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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 42 (2004-2005)

42x01 42 42x01 04.01.04 - Thursday
Lorenzo is accused of hiring the hit man by Sonny. Emily refuses to believe that Nikolas is dead. Courtney and Jason receive the final divorce papers to sign.
Apr. 01, 2004
42x02 42 42x02 04.02.04 - Friday
Carly asks Lorenzo about the meeting she saw between him and the hit man at the hospital. Lorenzo doesn’t let Carly know that his sight is coming back. Ric gets a search warrant ...
Apr. 02, 2004
42x03 42 42x03 04.05.04 - Monday
Carly discovers a piece of paper with a phone number on it in Lorenzo's pocket. Carly later calls the phone number and discovers the phone she called is inside her house. Lorenzo is ...
Apr. 05, 2004
42x04 42 42x04 04.06.04 - Tuesday
Lorenzo tries to convince to Carly that he hired the hit man to make sure she was awarded custody of the children and tells her that he will always love her. Carly knocks him out. Sam ...
Apr. 06, 2004
42x05 42 42x05 04.07.04 - Wednesday
Carly holds Lorenzo in her basement and tells Courtney what she's done. Carly tries to convince him to return to South America and never contact her again otherwise she will tell Sonny ...
Apr. 07, 2004
42x06 42 42x06 04.08.04 - Thursday
Carly and Courtney prevent Jason from finding Lorenzo in the basement. Mike advises Courtney not to divorce Jason. After talking to Emily, Jason promises that he will tell Courtney ...
Apr. 08, 2004
42x07 42 42x07 04.09.04 - Friday
Sonny takes Sam out on a date. Carly tries to convince Lorenzo that she doesn't love him but he refuses to believe her. Carly takes the children to Sonny's to stop Michael from finding ...
Apr. 09, 2004
42x08 42 42x08 04.12.04 - Monday
When Jason suggests that they give their marriage another go Courtney is happy. Courtney leaves Jason to see how Lorenzo is doing. Carly is upset when she discovers that Sam is living ...
Apr. 12, 2004
42x09 42 42x09 04.13.04 - Tuesday
Sonny learns from Carly that she has Lorenzo hostage in the basement. After knocking Jason out to stop him from committing murder, Courtney tells Lorenzo to go. Both Jason and Sonny ...
Apr. 13, 2004
42x10 42 42x10 04.14.04 - Wednesday
After Sonny tells Carly to shoot Lorenzo she fires the gun but doesn't hit him. Believing that Sonny is going to kill Lorenzo, Courtney calls the police. Sonny tells Courtney that she ...
Apr. 14, 2004
42x11 42 42x11 04.15.04 - Thursday
Mike learns of Sonny and Courtney's argument. Jason tells Mike that he and Courtney have no future together. Courtney surprises Carly by suggesting they go into business together. Sam ...
Apr. 15, 2004
42x12 42 42x12 04.16.04 - Friday
Sonny tells Mike that he much choose between him and Courtney and Mike chooses Courtney. Sam urges Sonny to make peace with his family. Jason tells Carly that he no longer loves Courtney. ...
Apr. 16, 2004
42x13 42 42x13 04.19.04 - Monday
Courtney helps Carly look for Michael, who has fallen down an old well after leaving Carly a fake ransom note. Carly calls Sonny to tell him that Michael is missing. Jason nearly finds ...
Apr. 19, 2004
42x14 42 42x14 04.20.04 - Tuesday
As Lorenzo shows up Jason finds Michael in the well. Jason and Lorenzo work together to free Michael. Carly explains her reasons to Sonny why she can no longer be with him. Ric's questions ...
Apr. 20, 2004
42x15 42 42x15 04.21.04 - Wednesday
Michael’s parents learn that he is suffering from internal bleeding and will need to stay in hospital for a few days. When Sonny threatens Alexis, Ric comes to her aid. Carly ...
Apr. 21, 2004
42x16 42 42x16 04.22.04 - Thursday
Courtney is upset when Jason won’t let her see Michael. Sonny and Carly prepare to tell Michael that they are going to get a divorce. When his condition gets worse Michael is ...
Apr. 22, 2004
42x17 42 42x17 04.23.04 - Friday
Courtney tells Jason that she didn't know Lorenzo had bought her waterfront property. Carly and Sonny grow closer again as they wait together during Michael's surgery. Michael gets ...
Apr. 23, 2004
42x18 42 42x18 04.26.04 - Monday
When Michael survives Sonny believes a miracle has been granted. Sam is upset when she sees how close Sonny and Carly are at the hospital. Sam takes a pregnancy test which turns out ...
Apr. 26, 2004
42x19 42 42x19 04.27.04 - Tuesday
Sonny tries to convince Carly to move back to the penthouse with the children. Carly decides to get back together with Lorenzo to keep Sonny away but she cannot go through with her ...
Apr. 27, 2004
42x20 42 42x20 04.28.04 - Wednesday
Sonny wants Sam to stay in his life and she agrees to be his mistress. Sonny is confronted by Carly about still wanting to see Sam. When Mary goes to the hospital to have a job interview ...
Apr. 28, 2004
42x21 42 42x21 04.29.04 - Thursday
Sonny and Carly argue about Sam. Sonny tells Jason why he won't allow himself to fall back in love with Carly. Jason tells Sam that he's sure Sonny and Carly will reunite and wonders ...
Apr. 29, 2004
42x22 42 42x22 04.30.04 - Friday
Lorenzo turns down a mobster's request to move drugs through Port Charles. Courtney meets Lorenzo and he promises her that he won’t be using the piers for illegal purposes as ...
Apr. 30, 2004
42x23 42 42x23 05.03.04 - Monday
Sam is accused by Jason of trying to trap Sonny when he discovers that she has decided to keep the baby. Courtney and Lorenzo are both fine after the shooting at Courtney's office. ...
May. 03, 2004
42x24 42 42x24 05.04.04 - Tuesday
Lucky is stopped from finding Ross' body at Skye's by Luke. Luke warns Skye that she is in danger. A mysterious woman spies on Skye and later rips up a picture of her. Luke learns that ...
May. 04, 2004
42x25 42 42x25 05.05.04 - Wednesday
Jason isn’t happy when he finds Sam scouting a new job location. Mac and Felicia discover Georgie with Dillon at L&B and she is told that she can’t see Dillon again. Ric ...
May. 05, 2004
42x26 42 42x26 05.06.04 - Thursday
Jason tells Sam that Sonny needs to know that she is pregnant. Sonny cancels a date with Sam to spend time with Carly and Michael. Sam witnesses Sonny spending time with his family. ...
May. 06, 2004
42x27 42 42x27 05.07.04 - Friday
As Sonny and Carly grow closer again they end up arguing about Sam. Sam tells Jax that she is sure that Sonny is the father of her baby. Sam packs her belongings and leaves a letter ...
May. 07, 2004
42x28 42 42x28 05.10.04 - Monday
Sonny reads the letter from Sam. Carly and Sonny share their feelings with one another. Sonny is shocked to learn from Jax that Sam is pregnant and Jax insists that he is the baby’s ...
May. 10, 2004
42x29 42 42x29 05.11.04 - Tuesday
Sam goes to a convent in South America intending to give up the baby up for adoption after it is born. Jason is told by Sonny to locate Sam. Carly asks Jason to help keep Sam away from ...
May. 11, 2004
42x30 42 42x30 05.12.04 - Wednesday
Carly is advised to tell Sonny how she really feels about him. Jason finds Sam in the convent in South America. At Faith’s trial, Alexis fails to make Sonny crumble on the witness ...
May. 12, 2004
42x31 42 42x31 05.13.04 - Thursday
Carly is upset when Sonny goes to South America to see Sam. Tracy isn’t happy when Jax joins the board of Courtney's foundation. Jax tells Tracy that he won't put up with her ...
May. 13, 2004
42x32 42 42x32 05.14.04 - Friday
Sonny learns that that Sam intends to put the baby up for adoption. Sam isn’t happy when Sonny tells her that he will take the baby from her if he is the father. Jax shows up ...
May. 14, 2004
42x33 42 42x33 05.17.04 - Monday
Sam and the baby are fine after the fall and her care is placed in Jason's hands. Carly learns that that Jax could be the father of Sam's baby. After Luke regains consciousness he asks ...
May. 17, 2004
42x34 42 42x34 05.18.04 - Tuesday
Carly asks Sonny what he is going to do if he iturns out to be the father of Sam's baby. Courtney and Jason clash over Sam. Carly informs Courtney that she will make sure the paternity ...
May. 18, 2004
42x35 42 42x35 05.19.04 - Wednesday
The paternity test on Sam’s unborn baby is carried out. Carly's plan to change the outcome of the paternity test is stopped by Jason and Courtney. Jax joins the board of Courtney's ...
May. 19, 2004
42x36 42 42x36 05.20.04 - Thursday
Carly informs Sonny that they are over if he turns out to be the father of Sam's baby. Dr. Meadows informs Sam, Sonny and Jax that neither Jax nor Sonny is the father of the baby. When ...
May. 20, 2004
42x37 42 42x37 05.21.04 - Friday
Jax decides that he has enough of Sam after discovering that neither he nor Sonny is the father of the baby. Sonny learns that he is the father of Sam's baby and Jason explains how ...
May. 21, 2004
42x38 42 42x38 05.24.04 - Monday
Sam realizes that Sonny wants Jason to pretend to be the father of their baby so that Sonny will be able to keep Carly. Skye is rescued from being stabbed by the mystery woman by Lucky. ...
May. 24, 2004
42x39 42 42x39 05.25.04 - Tuesday
Jason finds Sam at his place and tells that he will go along with the plan of pretending to be her baby's father because he owes it to Sonny and Carly. Sonny is about to tell Carly ...
May. 25, 2004
42x40 42 42x40 05.26.04 - Wednesday
Carly believes Sam when she says that it is Jason's baby. Sonny is grateful that Sam lied to Carly. Luke is arrested as being an accessory to murder after letting Laura escape from ...
May. 26, 2004
42x41 42 42x41 05.27.04 - Thursday
Jason’s claim that he is the father of Sam's baby shocks Courtney. Sonny tells Sam that he needs her. Tracy isn’t happy when Jax dumps her. Jason proposes to Sam. After ...
May. 27, 2004
42x42 42 42x42 05.28.04 - Friday
Carly agrees to go to the island with Sonny and the children but they argue about Sam and Lorenzo. When Sonny returns home Carly gets rid of all trace of Sam. Sam agrees to marry Jason. ...
May. 28, 2004
42x43 42 42x43 05.31.04 - Monday
Sonny is against Jason marrying Sam, who tries explains to him why she and Jason should marry. When Courtney stands up to Tracy's threats, Jax is impressed. Jason witnesses Jax and ...
May. 31, 2004
42x44 42 42x44 06.01.04 - Tuesday
Emily doesn't tell Lucky that she has seen Nikolas. Nikolas recognizes Emily as a friend of Mary's and tells her that he has no memory of his past. Emily is upset when he says that ...
Jun. 01, 2004
42x45 42 42x45 06.02.04 - Wednesday
Emily fails to get Nikolas to remember anything after she talks with him. Emily leaves Las Rocas without Mary knowing she was ever ther. Jax takes credit for Jason's anonymous donation ...
Jun. 02, 2004
42x46 42 42x46 06.03.04 - Thursday
Emily asks Jason what she should do about Nikolas. Nikolas is told to follow Jason by Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Mary that he can shatter her world at any time. Sonny isn’t happy ...
Jun. 03, 2004
42x47 42 42x47 06.04.04 - Friday
Courtney learns from Sam that Jax took the credit for Jason's donation. Jason's family are shocked to learn about the engagement and Sam's pregnancy. Alexis tells Sonny that she isn’t ...
Jun. 04, 2004
42x48 42 42x48 06.07.04 - Monday
Courtney isn’t happy with Jax when she discovers that he took credit for the donation that came from Jason. Sonny and Lorenzo's argument is interrupted by Sam. Sonny wants Sam ...
Jun. 07, 2004
42x49 42 42x49 06.08.04 - Tuesday
When Lorenzo informs her that Jason and Sam are getting married Carly returns to Port Charles. Sam tells Jason that she wants to get married in a church. Courtney refuses to help Carly ...
Jun. 08, 2004
42x50 42 42x50 06.09.04 - Wednesday
Carly tries unsuccessfully to stop Jason and Sam's wedding. Jason says his wedding vows but Sam stops the wedding and says that she can’t go through with it. Ric tries to make ...
Jun. 09, 2004
42x51 42 42x51 06.10.04 - Thursday
Sam explains why she stopped the wedding and tells everyone that she and Jason aren’t in love. Sam decides to leave Port Charles and Sonny is angry when Jason doesn't stop her. ...
Jun. 10, 2004
42x52 42 42x52 06.11.04 - Friday
Jax takes Courtney to Italy who believes that Jason and Sam are now married. Carly tells Jason to go after Courtney and Jax but he refuses. Carly manages to find out Courtney and Jax’s ...
Jun. 11, 2004
42x53 42 42x53 06.14.04 - Monday
In Italy, Courtney learns from Carly that Jason didn't marry Sam and is urged to return home. Courtney tells Carly that she has no future with Jason. Carly causes a disturbance in the ...
Jun. 14, 2004
42x54 42 42x54 06.15.04 - Tuesday
Carly’s plan to get Jason and Courtney to spend some time together works when they are forced to share the same prison cell in Italy. After being let go Jax, Jason, Carly and ...
Jun. 15, 2004
42x55 42 42x55 06.16.04 - Wednesday
Sam is found by Jason in a clinic in Texas and she tells him that she has lost the baby. As they prepare to leave town they are being watched by the hit man who shot Sonny. When she ...
Jun. 16, 2004
42x56 42 42x56 06.17.04 - Thursday
Faith surprises everybody when she decides not to press charges against Carly. Sonny asks Sister Agnes to call Carly, who arrives at the convent and refuses to let Sonny die. Courtney ...
Jun. 17, 2004
42x57 42 42x57 06.18.04 - Friday
Carly manages to save Sonny’s life. Jason calls Carly and learns about what happened to Sonny. Nico plans to kill Jason with a syringe and hears that Sonny survived the shooting. ...
Jun. 18, 2004
42x58 42 42x58 06.21.04 - Monday
When she hears Nikolas telling Mary that he loves her Emily is upset and she is comforted by Lucky. Jason fights with Nico but Nico manages to escape. Sonny convinces Carly to take ...
Jun. 21, 2004
42x59 42 42x59 06.22.04 - Tuesday
Carly learns something about Sam's ex-boyfriend and confronts her and suggests she leave Port Charles for good. Sam contacts Nico and later tells Jason that she has made plans to meet ...
Jun. 22, 2004
42x60 42 42x60 06.23.04 - Wednesday
Jax asks Courtney about her feelings for Jason. Carly and Sonny grow closer again. Sonny tells Michael that he and Carly are going to stay together. Sam is saved from Nico by Jason ...
Jun. 23, 2004
42x61 42 42x61 06.24.04 - Thursday
Faith fakes an attempt on her own life in order to further her agenda against Sonny and Jason. Jason interrupts a moment between Sam and Sonny and wishes that Sam wouldn't spend time ...
Jun. 24, 2004
42x62 42 42x62 06.25.04 - Friday
Jason refuses to allow Sam to leave the house after she lies to him about the telephone call she received from Nico. Lorenzo tells Sonny that he didn’t hire the hit man who tried ...
Jun. 25, 2004
42x63 42 42x63 06.28.04 - Monday
Sam is rescued by Carly but Nico manages to escape. Carly manages to convince Sonny and Jason that Sam needs to get out of town. When Jason and Sam go to Sonny's island they are followed ...
Jun. 28, 2004
42x64 42 42x64 06.29.04 - Tuesday
Heather breaks into Skye's place and remembers following her and killing Ross. When she sees a photograph of Luke with Skye, Heather goes crazy. Jason and Sam found out that Nico followed ...
Jun. 29, 2004
42x65 42 42x65 06.30.04 - Wednesday
A mystery man is seen looking at an old picture of Sam. Jason and Sam return home and see a close moment between Sonny and Carly. As Jason tells Sonny that Sam is keeping a secret from ...
Jun. 30, 2004
42x66 42 42x66 07.01.04 - Thursday
After Jason catches Sam burning her old address book he finds a piece of a burnt paper from the fireplace which points him in the direction of Bailey's Beach, South Carolina. Sam and ...
Jul. 01, 2004
42x67 42 42x67 07.02.04 - Friday
Carly makes plans to go to Bailey's Beach to find out about Sam's past. Emily tells Elizabeth that Nikolas is alive and how he is being manipulated by Mary. Mary is confronted by Emily. ...
Jul. 02, 2004
42x68 42 42x68 07.05.04 - Monday
Jason lets Carly help him try and uncover Sam's secret. They talk to a man called Stuart who supplies them with disturbing information about Sam's past. Sonny knows that Faith or Lorenzo ...
Jul. 05, 2004
42x69 42 42x69 07.06.04 - Tuesday
After Lorenzo shows him proof that Faith hired Nico, Sonny decides to get rid of her once and for all. Faith blackmails Sonny by telling him that if anything happens to her Carly will ...
Jul. 06, 2004
42x70 42 42x70 07.07.04 - Wednesday
Sam tells Jason that she didn't mean to kill her mother and when Jason tells Sonny they promise to protect Sam. Sonny tells Jason that Faith is blackmailong him. Mike discovers that ...
Jul. 07, 2004
42x71 42 42x71 07.08.04 - Thursday
Nikolas rejects both Emily and Alexis when he doesn’t remember his past. Alexis tries to keep Nikolas away from Lorenzo. Jason hides Sam and promises to help her anyway he can. ...
Jul. 08, 2004
42x72 42 42x72 07.09.04 - Friday
Ric tries to find out about Sam’s disappearance from Sonny. Jason learns about the phone call Emily heard Sam making. Lorenzo tells Carly that Faith has something on Sonny. Jason ...
Jul. 09, 2004
42x73 42 42x73 07.12.04 - Monday
After Jason sees Sam hugging a mysterious man she lies to him. Jason tells Sonny that Sam is keeping secrets. Lorenzo offers to help Carly find out what hold Faith has over Sonny. Jax ...
Jul. 12, 2004
42x74 42 42x74 07.13.04 - Tuesday
Sam is confronted by Carly and Carly is upset when Jason takes Sam’s side. Courtney refuses to take Jax's money and insists they continue with their bet. Trent convinces Courtney ...
Jul. 13, 2004
42x75 42 42x75 07.14.04 - Wednesday
Sam is about to tell her secret to Jason when Emily arrives with the news of Lila's death. The family all have reaction differently upon hearing that Lila has died. Felicia remembers ...
Jul. 14, 2004

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