of it. And I've tried very hard to keep from making things worse of you. But as you said the other day, you were not the easiest kid. And knowing what you were... Hm? Even when you were little, I knew what you were and that has never been easy for me... facing that...
Rusty Beck: Facing what?
Sharon Beck: Oh, are you pretending that you're not gay? Because I know that you are. And, pssh, I can overlook it, you know. But can't you just overlook some of my problems? At least I'm trying to be normal. I don't get that hit off of you.
Rusty Beck: Are you saying that you let your boyfriend beat me up, and you dumped me off at the zoo and drove away and got high for three years because you knew I was gay?
Sharon Beck: Gary wouldn't let me come back and get you. They put you in a foster home.
Rusty Beck: Where I was knocked around, Mom.
Sharon Beck: You chose to go on the street, do those things... for money, with guys.
Rusty Beck: And where do you think I learned how to do that, Mom?
Sharon Beck: Oh. [sighs] I'm not blaming you, Rusty, okay? And I'm assuming you did the best you could. And that you can't help yourself.
Rusty Beck: I think I should go.
Sharon Beck: What? No! Come on! Can you just show me some of the forgiveness that I am showing you?

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