Oct. 03, 1955
30 min.
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Highway Patrol

Highway Patrol screams onto the scene with fast cars and the catch phrase "10-4". Each week, Chief Dan Matthews (Broderick Crawford) leads his troops into another roadway adventure. Matthews is a tough, no-nonsense Chief of the Highway Patrol.

04x39 - Bank Messenger Season 4 / Episode 39: - Bank Messenger

Red Hammond: Got everything?
Sue Hammond: Yeah. I'll feel a lot better when we're a long ways from this place. Do you know what it means if they pick us up?
Red Hammond: Don't worry, honey. Any cop tries to pick us up's gotta shoot faster and straighter than I do!
04x39 - Bank Messenger Season 4 / Episode 39: - Bank Messenger

Chief Dan Mathews: All right, take beauty and the beast away.
04x39 - Bank Messenger Season 4 / Episode 39: - Bank Messenger

Narrator: The never-ending battle of wits between the criminal and the police officer invariably results in victory for law and order. But during the struggle, all too often, innocent people are the pathetic victim. On June 9th the Highway Patrol was called upon to halt just such a savage wave of murder and robbery.
04x38 - Fire Season 4 / Episode 38: - Fire

Narrator: Among the most dangerous and unpredictable criminals with which law enforcement agencies must contend is the arsonist. His senseless and destructive crimes result in a staggering loss of life, property, and national resources. On August 15th, the Highway Patrol was asked to cooperate in an effort to apprehend a dangerous arsonist.
04x38 - Fire Season 4 / Episode 38: - Fire

Chief Dan Mathews: You all right?
Claude Norpell: I... I... I guess so. He wanted to burn down the barn and me with it. Why?
Chief Dan Mathews: I dunno. Maybe a doctor can come up with the right answer.
04x37 - Detour to Death Season 4 / Episode 37: - Detour to Death

(Narrator): The erratic method of the amateur hoodlum is a serious problem to all law enforcement agencies. They have no dread so great as the amateur with a gun, coupled with a lack of knowledge that goes with it. For this combination can be a sure mixture for death.
04x37 - Detour to Death Season 4 / Episode 37: - Detour to Death

(Narrator): Crime is an everlating enemy. Like a disease, one never knows when it will strike or who its victims will be. It can only be controlled by the constant vigil of law enforcement.
04x36 - Confession Season 4 / Episode 36: - Confession

Narrator: The day-by-day job of law enforcement agencies is the protection of the public and crime prevention. But on those occasions when trouble does flare up, they must meet violence with violence, gunfire with gunfire. Such a flareup took place last May eighth, in the small town of Marionville. As a gunfight was taking place on West Marion Avenue in the industrial section, a secretary, hearing the shots, called the Highway Patrol.
04x36 - Confession Season 4 / Episode 36: - Confession

Chief Dan Mathews: Mrs. Jordan, do you mind if I open this?
Gloria Jordan: Yes, I do mind. That's federal mail.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, it is? Let's go talk to the postal inspector. [Sergeant Williams opens the passenger's door of the patrol car and places Mrs. Jordan in the back seat. As he gets into the back seat through the driver's door, Chief Mathews admonishes him] Oh, Williams, you're out of uniform.
04x35 - Desperate Men Season 4 / Episode 35: - Desperate Men

Dr. Feuer: From the hospital's standpoint, they couldn't have picked a worse room!
Chief Dan Mathews: What do you mean?
Dr. Feuer: Well, it's called the boiler room, but actually it's much more than that. It controls not only heat and water, but the ventilating system and all our entire electrical power. They can cut off the oxygen tents, incubators. Why, they can do a disastrous amount of damage from that room if they discover it!
Chief Dan Mathews: They'll discover it!
04x34 - Express Delivery Season 4 / Episode 34: - Express Delivery

Chief Dan Mathews: [on the telephone] Did you see the woman hit the guy with the pistol?
Motel Manager: [in a phone booth] Yes. He went down like a sack of flour.
04x33 - Auto Press Season 4 / Episode 33: - Auto Press

Joe Tulley: Frankie, please help me just one more time!
Frank Tulley: If the cops don't find that car, they'll come back.
Joe Tulley: Not for awhile, Frank. And by that time, there's not gonna be anything left.
Frank Tulley: It's taking an awful chance.
Joe Tulley: Frankie, nobody's ever gonna know! Please, Frankie! If that guy dies, they're gonna kill me!
Frank Tulley: [glumly] He's already dead.
04x33 - Auto Press Season 4 / Episode 33: - Auto Press

Mr. Larkin: I knew him pretty well, Mr. Mathews. He'd never let anybody push him around.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I know. The morgue is full that type.
04x33 - Auto Press Season 4 / Episode 33: - Auto Press

Narrator: To law enforcement agencies, one of the most dangerous criminals is the unpredictable, armed beginner. Because he is always nervous, often frightened, his comparatively minor crimes frequently explode into crimes of major violence. Such an explosion occurred six weeks ago, when Joe Tulley, with his wife, Gloria, attempted what appeared to be a simple holdup of a service station.
04x33 - Auto Press Season 4 / Episode 33: - Auto Press

Frank Tulley: My brother. He's had that comin' for years.
Chief Dan Mathews: Where you're going, you'll have plenty of time to explain that to 'im.
04x32 - Women Escapees Season 4 / Episode 32: - Women Escapees

Lita Morgan: [Crouches over prostrate carjack victim] Well, maybe we... we better tie him up or something.
Caroline Craig: [Looks closely at victim's face] I don't think we gotta bother. He's dead.
Lita Morgan: You sure?
Caroline Craig: Positive.
Lita Morgan: Well, let's get him out of here!
04x31 - Dan Hostage Season 4 / Episode 31: - Dan Hostage

Chief Dan Mathews: If you care to drive - drive with care!
04x30 - Prisoner Exchange Copter Season 4 / Episode 30: - Prisoner Exchange Copter

Jack Avery: You know, you'd love to tell me I'll never get away with it, but you're just not sure. I'll see you!
Sheriff Melton: I hope so!
04x29 - Killer on the Run Season 4 / Episode 29: - Killer on the Run

Chief Dan Mathews: Reckless driving doesn't determine who's right - only who's left!
04x29 - Killer on the Run Season 4 / Episode 29: - Killer on the Run

Narrator: Law enforcement agencies do not agree with the common belief that society always benefits when criminals exterminate each other. For when the underworld settles its disputes by violence, there is no regard for the safety of innocent citizens. The Highway Patrol was faced with this problem early last month. Les Curtis had worked as an errand boy for a master counterfeiter, Alfred Manson. Now, as he and Manson prepared to deliver a set of counterfeit engraving plates, Curtis decided his apprenticeship was over.
04x29 - Killer on the Run Season 4 / Episode 29: - Killer on the Run

Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, ladies. You can get up now. You know, I wouldn't advise it again, but that key bit, that took a lotta nerve.
Mrs. Ella Brewster: Well, if you'd seen him shoot that nice young man in cold blood...
Chief Dan Mathews: Now just a minute, ladies. I don't know how you're gonna take this, but this 'nice young man' you're talking about, he committed two murders today.
Mrs. Ella Brewster: [to Marie] Why, imagine! We've been riding all day with a murderer. Wait till Walter and Cathy hear about this.
Sgt. Ken Williams: [Approaches the car carrying a briefcase] Here's part of the motive - counterfeit plates. [Takes money from the briefcase] This stuff looks real.
Leonard Stone: It is real - twenty thousand dollars - and it belongs to me.
Chief Dan Mathews: You hear that, ladies? Take a look. Twenty thousand dollars. He's not gonna be able to spend a nickle of it. [to Stone] Awright, move.
04x28 - Illegal Entry Season 4 / Episode 28: - Illegal Entry

Sergeant Ken Williams: Well, what happened? Did he try to cheat you?
Pablo Diaz: First, he do everything he promised. Then today, he come to where I am work. He take away half of the money I have been paid. He say, I must go on working like an animal!
Sergeant Ken Williams: Well, what else did he say?
Pablo Diaz: I must give him more money, or he will report me to the Border Patrol and they will put me in jail for the rest of my life!
04x28 - Illegal Entry Season 4 / Episode 28: - Illegal Entry

Narrator: The border between Mexico and the United States is relatively open to nationals of both countries for short visits. Occasionally American criminals take advantage of this situation to exploit Mexican labor in ways that are brutal and cruel. Frequently the Highway Patrol is instrumental in stopping this traffic in human lives, but unfortunately, in many cases, not before a great deal of damage has been done.
04x28 - Illegal Entry Season 4 / Episode 28: - Illegal Entry

Captain Perez: [sighs] He is very dead, señor. I'm sorry.
Chief Dan Mathews: I'm sorry for what he did to your people.
Captain Perez: I will take care of everything.
Chief Dan Mathews: When you want me, call me for the inquest.
Captain Perez: Thank you, señor.
Pablo Diaz: Gracias señor. That was very close.
Chief Dan Mathews: It wasn't too close. These are the keys to my house. God bless.
Captain Perez: Bless you.
04x27 - Hitchhiker Season 4 / Episode 27: - Hitchhiker

Walter Miller: How come he picked me? I only had $30 in my pocket.
Chief Dan Mathews: He didn't pick you - you picked him. Sucker!
04x27 - Hitchhiker Season 4 / Episode 27: - Hitchhiker

Narrator: The man with the thumb isn't seen very often on our nation's highways. But he still exists - a vagabond, a man on the move, and often a menace to society. The Highway Patrol has joined other law enforcement agencies in a program of education, warning both driver and hitchhiker alike of the possible dangerous consequences of this practice.
04x27 - Hitchhiker Season 4 / Episode 27: - Hitchhiker

Chief Dan Mathews: [Dan Mathews] [to Joe Parker] You were pretty lucky. Awright, take 'em away. C'mon, move.
04x26 - Cargo Hijack Season 4 / Episode 26: - Cargo Hijack

Narrator: Of all the crimes encountered by the Highway Patrol, the most common, and by far the most lucrative for the criminals, is hijacking. At dawn on the tenth of last month, the Patrol learned they were up against a new foe in this age-old racket: a gang whose daring recklessness stopped at nothing - not even murder.
04x26 - Cargo Hijack Season 4 / Episode 26: - Cargo Hijack

Sgt. Ken Williams: He's dead.
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sheila Nolan] Is that your husband?
Sheila Nolan: Yeah. My big, brave husband. What's gonna happen to me?
Chief Dan Mathews: Take a good look what happened to *him.*
04x25 - Diversion Robbery Season 4 / Episode 25: - Diversion Robbery

Narrator: When investigating an armed robbery, police officers must often rely on information obtained from the chance passerby. Well aware of this unpredictable element, Paul Herrick and Bert Nelson devised a plan to reduce this hazard. Their method called for the precise timing of a spectacular event to divert attention from the robbery itself.

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