Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 46 (2008-2009)

46x01 46 46x01 #11525
Jax wants Sonny to stay away from the children. When Claudia learns from her brother that Ric is working to get their father released, Claudia tells him to make sure that it doesn't ...
Apr. 01, 2008
46x02 46 46x02 #11526
Luke questions Johnny about his motives. Diane attempts to get the judge not to be too harsh on Monica. Carly refuses to be intimidated by Claudia. Sam speaks on Monica's behave before ...
Apr. 02, 2008
46x03 46 46x03 #11527
Sonny continues to try and turn his life around. Jason tells Elizabeth that he should get full use of his hand back. Luke warns Claudia that if anything bad happens to his daughter ...
Apr. 03, 2008
46x04 46 46x04 #11528
Kate tells Michael that she knows him shooting her was an accident and that he has nothing to feel guilty about. Jax leaves town with out Carly. Carly insists to her brother that nobody ...
Apr. 04, 2008
46x05 46 46x05 #11529
Ian realizes that the bullet has missed Sonny and hit Michael. Jason tells Elizabeth that he wants her to be his wife. Carly learns from Kate what has happened to Michael. Jax is called ...
Apr. 07, 2008
46x06 46 46x06 #11530
Trevor tells Johnny that he will have to make his sister look guilty if he wants to save his own skin. Nikolas is furious with Ian when the medication seems to stop working. Michael ...
Apr. 08, 2008
46x07 46 46x07 #11531
Claudia tells Luke that she had nothing to do with what happened to Michael. Bobbie tries to support Carly. Ric wants Alexis to move away from Port Charles so that the girls will remain ...
Apr. 09, 2008
46x08 46 46x08 #11532
Carly refuses to believe that Michael wont recover. Tracy wants to buy Johnny's share of the Haunted Star. Nikolas sees Emily again and then asks Nadine to leave. Monica is devastated ...
Apr. 10, 2008
46x09 46 46x09 #11533
A furious Carly tells Sonny that he is not longer Michael's father. Jason learns from Elizabeth about Carly and Sonny's argument. Emily urges Nikolas to let her go so that he can move ...
Apr. 11, 2008
46x10 46 46x10 #11534
A furious Carly throws Claudia out of Michael's room as Jax shows up. Jason thinks that he has let Michael down and tells Elizabeth that he isn't worthy to be a father. Alexis cant ...
Apr. 14, 2008
46x11 46 46x11 #11535
Lulu tells Logan that it would better if they were just friends. Logan wants Lulu to be honest with him and admit that the cares about Johnny. Sonny talks to an unconscious Michael. ...
Apr. 15, 2008
46x12 46 46x12 #11536
Nadine dreams about being with Nikolas. Ric tells Anthony Zaccharia that his release is imminent. Jax is worried that Carly is putting herself under too much pressure. Lucky asks Elizabeth ...
Apr. 16, 2008
46x13 46 46x13 #11537
Jax tells Carly that she needs to explain to Morgan what has happened to his brother. Sonny attends the reopening of The Haunted Star. Maxie flirts with Johnny at the party. Spinelli ...
Apr. 17, 2008
46x14 46 46x14 #11538
Nikolas wants Ian to give him more of the medication that he has been taking. Spinelli delves in to Ian's past. Claudia and Johnny are questioned about the shooting by Alexis. Sonny ...
Apr. 18, 2008
46x15 46 46x15 #11539
Nikolas tells Jason about the drugs that he has been taking. Jerry issues Ian with a threat. Kate attempts to offer Sonny some advise. Sonny isn't happy that Diane has been sleeping ...
Apr. 21, 2008
46x16 46 46x16 #11540
Maxie tries unsuccessfully to sweet talk Ian. Spinelli is able to call Jason for help. Diane wants Alexis to talk to Sonny on her behalf so that she can carry on seeing Max. Claudia ...
Apr. 22, 2008
46x17 46 46x17 #11541
When Sam shows up to see him, Ian throws her out as he believes Jason sent her. Jason receives a telephone call from Claudia who tells him that she has information on the person who ...
Apr. 23, 2008
46x18 46 46x18 #11542
Patrick learns from Robin that she hasn't told her mother about the baby yet. Johnny has a showdown with Sonny. Anthony tries to find out from his father where his sister is. Sonny ...
Apr. 24, 2008
46x19 46 46x19 #11543
Spinelli finds himself very attrached to Maxie. When Spinelli and Maxie learn that Ian is planning to leave Port Charles they make plans to stop him. Johnny threatens Sonny with a gun. ...
Apr. 25, 2008
46x20 46 46x20 #11544
When Lulu goes to see how Sonny is doing she notices that a bullet hit his holster. Jason comes face to face with the gunman. Claudia tells Jason that her father is behind the hit man ...
Apr. 28, 2008
46x21 46 46x21 #11545
Spinelli and Maxie are shocked when they return and find Ian gone. After arguing with Johnny, Lulu decides that she is better off without him. Maxie discovers that Spinelli had planted ...
Apr. 29, 2008
46x22 46 46x22 #11546
Claudia tells her brother about the breaks being tampered with on her car but also insists that she believes Sonny wasn't responsible. Nikolas tells Nadine that Emily will be gone forever ...
Apr. 30, 2008
46x23 46 46x23 #11547
Tracy wants Luke to have nothing more to do with the Zacchara family. Nikolas and Emily share one last dance together. Claudia lies whilst being questioned in court. Lulu tries to offer ...
May. 01, 2008
46x24 46 46x24 #11548
Diane is certain that Claudia lied whilst on the stand. Maxie asks Spinelli to help her find out what happened to Kate's missing money. Anthony thanks Trevor and Ric for the parts they ...
May. 02, 2008
46x25 46 46x25 #11549
Kate isn't happy when Ian tells her he wants to return to Port Charles. Carly isn't happy when she learns that Michael will be moved to a long term care unit. Maxie is discovered after ...
May. 05, 2008
46x26 46 46x26 #11550
Jax isn't happy when he discovers that Carly wants to bring Michael home without discussing it with him first. Alexis shares a kiss with Jerry at the Metro Court. Jason and Spinelli ...
May. 06, 2008
46x27 46 46x27 #11551
Claudia wants to meet up with Jerry as soon as possible. Jason learns who Ian was working with. Anthony tells his daughter that he knows she ordered the hit on Sonny. Alexis tries to ...
May. 07, 2008
46x28 46 46x28 #11552
Carly is upset with Sonny when she learns that he told Morgan that Michael will never recover. Jason tells Claudia that he wont do anything to her father until he has the proof that ...
May. 08, 2008
46x29 46 46x29 #11553
Jason wonders why Kate would have given Ian money. Kate is scared that Sonny will learn that she gave Ian money to leave town. Lulu is threatened by Anthony. Sonny overhears Jason asking ...
May. 09, 2008
46x30 46 46x30 #11554
Lulu talks to Johnny about what his father said to her. Sonny realizes that Jason was right and Kate did pay Ian to leave Port Charles. Nikolas ask Nadine to stay with him as he gets ...
May. 12, 2008
46x31 46 46x31 #11555
Tracy sees Alan's ghost once again. Sonny and his father take a look around the care facility. Patrick offers Spinelli some advise about relationships. Anthony and Logan show up as ...
May. 13, 2008
46x32 46 46x32 #11556
Jason gets a call from Coleman telling him that Spinelli needs his assistance. Sam is worried about Nikolas following his seizure. Claudia receives a visit from Ric. Jax wants the boys ...
May. 14, 2008
46x33 46 46x33 #11557
Jason talks to Elizabeth about how hard he is finding it to cope about what has happened to Michael. Nadine is worried that Nikolas is leaving the hospital too soon. Sonny thinks that ...
May. 15, 2008
46x34 46 46x34 #11558
Nikolas is reunited with his son at Wyndermere. Kate admits to Jax what she did. Jerry pushes Claudia off the pier as Alexis shows up. Trevor fills Anthony on everything that went on ...
May. 16, 2008
46x35 46 46x35 #11559
An emotional Sonny and Carly make love in his car after leaving Michael at the care facility. Nikolas finds a wounded Claudia and takes her back to his house where she tells him who ...
May. 19, 2008
46x36 46 46x36 #11560
Sonny isn't happy when Carly asks Sonny to give up his parenting rights to the boys. Tracy manages to impress Luke. Trevor learns that everything is ready so that Luke will be brought ...
May. 20, 2008
46x37 46 46x37 #11561
Johnny goes to see his father to ask him if he knows where his sister is. Alexis continues to try and fight her feelings towards Jerry. Nikolas tells Claudia that she can either talk ...
May. 21, 2008
46x38 46 46x38 #11562
Claudia finds Emily's ring after seeing a photograph of her. Lulu hears a conversation that Anthony and Trevor are having. Anthony tells Lulu that if she doesn't go along with his plans ...
May. 22, 2008
46x39 46 46x39 #11563
Lucky has a confrontation with Johnny about Lulu. Sonny offers Jason the chance to take over his business empire. Claudia learns more about Nikolas. Jason tells Sonny that he will never ...
May. 23, 2008
46x40 46 46x40 #11564
Lulu is threatened by Anthony to keep Johnny in check. When Spinelli finds out what Carly is up to he tells Jason. Jason tries to get Carly to change her mind. Maxie offers herself ...
May. 27, 2008
46x41 46 46x41 #11565
Spinelli awakes and realizes that he slept with Maxie. When Jax returns to town Carly questions him about where he has been. Jason presses Sonny to agree t Carly's demands. Mac finds ...
May. 28, 2008
46x42 46 46x42 #11566
Carly tells Jax that Sonny has given up his rights to the children and Jax wonders where that leaves them. Ric offers Anthony some advise. Spinelli is helped by Sam to improve his appearance. ...
May. 29, 2008
46x43 46 46x43 #11567
After Anthony makes an attack on Jason's shipment, Jason gets even by setting fore to his house. Sonny refuses to give up his rights to Kristina like he did for the boys. Sonny talks ...
May. 30, 2008
46x44 46 46x44 #11568
Anthony tells Jason that he isn't bothered that he set fire to the house. Johnny tells Maxie that he doesn't want her as Lulu shows up. Johnny learns about Jason setting fire to the ...
Jun. 02, 2008
46x45 46 46x45 #11569
Tracy returns home to find Lulu in bed with Johnny. Jax is happy that Carly is starting to accept Michael's condition when she doesn't spend all her day with him. Jax tells Johnny that ...
Jun. 03, 2008
46x46 46 46x46 #11570
Lulu isn't happy to see Nikolas and Claudia together and tells her to stay away from him. Patrick and Coleman make a wager concerning Spinelli. Carly tells Jax that she should never ...
Jun. 04, 2008
46x47 46 46x47 #11571
Jax learns from Kelly that there is little chance that Carly will ever get pregnant again. Nikolas asks Elizabeth for some advise. Lulu talks to Johnny about Claudia and Nikolas. Johnny ...
Jun. 05, 2008
46x48 46 46x48 #11572
Sonny finds his father badly beaten up on the pier. Jason tries to make Lulu see that she is getting in to deep with Johnny. Sam tells Elizabeth that she is done with Lucky as is he ...
Jun. 06, 2008
46x49 46 46x49 #11573
Jason finally agrees to help Sonny and after asks him why he just doesn't take charge of the organization again. Nadine agrees to help Nikolas with his idea for a new clinic. Spinelli ...
Jun. 09, 2008
46x50 46 46x50 #11574
Kate tries to find out from Jax how his marriage to Carly is now going. Maxie wonders if she should agree to take part in Claudia's plan. Leyla and Spinelli enjoy themselves at the ...
Jun. 10, 2008
46x51 46 46x51 #11575
Sonny assures Kate he is done with the business for good. When Jason catches Max with Diane he insists that they stay apart. After she gets a strange e-mail from Luke, Sam shows it ...
Jun. 11, 2008
46x52 46 46x52 #11576
Anthony goes to see his children and asks them to move in with him when he finds a new house. Jax takes Spinelli to the Haunted Star with him. Lulu is warned by Claudia to stay away ...
Jun. 12, 2008
46x53 46 46x53 #11577
Carly feels bad for Sonny for keeping Morgan away from him. Patrick admits to Elizabeth just how much he wants Robin and the baby. Jason gives Sonny the Father's Day present Michael ...
Jun. 13, 2008
46x54 46 46x54 #11578
Carly is asked by Alexis again to help her keep Kristina away from Sonny. Johnny makes sure that Lulu hears his and Ric's conversation. Jason learns from Carly that she is considering ...
Jun. 16, 2008
46x55 46 46x55 #11579
Sam tries to get her and Lucky out of jail. Alexis makes a fool of herself. Sam manages to get herself and Lucky out of the jail. Lucky and Sam continue to try and find Luke. Jason, ...
Jun. 17, 2008
46x56 46 46x56 #11580
Trevor is convinced that Sonny will want back control of the business one day. Carly clashes with Kate at the Metro Court. Alexis finds it impossible to resist Jerry despite Nikolas ...
Jun. 18, 2008
46x57 46 46x57 #11581
Epiphany isn't happy when she finds Patrick with Robin. Spinelli discovers that there could be side effexcts to the desease he, Jason and Claudia have been exposed to. Nikolas is determined ...
Jun. 19, 2008
46x58 46 46x58 #11582
After fighting both Jax and Jerry are arrested. Robin asks Maxie for help. Patrick learns from Mac that he can be held in custody for up to 24 hours. As Lulu and Johnny kiss they are ...
Jun. 20, 2008
46x59 46 46x59 #11583
Jason wants Damion to find away to get the quarantine removed and he also wants Claudia to stay away from him. Alexis shocks the whole police department by letting them know she is ...
Jun. 23, 2008
46x60 46 46x60 #11584
When Jason wakes up Claudia's plan is foiled. Carly worries that Sonny could be the father of her unborn child if she is pregnant again. Logan tries to convince Lulu once again to stay ...
Jun. 24, 2008
46x61 46 46x61 #11585
Kate tells Lulu and Maxis that she has agreed to become Sonny's wife. Scott tells Alexis that he wants Johnny charged for hitting his son. Patrick learns from Robin why she wants to ...
Jun. 25, 2008
46x62 46 46x62 #11586
Matt Hunter starts work at the hospital and he runs into Maxie. Anthony promises his son that he will get the charges against him dropped. Carly talks to Diane about the possibility ...
Jun. 26, 2008
46x63 46 46x63 #11587
Claudia tries to find out from Jason what Spinelli's current condition is. Sonny tells Carly that he knows about her pregnancy and asks her if he is the father of her unborn child. ...
Jun. 27, 2008
46x64 46 46x64 #11588
Jerry attempts to blackmail Anthony into doing what he wants. Patrick is determined to be in the baby's life. Carly wants Jason to pretend to be the father of her baby if she is pregnant. ...
Jun. 30, 2008
46x65 46 46x65 #11589
Jax's concerns are played down by Carly. Sonny tries to get the truth out of Jason. Elizabeth offers Patrick and Robin some advise. Johnny attempts to call Jerry's bluff. Alexis agrees ...
Jul. 01, 2008
46x66 46 46x66 #11590
Maxie wants to look after Spinelli now that he has been released. Matt finds out that he will be working at the clinic with Leyla and Nadine. Carly tells Sonny that he will loose Kate ...
Jul. 02, 2008
46x67 46 46x67 #11591
Maxie issues another warning to Matt about Logan. Nikolas threatens to bring Johnny down. Anthony blames Claudia for Johnny's problems. Jax offers Spinelli a job. Logan refuses to give ...
Jul. 03, 2008
46x68 46 46x68 #11592
Logan tries to explain what was happening with Maxie to Lulu. Jason overhears Carly telling Spinelli that she intends to bring Kate down. Lulu is scared when Logan breaks through the ...
Jul. 07, 2008
46x69 46 46x69 #11593
Logan dies before Lulu can get him any help. Patrick learns his father is back in town and that he has been in rehab. Claudia is unable to seduce Sonny. Johnny and Maxie show up and ...
Jul. 08, 2008
46x70 46 46x70 #11594
Elizabeth and Robin talk and Elizabeth urges her to give Patrick a chance. Kate is able to convince Sonny that nothing has happened between herself and Jax. Carly is furious when Jax ...
Jul. 09, 2008
46x71 46 46x71 #11595
Claudia attempts to help her brother cover up Logan's murder. Patrick tells Anna that he wants to stop the court case. Matt tells the police that he saw Logan arguing with Maxie. Jason ...
Jul. 10, 2008
46x72 46 46x72 #11596
Carly gives Jason an alibi for the time of Logan's murder. Carly tells Jason that she has come up with a way to get even with Kate. Robin decides to let Patrick see the baby after all. ...
Jul. 11, 2008
46x73 46 46x73 #11597
Anthony threatens Maxie and demands that she tells him how Logan really died.Anthony asks Maxie why nobody called the police. Jax isn't happy with Carly. After being confronted by Spinelli, ...
Jul. 14, 2008
46x74 46 46x74 #11598
Johnny informs Lulu that they cant just leave town. Jax attempts to convince Carly that he has no interest in Kate and that he wouldn't cheat on her. Jason helps Lulu. Johnny takes ...
Jul. 15, 2008
46x75 46 46x75 #11599
Sonny talks to Max about his relationship with Kate. Sonny later makes it clear to Kate that he does not want to come second to her career. After Sam sees a young girl who has been ...
Jul. 16, 2008

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