Oct. 03, 1955
30 min.
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Highway Patrol

Highway Patrol screams onto the scene with fast cars and the catch phrase "10-4". Each week, Chief Dan Matthews (Broderick Crawford) leads his troops into another roadway adventure. Matthews is a tough, no-nonsense Chief of the Highway Patrol.

04x39 - Bank Messenger Season 4 / Episode 39: - Bank Messenger

Red Hammond: Got everything?
Sue Hammond: Yeah. I'll feel a lot better when we're a long ways from this place. Do you know what it means if they pick us up?
Red Hammond: Don't worry, honey. Any cop tries to pick us up's gotta shoot faster and straighter than I do!
04x39 - Bank Messenger Season 4 / Episode 39: - Bank Messenger

Chief Dan Mathews: Alright, take beauty and the beast away.
04x37 - Detour to Death Season 4 / Episode 37: - Detour to Death

(Narrator): The erratic method of the amateur hoodlum is a serious problem to all law enforcement agencies. They have no dread so great as the amateur with a gun, coupled with a lack of knowledge that goes with it. For this combination can be a sure mixture for death.
04x35 - Desperate Men Season 4 / Episode 35: - Desperate Men

Dr. Feuer: From the hospital's standpoint, they couldn't have picked a worse room!
Chief Dan Mathews: What do you mean?
Dr. Feuer: Well, it's called the boiler room, but actually it's much more than that. It controls not only heat and water, but the ventilating system and all our entire electrical power. They can cut off the oxygen tents, incubators. Why, they can do a disastrous amount of damage from that room if they discover it!
Chief Dan Mathews: They'll discover it!
04x34 - Express Delivery Season 4 / Episode 34: - Express Delivery

Chief Dan Mathews: [on the telephone] Did you see the woman hit the guy with the pistol?
Motel Manager: [in a phone booth] Yes. He went down like a sack of flour.
04x33 - Auto Press Season 4 / Episode 33: - Auto Press

Joe Tulley: Frankie, please help me just one more time!
Frank Tulley: If the cops don't find that car, they'll come back.
Joe Tulley: Not for awhile, Frank. And by that time, there's not gonna be anything left.
Frank Tulley: It's taking an awful chance.
Joe Tulley: Frankie, nobody's ever gonna know! Please, Frankie! If that guy dies, they're gonna kill me!
Frank Tulley: [glumly] He's already dead.
04x33 - Auto Press Season 4 / Episode 33: - Auto Press

Mr. Larkin: I knew him pretty well, Mr. Mathews. He'd never let anybody push him around.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I know. The morgue is full that type.
04x32 - Women Escapees Season 4 / Episode 32: - Women Escapees

Lita Morgan: [Crouches over prostrate carjack victim] Well, maybe we... we better tie him up or something.
Caroline Craig: [Looks closely at victim's face] I don't think we gotta bother. He's dead.
Lita Morgan: You sure?
Caroline Craig: Positive.
Lita Morgan: Well, let's get him out of here!
04x31 - Dan Hostage Season 4 / Episode 31: - Dan Hostage

Chief Dan Mathews: If you care to drive - drive with care!
04x30 - Prisoner Exchange Copter Season 4 / Episode 30: - Prisoner Exchange Copter

Jack Avery: You know, you'd love to tell me I'll never get away with it, but you're just not sure. I'll see you!
Sheriff Melton: I hope so!
04x29 - Killer on the Run Season 4 / Episode 29: - Killer on the Run

Chief Dan Mathews: Reckless driving doesn't determine who's right - only who's left!
04x28 - Illegal Entry Season 4 / Episode 28: - Illegal Entry

Sergeant Ken Williams: Well, what happened? Did he try to cheat you?
Pablo Diaz: First, he do everything he promised. Then today, he come to where I am work. He take away half of the money I have been paid. He say, I must go on working like an animal!
Sergeant Ken Williams: Well, what else did he say?
Pablo Diaz: I must give him more money, or he will report me to the Border Patrol and they will put me in jail for the rest of my life!
04x27 - Hitchhiker Season 4 / Episode 27: - Hitchhiker

Walter Miller: How come he picked me? I only had $30 in my pocket.
Chief Dan Mathews: He didn't pick you - you picked him. Sucker!
04x23 - Revenge Season 4 / Episode 23: - Revenge

Chief Dan Mathews: Did he hate John's father because of the automobile accident?
Tommy's aunt: Yes. Yes, he did. Tommy idolized his father, and Brent felt the same way about Tommy. They were always together! And then, when Brent was killed, Tommy almost went haywire!
Sergeant Ken Williams: Did you ever hear him threaten to kill Robert Hoffman?
Tommy's aunt: Oh, no! Tommy's a good boy. A little hot-headed, but he's a good boy!
Chief Dan Mathews: [dubiously] Yeah, I know, they always are.
04x22 - The Collector Season 4 / Episode 22: - The Collector

Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't WHAT you drive, but HOW you drive that counts!
04x21 - Framed Cop Season 4 / Episode 21: - Framed Cop

Officer Dennis (Dispatcher): Witness reports just in on that hit and run. We're running a check right now on license and car. Got a complete description. License number 2B683. Four-door gray sedan.
Sergeant Ken Williams: Hey, that can't be right!
Chief Dan Mathews: Why not?
Sergeant Ken Williams: Well, that's MY car and MY license number!
Chief Dan Mathews: [pause] Ken, pull up a chair and sit down!
04x20 - Mexican Chase Season 4 / Episode 20: - Mexican Chase

Chief Dan Mathews: Thanks for your help, Julio.
Capt. Julio Gonzales: It was a pleasure.
Chief Dan Mathews: You know, I wish they had stolen my car - it needs a new paint job.
04x18 - Copter Cave-In Season 4 / Episode 18: - Copter Cave-In

Chief Dan Mathews: [speaking to Sgt. Williams] You know, this is the first time in my life I've ever been shot at with my own gun.
04x17 - Narcotics Racket Season 4 / Episode 17: - Narcotics Racket

Honey: [as wounded Fred is handcuffed] What'd you have to shoot him for?
Chief Dan Mathews: Look, he's gonna live. He's not shot as bad as Ma Davis is.
Honey: I wish I'd killed both of you!
Sergeant Ken Williams: That's what I like about this job - you meet such nice people.
04x16 - Breath of a Child Season 4 / Episode 16: - Breath of a Child

Chief Dan Mathews: Now, let me have that again, Doc.
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: Mrs. Hoffman just told me. The child was choking, and a sailor got him to breathing again. To do it, he breathed in the baby's mouth.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well - go on, go on, go on!
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: I'm almost sure the child has epidemic meningitis! It's highly contagious. I've just inoculated Mrs. Hoffman
Chief Dan Mathews: You say the sailor breathed in the kid's mouth. Where's the sailor now?
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: Mrs. Hoffman doesn't know. She doesn't even know his name.
Chief Dan Mathews: C'mon, Doc - tick it off for me fast!
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: Well, the sailor drove up for gas, he saw the trouble and he got the child breathing again. Then, he drove off without even giving his name.
Chief Dan Mathews: What are his chances?
Dr. Ronald Kincaid: Unless he receives inoculation within a matter of hours, he has no chance at all!
04x12 - Confidence Game Season 4 / Episode 12: - Confidence Game

Mattie: Paul, you're not gonna go on with this racket?
Paul Gayle: Of course! Look, this is a good racket. The investors are really comin' to me now!
Mattie: But how long are you gonna be able to give them a hundred percent on their investments?
Paul Gayle: As long a new suckers keep givin' me money to pay the others off! When we get a couple of hundred grand, we'll pull out and leave the state!
04x11 - False Confession Season 4 / Episode 11: - False Confession

Jimmy Withers: I think we're wasting our time.
Sam: We'll waste a lot more time in prison if he puts the finger on us.
Jimmy Withers: Not much time, Sam. They'll give us the works for knocking off that watchman.
Sam: No two ways about it - we gotta get this guy. Killin' him is the only way we can get in the clear!
04x10 - Blood Money Season 4 / Episode 10: - Blood Money

Ray: [pointing a switchblade to Joe Mason's face] "Walk, or bleed."
04x08 - Train Robbery Season 4 / Episode 8: - Train Robbery

(Narrator): Carrying $750,000 in payroll currency, a speeding train roars through the lonely countryside. Less than 45 minutes away, two men wait for that train. And they wait with a deadly plan!
04x04 - Transmitter Danger Season 4 / Episode 4: - Transmitter Danger

Chief Dan Mathews: So, in other word, any kind of a radio signal would set this thing off? [Gestures toward blasting cap]
George Sharpe: Well, naturally we have our own frequency. But these things are new and they're tricky. If they get within a few hundred yards of a strong signal they'll go. And when they do [Dan Mathews snaps fingers] , off goes the dynamite.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, thanks heaps!
04x03 - Family Affair Season 4 / Episode 3: - Family Affair

Chief Dan Mathews: You been here all morning?
Myra Davis: That's right - all morning.
Chief Dan Mathews: You mind if I look around?
Myra Davis: You got a search warrant?
Chief Dan Mathews: You want me to send for one?!
Myra Davis: No, go ahead. If you look around now, I'll get rid of you that much sooner!
04x02 - Hostage Season 4 / Episode 2: - Hostage

Whitey Sims: Oh, now, listen lady, if the cops get me it's a murder rap. It's my life, you understand that?! So, if I have to kill you and your daughter, I will do it!
Mrs. Carter: You are frightened, aren't you? And a frightened man doesn't think very clearly. You may kill us, Mr. whatever-your-name-is, but they'll get you!
04x01 - Frightened Witness Season 4 / Episode 1: - Frightened Witness

Jennifer Stone: But we were so afraid - that other man said he'd kill us and we believed him!
Chief Dan Mathews: Next time, believe us!
04x01 - Frightened Witness Season 4 / Episode 1: - Frightened Witness

Motel Manager: to Dan Matthews "Single or double? Judging by the size of you, you can use a double yourself!"
03x39 - Reward Season 3 / Episode 39: - Reward

Vance Wells: You finally ready?
John Alvin: Yeah.
Vance Wells: Now, the way I figure it, we gotta rush him. Now, George, you come from the left. John, you come from the right. I'll head straight for the door and we'll meet there.
George Bailey: But that'll put us out in the open. He can take a potshot at any one of us!
John Alvin: I figure he's passed out by now.
George Bailey: Maybe he hasn't. Maybe he's watching us right now, ready to blast away!
Vance Wells: That's a chance we gotta take. I think John's right. Now, if you're chicken, George, get outta here! Clear out and go home!
George Bailey: [resignedly] All right. Let's go.

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