Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 43 (2005-2006)

43x01 43 43x01 #10757
Reese accuses Sonny of using her. Alexis arranges for Sonny to have an evaluation to see if he should still be able to see Kristina. A shocking discovery about Michael is discovered ...
Apr. 01, 2005
43x02 43 43x02 #10758
Alexis is confronted by Carly after she learns that Alexis is filing for sole custody of Kristina. Carly continues to have more visions of her missing son. AJ’s hatred of Jason ...
Apr. 04, 2005
43x03 43 43x03 #10759
Both Alexis and Sonny have the psychiatric evaluations. Alexis' appeal is dismissed by the judge and Sonny is allowed to continue seeing Kristina. An unhappy Alexis threatens Sonny. ...
Apr. 05, 2005
43x04 43 43x04 #10760
Carly learns from Resse that she once had a son who was kidnapped and murdered. Jax and Courtney wonder if Rachel was involved with AJ and had her own reasons for killing AJ. Maria's ...
Apr. 06, 2005
43x05 43 43x05 #10761
Carly tells Lorenzo that she is sure Michael is still alive. Jason and Sam have no idea how close to finding Michael they are. Jax asks Skye to help him expose Rachel as a fraud. Skye ...
Apr. 07, 2005
43x06 43 43x06 #10762
Sonny's accusations upset Reese. Reese finds something out about John. AJ's bluff is called by Michael. Carly learns from Sam that she and Jason know that Michael is still alive. Rachel's ...
Apr. 08, 2005
43x07 43 43x07 #10763
Sonny is unsure whether he can trust Reese. Reese admits that she has feelings for Sonny and also tells him she is going to request to be transferred. Sonny tries to stop Reese from ...
Apr. 11, 2005
43x08 43 43x08 #10764
Reese is pulled from the wreckage by Sonny and he pleads with her not to die. John is accused by Ric of being behind the bomb. John meets in the confessional with his contact. Lorenzo ...
Apr. 12, 2005
43x09 43 43x09 #10765
Jax refuses to believe that AJ could still be alive. Both Jason and John accuse each other of being responsible for the bomb. Carly promises Jason that Lorenzo isn't involved in Michael's ...
Apr. 13, 2005
43x10 43 43x10 #10766
Reese shares her suspicions about John with Sonny. Sonny takes action when he fears for Reese's safety and the couple grow closer. Carly confronts her father. Michael begins to see ...
Apr. 14, 2005
43x11 43 43x11 #10767
Jason and Sam receive some news from Courtney. Carly's emotions are played on by John. Reese and Sonny are seen by Carly in a compromising position. Monica has shock news for the rest ...
Apr. 15, 2005
43x12 43 43x12 #10768
Carly is upset after seeing Sonny and Reese and sets off the security alarm in the process. Sonny discovers that Carly was at the house. Reese decides the time isn’t right to ...
Apr. 18, 2005
43x13 43 43x13 #10769
AJ tells Alan that someone is after him and that he and Michael need a place to stay and Alan allows them to hide in the attic. Alan learns from AJ how he hired Faith to kidnap the ...
Apr. 19, 2005
43x14 43 43x14 #10770
Jason gets the proof that AJ and Michael are in Port Charles. Monica is shocked when she learns that Michael is with AJ. Carly asks Lorenzo for help. Jason warns his father not to help ...
Apr. 20, 2005
43x15 43 43x15 #10771
Carly is stopped from running after Michael by AJ. Sonny learns what AJ's has done to Michael from Carly. Skye learns the truth about AJ from Jason and she agrees to help Jason. AJ ...
Apr. 21, 2005
43x16 43 43x16 #10772
When AJ becomes violent towards Emily, Alan comes to his sences. When Jason confronts AJ it ends in tragedy. John is made an offer by Reese and Ric. Jax makes arrangements for Courtney ...
Apr. 22, 2005
43x17 43 43x17 #10773
After the fall AJ is taken to hospital with a broken back. Michael becomes completely withdrawn. Courtney is threatened by AJ. Alan regains consciousness when he is taken to the hospital. ...
Apr. 25, 2005
43x18 43 43x18 #10774
Carly is seen leaving AJ's hospital room by John. When Steven finds AJ unconscious he tries to revive him but AJ dies. The pillow that was used to smother AJ is discovered by Ric. When ...
Apr. 26, 2005
43x19 43 43x19 #10775
Carly is taken out of the hospital by Jason. Carly admits to Jason that she had planned to kill AJ but when she entered his room someone had already beaten her to it. Jason won’t ...
Apr. 27, 2005
43x20 43 43x20 #10776
Sam and Jason start getting somewhere with Michael. Sonny is warned by Reese. Elizabeth remembers more about AJ's murder. Monica is determined to divorce Alan. Skye hears bad news. ...
Apr. 28, 2005
43x21 43 43x21 #10777
Jason refuses to be manipulated by Carly.. Sonny refuses to cooperate with his brother. Ric manages to get a possible lead on where Alexis is. Michael speaks his first words when he ...
Apr. 29, 2005
43x22 43 43x22 #10778
Carly is arrested for AJ's murder. Sam tells Jason that is possible that Carly did kill AJ. Lorenzo tells Carly he will do what ever he can to help her. Jason is accused by Lorenzo ...
May. 02, 2005
43x23 43 43x23 #10779
Sonny tells Ric to make sure Carly is released but the judge won’t agree to it. Alexis is arrested for kidnapping Kristina. Ric is told by Sonny that if Carly is convicted Alexis ...
May. 03, 2005
43x24 43 43x24 #10780
Alexis tells Ric that justice might be served no matter what the outcome for their family. Ric vows to convict Carly for the murder of AJ. A traumatized Michael remembers seeing Carly ...
May. 04, 2005
43x25 43 43x25 #10781
Michael telling Jason he saw Carly kill AJ is heard by Alexis. Alexis and John join forces against Sonny. Courtney's plan against Rachel goes wrong. Nikolas learns the truth from E ...
May. 05, 2005
43x26 43 43x26 #10782
Carly learns how Sonny really feels about Reese. Ric is urged by Alexis to force Michael to testify against Carly. Michael suffers a nightmare dream. Nikolas tries to escape from j ...
May. 06, 2005
43x27 43 43x27 #10783
Michael’s parents aren’t happy that he will have to testify at Carly's trial. Alexis and John both think that Sonny will confess to killing AJ in order to spare Michael ...
May. 09, 2005
43x28 43 43x28 #10784
When Monica says she saw what really happened the night AJ was killed it shocks Jason. Sonny and Reese are told by Jason that Monica saw the murder. Carly is advised that accepting ...
May. 10, 2005
43x29 43 43x29 #10785
Sonny blames his lifestyle for what has happened to Michael. Sam is surprised by Jason with a romantic evening with Sonny doing the same with Carly. Senses something isn't right Carly ...
May. 11, 2005
43x30 43 43x30 #10786
Carly learns from Jason why Sonny said that he killed AJ. Jason receives surprising news from Sam. When Nikolas tells Emily how much he loves her she pulls away. Emily later tells Nikolas ...
May. 12, 2005
43x31 43 43x31 #10787
Sonny is determined to ptotect his son at any cost. Ric realizes the truth. Michael listens in as Carly talk about AJ's murder. Alexis is blackmailed by John. Emily returns to the place ...
May. 13, 2005
43x32 43 43x32 #10788
When Michael overhears Carly say that he killed AJ he runs off. Michael remembers killing AJ. Michael is found by Jason. Sonnny tells Ric that he's trying to protect Michael by saying ...
May. 16, 2005
43x33 43 43x33 #10789
Sonny promises Michael that everything will be fine. Sonny and Carly decide that Carly should leave the country with the children. Sonny learns there will be a trial after all. Carly’s ...
May. 17, 2005
43x34 43 43x34 #10790
Ric, Carly and Jason learn that John’s appointed himself as Ric's co-prosecutor at the trial. Sam and Reese share a common bond. Alexis wants Ric to choose her over his brother. ...
May. 18, 2005
43x35 43 43x35 #10791
When Carly is questioned by John on the witness stand she manages to make Sonny look good. Michael has to take the stand for questioning in the trial. Tracy still refuses to return ...
May. 19, 2005
43x36 43 43x36 #10792
Michael is questioned by John at Sonny's trial. Sonny is worried what Ric might say in the courtroom. Nikolas fears Emily's sessions have made the situation worse. Lorenzo is used by ...
May. 20, 2005
43x37 43 43x37 #10793
Ric tells the jury that John has a one man vendetta against Sonny. Carly wants nothing more to do with her father. A verdict is reached by the jury and Sonny is cleared. Dillon is blackmailed ...
May. 23, 2005
43x38 43 43x38 #10794
When Carly finds Sonny in bed with Reese she isn’t happy. Reese thinks it might be best for everyone if she leaves town. Alexis learns from Ric that Michael killed AJ. Alexis ...
May. 24, 2005
43x39 43 43x39 #10795
A lonely Ric and Reese end up in each other’s arms. When Sonny shows up Ric is forced to hide. Sonny tells Reese that he wants to have a relationship with her. Ric realizes that ...
May. 25, 2005
43x40 43 43x40 #10796
The plan to split up Jax and Courtney is put in motion by Rachel and Carly. Ric cant see any way of saving his marriage. Emily is confronted by Nikolas. Luke allows Dillon to have a ...
May. 26, 2005
43x41 43 43x41 #10797
Ric decides he still wants a divorce. John tells Ric that he's replacing him as District Attorney. Ric tells Reese not to mention their one nightstand to Sonny otherwise she will lose ...
May. 27, 2005
43x42 43 43x42 #10798
When he sees Sonny and Reese kissing Michael isn’t happy. Sam wants to get pregnant immediately but Jason insists they follow the doctor's orders and wait. When Carly tells Sam ...
May. 30, 2005
43x43 43 43x43 #10799
Elizabeth shares her fears with Nikolas. Lucky is reinstated as a police officer. Tracy is furious with Luke when he manages to out manoeuvre her. Sony and Carly share a passionate ...
May. 31, 2005
43x44 43 43x44 #10800
Jason and Sam are desperate to find help for Michael. Jason asks Courtney if her foundation can help. Courtney is saddened to learn the chances of her having children aren’t good. ...
Jun. 01, 2005
43x45 43 43x45 #10801
Reese agrees to go to Courtney's wedding with Sonny. Jax is warned to take good care of Courtney by Jason. When Luke plays a trick on Tracy she enjoys it. Luke isn’t happy with ...
Jun. 02, 2005
43x46 43 43x46 #10802
When Sonny brings Reese to Courtney's wedding Carly isn’t happy. Jax and Courtney's wedding is interupted by Carly. Sam and Jason decide to allow Dr. Thomas to treat Michael. ...
Jun. 03, 2005
43x47 43 43x47 #10803
Sonny hears Carrly ask Lorenzo to marry him but misses hearing Lorenzo turn her down. Lorenzo changes his mind after talking to Skye and asks Carly to marry him. Jason isn’t happy ...
Jun. 06, 2005
43x48 43 43x48 #10804
Lorenzo wants to marry Carly straight away but Carly wants her children to be there. Michael isn’t happy when he learns of Carly’s plans. Carly is asked to reconsider marrying ...
Jun. 07, 2005
43x49 43 43x49 #10805
Carly receives a present from Lorenzo. When Dr. Thomas brings up AJ, Michael wants to go home. Dr. Thomas tells Carly not to let Michael run her life and to go through with her plan ...
Jun. 08, 2005
43x50 43 43x50 #10806
When Reese ends their relationship Sonny gets angry. Sonny hears a confession from Sam. Reese is found in a bad way by Sonny. Michael makes friends with a girl named Jodie. Emily and ...
Jun. 09, 2005
43x51 43 43x51 #10807
Carly and Lorenzo return home after making a decision about their future together. When Reese is rushed to the hospital she has memories of an incident from her past. Ric learns that ...
Jun. 10, 2005
43x52 43 43x52 #10808
Michael refuses to live with Carly when she tells him that she married Lorenzo. Carly turns down Lorenzo’s offer of a new car and explains how she saw her friend get killed in ...
Jun. 13, 2005
43x53 43 43x53 #10809
Sonny asks Reese who she thinks might have tried to kill her. Reese is threatened by Evan. Michael is shown the new house that Carly wants him to live in with her and Lorenzo. Courtney ...
Jun. 14, 2005
43x54 43 43x54 #10810
Evan tries to blackmail Reese. Reese is questioned about Evan by Ric. While he is talking with Reese, Evan talks about her past with Carly. Courtney clashes with Carly and accuses her ...
Jun. 15, 2005
43x55 43 43x55 #10811
Evan threatens to tell Sonny all of Reese’s lies. Sonny tries to protect Reese. Carly confronts Reese. Dr. Meadows has bad news for Courtney. Help is offered to Jax and Courtney ...
Jun. 16, 2005
43x56 43 43x56 #10812
Reese admits that she lied to Sonny. Reese meets with Evan. Elizabeth agrees to help Jax and Courtney have a baby. A dreadful decision has to be made by Felicia and Mac. Georgie and ...
Jun. 17, 2005
43x57 43 43x57 #10813
Ric reveals that he killed Evan and tells Reese that he knows her secret. Maxie urges Georgie to live in a dream she has. Georgie survives the surgery. Felicia learns that Maxie could ...
Jun. 20, 2005
43x58 43 43x58 #10814
Reese decides to find a place of her own to live to make things easier for Michael. Sonny is fine with Reese and Ric starting a law firm together. John and Alan are confronted by Carly ...
Jun. 21, 2005
43x59 43 43x59 #10815
Jason is questioned about the shooting. To try and help Jason, Michael goes to the police station. Michael is stopped from telling that he killed AJ by Jason. Monica is angry with Alan ...
Jun. 22, 2005
43x60 43 43x60 #10816
An interesting discovery is made by Sonny in Reese's hotel room. John vows revenge against Bobbie. Jodie's mother's cruel words upset Michael. Sonny makes arrangements for Reese to ...
Jun. 23, 2005
43x61 43 43x61 #10817
Alexis agrees to be John’s lawyer while Ric will be representing Bobbie. Jax and Courtney enjoy sometime alone but still don’t achieve their goal. Luke makes a bet with ...
Jun. 24, 2005
43x62 43 43x62 #10818
Carly isn’t happy when she finds out that Sonny is moving Reese into their old penthouse. Jason is told by Carly that she believes Reese is trying to take over her life. Carly ...
Jun. 27, 2005
43x63 43 43x63 #10819
When Michael sees Sonny and Reese kissing he becomes upset. Sam calls Dr. Thomas because she is worried about Michael. Dr. Thomas asks Sam if Michael killed AJ. Jason tries to stop ...
Jun. 28, 2005
43x64 43 43x64 #10820
Sam realizes that Dr. Thomas knows that Michael killed AJ but decides not to tell Sonny or Jason in case it puts Dr. Thomas' life in danger. Dr. Thomas thinks again about working with ...
Jun. 29, 2005
43x65 43 43x65 #10821
Maxie will do anything to help Jesse. Jesse is found by Georgie wounded and unconscious. Jason has a disturbing flashback involving Dr. Thomas. Michael receives bad news from Jason. ...
Jun. 30, 2005
43x66 43 43x66 #10822
Reese is told by Sonny that he wants a future with her. A furious Carly plots against Reese. A decision is made by Georgie. Maxie and Georgie's secret is nearly discovered by Mac. Skye's ...
Jul. 01, 2005
43x67 43 43x67 #10823
The box with the proof that Reese is really Charlotte Roberts is taken by Carly. Sonny learns from Jason that Reese was attacked by Carly. Reese is lied to by Carly who claims to have ...
Jul. 04, 2005
43x68 43 43x68 #10824
Reese realizes that her secret is still safe and leaves with the box. Jason is sure that Reese is hiding something and shares his suspicions Sam. Jason is told by Sonny to leave Reese ...
Jul. 05, 2005
43x69 43 43x69 #10825
Jason wants to know Reese's secret. Jason goes to see Carly and is told by her that Lorenzo comes first in her life now. Reese is told by Ric that Emily knows they slept together. Emily ...
Jul. 06, 2005
43x70 43 43x70 #10826
Dr. Thomas has a session with Carly and Sonny which ends with Sonny losing his temper. Jason is given more information about Dr. Thomas from Justas. Jason tells Sam how much he loves ...
Jul. 07, 2005
43x71 43 43x71 #10827
The Quartermaine's are thrown out of the party after Tracy insults Carly. Reese clashes with Carly. Sonny and Carly agree they need to focus on Michael and stop fighting. Reese sees ...
Jul. 08, 2005
43x72 43 43x72 #10828
The hurricane traps the guests at Lorenzo's. Carly and Reese's fight is stopped by Lorenzo and Sonny. Reese isn't happy when Sonny defends Carly. Later Carly finds Reese unconscious. ...
Jul. 11, 2005
43x73 43 43x73 #10829
Lorenzo isn't happy when Carly admits she broke into Reese's apartment and knocked her out. Reese lies to keep her secret. When Elizabeth tries to convince Lucky that carrying Jax's ...
Jul. 12, 2005
43x74 43 43x74 #10830
When Sonny says he is unable to forgive betrayal Resse stops herself from telling him that she is really Charlotte. Reese enjoys a dance with Sonny in the stables. Lorenzo is accused ...
Jul. 13, 2005
43x75 43 43x75 #10831
Michael has another nightmare. While Sam is sleeping she is watched by Dr. Thomas. Jason decides that he needs to do something to stop Dr. Thomas from exposing Michael's secret. A trap ...
Jul. 14, 2005

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