Oct. 03, 1955
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Chief Dan Mathews Highway Patrol

Chief Dan Mathews

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  Played by:
Broderick CrawfordBroderick Crawford
Actor Broderick Crawford is best remembered for two roles, his Oscar-winning turn as Willie Stark in ...

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Chief Dan Mathews Quotes

03x10 - Dead Hunter Season 3 / Episode 10: - Dead Hunter

William Foster: Well, what is it now, Mr. Mathews?
Chief Dan Mathews: We wanna ask you some more questions.
William Foster: I promised to cooperate, but honestly, this continued harassment... Oh, I'm sorry. I guess you understand I... I've been under quite a strain.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, sure. We know.
William Foster: I came up to pick up some business correspondence and some records.
Chief Dan Mathews: Do you mind givin' 'em to us?
William Foster: Oh, really they're of no significance to anyone outside the firm. They're merely records I didn't want anything to happen to.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, we'll make sure nothin' happens to 'em.
William Foster: All right, then. They're in the front seat. After all, I won't be needing them immediately. Well, is that all, Mr. Mathews? I mean, I'd like to get back to the city before dark.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yea, sure. You'll make it, and don't worry about the four grand you carry.
William Foster: What are you talking about?
Chief Dan Mathews: We're trying to figure out how Corbin coulda walked through the mud and kept his shoes clean.

03x09 - Witness Wife Season 3 / Episode 9: - Witness Wife

Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't what you drive, but how you drive that counts!
03x09 - Witness Wife Season 3 / Episode 9: - Witness Wife

Chief Dan Mathews: [Knocks on the door where Mr. and Mrs. Jensen are hiding] Mathews, Highway Patrol. [He opens the door]
Martin Jensen: Boy, Mr. Mathews, am I glad to hear your voice, I was afraid there for a while I'd never get to testify.
Chief Dan Mathews: Don't worry. Nothing will keep you from testifying. [to Mrs. Jensen] 'Scuse me.
03x08 - Hot Dust Season 3 / Episode 8: - Hot Dust

Chief Dan Mathews: [to Mr. Garson] You know something? I wouldn't have his job for a million dollars tax free, or yours either. Oh, by the way, pick up the stuff at the tree, will ya?
03x07 - The Sniper Season 3 / Episode 7: - The Sniper

Fred Carter: Well, you are looking for boys, aren't you?
Chief Dan Mathews: Why should I?
Fred Carter: Well, you know how boys are.
Chief Dan Mathews: Sure I know how boys are, but that doesn't make them snipers.
Fred Carter: Well, grown men wouldn't go around shooting at cars.
Chief Dan Mathews: [wryly] You'd be amazed how many middle-aged juvenile delinquents there are.
03x07 - The Sniper Season 3 / Episode 7: - The Sniper

Chief Dan Mathews: [to Sergeant Moore] I'll get an ambulance. Oh, by the way, you qualified with that pistol of yours this month.
03x06 - Hostage Family Copter Season 3 / Episode 6: - Hostage Family Copter

Chief Dan Mathews: Say, by the way, would you do me a favor? Give me a ride down the hill.
Barbara Monroe: Oh, we'd be happy to , Mr. Mathews.
Daughter: And thank you, Mr. Mathews. We'd love to have you.
Chief Dan Mathews: [to Peter Monroe] Kinda made a mess outta your jacket, didn't I?
Peter Monroe: After all, you saved our lives, Mr. Mathews.
Chief Dan Mathews: Well, now you're savin' mine. I don't like to walk.
03x04 - Safecracker Season 3 / Episode 4: - Safecracker

Chief Dan Mathews: Reckless driving doesn't determine who's right - only who's left!
03x04 - Safecracker Season 3 / Episode 4: - Safecracker

Chief Dan Mathews: Did you enjoy the sermon, Wright?
Stanley Wright: You shoulda heard it.
Chief Dan Mathews: Lemme see your hands. [to Officer Johnson] Gimme the light.
Stanley Wright: Fluorescent powder is used for a lot of things, Mr. Mathews.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, sure is. It's all over your wife's hands and the package she didn't get to mail.
Mrs. Wright: Honey, I knew it wouldn't work. I told you we couldn't get away with it.
Chief Dan Mathews: You shoulda stayed and listened to the sermon. Take 'im away.
03x02 - Efficiency Secretary Season 3 / Episode 2: - Efficiency Secretary

Doris Mauldin: How did you do it, Mr. Mathews?

Chief Dan Mathews: Your boyfriend's got long arms, just like the law. Awright.
02x39 - Rabies Season 2 / Episode 39: - Rabies

Chief Dan Mathews: [to Dr. Elliott] Let's go to Frenchman's Camp!
Snack stand operator: Say, if you're plannin' to run a race up that road, I'd forget it.
Chief Dan Mathews: No, I don't think you would, lady. Not this race, anyway!
02x39 - Rabies Season 2 / Episode 39: - Rabies

Dr. Elliott: Kathy's going to be just fine.
Chief Dan Mathews: Sure she is. C'mon Kathy. We'll take a ride in a real Highway Patrol car. [Dr. Elliott hands Kathy to Mathews. Kathy's eyes start tearing] Hey. What are those tears all about, now?
Kathy Marshall: I'm sorry.
Chief Dan Mathews: Got something for ya. Here. [He gives Kathy a candy bar]
Kathy Marshall: Thank you.
Chief Dan Mathews: Don't let that get around. Some people might consider it a bribe.
02x38 - Hostage Copter Season 2 / Episode 38: - Hostage Copter

Sgt. Walters: You'd think after his partner got it he'd call it quits.
Chief Dan Mathews: If they had another chance, they probably would. Stay with 'im. I'll call the ambulance.
02x37 - Hired Killer Season 2 / Episode 37: - Hired Killer

Chief Dan Mathews: Keep your mouth shut. We get off at the next stop.
The Killer: What's this all about? You don't even know me.
Chief Dan Mathews: You're in the same spot the Santells were in. Slide over.
02x36 - Narcotics Season 2 / Episode 36: - Narcotics

Chief Dan Mathews: Leave blood at the Red Cross - not on the highway!
02x35 - Double Cross Season 2 / Episode 35: - Double Cross

Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills - it's the driver!
02x35 - Double Cross Season 2 / Episode 35: - Double Cross

Chief Dan Mathews: What'dja come back for?
John Grolier: Was a double cross all around. He didn't have it, neither did she.
Chief Dan Mathews: You won't need it.
Sergeant Walters: I answered the call at the Maple Leaf Motel. I wasn't needed. Headquarters sent me down here. I brought her knitting.

Chief Dan Mathews: She knitted real good, didn't she? Awright, take him away.
02x34 - Fake Cop Season 2 / Episode 34: - Fake Cop

Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills, it's the driver!
02x33 - Wounded Season 2 / Episode 33: - Wounded

Sergeant Morris: Say, you don't think this whole thing's a wild goose chase, do you?
Chief Dan Mathews: If it is, I know a little wild goose that's gonna lose some feathers!
02x33 - Wounded Season 2 / Episode 33: - Wounded

Dr. Elliott: Sorry I wasn't much help. I... I guess I was scared.
Chief Dan Mathews: You did exactly the right thing, doctor. You kept out of the way. [He turns to Tommy Evans] Which is more than I can say for some people.
Tommy Evans: Are you mad at me?
Chief Dan Mathews: No... but I should be.
Tommy Evans: I'm glad because, well, I wish I could have a job like yours someday.
Chief Dan Mathews: Tell you what: You come and see me in about 15 years.
02x32 - Gem Robbery Season 2 / Episode 32: - Gem Robbery

Chief Dan Mathews: Leave your blood at the Red Cross - not on the highway!
02x31 - Stolen Plane Copter Season 2 / Episode 31: - Stolen Plane Copter

Chief Dan Mathews: It isn't the car that kills - it's the driver!
02x30 - Reformation Season 2 / Episode 30: - Reformation

Chief Dan Mathews: I'm Mathews, Highway Patrol.
Ginny Summers: Mr. Mathews, Ray had the money hidden in the cabin. We were really on our way to give it to Mr. Gordon.
Chief Dan Mathews: Yeah, I gathered that. [Mathews hands Ray Summers the stolen money] I don't think you'll steal it or lose it, but do you mind if I tag along the rest of the way?
Ray Summers: No. We'd welcome it. We don't want any more excitement today.
Chief Dan Mathews: You're forgetting Mr. Gordon, aren't you?
Ray Summers: Oh.
Chief Dan Mathews: Let's go.
02x29 - Convict's Wife Season 2 / Episode 29: - Convict's Wife

Betty Brandon: Is he dead?
Chief Dan Mathews: Yes, I'm sorry to say. He is.
Betty Brandon: I don't know why I'm crying. He... He was so bad.
Chief Dan Mathews: You're crying for what might have been. When you feel better, you'll know this was the only finish. Slide over. I'll drive you home.
02x28 - Stripped Cars Season 2 / Episode 28: - Stripped Cars

Sergeant Moore: [to Hogan] Turn around. Put your hands up on the cab.

Chief Dan Mathews: He's flatter than the tires.
Sergeant Moore: We thought we were dealing with professionals.
Chief Dan Mathews: Oh, they are professionals. And they're gonna be paid for the job.

02x27 - Officer's Wife Season 2 / Episode 27: - Officer's Wife

Patty March: Headquarters to two-one-five-O.
Chief Dan Mathews: Twenty-one fifty by.
Patty March: Landline call from ex-officer Wylie. He would like you to call 'im at home.
Chief Dan Mathews: I think you mean Officer Wylie. Tell 'im I got the message.
02x25 - Nitro Season 2 / Episode 25: - Nitro

Sergeant: This what you've been lookin' for? [He hands a set off currency printing plates to Agent Taft]
Secret Service Agent Edward Taft: [to Mathews] These are the plates, all right.
Chief Dan Mathews: Looks like Warren's your boy. Take good care of 'im. We need him as a witness in a murder case.
Sergeant: [to Mathews] What about the nitro?
Chief Dan Mathews: We'll send for a demolition man. We need somebody who knows what he's doin'.
02x24 - Female Hitchhiker Season 2 / Episode 24: - Female Hitchhiker

Chief Dan Mathews: Try to *be* as good a driver as you *think* you are!
02x24 - Female Hitchhiker Season 2 / Episode 24: - Female Hitchhiker

Chief Dan Mathews: Awright, get over there. Let me have that bag. I imagine we'll find that the bullet from this gun killed Houston. [as Mathews reaches into the woman's handbag, she asks him:]
The Blonde: How did you know I was in there?
Chief Dan Mathews: [Mathews has pulled a small perfume bottle out of the handbag] Your perfume. What you use to trap your victims trapped you. All right, turn around. Put your hands behind your back. [He handcuffs her] Okay, go ahead.
02x23 - Trojan Horse Season 2 / Episode 23: - Trojan Horse

Chief Dan Mathews: Leave blood at the Red Cross - not on the highway!

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