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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 44 (2006-2007)

44x01 44 44x01 #11014
Jason, Sonny and Emily are questioned by the police after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. John threatens to humiliate Emily so that he can get even with Sonny. Carly isn't ...
Apr. 03, 2006
44x02 44 44x02 #11015
When Sam is worried that Jason may go after Sonny, she sends Justus away so that Jason will be forced to spend the night in jail. Jason thinks that Sam is taking Sonny's side and tells ...
Apr. 04, 2006
44x03 44 44x03 #11016
Emily tries to justify her relationship with Sonny to Jason. Alexis talks to Sam about the daughter she gave up and tells her that believes she died years ago. Lucky admits to Elizabeth ...
Apr. 05, 2006
44x04 44 44x04 #11017
After her family read the newspaper article about her and Sonny, Emily has to deal with their reactions. After Alexis questions Sam's relationship with Jason, she isn't happy. Emily ...
Apr. 06, 2006
44x05 44 44x05 #11018
Sonny and Emily both stand up to her family. Emily leaves without Sonny so that he and Jason can try and work things out but things end up even worse. Elizabeth finds herself in stuck ...
Apr. 07, 2006
44x06 44 44x06 #11019
Jason and Sonny learn that Elizabeth has been kidnapped by Manny. Lucky hurts his back while he is fighting with Manny. Jason shows up as Manny threatens to kill Elizabeth. Nikolas ...
Apr. 10, 2006
44x07 44 44x07 #11020
After Elizabeth manages to escape, Jason tries to kill Manny. Sam and Emily are both concerned by the growing rift between Jason and Sonny. Lucky is forced to under go surgery. When ...
Apr. 11, 2006
44x08 44 44x08 #11021
Emily convinces Sonny to leave town with her for a few days and not to face up to Jason. Carly fails to make Jason see sense. Jason tries to take over Sonny's business empire. Maxie ...
Apr. 12, 2006
44x09 44 44x09 #11022
Jason continues to plot against Sonny. Tracy and Luke plan to renew their wedding vows to stop Robert from having Luke extradited. Elizabeth and Lucky receive some bad news concerning ...
Apr. 13, 2006
44x10 44 44x10 #11023
Sonny isn't happy when he discovers that Jason has been trying to take over his business empire. Jason gives Sonny an ultimatum, the business or Emily. After Carly discovers that Nikolas ...
Apr. 14, 2006
44x11 44 44x11 #11024
Jason is accused of betrayal by Sonny. When Emily tries to stop Sonny attacking Jason, she accidentally gets knocked down. Carly is not sure what to do to about what she has discovered. ...
Apr. 17, 2006
44x12 44 44x12 #11025
Jason attacks Sonny and later tells Carly he would have killed him if Emily and Max hadn't stopped him. Emily and Sonny decide to stick together. Carly stops Nikolas from discovering ...
Apr. 18, 2006
44x13 44 44x13 #11026
Carly is upset that Jax won't admit the truth about John to her. Emily manages to convince Lucky to take things slowly for Elizabeth's sake. Alexis is offered the job of Assistant District ...
Apr. 19, 2006
44x14 44 44x14 #11027
Sonny refuses to give in without a fight. Lorenzo promises Skye that he's leaving his old life behind. Alexis ponders whether to accept John's job offer. Noah decides to prove that ...
Apr. 20, 2006
44x15 44 44x15 #11028
Jason is challenged by Escobar to prove that he's in control. The photographer's indentity is revealed as Manny Ruiz. Jax discovers that Carly knows the truth. Lulu tries to protect ...
Apr. 21, 2006
44x16 44 44x16 #11029
Escobar tells Jason he must get rid of Sonny. Sam and Emily worry about Jason and Sonny. After Jax explains his actions, Carly decides to not to reveal his secret for the time being ...
Apr. 24, 2006
44x17 44 44x17 #11030
Sonny believes that Jason is responsible for Escobar's death. Alexis helps Sam when she is brought in for questioning. Ric represents Sonny and stops Mac from questioning him. Sonny ...
Apr. 25, 2006
44x18 44 44x18 #11031
Ric manages to convince Sonny to blame Jason for Escobar's murder. Sonny is confronted by Sam after she discovers what he's done. Patrick refuses to allow his father to perform the ...
Apr. 26, 2006
44x19 44 44x19 #11032
After Sonny tries to explain his actions to Emily, she makes a decision about their future together. Sonny and Jason come face to face. Skye is being watched by Manny. Luke manages ...
Apr. 27, 2006
44x20 44 44x20 #11033
Carly's Bachelor Auction leaves some weird pairings. Sonny decides not to kill Jason. Sam finds herself in danger. Jax's announcement surprises Robin. Skye receives some advice from ...
Apr. 28, 2006
44x21 44 44x21 #11034
It is revealed that Manny is the one who shot Sam. Jason learns that Sam may need an operation which will prevent her from ever getting pregnant again. After Carly assumes that Sonny ...
May. 01, 2006
44x22 44 44x22 #11035
Sonny manages to make Jason see that he isn't responsible for Sam being shot. Sam worries that she won't be able to have children. Carly argues with Emily. Emily and Sonny make up and ...
May. 02, 2006
44x23 44 44x23 #11036
Carly ends up in an empty house as Manny fires shots at her. Her father shows up and ends up trapped with her. After Jason discovers that Sam's condition has got worse, he asks her ...
May. 03, 2006
44x24 44 44x24 #11037
Monica tells Jason that Sam might not survive. Jason confronts Sonny. Jax tries to rescue Carly and John but the situation still looks bad. After drinking Robin, Elizabeth, Kelly, Emily ...
May. 04, 2006
44x25 44 44x25 #11038
Jason worries that Sam might die and shares some news with Alexis. Dr. Meadows orders another paternity test on John after clashing with Jax. Luke, Holly and Robert learn that their ...
May. 05, 2006
44x26 44 44x26 #11039
Jason manages to convince Alexis that she's Sam's birth mother and she shares some time alone with her. Ric learns the truth about Sam from Sonny. Jax asks Carly and the children to ...
May. 08, 2006
44x27 44 44x27 #11040
Emily has an idea on how Sam can be helped. Jason breaks down as he sits by Sam's bed. Maxie sees John's paternity results. Lulu is frustrated with her father. Georgie asks Diego to ...
May. 09, 2006
44x28 44 44x28 #11041
Things still look bad for Sam. Alexis clashes with Mayor Floyd. Lucky finds out that Elizabeth has been meeting Patrick at a hotel and jumps to the wrong conclusion when he hears them ...
May. 10, 2006
44x29 44 44x29 #11042
Jason clashes with Alexis over whether to allow Patrick to operate on Sam. Sonny's behavior unnerves Emily. Lorenzo continues to try and put his past behind him.
May. 11, 2006
44x30 44 44x30 #11043
Jason asks Patrick and Elizabeth to help to get what he wants. Alexis clashes with Jason. Luke and Robert are surprised. Carly clashes with Jax's mother.
May. 12, 2006
44x31 44 44x31 #11044
Sam survives having surgery but her future still looks unsure. Lucky confronts Patrick. Jason finds out that Epiphany is Stan's mother. Noah tries to make Alexis see sence. Anna decides ...
May. 15, 2006
44x32 44 44x32 #11045
Alexis has Sam transfered out of the hospital. Luke tries to make his daughter accept the fact that he'll never be the father she wants him to be. Anna and Robert admit to Robin that ...
May. 16, 2006
44x33 44 44x33 #11046
Jason is furious when Alexis refuses to tell him where she's moved Sam to. Jax is shocked to find the paternity test results in the post which Maxie has sent. Carly tells him not to ...
May. 17, 2006
44x34 44 44x34 #11047
Diego isn't pleased when he discovers what Maxie is up to. Maxie arranges to meet Nikolas. Anna has plans for the others. Alexis asks Jason to keep his distance from Sam.
May. 18, 2006
44x35 44 44x35 #11048
Alexis tries to convince Jason that Sam would be better off without him. Sonny's mood swings concern Emily. Robin learns the truth about baby John. Luke is double crossed while Anna ...
May. 19, 2006
44x36 44 44x36 #11049
Sam is heartbroken when Jason insists they have no future together as his lifestyle is to dangerous. Jax is sure that he is doing the best thing for baby John. Robin is not sure what ...
May. 22, 2006
44x37 44 44x37 #11050
Before she can reveal the truth Robin is taken away by Patrick. When Nikolas tells her that he would keep baby John away from Jax if the situation were reversed, Robin decides to keep ...
May. 23, 2006
44x38 44 44x38 #11051
Sam begins to grow closer to her mother but distances herself slightly when she finds out that Alexis has been appointed as the new District Attorney. Molly and Kristina come to see ...
May. 24, 2006
44x39 44 44x39 #11052
Sam enlists Carly and Emily's help in trying to get Jason back. Jason prepares for a meeting. Jax receives a warning from Carly. Robin and Patrick are interrupted by Robert. Dillon ...
May. 25, 2006
44x40 44 44x40 #11053
Jason remains determined to keep Sam out of his life. Jason saves Sonny's life. Helena secretly watches Jax, Carly and baby John. Maxie enjoys Lucky's company and breaks the law to ...
May. 26, 2006
44x41 44 44x41 #11054
After Patrick's car breaks down, he and Robin make love for the first time. Sonny's mood swings scare Alexis. Lucky and Maxie get drunk as they remember Jesse and Maxie ends up kissing ...
May. 29, 2006
44x42 44 44x42 #11055
Jason continues to refuse to allow Sam a place in his life. Sonny is stopped from attacking Nikolas by Max. Sonny tries to offer Jason some advice. Robin and Patrick are found by Jason ...
May. 30, 2006
44x43 44 44x43 #11056
Jason is enjoying his new gained power. Sam tells Alexis that she will not stop until she has won Jason back. When Jason tries to find out how Sam is doing he ends up running into her. ...
May. 31, 2006
44x44 44 44x44 #11057
Sam tries to make Jason see reason about their future. Sonny is confronted by Ric. Carly and Jax clash while Patrick and Lucky do the same about Elizabeth. Luke's life is made a living ...
Jun. 01, 2006
44x45 44 44x45 #11058
Sam departs from Jason's on bad terms. Emily lies about Sonny to Jason. Robert wants to be a part of his daughter's life. Luke asks Coleman to help him with his plan. Lulu ends up being ...
Jun. 02, 2006
44x46 44 44x46 #11059
Sonny's behavior continues to unnerve Emily. Ric and Sam decide to try and get along for Alexis' sake. Elizabeth tells Jason that he is making a mistake by shutting Sam out. After taking ...
Jun. 05, 2006
44x47 44 44x47 #11060
Jason resists admitting to Sam how he really feels. After Helena shows up, Jax decides against telling Nikolas the truth. Manny watches Sam. Lucky's paranoia grows. Robin is shocked ...
Jun. 06, 2006
44x48 44 44x48 #11061
Emily asks Lainey for her opinion concerning Sonny's behavior. After talking with him, Lainey beleives there is nothing wrong with Sonny. After getting a piece of John's hair, Nikolas ...
Jun. 07, 2006
44x49 44 44x49 #11062
Sonny tries to fool Emily. To make Jason come to her rescue, Sam pretends that she is in trouble unaware that she is still being watched by Manny. Carly pulls out all the stops to make ...
Jun. 08, 2006
44x50 44 44x50 #11063
After catching Carly at the hospital, Robin guesses what she is up to. Jason realizes what Sam is up to but unknown to both of them she is in real danger. Sonny isn't hapy when Ric ...
Jun. 09, 2006
44x51 44 44x51 #11064
Robin tells everyone that Nickolas is really John's father. Maxie gets more pills for Lucky. Sam asks Sonny to help her get Jason back. Diego asks his father for help after being arrested. ...
Jun. 12, 2006
44x52 44 44x52 #11065
Ric tries to get at Sonny. Emily talks about Sonny's problems with Lainey who advises her to try and get Sonny some help. Sonny is worried that Emily will return to Nikolas know that ...
Jun. 13, 2006
44x53 44 44x53 #11066
Jason insists to Sam that they are through and denies that Alexis had any part in his decision. Jason secretly watches Sam from a distance. Both Jax and Carly worry that they will have ...
Jun. 14, 2006
44x54 44 44x54 #11067
Sonny calls Emily by his dead wife's name. Ric continues to try and send Sonny insane. Sam moves into Kelly's as Jason continues to worry about her. Manny is out to get even.
Jun. 15, 2006
44x55 44 44x55 #11068
Sonny and Ric clash. A trap is set for Jason by Manny. Jax and Carly comfort each other after Nikolas makes it clear that he wants them out of his son's life. Nikolas hires a nanny ...
Jun. 16, 2006
44x56 44 44x56 #11069
Ric denies that he has been plotting against Sonny. Manny removes Justus' body from the warehouse. Jason fights his feelings towards Sam after he takes home to protect her. Lucky rescues ...
Jun. 19, 2006
44x57 44 44x57 #11070
Lorenzo gets rid of Justus' body but drops a bracelet at the scene of the crime. Jason feels responsible for Justus' death. Jason forces Sam to leave. Jax tells Carly that he has decided ...
Jun. 20, 2006
44x58 44 44x58 #11071
Sonny becomes violent when he discovers Nikolas with Emily on the Haunted Star but Emily manages to calm him down. Nikolas nearly catches Helena plotting with Colleen. Patrick has words ...
Jun. 21, 2006
44x59 44 44x59 #11072
Ric continues to try and make Sonny lose his mind. Alexis talks to Lorenzo about Justus' death. Justus' friends remember him. Carly in unable to see John.
Jun. 22, 2006
44x60 44 44x60 #11073
Ric continues to push Sonny over the edge. Jason demands to know the truth from Lorenzo as Skye realizes that he has returned to his old lifestyle. Manny follows Sam. Carly clashes ...
Jun. 23, 2006
44x61 44 44x61 #11074
After Manny threatens to kill Kristina, Sam is forced to go with him. Jason discovers that Manny has Sam. Sonny loses any grip on reality he has left and Emily finds him attacking ...
Jun. 26, 2006
44x62 44 44x62 #11075
Emily manages to calm Sonny down which Carly witnesses. Jason tries to make Elizabeth remember her abduction so that he can try and work out where Manny took Sam. After talking to Carly, ...
Jun. 27, 2006
44x63 44 44x63 #11076
Everyone gathers for Justus' funeral. Luke visits Laura at Shadybrook. Noah clashes with his son. Robin shows up at Patrick's room as he is about to have casual sex with Carly. Skye ...
Jun. 28, 2006
44x64 44 44x64 #11077
Sonny sends Emily away and asks Jason for help. Jason tries to find Sam. Helena issuses a warning to Nikolas. Diego and Lulu continue to try and rip Dillon and Georgie apart.
Jun. 29, 2006
44x65 44 44x65 #11078
Carly goes to see Sonny. Something Elizabeth tells him helps Jason. Things heat up between Dillon and Lulu. Anna returns to Port Charles for an important assignment. Things end on a ...
Jun. 30, 2006
44x66 44 44x66 #11079
Sonny and Carly end up arguing when Sonny thinks that she is trying to ruin things between him and Emily. Manny threatens Sam. Elizabeth helps Jason who manages to find Manny. Robin ...
Jul. 03, 2006
44x67 44 44x67 #11080
Anna steals Lorenzo's cell phone. Mac and Ric work together to trap Manny. Jason is shot in the shoulder but manages to get Sam to safety. Jason then follows Manny on to the roof. Lucky ...
Jul. 04, 2006
44x68 44 44x68 #11081
When Sonny confronts Lorenzo armed with a gun, Carly saves him from Lorenzo's men and takes him home. Sam tells her mother that nothing will stop her from tryting to get Jason back ...
Jul. 05, 2006
44x69 44 44x69 #11082
Alexis blackmails Jason into staying away from Sam. Maxie tries to kiss Lucky. Patrick and Elizabeth try to work out who might be taking the drugs. Anna is a worthy opponent for Lo ...
Jul. 06, 2006
44x70 44 44x70 #11083
Sonny's condition gets worse. Sam is furious with both Alexis and Jason. Maxie tries to make Lucky believe that there is something going on between his wife and Patrick. Georgie clashes ...
Jul. 07, 2006
44x71 44 44x71 #11084
Jason decides to stay with Sonny until he gets better and he says sorry to Sonny as he feels responsible for what has happened to him. Sam plots against her mother and Ric. Tracy is ...
Jul. 10, 2006
44x72 44 44x72 #11085
When Ric tries to help him, Sonny replies that Jason and Carly are the ones who should help him from now on. Sam continues to try and manipulate her mother. Patrick sees Lucky and Maxie's ...
Jul. 11, 2006
44x73 44 44x73 #11086
Lainey is asked by Ric to help him have Sonny committed. Robin agrees to rent a place with Lainey and Kelly. Robert is asked by Skye to get her out of the country so that she can have ...
Jul. 12, 2006
44x74 44 44x74 #11087
Jason admits that he made a mistake trying to keep Emily and Sonny apart. Sonny reafirms his love for Emily. Sam remains furious with Jason for pushing her away. Lucky surprises Elizabeth. ...
Jul. 13, 2006
44x75 44 44x75 #11088
While he is having a session with Lainey, Sonny is questioned about his feelings towards Carly. Carly tells Jason that she still loves Sonny. Sam catches Ric looking at her. Maxie is ...
Jul. 14, 2006

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