Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 45 (2007-2008)

45x01 45 45x01 #11269
Sonny isn't happy about using The Cellar as his new headquarters because Carly is connected to the place. Jason and Sonny are worried about Sam's new found fame. Jax is honest with ...
Apr. 02, 2007
45x02 45 45x02 #11270
Sam finds herself haunted by memories of her past as Angela Monroe. Amelia learns more about Sam's past. Maxie remembers Jesse on the anniversary of his death and Coop tries to comfort ...
Apr. 03, 2007
45x03 45 45x03 #11271
Jason is affected when he sees the picture of Elizabeth's ultrasound. Sam has to cancel her plans with Jason to attend a business meeting. Skye clashes with Carly and Carly isn't happy ...
Apr. 04, 2007
45x04 45 45x04 #11272
Sonny learns from Diane that Carly is pressing ahead with the divorce as Carly makes up with Jax. Sam manages to spend some time alone with Jason. Amelia plots to destroy Sam. Robin ...
Apr. 05, 2007
45x05 45 45x05 #11273
Sonny tells Carly that that the strike at the hotel is over. Michael works to reunite his parents. Sam tries to get Jason to open up to her. Sam nearly discovers what Amelia is up to. ...
Apr. 06, 2007
45x06 45 45x06 #11274
Michael continues to try and reunite his parents. Lulu tries to make sure that Jason sticks to the plan of allowing her brother to believe that he is the father of the baby. Lulu ends ...
Apr. 09, 2007
45x07 45 45x07 #11275
Elizabeth fells bad for what Jason is going through as he promises to keep their secret. Carly feels jealous about Jax spending time with Amelia. Jason shares his theories about Lorenzo ...
Apr. 10, 2007
45x08 45 45x08 #11276
Sam isn't happy when her shows set resembles a past bedroom. Reporters delve into everybodys lives connected to Sam and she is torn between protecting Jason and promoting her new show. ...
Apr. 11, 2007
45x09 45 45x09 #11277
Sonny isn't happy when he is hounded by reporters and he urges Jason to talk to Sam. Lorenzo makes plans to have both Sonny and Jason eliminated. Skye discovers what Lorenzo is up to ...
Apr. 12, 2007
45x10 45 45x10 #11278
Both Jason and Sonny try to fight off Lorenzo's hit men and after hearing the shots Logan and Coop try to help. Coop puts himself in danger to save Maxie. After being hurt Sonny is ...
Apr. 13, 2007
45x11 45 45x11 #11279
When Sonny learns of Carly and Jax's engagement he refuses to sign the divorce papers remaining determined that Carly will end up with him. Tracy tries to prove to Monica that she is ...
Apr. 16, 2007
45x12 45 45x12 #11280
Jax urges Sonny to give Carly the divorce so that she can move on with her life. Jason also believes that Sonny should let Carly go. Amelia learns more about Sam's past. Luke is surprised ...
Apr. 17, 2007
45x13 45 45x13 #11281
Sonny agrees to give Carly the divorce but she still isn't sure if it is what she really wants. Patrick manages to get his hands on the file Robin has been hiding. Patrick secretly ...
Apr. 18, 2007
45x14 45 45x14 #11282
After Jason plays with Cameron, Elizabeth feels guilty for what she is putting him through. Jax wants to marry Carly as soon as possible. Patrick puts himself in danger. Tracy tries ...
Apr. 19, 2007
45x15 45 45x15 #11283
Sonny plots his revenge against Lorenzo. Elizabeth realizes that she loves Jason but also realizes she has made the right decision about being with Lucky because of the violence in ...
Apr. 20, 2007
45x16 45 45x16 #11284
Lucky asks Jason to be one of the baby's god parents. Jason and Sam are forced to fight off Lorenzo's men. Mr. Craig threatens Patrick. Emily witnesses Patrick and Robin sharing a ...
Apr. 23, 2007
45x17 45 45x17 #11285
After hearing Mr. Craig on the telephone Nikolas believes that he might have found a weakness in his armor. When Emily questions Robin and Patrick about what she saw they refuse to ...
Apr. 24, 2007
45x18 45 45x18 #11286
Spinelli stands in for Jason at the wedding rehearsal. Sonny tells Coop what he wants him to do. Nikolas and Robin are forced to hurt Emily's feelings to keep everybody safe. Later ...
Apr. 25, 2007
45x19 45 45x19 #11287
The guests arrive for Jax and Carly's wedding. Carly is relieved when Jason shows up and he helps her get over her pre wedding nerves. Lulu finds all three of her suitors trying to ...
Apr. 26, 2007
45x20 45 45x20 #11288
Sonny stops himself from ruining Carly's big day. Jax and Carly are announced husband and wife. Patrick and Robin manage to spend some time alone as do Nikolas and Emily. Sonny is surprised ...
Apr. 27, 2007
45x21 45 45x21 #11289
Jax and Carly look forward to spending the rest of their lives together as they leave for their honeymoon. Things heat up between Sonny and Amelia who insists after that nobody can ...
Apr. 30, 2007
45x22 45 45x22 #11290
Sonny and Amelia continue to be attracted to one another. Amelia isn't happy when Sonny gets an injunction stopping production of Sam's show. Tracy continues to be haunted by Alan's ...
May. 01, 2007
45x23 45 45x23 #11291
Mr. Craig makes plans to leave town. Robin, Patrick and Emily attempt to save Nikolas' life. Amelia continues to plot to ruin Sam's life. Scott issues a warning to Lucky. Mr. Craig ...
May. 02, 2007
45x24 45 45x24 #11292
Mr. Craig manages to avoid Sonny from seeing him. Sonny wants Jason to eliminate Lorenzo that night. Lorenzo learns that Skye intends to betray him. Robin and Patrick race against time ...
May. 03, 2007
45x25 45 45x25 #11293
Jason rushes Elizabeth to the hospital when he finds her passed out just as a storm hits town. Kelly is forced to try and save both Elizabeth and the baby's lives. Nikolas' condition ...
May. 04, 2007
45x26 45 45x26 #11294
Kelly and Epiphany manage to save both Elizabeth and the baby's lives. Jason is forced to hand over the baby when Lucky shows up. Emily prays that Nikolas will recover. Mr. Craig finally ...
May. 07, 2007
45x27 45 45x27 #11295
Elizabeth is forced to endure more surgery. Spinelli helps Jason to get to spend some time with the baby. Kate explains to Sonny who she has created a whole new image for herself and ...
May. 08, 2007
45x28 45 45x28 #11296
Elizabeth's life remains in the balance. Jax and Carly get used to life as a married couple. When Michael mentions his brother Jerry, Jax wonders how he knows the name. Emily is forced ...
May. 09, 2007
45x29 45 45x29 #11297
Lucky refuses to believe that Elizabeth might not pull through and ends up clashing with Jason in her hospital room. Carly is concerned when she finds out Jerry was around whilst she ...
May. 10, 2007
45x30 45 45x30 #11298
Jax gets his mother to set a meeting for him with Jerry. Sam learns something she wasn't expecting. Robin, Patrick and Emily try to discover something they can use against Mr. Craig ...
May. 11, 2007
45x31 45 45x31 #11299
Sam is devastated after finding out the truth about Elizabeth's baby. Jax is told by his brother that he should stay away for his own good. Lorenzo is confronted by Jerry. Scott threatens ...
May. 14, 2007
45x32 45 45x32 #11300
Jax finds it hard to believe that his brother was responsible for everything that happened at the Metro Court. Carly and Jax disagree about what is the best thing to do about Jerry. ...
May. 15, 2007
45x33 45 45x33 #11301
Jax and Carly disagree about what is the best thing to do about Jerry. Jax meets up with his brother again. Skye warns Jason about Lorenzo's plans. Sam talks to Amelia about Jason and ...
May. 16, 2007
45x34 45 45x34 #11302
After demanding some answers from Jerry, Jax finds his brother pulling a gun on him. Coop tells Maxie what he is up to and she later tells Jason. Coop considers leaving town to protect ...
May. 17, 2007
45x35 45 45x35 #11303
Carly isn't sure whether she should keep quiet about Mr. Craig really being Jerry. Jax ends up telling Sonny the truth about his brother. Alexis warns Luke that Scott will stop at nothing ...
May. 18, 2007
45x36 45 45x36 #11304
Carly asks Jason to spare Jerry's life whilst Jax asks Sonny to do the same thing. Jason is surprised when he learns that Sonny has agreed to Jax's request. Amelia's plan to destroy ...
May. 21, 2007
45x37 45 45x37 #11305
Sam, Spinelli and Amelia find themselves being held hostage as Jerry reveals his true identity to them. Skye turns to Sonny for help. After being released by Jerry, Amelia ends up making ...
May. 22, 2007
45x38 45 45x38 #11306
Jason gets to see his son again before Eizabeth leaves the hospital. Amelia continues with her plan to destroy Sam. Sonny finds out that Kate has bought the estate next door to his. ...
May. 23, 2007
45x39 45 45x39 #11307
Jason makes Jax realize just how bad his brother has become. Nikolas and Jax clash over Jerry whilst Luke and Scott fight over Laura. Coop wants to be honest with Logan so that he will ...
May. 24, 2007
45x40 45 45x40 #11308
Nikolas is determined to get even with Jerry no matter what what anybody else says. After Jason sees Sam with Elizabeth and the baby he realizes that he has to be honest with her. Carly ...
May. 25, 2007
45x41 45 45x41 #11309
Mac isn't pleased that people are covering for Jerry. Jason finds it difficult to live without his son in his life. Sam attempts to make Jason be honest with her but her plans are spoiled ...
May. 28, 2007
45x42 45 45x42 #11310
Luke is worried that Lulu will learn the truth about what he did to Laura. Sam continues to hope that Jason will be honest with her and tell her about fathering Elizabeth's child. Jason ...
May. 29, 2007
45x43 45 45x43 #11311
Sam is upset when Jason still doesn't admit the truth to her. Mac has evidence that implicates Jason in Lorenzo's death and Ric is secretly pleased. Jerry causes problems in Carly's ...
May. 30, 2007
45x44 45 45x44 #11312
Jason refuses to agree to have a baby with Sam when she suggests using a surrogate mother. Luke attempts to tell his daughter about the night he raped Laura. Carly issues a warning ...
May. 31, 2007
45x45 45 45x45 #11313
Sam sets up a meeting with Kelly because she thinks that if she gets pregnant all her problems will be over. Ric informs Jax that unless he tells him what he knows about Jerry he will ...
Jun. 01, 2007
45x46 45 45x46 #11314
Sonny is taken to the station for questioning about Lorenzo's murder and Kate finds herself being taken with him where she clashes with Rick. Jason finds himself being arrested by Lucky ...
Jun. 04, 2007
45x47 45 45x47 #11315
Kate notices how there is still a connection between Carly and Sonny. Jerry wonder just how loyal Carly is t his brother. Jane offers Jax some advise. Maxie feels jealous when she sees ...
Jun. 05, 2007
45x48 45 45x48 #11316
Georgie decides to offer Lulu some advise. Carly is determined to help get Jason released bu Jason doesn't want her help. Jax lets Carly know that he is unable to give up on Jerry. ...
Jun. 06, 2007
45x49 45 45x49 #11317
Spinelli refuses to tell Ric want he wants to hear. Lucky isn't happy when he discovers Elizabeth visiting Jason. Carly argues with Kate again and Carly isn't happy when she sees her ...
Jun. 07, 2007
45x50 45 45x50 #11318
Amelia tells Sonny all about Sam's past who in turn tells Jason. Lucky wonders why Spinelli is taking an interest in his son. Kate finds an ally in Alexis over her dislike for Carly. ...
Jun. 08, 2007
45x51 45 45x51 #11319
Kate tries to justify herself to Sonny. Nikolas doesn't like the ideas Luke has planned for his mother. Scott is surprised when he finds Laura gone. Robin and Patrick both have completely ...
Jun. 11, 2007
45x52 45 45x52 #11320
Amelia attempts to make Jason doubt Sam and lets him know that Sam knows the truth about his and Elizabeth's baby. Sonny's evening with Kate is interrupted by many people. Tracy sees ...
Jun. 12, 2007
45x53 45 45x53 #11321
Amelia continues to try and make Jason doubt Sam. Sam wants Jason to agree to try for a baby as soon as he is released from jail. Logan continues with the plan for him to seduce Lu ...
Jun. 13, 2007
45x54 45 45x54 #11322
Sam admits to Amelia that sometimes she wishes Jacob had never been born. Jax believes that he can still save his brother. Emily isn't happy when she learns that Nikolas is trying to ...
Jun. 14, 2007
45x55 45 45x55 #11323
Sonny urges Jason to let everybody know that Jacob is his son but he decides to leave things as they are. Sam watches Elizabeth, Spinelli and Lulu out in the park with the children. ...
Jun. 15, 2007
45x56 45 45x56 #11324
Elizabeth is frantic when Jacob goes missing in the park. Nikolas thinks that Jerry is behind Jacob's disappearance. Sam tells Det. Rodriguez that she knows nothing about Jacob's disappearance. ...
Jun. 18, 2007
45x57 45 45x57 #11325
Jason learns from Elizabeth about Jacob's disappearance and he defends her when Lainey and Lucky think that she might be suffering from post natal depression and has done something ...
Jun. 19, 2007
45x58 45 45x58 #11326
Spinelli tells Jason about what he saw. Sam gets drunk and ends up saying more to Carly that she had wished. Jax plans a mysterious surprise for Carly. Tracy is taken to Shaddybrook ...
Jun. 20, 2007
45x59 45 45x59 #11327
Sonny considers exposing the truth about Elizabeth's baby to help Jason. Sam clashes with Elizabeth. Kate asks Sonny for help when she learns that a newspaper is going to run an article ...
Jun. 21, 2007
45x60 45 45x60 #11328
Elizabeth and Lucky continue to live in hope that Jacob will be found. Amelia lies to Ric to protect Sam. Kate finds out that Sonny is sleeping with Amelia. Sam finds out that Amelia ...
Jun. 22, 2007
45x61 45 45x61 #11329
Sam discovers Amelia's real identity. Spinelli decides that he cant help Jason attempt to escape from jail. Carly is forced to rescue Jax when he gets himself into trouble. Sonny believes ...
Jun. 25, 2007
45x62 45 45x62 #11330
Sam admits to Jason that she knows the truth about him fathering Elizabeth's child and also admits her past to him. Sam is upset when Jason asks her if she took the baby. Sonny is convinced ...
Jun. 26, 2007
45x63 45 45x63 #11331
Amelia lets Sam know that she is in charge now. Jason discovers that he is being released on bale. When Carly returns home she is in for a surprise. Tracy refuses to do what Scott ...
Jun. 27, 2007
45x64 45 45x64 #11332
Carly is shocked to find Jerry in her house with the children. Sam is upset that Jason could think she has something to do with Jacob's disappearance. Tracy attempts to blackmail Scott ...
Jun. 28, 2007
45x65 45 45x65 #11333
Jason's suspicions that Sam took the baby continue to grow. Kate is determined to stay away from Sonny. Scott issues a warning to Logan. Jerry finds himself trapped with Carly. Sam ...
Jun. 29, 2007
45x66 45 45x66 #11334
Amelia and Jason try to find out if Maureen actually has Jacob. Jason is relieved when he gets his son back. Elizabeth and Jacob are reunited. Jerry's version of events about what happened ...
Jul. 02, 2007
45x67 45 45x67 #11335
Elizabeth vows to make her marriage to Lucky work. For crossing the state border without permission Jason is sent to prison and not allowed visitors. Maxie learns from Logan that Scott ...
Jul. 03, 2007
45x68 45 45x68 #11336
Carly allows Jerry to enjoy the 4th of July with her and the children. Dillon is offered a dream job but it will mean leaving Port Charles. Epiphany attempts to get son and Lainey ...
Jul. 04, 2007
45x69 45 45x69 #11337
Carly stops Jerry from stealing money from Jax's bank accounts. Sonny isn't happy when he finds out Carly has been spending time with Jerry. Amelia likes seeing Sam upset over the fact ...
Jul. 05, 2007
45x70 45 45x70 #11338
Sonny learns from Amelia that Sam saw Jacob being kidnapped. Ric decides to delve into Logan's past. Dillon decides to take the job. Noah's look a like Eli Love is forced to undergo ...
Jul. 06, 2007
45x71 45 45x71 #11339
Carly clashes with Sam. Logan is blackmailed by Ric into doing his bidding. Sonny wants a favor from Coop in his attempt to help Jason. Lulu defends her father to Scott.
Jul. 09, 2007
45x72 45 45x72 #11340
Carly finds a way to visit Jason. Coop is given a new assignment from Ric. Lulu agrees to go on a date with Logan.
Jul. 10, 2007
45x73 45 45x73 #11341
When Sonny learns that Ric knows about his plans for a shipment that is coming in he decides to proceed with the plan anyway. Coop finds himself having to take measures to avoid a disaster. ...
Jul. 11, 2007
45x74 45 45x74 #11342
Ric attempts to blackmail Sonny. Sonny isn't happy when he finds out Carly has been spending more time with Jerry. Sam is worried that her mother is becoming to fond of Jerry. Coop ...
Jul. 12, 2007
45x75 45 45x75 #11343
When Sam tells Jerry to stay away from her mother she gets unexpected results. Elizabeth is able to visit Jason. Lucky asks his wife about her feelings towards Jason. Kate feels uncomfortable ...
Jul. 13, 2007

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