Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 41 (2003-2004)

41x01 41 41x01 #10243
Carly is forced to ask Ric to help her get Sonny out of jail. Faith agrees to tell Jason who she is working with under the agreement that he kills Sonny. When Sonny meets with Jason ...
Apr. 01, 2003
41x02 41 41x02 #10244
Faith passes out before she can tell Sonny who she is working with. Courtney manages to rescue Carly but she has stopped breathing. Sonny is shocked when he discovers that Carly has ...
Apr. 02, 2003
41x03 41 41x03 #10245
After Sonny admits that he needs Jason to be working for for him again, the two of them reconcile. After she has an ultrasound, Carly and Sonny discover that their baby is fine. Emily ...
Apr. 03, 2003
41x04 41 41x04 #10246
Sonny reluctantly seems to accept Jason’s relationship with his sister. Sonny demands to know who Faith is working with. Alexis decides to return Kristina to the Quartermaines and ...
Apr. 04, 2003
41x05 41 41x05 #10247
Sonny remains close to losing his sanity. Ric makes it look as though Jax is Faith's partner. Cameron covers for Alexis in front of Jax and Skye, allowing her to spend more time with ...
Apr. 07, 2003
41x06 41 41x06 #10248
Jason makes his grandfather admit that he gave Faith the money to order the attempted hit on Sonny. Sonny decides to kill Faith but it is Carly who is standing in the doorway as Sonny ...
Apr. 08, 2003
41x07 41 41x07 #10249
Jason threatens his grandfather demanding that he help him find out who Faith is working with. Jason learns about Sonny's mental state. Ric brings Sonny some pictures as he tries to ...
Apr. 09, 2003
41x08 41 41x08 #10250
After Jax is challenged by Sonny, he calls Taggert. Jason and Sonny manage to escape from Taggert. Mac talks with Nikolas, who claims he fell by accident. Luke refuses to forgive Summer ...
Apr. 10, 2003
41x09 41 41x09 #10251
Sonny demands what Faith tells him who she is working with. Courtney decides to split up with Jason in order to save her brother. Zander tells Emily how he killed his brother in a hunting ...
Apr. 11, 2003
41x10 41 41x10 #10252
Jason finds a letter from Courtney saying that she has moved out. Jason agrees to a temporary separation until Sonny gets back on his feet. Elizabeth is unnerved when she sees Ric with ...
Apr. 14, 2003
41x11 41 41x11 #10253
Jason refuses to talk about breaking up with Courtney. Fowler, who works for Faith, arranges a meeting with Jason. Jason is knocked out when he goes to meet Fowler, who Courtney later ...
Apr. 15, 2003
41x12 41 41x12 #10254
When Ric gives Taggert an alibi for Jason for the time of Fowler's murder, Sonny and Jason are surprised. After Ric insists to Sonny that he isn't working with Faith, Sonny decides ...
Apr. 16, 2003
41x13 41 41x13 #10255
After Ric convinces Elizabeth that he has nothing more to hide they make love. Elizabeth becomes suspicious again when she hears him talking to Faith on the phone. Jason finds Courtney ...
Apr. 17, 2003
41x14 41 41x14 #10256
Jason and Courtney manage to aviod being shot by Faith and escape leaving her with a warning. Ric manages to convince Elizabeth that he means no harm to Jason. Faith is furious when ...
Apr. 18, 2003
41x15 41 41x15 #10257
Jason wants to kill Faith but Sonny comes up with a plan to use her as bait to expose Ric as her partner. Jason grabs Faith and takes her to a safe house. Sonny makes sure that Ric ...
Apr. 21, 2003
41x16 41 41x16 #10258
Faith tries to convince Jason not to kill her and he tells her that he and Sonny are waiting for her partner to reveal himself. Ric shows up at the safe house and sees Faith tied to ...
Apr. 22, 2003
41x17 41 41x17 #10259
Ric walks into Sonny and Jason's trap when he shoots Faith, which turns out to be nothing more than a dummy. Sonny wants to know what Ric is up to before he kills him. Sonny has one ...
Apr. 23, 2003
41x18 41 41x18 #10260
Sonny decides not to kill Faith in the hope she will be able to help him locate Ric. Elizabeth refuses to believe that Ric raped Carly and agrees to help him when he calls. Sonny assures ...
Apr. 24, 2003
41x19 41 41x19 #10261
After Courtney follows Ric he takes her hostage. After Courtney calls him, Jason is held at gunpoint by Ric. Skye tells the rest of the family that she isn't Alan's daughter but is ...
Apr. 25, 2003
41x20 41 41x20 #10262
Ric tells Jason to have Sonny meet with him alone at his family's summer home before fleeing with Courtney. Ric hides Courtney in a mineshaft as he waits for Sonny’s arrival. ...
Apr. 28, 2003
41x21 41 41x21 #10263
As Sonny goes to Martha's Vineyard, he remembers being there as a child. When he arrives he is confronted by Ric, who tells him that his family owns the house. Sonny remembers that ...
Apr. 29, 2003
41x22 41 41x22 #10264
Ric tells Sonny that that Adela is his mother and Trevor Lansing is his father. Ric continues that Trevor blamed Sonny for the Adela’s fall and wanted her to give him up for adoption. ...
Apr. 30, 2003
41x23 41 41x23 #10265
Jason is stopped from killing Ric.and he is surprised when Sonny lets him walk away just because he claims to be his brother. Unable to cope will all Ric’s lies, Elizabeth walks ...
May. 01, 2003
41x24 41 41x24 #10266
Ric tells Scott that he will help ruin Sonny in return for immunity from any crimes he might have committed to which Scott agrees. Elizabeth demands to know why Ric lied to her and ...
May. 02, 2003
41x25 41 41x25 #10267
Sonny tries to find Carly as she is holds a drugged Ric at gunpoint. When Sonny shows up he stops her from killing Ric. Ric later gives Scott information to use against Sonny. Courtney ...
May. 05, 2003
41x26 41 41x26 #10268
Scott and Taggert order searches of all of Sonny's properties but he manages to stay one step ahead of them. Courtney listens in as Faith talks about framing Jason for Fowler's murder ...
May. 06, 2003
41x27 41 41x27 #10269
Courtney is taken to the hospital after being run over by Faith and Jason realizes that it wasn’t an accident. A dazed Courtney mistakes Ric for Jason and tells him that she knows ...
May. 07, 2003
41x28 41 41x28 #10270
Ric tells Courtney that if anything happens to him, he will make sure that Jason takes the blame for Fowler’s death. Courtney discusses the idea of getting married with Jason. ...
May. 08, 2003
41x29 41 41x29 #10271
Sonny makes up with his sister and promises to try and accept her relationship with Jason.Courtney doesn't tell Jason or her brother about Ric's threats. Ric plots to use Courtney to ...
May. 09, 2003
41x30 41 41x30 #10272
Elizabeth turns down Ric’s request to get back together. Sonny discovers Ric in the park with Courtney and Michael and reminds him that he will never be a part of the family. ...
May. 12, 2003
41x31 41 41x31 #10273
Ric blackmails Courtney into agreeing to become his wife by threatening to frame Jason for Fowler's murder. When Courtney returns home, Jason proposes to her. Faith warns Elizabeth ...
May. 13, 2003
41x32 41 41x32 #10274
Sonny takes Carly to the island for a romantic holiday. After telling Ric that she loves him, Elizabeth is shocked when he tells her he is going to marry Courtney. Courtney is happy ...
May. 14, 2003
41x33 41 41x33 #10275
Sonny and Carly are shocked when Ric declares that he is going to marry Courtney. Jason and Courtney tell them about Ric's threat to frame Jason for murder. They devise a plan against ...
May. 15, 2003
41x34 41 41x34 #10276
Sonny promises Carly that they will beat Ric. Jason points a gun at Ric as Scott and several officers arrive. Jason manages to escape with the tire iron. Elizabeth considers having ...
May. 16, 2003
41x35 41 41x35 #10277
Jason and Courtney tell Sony and Carly that they have decided to get married. After Maxie takes a pill that Zach gave her, she passes out in front of Sonny, Jason, Carly and Courtney. ...
May. 19, 2003
41x36 41 41x36 #10278
Ric tells Sonny that he wants a truce between. As Sonny, Carly and Michael are about to get into the car, it explodes. Mac asks Jason to find out who was responsible for the drugs being ...
May. 20, 2003
41x37 41 41x37 #10279
Ric manages to convince Elizabeth that he isn't to blame for the car bomb and she agrees to elope with him. Sonny instructs Jason to take Carly, Michael and Courtney to the island for ...
May. 21, 2003
41x38 41 41x38 #10280
After finally accepting the fact that Ric isn't responsible for the bombing, Sonny lets him go. Jason finds drugs hidden inside the cabana as Drug Enforcement Agents arrive at the door ...
May. 22, 2003
41x39 41 41x39 #10281
Faith manages to manipulate Elizabeth into arranging a meeting with Sonny. Elizabeth asks him to promise that he won't go after Ric. Sonny loses his temper before leaving. As Elizabeth ...
May. 23, 2003
41x40 41 41x40 #10282
Faith manages to leave with out being seen as Ric calls out for help to get Elizabeth to the hospital. Ric believes that Sonny deliberately pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. When Sonny ...
May. 26, 2003
41x41 41 41x41 #10283
Elizabeth is devastated after losing the baby. Sonny assures Ric he didn't push Elizabeth down the stairs. Zander asks Jason for help after being shot by Angry John. After Angry John ...
May. 27, 2003
41x42 41 41x42 #10284
Elizabeth is taken home by Ric and they face the future after her miscarriage. When Faith shows up, Ric tells her that he is through with trying to destroy Sonny and orders her to leave ...
May. 28, 2003
41x43 41 41x43 #10285
Alexis, dressed as Dobson, tries to let Alice down gently. Zander confronts Nikolas about his feelings for Emily but is told to speak to Emily. Cameron realizes that Dobson is really ...
May. 29, 2003
41x44 41 41x44 #10286
Jason and Courtney announce their engagement. AJ wrecks Courtney's shower by inviting several of the strippers she used to work with to attend and then arranging for her mother to show ...
May. 30, 2003
41x45 41 41x45 #10287
AJ bribes Janine to try and stop Courtney from marrying Jason. Janine plays on her daughter’s sympathies. Sonny and Jason find drugs hidden in their coffee shipment and try to ...
Jun. 02, 2003
41x46 41 41x46 #10288
Courtney refuses to allow her mother to run her life and realizes that AJ bribed her to get her to leave Jason. Faith warns Carly that Ric isn't over trying to get revenge on Sonny. ...
Jun. 03, 2003
41x47 41 41x47 #10289
Jason thinks that Ric will try to use Carly to get to Sonny. Ric plots to give Sonny and Carly's baby to Elizabeth. Two Drug Enforcement Agency agents arrive to arrest Sonny and Jason ...
Jun. 04, 2003
41x48 41 41x48 #10290
Jason and Sonny try to work out Alcazar's connection to their difficulties. Sonny is later kidnapped by Alcazar. Luke learns that Nikolas was the one who had Laura moved to another ...
Jun. 05, 2003
41x49 41 41x49 #10291
Ric tells Elizabeth that he isn't involved with what has happened to Sonny. Jason and Carly receive a picture of Sonny tied up. Jason heads to the warehouse, where he comes face to ...
Jun. 06, 2003
41x50 41 41x50 #10292
Jason meets Luis' brother, Lorenzo who offers to release Sonny in exchange for the drugs Jason found. Carly passes out. Scott informs Jason that a huge supply of cocaine was found in ...
Jun. 09, 2003
41x51 41 41x51 #10293
Jason tries to make a deal with Scott. Jason is told by Lorenzo that Sonny is a dead man now that he doesn't have the drugs to trade for Sonny's release. Lorenzo agrees to give him ...
Jun. 10, 2003
41x52 41 41x52 #10294
Jason is released from jail when the evidence against him goes missing. Jason calls Lorenzo to swop the drugs for Sonny. After the trade takes place, Scott arrives and has Lorenzo arrested. ...
Jun. 11, 2003
41x53 41 41x53 #10295
Jason tells Carly and Courtney how he was able to rescue Sonny by making a deal with Scott. Scott looks forward to being able to convict Lorenzo. After Scott is bribed by Lorenzo, he ...
Jun. 12, 2003
41x54 41 41x54 #10296
Jason and Courtney prepare to be married. Ric drugs Elizabeth, causing her to fall asleep and he sneaks off to the wedding. As the wedding is about to start Sonny and Jason learn that ...
Jun. 13, 2003
41x55 41 41x55 #10297
Michael is too upset to give any information about what he saw when Ric snatched Carly. Jason doesn’t believe that Lorenzo is involved after talking with him. Carly is shocked ...
Jun. 16, 2003
41x56 41 41x56 #10298
There is no trace of Carly at Ric's although Sonny still believes that Ric is responsible for her disappearance. Luke is annoyed when he dicovers that Laura isn’t at Ferncliff. ...
Jun. 17, 2003
41x57 41 41x57 #10299
Faith is questioned by Jason about Carly's disappearance. Faith later tells Elizabeth that she knows that Ric kidnapped Carly. Michael tells Sonny what he remembered seeing at the church. ...
Jun. 18, 2003
41x58 41 41x58 #10300
Ric manages to overpower Carly before she can tell Sonny where she is. Carly refuses to eat hoping that Ric will release her. Lucky chases Faith away from Elizabeth who defends Ric ...
Jun. 19, 2003
41x59 41 41x59 #10301
Stefan instructs Darius to make sure Emily has a fatal accident during her and Nikolas' engagement party. Summer leaves the party and runs into Luke. Luke isn’t happy when she ...
Jun. 20, 2003
41x60 41 41x60 #10302
Courtney tells Jason that Michael believes he saw Ric take Carly from the church. After getting a shock when she caused a power failure by breaking the monitor, Carly passes out. After ...
Jun. 23, 2003
41x61 41 41x61 #10303
Ric takes Carly to be seen by a doctor and promises her that he will let her go. Dr. Gordon tells Carly that he will call Sonny for her but after giving her a clean bill of health he ...
Jun. 24, 2003
41x62 41 41x62 #10304
After Ric rejects Faith, she steals his keys and later returns to let herself into his home. Carly sees Faith poisons some lemonade via the moniter. Carly later warns Ric about the ...
Jun. 25, 2003
41x63 41 41x63 #10305
Ric is shocked as he sees Elizabeth pass out after drinking the lemonade that Faith spiked. After Elizabeth is taken to the hospital she is shocked to learn that Faith had poisoned ...
Jun. 26, 2003
41x64 41 41x64 #10306
Scott isn’t pleased when Federal agents take over his case against Sonny. Sonny is told that they want him to work with one of their operatives to try and bring Lorenzo down. ...
Jun. 27, 2003
41x65 41 41x65 #10307
Sonny is surprised to find out that Agent Brown wants him to work with Faith as part of the plan to get Lorenzo. Sonny agrees to go along with the plan. After Jason is arrested for ...
Jun. 30, 2003
41x66 41 41x66 #10308
Jason is worried about Sonny's deal with the federal agents and about having to work with Faith. As per orders, Sonny takes part in a press conference in which he appears to be suffering ...
Jul. 01, 2003
41x67 41 41x67 #10309
Jason remains certain that Ric is the link to finding Carly. Ric is unsettled when Lorenzo makes a threat against Elizabeth. Courtney tells Faith that once Carly has been found she ...
Jul. 02, 2003
41x68 41 41x68 #10310
Sonny isn’t happy when Jason admits he broke into Ric’s place. Jason agrees to leave town with Courtney but later changes his mind. Jason tells her that he has placed a ...
Jul. 03, 2003
41x69 41 41x69 #10311
After Jason explains his reasons for staying in town, Sonny supports him. Carly tries to play on Ric's insecurities. Sonny agrees to allow Faith to move in to help with their act. As ...
Jul. 04, 2003
41x70 41 41x70 #10312
Thanks to the fake evidence Lorenzo planted, Scott tells Sonny that Carly has been traced to Venezuela. Sonny agrees to run drugs for Lorenzo if he manages to free Carly but later informs ...
Jul. 07, 2003
41x71 41 41x71 #10313
Carly makes Ric believe that she is scared of Lorenzo. Sonny turns down Faith's advances. When he sees that Lorenzo is attracked to Faith, Sonny plans to use it to his advantage.Jason ...
Jul. 08, 2003
41x72 41 41x72 #10314
After Scott sees the picture that Jason stole from Lorenzo, he tells Sonny that he is sure that Carly is still in town. After being confronted by Sonny, Lorenzo plans on removing Carly ...
Jul. 09, 2003
41x73 41 41x73 #10315
Ric accuses Lorenzo of trying to betray him after discovering him trying to get into the panic room. Jason tries to convince Sonny that Ric is the kidnapper. Knowing that Jason is listening, ...
Jul. 10, 2003
41x74 41 41x74 #10316
Ric continues to drug Elizabeth's drinks with birth control pills. Sonny gives Faith some advice on how to handle Lorenzo. Ric tries to trick Sonny. Jason is arrested for violating ...
Jul. 11, 2003
41x75 41 41x75 #10317
After Elizabeth passes out after discovering Carly in the panic room, Ric takes her to the hospital, where he discovers that the birth control pills he gave her could have caused her ...
Jul. 14, 2003

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