Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 50 (2012-2013)

50x01 50 50x01 #12529
Patrick insists to Maxie that it is not her fault that Robin died. Maxie believes that he should hate her, but he can't go on thinking about what he lost. Maxie's arraignment gets underway ...
Apr. 02, 2012
50x02 50 50x02 #12530
Heather informs Sam that the baby in the picture is Susan's, but it's not Jason. Sam learns that Susan gave birth to twins, but was passed out and didn’t know she had more than one ...
Apr. 03, 2012
50x03 50 50x03 #12531
Kate reads a book about Llanview's Viki/Niki and Jess/Tess at Crimson. She ends up becoming really worried and decides that she has to get rid of Connie for good. She hides the book ...
Apr. 04, 2012
50x04 50 50x04 #12532
Jason's efforts to warn Sonny doesn't go to plan. Patrick has to face some painful memories when he returns to work at the hospital.
Apr. 05, 2012
50x05 50 50x05 #12533
John offers Sam some support. Connie is thoughtless on her first date with Ewen.
Apr. 06, 2012
50x06 50 50x06 #12534
Kate tells Ewen that they have to stop Connie and make her go away for good. Ewen warns Kate that if they don't integrate her two personalities Connie could take over for good. Ewen ...
Apr. 09, 2012
50x07 50 50x07 #12535
Steve tells Olivia that he believes that they should give his mother the benefit of the doubt. Olivia reminds Steve that if his mother does anything illegal, it's going to be on him. ...
Apr. 10, 2012
50x08 50 50x08 #12536
After Jason listens to Spinelli's message about Kate, he calls him back and leaves a message. Sam talks on the phone to John, who offers to bring Franco's DNA sample to her. When Sam ...
Apr. 11, 2012
50x09 50 50x09 #12537
When Jason finds Sam, he asks her about the man Elizabeth saw her with and if she has had her checkup yet. Kelly shows up and and ends up covering for Sam after Jason mentions her appointment. ...
Apr. 12, 2012
50x10 50 50x10 #12538
Sam is surprised to see Heather at the hospital. Heather tells her about how she managed to get released from Ferncliff and then reminds Sam that she backed out of their agreement. ...
Apr. 13, 2012
50x11 50 50x11 #12539
John discovers Starr on the pier and they talk about Sonny's trial. John attempts to convince Starr to move on with her life once the trial is over. Starr wonders why John is still ...
Apr. 16, 2012
50x12 50 50x12 #12540
Sonny asks Kate about what happened with Jason. Alexis interrupts them with a phone call as they they are talking and informs Sonny that the verdict is in his trial is ready to be delivered. ...
Apr. 17, 2012
50x13 50 50x13 #12541
When Michael returns home he finds Starr packing. Michael tries to make Starr see that Sonny could be innocent and he attempts to put doubts in her mind about Johnny. Starr says goodbye ...
Apr. 18, 2012
50x14 50 50x14 #12542
Patrick drinks and watches some videos of Robin. Ephiphany shows up and informs him that she has been looking for him and has covered for him with Monica. She ends up realizing that ...
Apr. 19, 2012
50x15 50 50x15 #12543
Alexis shows up at Sonny's house and gives him the paperwork which clears him of all the charges which were made against him. Connie calls Johnny, who still refuses to become involved ...
Apr. 20, 2012
50x16 50 50x16 #12544
Michael and Dante discuss whether or not the right man in the stalker case has been arrested. Sonny wonders where Kate has gone. Alexis wonders what is wrong after Jason walks away ...
Apr. 23, 2012
50x17 50 50x17 #12545
John McBain shows up at Sonny's house where Max answers the door. John gives him a framed article about his sister to give to Sonny. John also shows Max a search warrant he has. When ...
Apr. 24, 2012
50x18 50 50x18 #12546
Heather informs Dante and Olivia that the Memphis police took Steve away after they show up at his apartment. After Heather starts to freak out, she is slapped by Olivia and told to ...
Apr. 25, 2012
50x19 50 50x19 #12547
Kate leaves Johnny's place furious with him for going through with Connie's plan. Kate is surprised to see Ewan as she leaves. Kate tells him everything that happened. He promises her ...
Apr. 26, 2012
50x20 50 50x20 #12548
Luke and Anna talk about Maxie's trial and Tracy calls Luke to inform him that she has found a way to deal with Anthony. Luke leaves as Anthony gets ready to eat the meal that Tracy ...
Apr. 27, 2012
50x21 50 50x21 #12549
Mac is surprised to see Felicia and wonders what she is doing here. Felicia replies that she is here to support her daughter. Mac doesn't believe that Maxie will want to see her, but ...
Apr. 30, 2012
50x22 50 50x22 #12550
Carly tells Johnny where to go after he calls her. Carly shows up looking for Jason and after Sam advises her to ask Johnny for help, Carly informs her that Kate and Johnny have been ...
May. 01, 2012
50x23 50 50x23 #12551
Sonny leaves Ewen another message. As Sonny gets himself a drink, a bug is shown planted under his bar. Michael shows up and wonders if Kate could have caused the accident. Michael ...
May. 02, 2012
50x24 50 50x24 #12552
Dante attempts to convince Delores to release him from his cell but she thinks he is the one who set up Eddie. He attempts to explain to her how he has been framed by Ronnie. Delores ...
May. 03, 2012
50x25 50 50x25 #12553
McBain and Dante show up at Ronnie's hotel room with their guns drawn at the same time. The room ends up being empty, but Lulu's phone is still there. After McBain sees Sam’s dragon, ...
May. 04, 2012
50x26 50 50x26 #12554
Jason stops Connie from getting on her plane and lets her know that he knows that she is not Kate. Connie attempts to talk her way out of it but Jason refuses to believe her. Kate ends ...
May. 07, 2012
50x27 50 50x27 #12555
Luke shows up with Anna and hugs his daughter are being relieved to see her. Luke learns that Ronnie was the one who shot Sonny when he was really trying to kill Dante. Luke advises ...
May. 08, 2012
50x28 50 50x28 #12556
Olivia goes to see Kate in the hospital, where Kate attempts to convince her that it was Connie who has been doing everything and not her. Olivia is not really convinced as this is ...
May. 09, 2012
50x29 50 50x29 #12557
Starr is pleased to see Tea who informs her that she will get the charges dropped. Tea wants to be alone with Starr but Todd refuses to leave. Todd believes that Tea is here to get ...
May. 10, 2012
50x30 50 50x30 #12558
Maggie sees Olivia, Steve and Heather after being brought into the hospital and they learn she has over dosed on something. Steve refuses to believe it but the medics show him the empty ...
May. 11, 2012
50x31 50 50x31 #12559
Todd wonders who Connie is as the police show up and make him leave. Kate informs Alexis that she suffered with two black outs the night of the accident, so there was an opportunity ...
May. 14, 2012
50x32 50 50x32 #12560
Jason looks at the glass phoenix and thinks of Sam. Spinelli shows up and gives him a still from the footage of Lisa's murder. Spinelli is relieved when Jason fails to recognize the ...
May. 15, 2012
50x33 50 50x33 #12561
After Alexis shows up at the courthouse, Sonny wants to talk to her about Kate. She informs Sonny that Connie is real and that Kate is really scared of her. Sonny learns that Alexis ...
May. 16, 2012
50x34 50 50x34 #12562
Todd tells Sonny that they can save Starr and Kate at the same time. He continues that if Michael will take back his statement and Starr goes free, he will make sure that Kate avoids ...
May. 17, 2012
50x35 50 50x35 #12563
Matt thinks about Maxie's confession as Elizabeth asks him if he is okay. He informs her that Maxie was protecting somebody and could be released from custody soon. Patrick walks up ...
May. 18, 2012
50x36 50 50x36 #12564
Dante is surprised when he finds Lulu in Kate's office. Lulu is trying to get the magazine to press because there is nobody else available to do it. They talk about Kate's assault on ...
May. 21, 2012
50x37 50 50x37 #12565
Emma wonders if Elizabeth is going to become her new mother and Patrick assures that she is just a friend. Sam and Molly are surprised to see Jason and Elizabeth hugging. Sam informs ...
May. 22, 2012
50x38 50 50x38 #12566
Tracy attempts to find Anthony at the boathouse, but only discovers a tarpaulin there with some shoes sticking out. After she removes the tarpaulin, it ends up being just some buoys ...
May. 23, 2012
50x39 50 50x39 #12567
Sonny and Todd battle it out to try and outwit each other. Todd pressures Sonny into agreeing the deal he offered him. Delores shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and informs Monica ...
May. 24, 2012
50x40 50 50x40 #12568
Todd goes to see his daughter and informs her that he has made sure she will be released after the hearing. Todd tells her that he and Sonny have reached an agreement. Michael assures ...
May. 25, 2012
50x41 50 50x41 #12569
Matt ends up telling Elizabeth and his brother the truth about Lisa’s murder. Jason learns that there has been an anonymous tip off about Franco's murder and that is why he has been ...
May. 29, 2012
50x42 50 50x42 #12570
The District Attorney attempts to force Maxie to testify against Matt, but she tells him that a wife does not have to testify against her husband. The DA ends up agreeing that since ...
May. 30, 2012
50x43 50 50x43 #12571
Heather listens to music as she drives along with with Anthony’s body in her car. The police are soon seen to be behind her car. She stops the car and makes Anthony look like he ...
May. 31, 2012
50x44 50 50x44 #12572
Jason tells some thugs the location of McBain’s hotel room and wants them to make sure he is alone before they sort him out and to make sure that Sam is left out of it. Carly shows ...
Jun. 01, 2012
50x45 50 50x45 #12573
Carly hopes that Jason has taken her advice and gone to sort things out with Sam. Johnny shows up to see Carly and she takes out the bracelet he gave her. Carly thinks that she can ...
Jun. 04, 2012
50x46 50 50x46 #12574
Jason sees a light on the road and runs off. Heather holds Tea's dead baby and continues to talk to a passed out Sam. Heather puts the dead baby outside where Sam had left hers. When ...
Jun. 05, 2012
50x47 50 50x47 #12575
Jason doesn't believe Sam after she continues to insist that the dead baby isn't their child. Todd tells his daughter about Kate’s involvement in Cole and Hope’s death and her alter ...
Jun. 06, 2012
50x48 50 50x48 #12576
Alexis wakes up to find a film crew in her home and in her face. They are given total access by Kristina and she threatens to leave if Alexis objects. Alexis calls Jason after Molly ...
Jun. 07, 2012
50x49 50 50x49 #12577
Mac is able to convince Anna to take the job as the new police commissioner before the mayor hires somebody else. Heather threatens Todd by informing him that she'll tell Téa the truth ...
Jun. 08, 2012
50x50 50 50x50 #12578
Kristina is furious with the "Mob Princess" crew for filming her. After producer Trey shows up, he refuses to allow her back out. When Alexis shows up she attempts to throw him out ...
Jun. 11, 2012
50x51 50 50x51 #12579
Starr is upset on the pier as Michael shows up whilst out running. She explains to him how seeing Tea’s baby made her miss Hope. Starr tells him tells he was right about Sonny protecting ...
Jun. 12, 2012
50x52 50 50x52 #12580
After Sam runs into John at the motel she informs him that she knows that Jason is the reason that he didn't come back for her and the baby. Kate informs Ewen that if she is in fact ...
Jun. 13, 2012
50x53 50 50x53 #12581
Carly is completely against the idea of Johnny becoming partners with Lulu in the Haunted Star. Kate wonders what is she going to do now that she is"pregnant". Anna learns from Luke ...
Jun. 14, 2012
50x54 50 50x54 #12582
As Anna and Luke are sharing a kiss they are interrupted when McBain shows up. Dante confronts Johnny about going into partnership with his wife. Ewen attempts to get Kate to open up ...
Jun. 15, 2012
50x55 50 50x55 #12583
Anna wakes up in bed with Luke and asks him if what happened between them last night was a mistake. Olivia learns from Spinelli that he's still looking for clues as to where Heather ...
Jun. 18, 2012
50x56 50 50x56 #12584
Heather attempts to blackmail Todd into giving her the job she wants and he ends up giving in. Todd also gives her an advance on her salary. Luke is confused as to why Anna does not ...
Jun. 19, 2012
50x57 50 50x57 #12585
Heather is not happy after seeing Anna and Luke together. Mac asks Patrick how his brother is adjusting to life in prison. Mac also admits to Patrick that he is beginning to feel something ...
Jun. 20, 2012
50x58 50 50x58 #12586
Luke's phone is taken away by Heather who informs him that they have some important pressing matters to deal with. Anna wants the Zacchara case the teams number one priority which concerns ...
Jun. 21, 2012
50x59 50 50x59 #12587
Spinelli informs Sam that Heather has been seen going in to Todd's room at the Metro Court. Heather attempts to hide Luke after hearing Michael and Kristina's voices. Anna tells Lulu ...
Jun. 22, 2012
50x60 50 50x60 #12588
Dante needs his father to come to the police station to talk about Kate. Johnny and Carly's romantic time together is interrupted when Michael shows up. Luke wakes up to find himself ...
Jun. 25, 2012
50x61 50 50x61 #12589
Anna learns from Dante that he has some information that could lead to an arrest in the car crash case. Patrick ends up losing it after Maxie puts on Robin's robe. Maxie wonders if ...
Jun. 26, 2012
50x62 50 50x62 #12590
Tracy decides to apologize to Anna, and informs her that she discovered Anthony's dead body in the boathouse and that Luke is the person who killed him. Elizabeth informs Jason that ...
Jun. 27, 2012
50x63 50 50x63 #12591
Michael shows up at the renovated Haunted Star and listens in as Starr performs. Heather is surprised after she learns from Sam that Todd hired her as his new assistant. Kristina takes ...
Jun. 28, 2012
50x64 50 50x64 #12592
Johnny learns about Kate's trial. Carly discovers that Todd is her latest tenant after purchasing Kate's magazine and she also learns that he hired Sam as his assistant. Kate tells ...
Jun. 29, 2012
50x65 50 50x65 #12593
After Steve finds his mother she tells him that she has been followed by Spinelli and that Olivia is the person that hired him to do it. Kate opens up to Olivia about Joe Scully raping ...
Jul. 02, 2012
50x66 50 50x66 #12594
When Kate returns to her office, she discovers that it has been taken over by Todd. Molly calls T.J. and they make plans to spend the 4th of July festivities together. Joe is strapped ...
Jul. 03, 2012
50x67 50 50x67 #12595
Anna shows up at the boathouse, much to Tracy's surprise as she was thinking Luke was going to show up. McBain's sudden arrival forces Sonny to cancel his plan to eliminate Joe. Alexis ...
Jul. 05, 2012
50x68 50 50x68 #12596
Jason learns from Sonny that didn't kill Joe because McBain showed up followed by the Atlantic City police. Patrick takes his daughter home after she is involved in an accident. Emma ...
Jul. 06, 2012
50x69 50 50x69 #12597
Luke continues to try and gain Anna's attention, but she ends up being called away before she enters the shack in the woods. Jason sees Sam and John kissing but leaves before they see ...
Jul. 09, 2012
50x70 50 50x70 #12598
Todd is shown by Heather a picture of John and Sam sharing a kiss but he refuses to run the story in the newspaper and decides to stick it to McBain in a different way. Delores learns ...
Jul. 10, 2012
50x71 50 50x71 #12599
As Anna takes Heather into the police station, Spinelli watches on. Sam confronts Jason about the kiss he shared with Elizabeth. Jason lets Sam know that he saw her kissing McBain. ...
Jul. 11, 2012
50x72 50 50x72 #12600
Steve wants Alexis to represent Heather but she refuses. Epiphany asks Patrick about the missing drugs and she thinks she knows where they went. Alexis catches her daughter talking ...
Jul. 12, 2012
50x73 50 50x73 #12601
Michael informs Kristina that he is going out on a date with Starr tonight. Joe taunts John while whilst he is in jail. Tracy learns from Anna that they have discovered Anthony's dead ...
Jul. 13, 2012
50x74 50 50x74 #12602
Trey receives a call from Joe who makes him promise not to tell Sonny about him or discovering his medal. Dante talks to his mother about his argument with Lulu. Heather insists to ...
Jul. 16, 2012
50x75 50 50x75 #12603
Sonny wants Kate to tell him why she went to see Joe after everything he has put her through in the past. Carly shows up at Todd's hotel suite and sees the hockey mask and asks him ...
Jul. 17, 2012

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