Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 48 (2010-2011)

48x01 48 48x01 #12027
Maya learns from Lucky how Mary Mae and the rest of the family where important to him in his childhood. Dante continues to quiz Kristina. Coleman is seen sharing a kiss with Kate at ...
Apr. 01, 2010
48x02 48 48x02 #12028
Luke isn't happy with Tracy for involving Jax in her schemes as he used to be married to Skye. Kristina learns from her mother that the investigation into her assault has been reopened. ...
Apr. 02, 2010
48x03 48 48x03 #12029
When Edward tries to force Steven into accepting Maya into the internship program at the hospital he refuses to be bullied. After being impressed by her, Steven ends up offering Maya ...
Apr. 05, 2010
48x04 48 48x04 #12030
Kristina is concerned that her father or Jason could go after Kiefer. Skye thinks that Ethan is making a mistake by considering running away. Kiefer is found barely alive on the side ...
Apr. 06, 2010
48x05 48 48x05 #12031
Molly tells her sister that she feels partly to blame for everything that has happened as she encouraged her to date Kiefer. Sam also blames herself for not being there for her sister. ...
Apr. 07, 2010
48x06 48 48x06 #12032
Jason is convinced that Alexis knows more then she's letting on. Alexis admits to Diane that she is responsible for Kiefer's death. Claire instructs Dante to find Michael as she needs ...
Apr. 08, 2010
48x07 48 48x07 #12033
Alexis stops herself from telling Kristina the truth about killing Kiefer when she realizes that she cant take anymore at the moment. Luke is furious when he finds out that his son ...
Apr. 09, 2010
48x08 48 48x08 #12034
Dante's is held in contempt following his outburst in the courtroom. Ethan is warned by his brother that he making things worse for himself by having a go at Kristina. Mac hears the ...
Apr. 12, 2010
48x09 48 48x09 #12035
Kristina becomes upset as her mother and Melinda fight and Maya has to break them up. Sonny considers the deal that Claire has offered him which would bring an end to his trial. Lulu ...
Apr. 13, 2010
48x10 48 48x10 #12036
Sam learns from Jason about his plan to go to jail in Sonny's place. Elizabeth meets Shirley after her brother assigns her to work with terminal patients. Nikolas takes Kristina to ...
Apr. 14, 2010
48x11 48 48x11 #12037
Maxie clashes with Elizabeth. Helena lets Alexis know she thinks she is a bad mother. Jax pays Michael a visit on the island and tells him he is here to help him. Spinelli wants Sonny ...
Apr. 15, 2010
48x12 48 48x12 #12038
Even though Morgan doesn't incriminate Sonny or Michael whilst being questioned Diane realizes his testimony did little to help Sonny's case. Jason tries to ease Carly's worries before ...
Apr. 16, 2010
48x13 48 48x13 #12039
Jax is able to stop Ronnie from finding Michael by telling him that he's on the island to take a look around as he wants to buy it once Sonny is convicted. Carly is able to hold it ...
Apr. 19, 2010
48x14 48 48x14 #12040
Skye thinks she can help defuse the situation between Kristina and Ethan. Jason informs Molly there is no way he can do what she is asking him to do. Alexis' encounter with Warren leaves ...
Apr. 20, 2010
48x15 48 48x15 #12041
When Jason sees Johnny taking a look around Sonny's old penthouse he tells him the place will never be his. Luke wants Lucky to forget he is a policeman for a few hours so that he can ...
Apr. 21, 2010
48x16 48 48x16 #12042
Jason and Sam learn that Michael has disappeared and that Max and Milo spent the night in cell. When Lulu finds Michael at Dante's apartment he admits to her that he is the person who ...
Apr. 22, 2010
48x17 48 48x17 #12043
Claire shows up at Dante's apartment knowing Jason is there and if Dante goes missing he'll be her number one suspect. Maxie returns home to find Michael there with Lulu who refuses ...
Apr. 23, 2010
48x18 48 48x18 #12044
Jason lets Sonny know that he intends to find Michael and whisk him out of the country. Michael is told by Kristina that he can not testify as she cant afford to loose him. Morgan want ...
Apr. 26, 2010
48x19 48 48x19 #12045
Jason tries to convince Lulu to tell him if she finds out Michael's new hiding place. Carly is unhappy with Lulu for not telling her Michael was there. Maya decides to let Michael to ...
Apr. 27, 2010
48x20 48 48x20 #12046
After Helena tells Spencer about the Cassadine family history, Nikolas isn't happy and he takes away a gift she bought him. As Maya helps Michael, Ethan watches on. Claire puts everything ...
Apr. 28, 2010
48x21 48 48x21 #12047
Carly continues to try and get Olivia to talk to Dante into handing Michael over. Sonny learns from Diane that if the jury can not agree on a verdict there will be no retrial. Alexis ...
Apr. 29, 2010
48x22 48 48x22 #12048
Judge Carroll demands order in the courtroom following Dante's outburst. Claire insists that it is a lie so that Sonny can get off the charge and the jury are dismissed from the courtroom. ...
Apr. 30, 2010
48x23 48 48x23 #12049
Claire warns Jax that if her career is finished then she's taking him down with her. Morgan is shocked when he finds out that Dante told the truth about Micheal killing Claudia. Lucky ...
May. 03, 2010
48x24 48 48x24 #12050
Michael tells the judge everything that happened and after the judge allows Dante to take him into custody. Judge Carroll isn't happy about his time being wasted. Jax tries to find ...
May. 04, 2010
48x25 48 48x25 #12051
When Skye finds Jax at the bar at the Metro bar, he tells her how guilty he feels about that has happened to Michael. Lulu is given a cookery lesson by Dante. Johnny talks to Olivia ...
May. 05, 2010
48x26 48 48x26 #12052
Dante and Lulu wake up together after having spent the night together. Carly tells Morgan why she can't forgive Dante. Helena tells her grandson that Lucky is going to cause problems ...
May. 06, 2010
48x27 48 48x27 #12053
Dante tries to explain the reasons to Carly why he ended up turning Michael in. When Morgan discovers his brother is going to be sentenced he asks Kristina to take him and Molly to ...
May. 07, 2010
48x28 48 48x28 #12054
Johnny is happy by the way things have turned out. Morgan, Kristina and Molly think that is it Dante's fault that Michael is going to prison. Jason promises Carly that Michael will ...
May. 10, 2010
48x29 48 48x29 #12055
Michael learns about the deal Anthony has made with Jason who warns him there will be trouble if Jason backs out of the deal at any point. Dante thinks that he has lost Morgan's trust ...
May. 11, 2010
48x30 48 48x30 #12056
Sonny informs Olivia that maybe his children being kept away from him might be the best idea. Claire tells Jax how they can get Michael released and have have his conviction overturned. ...
May. 12, 2010
48x31 48 48x31 #12057
Sam learns from Jason that he intends to get Claire to admit him to Pentonville so that he can be Michael's new cellmate. Helena meets Shirley. Morgan is told by his mother that he ...
May. 13, 2010
48x32 48 48x32 #12058
Sonny makes a promise to his son that they will go to the Yankee game together. Jax is told by Carly that their marriage is over but will continue to live together to bring up Morgan. ...
May. 14, 2010
48x33 48 48x33 #12059
Spinelli learns from Sam about Jason's plan to help Michael. Jason tells Carly that Claire has agreed to his idea. Carly remains determined to get even with Lulu and Dante. Michael ...
May. 17, 2010
48x34 48 48x34 #12060
Sonny pays Michael a visit and lets him know that Jason will be entering the prison by tonight. Patrick talks to his brother about how he is competing for Robin with her dead ex-boyfriend ...
May. 18, 2010
48x35 48 48x35 #12061
Michael makes sure that Dante doesn't forget that he is the reason that he is in prison. Steven and Lisa are interrupted by Patrick who lets them know that there are patients waiting ...
May. 19, 2010
48x36 48 48x36 #12062
Michael finds himself in danger. Robin talks to Sonny about an idea for the Stone Cates aids wing at the hospital. Luke learns that his wife is in Fiji but he still thinks something ...
May. 20, 2010
48x37 48 48x37 #12063
Jason isn't happy when Mayor Floyd delays him being transferred to the prison when he wants more years added on to his sentence. Carly wonders how close Dante and Brook Lynn were. Jason ...
May. 21, 2010
48x38 48 48x38 #12064
Jason discovers Michael beaten up in his cell and asks who was the person who attacked him. Johnny lets Sonny know that one of his men work for him now. As Johnny pulls a gun out, Ethan ...
May. 24, 2010
48x39 48 48x39 #12065
Dante is surprised to see Brook Lyn and finds out from her that she has ties in Port Charles. Maxie thinks it is more than just coincidence that Brook Lyn has showed up. Luke learns ...
May. 25, 2010
48x40 48 48x40 #12066
Olivia is suspicious of Carly and Brook Lynn's breakfast meeting. After Helena returns home both Lucky and Nikolas wonder what she has been doing. Johnny learns from Carly that Olivia ...
May. 26, 2010
48x41 48 48x41 #12067
Lucky lets Johnny know that he thinks he's trying to bait him. Luke is accused by Tracy of allowing his need for constant drama in his life stop him from realizing sooner that she had ...
May. 27, 2010
48x42 48 48x42 #12068
As Max and Milo are about to pounce on Johnny, Olivia intervenes. Helena listens in as her grandson tells Kristina he wants Elizabeth to stay until after the baby is born. Lulu agrees ...
May. 28, 2010
48x43 48 48x43 #12069
Lulu is able to convince Carly to offer Brook Lyn a job. Sam tells Jason they were denied a conjugal visit as they are not married and she considers getting married to him. Claire listens ...
Jun. 01, 2010
48x44 48 48x44 #12070
Patrick discovers that his wife has a meeting with the head of an Aids wing and that he is in competition with her dead boyfriend. After Elizabeth finds Nikolas visiting with Shirley ...
Jun. 02, 2010
48x45 48 48x45 #12071
Edward's offer to move into the Quartermaine mansion is turned down by Brook Lyn. Dante tries to find out why Maxie doesn't trust Brook Lyn. Kristina is told by Johnny that he doesn't ...
Jun. 03, 2010
48x46 48 48x46 #12072
Spinelli learns from Carly about her plan involving Brook Lyn. Jason informs Dante that he will never trust him again. Luke tries to get the guard to get something to help his wife's ...
Jun. 04, 2010
48x47 48 48x47 #12073
Spinelli is told by Jason to stop Carly from trying to get get even with Dante and Lulu. Michael is warned by Carter that he will kill Jason if he tells him the truth about what happened. ...
Jun. 07, 2010
48x48 48 48x48 #12074
Brook Lynn wants to know how is she is going to explain how she can afford to rent the apartment and Carly tells her that Ned's name is on the lease. Johnny is thanked by Kristina for ...
Jun. 08, 2010
48x49 48 48x49 #12075
Lucky demands that Nikolas tells him where Luke is. Sonny receives a visit from Brook Lyn who lets him know that she is going to be living in the apartment opposite Dante's. Tracy's ...
Jun. 09, 2010
48x50 48 48x50 #12076
Skye checks on Kristina who tells her she will probably never trust another guy. Patrick's jealous streak is seen by Maxie. Jason tries to convince Jason not to go after Carter worried ...
Jun. 10, 2010
48x51 48 48x51 #12077
Dante hears Lulu having a go at Brook Lynn. Carter is told by Jason to get out of Michael's cell. Johnny lets Carly know that he wants to see Sonny get what he deserves. Tracy isn't ...
Jun. 11, 2010
48x52 48 48x52 #12078
Sonny is determined not to let Johnny turn his daughter against him. Dante stops Lulu from seeing the picture he got from Franco in the post. After Carter dies, Michael sees Jason standing ...
Jun. 14, 2010
48x53 48 48x53 #12079
As the warden is telling Jason that he going to be sent to solitary confinement, Dante overhears. Olivia warns Johnny that if he continues to push Sonny's buttons then he will retaliate. ...
Jun. 15, 2010
48x54 48 48x54 #12080
Sonny pays Michael a visit at the prison and wants him to concentrate on his studies. After Sam walks in she asks Kristina what Molly meant when she has everything covered. Kristina ...
Jun. 16, 2010
48x55 48 48x55 #12081
Johnny is told by Sonny to get his hands off his daughter. Lulu informs Carly about what happened at the prison involving Michael, Jason and Carter. Sonny tries to convince his daughter ...
Jun. 17, 2010
48x56 48 48x56 #12082
Dante informs Lulu that Michael will have to have minimum contact with Sonny as part of the agreement. Olivia has a go at Kristina and Johnny. Sonny and Alexis talk about how they can ...
Jun. 18, 2010
48x57 48 48x57 #12083
Jason receives a visit from Maxie and she shows him what arrived in the post from Franco for her. Sam learns from Spinelli about Michael's release from prison but she remains upset ...
Jun. 21, 2010
48x58 48 48x58 #12084
After Patrick hits Steven following a disagreement he ends up being suspended from the hospital. Maxie says sorry to Lucky for what she said to him concerning Elizabeth. Nikolas lets ...
Jun. 22, 2010
48x59 48 48x59 #12085
Claire lets Michael know that Carter and Franco were connected in some way and she wants him to tell her everything that Carter said to him whilst he was in prison. When Lucky returns ...
Jun. 23, 2010
48x60 48 48x60 #12086
Johnny is instructed by Sam to get away from Kristina. When Sonny arrives he tells Kristina to come with him. Luke is told by his sons to let Tracy see that he cares about her. Carly ...
Jun. 24, 2010
48x61 48 48x61 #12087
Jason discusses the different option they have with Sam to spend their lives together. Max and Milo are instructed by Sonny to make Johnny disappear and to make sure there is no connection ...
Jun. 25, 2010
48x62 48 48x62 #12088
Jason wants Dante to give him a gun for his own protection. Sonny is warned by Luke that his plan for revenge will not work and that payback will mean more problems for his family. ...
Jun. 28, 2010
48x63 48 48x63 #12089
Elizabeth learns from her brother and Steve and Epiphany that Shirley's cancer has spread to her brain. Lulu learns from Olivia that Dante had a rough time growing up. Lisa ends up ...
Jun. 29, 2010
48x64 48 48x64 #12090
Franco is revealed as being back in town disguised as a homeless man and he has an encounter with Diane in an alley. Lulu wants Spinelli's reassurance that he wont help Jason escape. ...
Jun. 30, 2010
48x65 48 48x65 #12091
When Maxie goes to see Jason and Spinelli at Harbor View Towers she sees a strangely familiar homeless man outside the building. Johnny shows up as Sonny is going over the car bomb ...
Jul. 01, 2010
48x66 48 48x66 #12092
When Dante finally catches up with the homeless man after following him he ends up not being not Franco. Jason and Dante leave to pursue the lead after Spinelli tracks down Franco's ...
Jul. 02, 2010
48x67 48 48x67 #12093
Maxie is asked by Franco is she liked the 66 roses that he sent her. Patrick is shocked by the way he has behaved after sleeping with Lisa. Sonny is accused by Johnny of being behind ...
Jul. 05, 2010
48x68 48 48x68 #12094
Sonny insists to Alexis hat he is not responsible for the bomb that injured their daughter. Jason learns from Maxie that Franco sent her the roses and he is obsessed with the number ...
Jul. 07, 2010
48x69 48 48x69 #12095
Maxie is warned by Lulu that might end up losing Matt and Spinelli. Nikolas and Elizabeth pay Shirley a visit and and find her enjoying food from the Metro Court that she had sent over. ...
Jul. 08, 2010
48x70 48 48x70 #12096
Jason, Dante and Spinelli continue to pursue different leads on Franco. Franco moves into the old Lockland mansion and makes a call to someone asking them to come over right away. Robin ...
Jul. 09, 2010
48x71 48 48x71 #12097
Spinelli thinks that the number 66 could an address that is associated with Franco. Jax warns Franco to stay away from his daughter after their confrontation in the park. Franco tries ...
Jul. 12, 2010
48x72 48 48x72 #12098
Elizabeth overhears Nikolas telling Shirley that he is going be her birthing coach when the baby arrives. Jason and Dante discover that Franco was at the mansion but has got away. Kristian ...
Jul. 13, 2010
48x73 48 48x73 #12099
Jax is told by Carly that he has the choice to have dinner with Skye in his room or stay here and talk to her. Sonny wonders if Johnny will get Claire into trouble for having dinner ...
Jul. 14, 2010
48x74 48 48x74 #12100
When Dante hears a noise he gets out his gun but it just ends up being Michael in the kitchen getting himself a drink. Elizabeth tries to hide the pain she is feeling from Nikolas. ...
Jul. 15, 2010
48x75 48 48x75 #12101
Maxie is invited by Lucky to go to a concert in the park with him. Maxie tells Lucky about Elizabeth having gone into labor. Elizabeth's Identification bracelet is helped on by Robin ...
Jul. 16, 2010

Season 48 Characters

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Season 48 Videos

What If...Blair Cramer Met Tad Martin
What If...Blair Cramer Met Tad Martin (06:16)

What If Rex Balsom Met Maxie Jones
What If Rex Balsom Met Maxie Jones (04:20)

What If Luke Met Viki
What If Luke Met Viki (06:18)

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