Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 49 (2011-2012)

49x01 49 49x01 #12275
Lucky is thanked by Maxie for the present he gave Josslyn as she was a transplant patient herself. Abby wishes that Michael hadn't purchased the gun as it he could end up back in jail. ...
Apr. 01, 2011
49x02 49 49x02 #12276
Lulu is given a number from Dante for a support group dealing with having an alcoholic in the family. Luke attempts to explain to his son the reasons why he didn't go to Jake's memorial. ...
Apr. 04, 2011
49x03 49 49x03 #12277
Sonny is given an agreement to sign by Diane regarding Spinelli's book. Lisa attempts to prove to Johnny that she is not stalking Patrick and Robin. Sam shares her concerns with Spinelli ...
Apr. 05, 2011
49x04 49 49x04 #12278
Lisa gives Kristina a book and drops a bracelet before leaving. When Jason returns home Dante asks him if he killed Brandon. Brenda and Sonny are assured by Suzanne that she isn't hiding ...
Apr. 06, 2011
49x05 49 49x05 #12279
Sonny refuses to allow Brenda to take Lucien to breakfast at Kelly's as its not safe at the moment. Nikolas attempts to give Lucky some advise. Luke has a dream which features Jake ...
Apr. 07, 2011
49x06 49 49x06 #12280
Brenda and Carly clash over their respective parenting skills. Sam attempts to find out how Jason feels about Brenda's son showing up. Sonny wonders how he will be able to get through ...
Apr. 08, 2011
49x07 49 49x07 #12281
Dante wakes Lulu up after she has a dream involving her father. As Luke flicks the lighter, Lucky shows up and tells him not to stop on his behalf. Carly urges Sam to give Jason the ...
Apr. 11, 2011
49x08 49 49x08 #12282
Carly wants Michael and Abby to put a hold on their relationship until the investigation into Brandon's death is over. Spinelli learns from Dante that Jason is still a suspect for Brandon ...
Apr. 12, 2011
49x09 49 49x09 #12283
Sonny is questioned by Diane about what part he is planning to play in Lucian's life. Olivia thinks that Dante should talk to Sonny about what Johnny is doing to Michael. Michael is ...
Apr. 13, 2011
49x10 49 49x10 #12284
Sonny is informed by Johnny that he's not setting Michael up but just trying to protect him. After Lucky finds Maxie in Elizabeth's place, she hides the paternity test results. Jason ...
Apr. 14, 2011
49x11 49 49x11 #12285
As Brenda and Suzanne play with with Lucian, Sonny watches on. Elizabeth informs Maxie that there is a chance that Helena could of tampered with the paternity test results the first ...
Apr. 15, 2011
49x12 49 49x12 #12286
Sonny informs Suzanne that he will work out what her real agenda is. Michael tells Brenda what a fantastic mother Carly is. Elizabeth ends up deciding not to tell Lucky the truth about ...
Apr. 18, 2011
49x13 49 49x13 #12287
Johnny pays his father a visit at the prison and questions him as to if he had anything to do with Brandon's murder. Lucky discovers Siobhan with a plane ticket and ends up realizing ...
Apr. 19, 2011
49x14 49 49x14 #12288
Abby is asked by Sonny to do what it takes to make sure that Michael stays away from Johnny. Patrick and Robin fall out about a patient's treatment. Lisa receives a visit from Alexis ...
Apr. 20, 2011
49x15 49 49x15 #12289
Carly ends up clashing with Brenda after she learns from Kristina that she didn't want the children having the party at Sonny's house. Lulu learns from Dante about the party and how ...
Apr. 21, 2011
49x16 49 49x16 #12290
Ronnie is informed by Diane that Jason has the right to view the video footage of Michael. Jax informs Sonny that Lucian won't be a safe as Josslyn. Carly learns from Sam that there ...
Apr. 22, 2011
49x17 49 49x17 #12291
Jason quizzes Sam as to if she really wants to have a baby with him. Dante doesn't know what to do after his father asks him to tamper with evidence to make sure that Michael doesn't ...
Apr. 25, 2011
49x18 49 49x18 #12292
Sam informs Lucky that Jason is grieving and she is worried that he will end up doing something that he can't reverse. Abby wants Michael to admit that he lied about being Brandon's ...
Apr. 26, 2011
49x19 49 49x19 #12293
Lulu informs her brother that she is against his idea of giving their father an intervention. Nikolas learns from Tracy that Luke has taken off again. Luke is discovered by Elizabeth ...
Apr. 27, 2011
49x20 49 49x20 #12294
After Luke wakes up he learns from Sonny that he is in one of his warehouses. He is not happy when he finds out that Lucky is staging an intervention and that he is surrounded by his ...
Apr. 28, 2011
49x21 49 49x21 #12295
Brenda informs both Sonny and Suzanne that she has decided to press ahead with the DNA test. Anthony sees Lisa in her underwear and she learns that he has looked into what she has been ...
Apr. 29, 2011
49x22 49 49x22 #12296
As Kristina sleeps, Lisa snoops around. Johnny admits to Jason that he played a part in the shooting and that is why he would never hurt Michael. Jason is surprised to discover that ...
May. 02, 2011
49x23 49 49x23 #12297
Johnny interrupts Lisa in her office as she continues to listen in on Robin and Patrick. Suzanne thinks that Dante should stop harassing her and find her grandson. Jason wants to know ...
May. 03, 2011
49x24 49 49x24 #12298
Dante believes that Lulu is at Kelly's hoping to run into her father there. Tracy insists to Luke that he will be cut off from everyone and everything until he has got the help he needs. ...
May. 04, 2011
49x25 49 49x25 #12299
Sam is nervous ahead of having the procedure as Jason brings her a cup of tea in bed. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she thought she saw Jake. Siobhan thinks getting married would be a mistake ...
May. 05, 2011
49x26 49 49x26 #12300
Ethan wants his father to quit after one drink. Dante learns from Sonny that unless they find Lucian, Brenda is going to loose it completely.As Siobhan and Lucky get ready to get married, ...
May. 06, 2011
49x27 49 49x27 #12301
Sam tries to find out from Jason how her surgery went. Lucky and Elizabeth continue to talk as Siobhan watches on. Sonny and Dante talks about Suzanne and Sonny makes a telephone call. ...
May. 09, 2011
49x28 49 49x28 #12302
Lisa listens in on Robin and Patrick talking again as they discuss couples therapy. Lisa receives a visit from Kristina who wonders why the supplement that she gave her doesn't look ...
May. 10, 2011
49x29 49 49x29 #12303
Lucky wants to celebrate his and Siobhan's marriage but she insists that there is something that he needs to know. Michael warns Anthony once again to stay away from Abby. Patrick cant ...
May. 11, 2011
49x30 49 49x30 #12304
Jason takes Sam home from the hospital and she tells him that that the pain she is in is like when she lost the baby. Suzanne informs Betty that she's grateful for all of her help and ...
May. 12, 2011
49x31 49 49x31 #12305
Jax refuses to call in favors to find out the location that Sonny's plane is going to. Alec is told by Suzanne that he will like living in Switzerland. Jason is told by Shawn he isn't ...
May. 13, 2011
49x32 49 49x32 #12306
Carly attempts to keep Alec about calm following the gun shot. Sam receives a visit from her mother who has some books from Molly. Brenda is told by Spinelli that Dante or Sonny haven't ...
May. 16, 2011
49x33 49 49x33 #12307
Siobhan informs Lucky that she has heard from immigration and that she will be allowed to stay in in the country but they have to attend an interview. When Cameron goes outside, Elizabeth ...
May. 17, 2011
49x34 49 49x34 #12308
Patrick becomes more confused when he receives notification that he has gone over his limit on his credit card. Robin ends up admitting to him though that she made a big purchase. Michael ...
May. 18, 2011
49x35 49 49x35 #12309
Patrick tells his wife that he thinks that Lisa is behind what is happening with his credit card. Kristina wants to know why Lisa has been feeding her drugs. Johnny isn't sure he believes ...
May. 19, 2011
49x36 49 49x36 #12310
Alexis asks Jason what has changed in his life if Sam becomes pregnant with his baby. Lisa leaves the basement saying that Robin will be dead within the hour. Brenda is still upset ...
May. 20, 2011
49x37 49 49x37 #12311
Patrick shows up with Mac to arrest Lisa who is still in the basement with Robin. Jason and Sonny continue to discuss Brenda. Michael picks the lock at Johnny's place and Anthony shows ...
May. 23, 2011
49x38 49 49x38 #12312
Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth should take the children and go see her sister in California but she ends up insisting on staying busy at work. Dante ends up clashing with Luke at the ...
May. 24, 2011
49x39 49 49x39 #12313
Siobhan is asked by Maxie how she discovered that Aiden was Lucky's son. Kristina is told by her father that she can't see Ethan ever again. Brenda ends up standing up for Kristina. ...
May. 25, 2011
49x40 49 49x40 #12314
Carly thanks Jax for allowing her to take home their daughter last night. Michael wants Jason's help in getting him and Abby out of the country if need be. Tracy informs Lulu that many ...
May. 26, 2011
49x41 49 49x41 #12315
Jax learns from Alexis that she never filed the paperwork for the custody battle and that she thinks the best thing is for him and Carly to try and decide what to do between them. Lulu ...
May. 27, 2011
49x42 49 49x42 #12316
Robin learns from Patrick that the doctors at Shadybrook have contacted him informing him that Lisa wants to see him. Johnny wants to know if Michael wants to work for him. Jason quizzes ...
May. 31, 2011
49x43 49 49x43 #12317
Lulu wants to know why the doctor didn't call anyone after her father checked out of rehab. After Johnny tells his father that he is calling the police and having him sent back to prison, ...
Jun. 01, 2011
49x44 49 49x44 #12318
Brenda and Alec discover the dead woman's body that Anthony has had placed in Sonny's office. Sonny is shocked when he shows up and sees the body. Carly hears Patrick as he tells Shawn ...
Jun. 02, 2011
49x45 49 49x45 #12319
Tracy continues to insist to Lulu that she is putting The Haunted Star up for sale and Lulu thinks her father will never return home now. Jax tells Carly that Shawn killed one of his ...
Jun. 03, 2011
49x46 49 49x46 #12320
Jax informs his wife that Shawn punching him has strengthened his case in the custody battle. Ethan shares his concerns with Kristina that he is scared that he will never see his father ...
Jun. 06, 2011
49x47 49 49x47 #12321
Sam shows up at the office to remind Jason they had dinner plans but he had forgot. Lucky and Siobhan continue to talk about Luke. Lucky explains that he has to search for his father ...
Jun. 07, 2011
49x48 49 49x48 #12322
Elizabeth watches Patrick and Robin with Emma. Johnny and Anthony discuss business. Abby is with Sam and is looking for a job. Michael reads a letter. Nikolas offers to take Elizabeth ...
Jun. 08, 2011
49x49 49 49x49 #12323
Sonny wants Carly and Alexis' help in planning a family celebration for Michael and Kristina's graduations. Michael wants Anthony to leave who tells him that he found Abby a job. Johnny ...
Jun. 09, 2011
49x50 49 49x50 #12324
Luke throws some money at a woman in a hotel. Lucky and Siobhan are in Florida looking or Luke. Kristina shows up with drinks at Ethan lays in bed. Sonny and Alexis fly to the Dominican ...
Jun. 10, 2011
49x51 49 49x51 #12325
Kristina tells her parents she can do whatever she likes as she is an adult. Lucky and Luke continue to talk. Ethan explains that he is here to get a divorce and continues that he didn't ...
Jun. 13, 2011
49x52 49 49x52 #12326
Milo and Max bring Ethan to see Sonny. Alexis listens in as Kristina tells Molly about her trip. Michael and Abby share a kiss on the docks. Lulu shows up at the Spencer house and wonders ...
Jun. 14, 2011
49x53 49 49x53 #12327
Michael takes off after what has happened. After Abby tells Jason what happened, he manages to find Michael and talks to him about his temper. Sonny tells Mayor Floyd that if he doesn't ...
Jun. 15, 2011
49x54 49 49x54 #12328
Elizabeth is asked by Patrick to join him in the operating room to assist in surgery but Robin doesn't think Elizabeth is ready yet. Lisa is brought her uniform by Anthony. Sam is told ...
Jun. 16, 2011
49x55 49 49x55 #12329
Lucky and Dante manage to save Siobhan from the fire after rushing into the house. Robin decides to have an ultrasound performed on Sam to determine what's the cause of the cramping. ...
Jun. 17, 2011
49x56 49 49x56 #12330
Maxie, Robin, Steven and Patrick are warned by Lisa that if they go anywhere near Spinelli she will kill him. Lucky attempts to override the system to lift the lock down on the hospital. ...
Jun. 20, 2011
49x57 49 49x57 #12331
Lucky is found by Elizabeth at the Haunted Star with a drink. She ends up admitting to him the truth about him really being Aidan's father. Elizabeth attempts to convince him that she ...
Jun. 21, 2011
49x58 49 49x58 #12332
Maxie doesn't like the way that Spinelli is talking. Lulu sees how the fire has devastated the family house. Brenda and Alec are threatened by Anthony after he runs into them at Kelly's. ...
Jun. 22, 2011
49x59 49 49x59 #12333
When a worried Maxie goes to see Jason for help with Spinelli, she instead runs into Sam. Alexis realizes that her daughter is trying to get rid of her before Ethan shows up. After ...
Jun. 23, 2011
49x60 49 49x60 #12334
Edward ends up offering Abby a position at E.L.Q. on the condition that Michael accepts a position at the company as well. Sonny informs Jason that he thinks Michael should work at ...
Jun. 24, 2011
49x61 49 49x61 #12335
Edward is pleased after Michael declares that he and Abby will work for ELQ. When Michael sees Jason he asks him if he thinks he is doing the right thing and Jason tells him all the ...
Jun. 27, 2011
49x62 49 49x62 #12336
Carly turns down Jax's job offer for Michael after telling him that she still doesn't trust him. Dante attempts to get information out of Lupe about Luke and Lulu but she clams up when ...
Jun. 28, 2011
49x63 49 49x63 #12337
Carly shares her concerns with Sonny that Edward will tell Michael how Carly and Sonny kept him from the Quartermaine's. Sonny is not happy when he learns that Jax offered jobs to both ...
Jun. 29, 2011
49x64 49 49x64 #12338
Jason discovers Spinelli's at his office and still not back to his old self. Patrick and Robin discuss all the different possible scenarios on what could have happened during Siobhan's ...
Jun. 30, 2011
49x65 49 49x65 #12339
Maxie attempts to convince Jason to send Spinelli on a fake assignment until he recovers and becomes his old self again. Maxie blames herself for what has happened to Spinelli. Jason ...
Jul. 01, 2011
49x66 49 49x66 #12340
Spinelli ends up bursting into the room and warns Sonny to get his hands off of Maxie. As Edward quizzes Michael about how he feels his first day of work went, Carly shows up. Michael ...
Jul. 05, 2011
49x67 49 49x67 #12341
Elizabeth informs Siobhan that it was a mistake made by her that almost ended up killing her. Shawn learns from Jax that it is not a mistake that he has been subpoenaed to testify in ...
Jul. 06, 2011
49x68 49 49x68 #12342
Anthony informs his son that the only way to hurt Sonny is to hit him where it will affect him the most which is through his family. Jason is told by Sam that she doesn't need a piece ...
Jul. 07, 2011
49x69 49 49x69 #12343
Elizabeth thinks that Siobhan should sue just her instead of the hospital as she is solely to blame for what happened. Siobhan wants Elizabeth to admit that she wants Lucky. As Brenda ...
Jul. 08, 2011
49x70 49 49x70 #12344
Lucky attempts to make his wife see that Elizabeth wouldn't have deliberately tried to kill her and he also tries to convince her to drop the lawsuit against the hospital as Elizabeth ...
Jul. 11, 2011
49x71 49 49x71 #12345
Spinelli informs Sam that they have much bigger fish to fry with Anthony. Dante listens in as Javier pays a visit to Lulu. Lucky informs his wife that he ran into Elizabeth at the hospital. ...
Jul. 12, 2011
49x72 49 49x72 #12346
Maxie is scared that Anthony will end up killing Spinelli. Lupe sees Dante's police badge as he throws somebody out of the bordello and she tries to find out what he is really doing ...
Jul. 13, 2011
49x73 49 49x73 #12347
Dante attempts to convince Lulu that it would be best if she returned home to Port Charles with him right now but she refuses to leave without her father. Molly hears Carly telling ...
Jul. 14, 2011
49x74 49 49x74 #12348
Lulu wants Javier to reveal Luke's whereabouts after she tells him she lied about who she really was as she didn't want her father to know she was here. Javier tells Lulu that unless ...
Jul. 15, 2011
49x75 49 49x75 #12349
Morgan is worried when his mother doesn't reply to the email that he has sent. Molly still believes that their plan to get Carly and Jax will get back together will work. Brenda informs ...
Jul. 18, 2011

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