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Aug. 30, 1993
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Late Show with David Letterman

The Late Show with David Letterman is a multiple Emmy Award-winning hour-long weeknight comedy talk show broadcast by CBS from the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway in New York City. It is hosted by David Letterman and is produced by Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants Incorporated.

Late Show with David Letterman Season 4 (1996-1997)

4x76 4 4x76 Courtney Cox, Lee Marek, Damon Hill
During CBS Mailbag, a viewer asks what Dave did for New Year's. Dave flashes back to a wild night with a bunch of fabulous babes, while Paul brings him back to earth, and Dave flashes ...
Jan. 03, 1997
4x77 4 4x77 Kids Tell Jokes, Tracey Ullman, B.B. King
BB King sits in; Dave accidentally tears up the Top Ten blue card, so he reads the list via teleprompter; Tracey Ullman promotes her new HBO show, ""Tracey Takes On...""
Jan. 06, 1997
4x78 4 4x78 Ray Liotta, Norm MacDonald
Dave swipes Tony's gum, which he had tried to hide on top of one of the cameras. Also, Rupert of Hello Deli is pitted against Amando of Stage Deli in a little competition called ""The ...
Jan. 07, 1997
4x79 4 4x79 Woody Harrelson, Jackie Chan, John Pizzarelli
Dave fondly looks back at the one-year anniversary of ""El Blizzardo,"" then does a spit take with Windex®. Also, Woody Harrelson plugs hemp products and The People vs. Larry Flin ...
Jan. 08, 1997
4x80 4 4x80 Matt Dillon, Rebecca Ramijn, Cassandra Wilson
Dave sends an audience babe out to get some snow, and throughout the night the show is interrupted by a three-way snowball war between Dave, Inky and Anton.
Jan. 09, 1997
4x81 4 4x81 Eddie Murphy, Dwight Yoakam, Veronica Paridee
An audience member celebrating her birthday dances onstage; Inky threatens to throw a rock at Dave; Dave chats with a nine-year-old girl that delivered her baby brother in a stuck elevator; ...
Jan. 10, 1997
4x82 4 4x82 Kevin Spacey, Madeline Kahn, Harry Hill
Dave deems the show to be such a success that he announces the production of four spin-offs, ""Rupert Touches Meat,"" ""Leonard's Candid Camera,"" ""Kenny's Baywatch"" (with the stagehands ...
Jan. 13, 1997
4x83 4 4x83 Penelope Ann Miller, Skeet Ulrich, BR5-49
It's time for another Late Show experiment: ""Who Will Get Kicked Out of TGIF's Sooner, a Shirtless Guy or a Guy with Ten Dogs?"" Answer: the shirtless guy. Later, Dave instructs Chris ...
Jan. 14, 1997
4x84 4 4x84 Chris O'Donnell, Debbie Reynolds, Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Conner
Dave shows QVC footage of a Cabbage Patch Bill Clinton doll eating French fries; Actor Chris O'Donnell does a Stupid Human Trick; the drama class from Calhoun High School re-enacts ...
Jan. 15, 1997
4x85 4 4x85 Tom Selleck, Art Donovan, Babyface
Paul shows a clip of his new home video ""The Late Show Made Easy,"" while ""Know Your Cuts of Meat"" makes its debut on ""Know Your Current Events.""
Jan. 16, 1997
4x86 4 4x86 Kevin Kline, Kevin Sorbo, Kevin Brennan
It's an ""All Kevin Spectacular"" as Kevin Kline, Kevin Sorbo, and Kevin Brennan guest on the show. The closing credits on the show include all staffers named Kevin (Kevin Burnett, ...
Jan. 17, 1997
4x87 4 4x87 David Schwimmer, Carmen Electra, Sheryl Crow
Alan interrupts the monologue to comment on yesterday's Packers-Patriots Super Bowl; an audience member receives Dave's autograph; Calvert reports from New Orleans, where football fans ...
Jan. 27, 1997
4x88 4 4x88 Tony Danza, Desmond Howard, Helena Bonham Carter
Biff presides over another segment of ""What They Would Have Had for Lunch If They Were Still Alive."" Tonight, Lorne Greene: ""a BLT."" Also, Tony Williams sits in on drums, while ...
Jan. 28, 1997
4x89 4 4x89 Dan Rather, Jane Leeves, Tori Amos
Dave calls up an audience guy to meet Tori Amos, but he has to frisk him first.
Jan. 29, 1997
4x90 4 4x90 Matthew Perry, Natasha Lyonne, Jewel
Dave shows a promo of ""Rupert Jee's Private Parts,"" a spoof of the upcoming Howard Stern movie. Amongst those who participate in this parody are Rupert, Leonard, and ""Paul Shaffer ...
Jan. 30, 1997
4x91 4 4x91 Rhea Perlman, Ray Ramano, Ice Cube
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Jan. 31, 1997
4x92 4 4x92 Stupid Human Tricks, Elle MacPherson, Charles Barkley
Dave celebrates a decade and a half in late night television by introducing some of his favorite Stupid Human Tricks. Later, he chats with basketball star Charles Barkley.
Feb. 03, 1997
4x93 4 4x93 Isabella Rossellini, Billy Bob Thorton, Tokyo Shock Boys
In honor of the re-release of the entire Star Wars trilogy, Dave moves his coffee mug with a little help from ""the force""; Billy Bob Thornton promotes his Academy Award-nominated ...
Feb. 04, 1997
4x94 4 4x94 Fran Drescher, Eva Herzigova, Tony Bennett
Flugelhorn great Al Chez sits in with the band, while Leonard appears in a educational film about the First Thanksgiving.
Feb. 05, 1997
4x95 4 4x95 Pierce Brosnan, Lance Alstodt, Brian Regan
Know Your Current Events: Dave promises an audience participant named Brian (who Dave keeps calling ""Larry"") that if he can kick a field goal outside, he can sit onstage. Brian hits ...
Feb. 06, 1997
4x96 4 4x96 Brett Favre, David Spade, Silverchair
Mailbag: Paul appears in a commercial for ""Uncle Dave's Non-Alcoholic Gin."" Also, Dave and Green Bay Packers QB Brett Farve throw footballs into cabs, and David Spade promotes his ...
Feb. 07, 1997
4x97 4 4x97 Stupid Pet Tricks, Brett Butler, Fugees
In a remote featuring Dave talking to various fan club presidents, a swordfight breaks out between the ""Cats"" and ""Star Wars"" fans. Also, Bob Borden professes his love to a disturbed ...
Feb. 10, 1997
4x98 4 4x98 Sarah Jessica Parker, Geoffrey Rush, Barry Manilow
Dave ponders another one of his deep thoughts: ""How Long Can a Guy Spin a Revolving Door Before Somebody Stops Him?"" It takes 40 minutes and 6 seconds before security escorts the ...
Feb. 11, 1997
4x99 4 4x99 Richard Harris, Siskel & Ebert, Far East Circus
Throughout the night, Biff, Pat and Kenny recreate scenes from Academy Award-nominated films, including ""The English Patient"" and ""Jerry McGuire."" The gag comes to an abrupt end ...
Feb. 12, 1997
4x100 4 4x100 Peter O'Toole, Salma Hayek, Jazz Passengers
Dave brags that he had an incredible Valentine's Day last year, until Paul persuades him to admit that he spent it watching TV with an amorous Leonard. Also, the Jazz Passengers (featuring ...
Feb. 13, 1997
4x101 4 4x101 Sarah Ferguson, Allan Weimerskirch, Patti Smith
Marv Albert is credited with six seperate appearances tonight, thus raising his total on the show to an even one hundred. Later, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, promotes her new ...
Feb. 14, 1997
4x102 4 4x102 Tom Brokaw, Laura Linney, BLACKstreet
Two weeks before, NBC denied Dave permission to use clips from his old show. So tonight, Tom Brokaw arrives and offers Dave a crumpled-up videotape from Late Night with David Letterman. ...
Feb. 17, 1997
4x103 4 4x103 Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, Jeff Gordon
The outside cam goes to Joe G's to launch production of the quickie movie ""Space Volcano""; Bruce Willis murders Mujibur and Sirajul; Demi Moore shows up with 15 dogs as a gift for ...
Feb. 18, 1997
4x104 4 4x104 Michael J. Fox, Jon Voight, The Wallflowers
Throughout the night, various civilians tell jokes about their jobs, while Dave admits that he has fallen in love with this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
Feb. 19, 1997
4x105 4 4x105 Julie Andrews, Doug E. Doug, The Amazing Jonathan
The latest edition of ""Leonard Tepper's Hidden Video"" takes place entirely at Hello Deli, while ""Cosby"" star Doug E. Doug does standup.
Feb. 20, 1997
4x106 4 4x106 Tony Randall, Juliette Binoche, David Brenner
Frequent CBS Mailbag contributor Jerry Scales appears in the audience and is given a roast chicken made of Nyquil. Also, Tony Randall talks about becoming a parent for the first ti ...
Feb. 21, 1997
4x107 4 4x107 Bill Cosby, David Hacker, Tina Turner
On the three-year anniversary of his memorable first appearance on the Late Show, super-bowler Dick Weber rolls one strike after another out on 53rd Street. Later, he and Bill Cosby ...
Feb. 24, 1997
4x108 4 4x108 Mia Farrow, Anne Heche, Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach
James Cotton sits in; while pedestrians footrace against each other over on 54th and Broadway.
Feb. 25, 1997
4x109 4 4x109 Howard Stern, Valeria Mazza, Porno for Pyros
Leonard Tepper is live at Madison Square Garden, annoying participants at this year's Grammy Awards. He closes the segment by calling Dave a jackass.
Feb. 26, 1997
4x110 4 4x110 Pauly Shore, Merrill Markoe, Celine Dion
Dave shows outtakes of Leonard's Grammy report, and then gets thrown out of a taping of ""Wheel of Fortune"" by a security guard resembling Bill DeLace.
Feb. 27, 1997
4x111 4 4x111 Bill Pullman, Richard Lewis, Lyle Lovett & Randy Newman
Trumpeter Al Chez sits in; the ""First Annual Biff Henderson Award"" goes to a much-serving Biff; Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett perform ""You've Got a Friend In Me.""
Feb. 28, 1997
4x112 4 4x112 Jon Stewart, Debi Mazar, Duncan Sheik
Dave comments on ""El Blizzardo Diablo,"" a raining snowstorm that practically has New York City in a standstill. Also, Dave and Paul participate in a cutthroat battle of putdowns towards ...
Mar. 03, 1997
4x113 4 4x113 Robin Quivers, Adam Arkin, James
Dave points out that the wet snow of yesterday's ""El Blizzardo Diablo"" has already melted and/or evaporated. Also, Adam Arkin promotes the upcoming made-for-TV movie Not In This ...
Mar. 04, 1997
4x114 4 4x114 Chevy Chase, Mary McCormack, Phish
During ""Rejected Commercial Characters,"" jokes are translated for a select audience onstage from English to Japanese.
Mar. 05, 1997
4x115 4 4x115 Kids Tell Jokes, Mary Steenburgen, Ray Wold
Bluesman Keb' Mo sits in; Dave and Paul shill a new sleeping enhancer called EclipseQuil; ""pyrotechnic madman"" Ray Wold blows up stuff and somehow avoids burning himself.
Mar. 06, 1997
4x116 4 4x116 Ted Danson, Famke Janssen, Mitch Hedburg
CBS Mailbag: Jerry Scales asks, ""What do viewers miss?"" Gerard Mulligan comes out in costume as ""A 50-year-old guy dressed like Zorro."" Also, The Biff Henderson Players present ...
Mar. 07, 1997
4x117 4 4x117 Howard Stern, Ray Ramano, Chieftains
Sean Pelton sits in for Anton, while Howard Stern promotes his new movie.
Mar. 17, 1997
4x118 4 4x118 Martin Short, Larenz Tate, Kodo
The camera fixates on a guy in the audience with a gigantic gut with DAVE written on it. Also, Martin Short does another musical number, with a final note so extended that he leaves ...
Mar. 18, 1997
4x119 4 4x119 Cindy Crawford, Robert Townsend, Chris Whitley
The Late Show Current Events Singers take on Clinton's recent leg injury, then performs some sort of a cappella apology to Cindy Crawford.
Mar. 19, 1997
4x120 4 4x120 Mike Myers, Sophie Marceau, Alison Krauss
Today's burning question: ""How Many Guys in Bunny Suits Can Get into a Coffee Shop?"" All 23 guys that volunteered get in, and they are later joined by a geeky audience member from ...
Mar. 25, 1997
4x121 4 4x121 Marv Albert, Anthony LaPaglia, Big Head Todd & the Monsters
In honor of his birthday, former president Thomas Jefferson is seen skydiving over the city, followed shortly by William McKinley and Paul Shaffer.
Mar. 26, 1997
4x122 4 4x122 Teri Garr, George Stephanopolous, Amanda Marshall
Dave announces that today is Tony Mendez' 60th birthday, even though he's only 52; Dave orders Anton to fetch him some coffee; a man-on-the-street segment dissects tonight's ""Top Ten ...
Mar. 27, 1997
4x123 4 4x123 Marilu Henner, Marlon Wayans, The Cardigans
Mailbag: Alan has an announcer sitting in with him, only to realize he's not his intern but his willing replacement. Meanwhile, Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton (live via satellite) ...
Mar. 28, 1997
4x124 4 4x124 Bryant Gumbel, Kadeem Hardison, Bandbaz Brothers
Songwriter Jimmy Webb sits in, and throughout the night the band plays his songs; Dave shows a tape of Rob Burnett's daughter being scared to death by Daddy as the Easter Bunny; Dave ...
Mar. 31, 1997
4x125 4 4x125 Tara Lipinsky, Margaret Colin, Nanci Griffith
Dave calls a pay phone on Broadway, and then calls in a guy from Jersey named Rocky to tell the first ""Mets suck"" joke of the season. Also, Biff gives a pep talk to some grade-school ...
Apr. 01, 1997
4x126 4 4x126 Dan Akroyd, David Kruithoff, Cyndi Lauper
A man claiming to be Paul's brother Kenny sits in the audience, while amateur dentist David Kriuthoff fidgets with a special camera that can go inside the mouth.
Apr. 02, 1997
4x127 4 4x127 Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brad Garrett, Chris Fonseca
""Colin Dunner"" (Gerard), the lead dancer in the Broadway hit ""Riverdance"" promotes his new videotape ""Riverdancin' to the Oldies."" Also, Will Lee demonstrates how to play a guitar ...
Apr. 03, 1997
4x128 4 4x128 John Cusak, Liv Tyler, David Bowie
Mailbag: a man on the street is decapitated by a giant, renegade blue card. Also, Pat Farmer introduces his new segment ""Live Action Editorial Cartoon."" Tonight's piece: ""Busting ...
Apr. 04, 1997
4x129 4 4x129 Anthony Clark, Joan Lunden, Eryka Badu
Dave says he's discovered he's been combing his hair wrong, so he fidgets with it throughout the show. Also, Zahshu, the ""World's Only Performing Hippo,"" rolls over and begs.
Apr. 07, 1997
4x130 4 4x130 Norm MacDonald, Justine Bateman, Trace Adkins
""How Many Guys in a Bunny Suit Can Get Into H&R Block?"" Only two, until both are kicked out. Right after the first commercial break, Biff then tries to get in wearing a dog suit and, ...
Apr. 08, 1997
4x131 4 4x131 Charles Grodin, David Alan Grier, Matthew Sweet
In a running gag that was started two nights before (in homage to something that appeared occasionally on Late Night), Zahshu, ""The World's Only Performing Goldfish,"" develops a severe ...
Apr. 09, 1997
4x132 4 4x132 Tom Arnold, Bernie Williams, Bush
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Apr. 10, 1997
4x133 4 4x133 Kelsey Grammar, Jake Johannsen, Tracy Chapman
Champion weightlifter Magnus Vermagnusson lifts various objects, including Mujibur and Sirajul; Dave comments on his upcoming 50th birthday; Zhushi ""The World's Only Performing Dog"" ...
Apr. 11, 1997
4x134 4 4x134 Martin Mull, Alicia Witt, Mary J. Blige
Marv Albert interviews accountants, then shows a blooper real along side it; Dave notices that Tony is holding cue cards with gloves on; ""Pat Farmer's Live-Action Political Cartoon"" ...
Apr. 21, 1997
4x135 4 4x135 Katie Couric, Roma Downey, INXS
Dave finds a patron named Bob Reedy, in Joe G's Pizza to star in another fake film epic, the Anaconda spoof ""Snakequest 2000."" Quote Dave: ""For the love of god, it's a giant sna ...
Apr. 22, 1997
4x136 4 4x136 Tony Randall, Steven Weber, Wilco
Allen Toussant sits in; Dave announces that in honor of the recent media hoopla over Ellen DeGeneres, the Late Show will now be ""more gay""; Wilco performs ""Someone Else's Song." ...
Apr. 23, 1997
4x137 4 4x137 Lisa Kudrow, Umberto Buccigrossi, Verve Pipe
Biff announces that if Lyndon Johnson were alive today, he would've had a roast beef sandwich for lunch. Also, The Verve Pipe performs ""The Freshman.""
Apr. 24, 1997
4x138 4 4x138 Stupid Human Tricks, Rosie Perez, John Hiatt
On a special Indianapolis-themed night on the Late Show, Dorothy interrupts a comedy bit to give Dave a hug, while Reggie Miller presents the Top Ten.
Apr. 25, 1997
4x139 4 4x139 Kurt Russell, Sinbad, Paula Cole
Rupert Jee drops by to make an important announcement: ""America, I am a lesbian."" This inspires Regis to walk over and give him a hug.
Apr. 28, 1997
4x140 4 4x140 Robin Williams, Tanya Tucker
Dave shows a clip from the latest Charlie Brown Special: Charlie Brown declares, ""I think I'm a lesbian."" Also, two dorky audience members help wash a cab outside the theater, then ...
Apr. 29, 1997
4x141 4 4x141 Alec Baldwin, Joey Lauren Adams, Indigo Girls
It's ""Awards Night"" on the Late Show, as throughout the night Biff presents Gordie Howe with the Stanley Cup, Walter Payton with the Super Bowl Trophy, Bobby Allison with the Harley ...
Apr. 30, 1997
4x142 4 4x142 Garry Shandling, Luke Perry, Wendy Liebman
Wendy Liebman discusses mammograms, while Luke Perry rappels off the side of the theater.
May. 01, 1997
4x143 4 4x143 Roseanne, Justin Miller, Chuck Berry
In honor of tonight's audience (all residents of St. Louis and its suburbs), the backdrop is altered to show the city's skyline; Dave shows live footage of the Mets/Cardinals game in ...
May. 02, 1997
4x144 4 4x144 Bruce Willis, Elizabeth Hurley, Maxwell
Dave dumps the show early yet again, and after searching high and low in Manhattan, Biff finally finds him demonstrating knife tricks at Benihana's.
May. 05, 1997
4x145 4 4x145 John Goodman, Kathleen Quinlan, Hanson
""How Many Guys in Bunny Suits Can Get into a Fountain?"" Only about six, as the men in costume are thrown out of Central Park by the NYPD. After the first commercial break, John Goodman ...
May. 06, 1997
4x146 4 4x146 Mike Myers, Danny Aiello, Crossbows of Death
Tony Mendez does the Watusi; Biff announces that if Burt Lancaster were alive today, he would've had cream of mushroom soup and a tuna fish sandwich for lunch; stuntmen Ross and Elisa ...
May. 07, 1997
4x147 4 4x147 Billy Crystal, Kristen Johnson, Bee Gees
Rupert stars in a parody of those financial-success tapes that they sell in infomercials, while Kirsten Johnston promotes the 3-D season finale of Third Rock from the Sun.
May. 08, 1997
4x148 4 4x148 Ricki Lake, Kirby Puckett, Soul Asylum
With tonight's audience being from the Twin Cities, Dave makes them feel at home by having a faux snow fall in the theater. Also, the Top Ten home office is temporarily relocated to ...
May. 09, 1997
4x149 4 4x149 Cybil Shepard, Darrell Hammond, Linda Eder
Tonight, Dave promises to show things that have never been on television before, including Marv Albert dancing with a giant squirrel, a gay man kissing a lesbian, and Biff playing solitaire ...
May. 12, 1997
4x150 4 4x150 Andy Garcia, George Foreman, Travis Tritt
Dancers from Riverdance make a return appearance on the show. Actually, they're staff writers Gerard Mulligan and Eric Kaplan, Leonard Tepper, and financial wiz/Dave buddy Jim Peterson. ...
May. 13, 1997
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