Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, NY is the love of power--and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. Filled with crises both medical and romantic, GH remains the common arena that links the town together.

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General Hospital Season 40 (2002-2003)

40x01 40 40x01 #9988
Laura asks Nikolas if he helped Helena escape. Gia listens in as he denies taking part in the scheme. When Lucky can’t find Elizabeth, he tells Sarah that he is worried that she has ...
Apr. 01, 2002
40x02 40 40x02 #9989
Laura feels responsible for her son's actions. Luke and Roy try to locate Helena and they discover Felicia working undercover as a waitress in a bar as Helena sits in the corner. Elizabeth ...
Apr. 02, 2002
40x03 40 40x03 #9990
Carly and Jax clash about Sonny and Jax angers her even more when he says that he knew all along that Sonny didn't trap Skye in the boathouse. Jax annoys Skye when he asks her to tell ...
Apr. 03, 2002
40x04 40 40x04 #9991
Elizabeth lashes out at Nikolas. Mike tries to force Edward into revealing his daughter’s whereabouts. Ned shows up and sends Mike away. Skye is worried about AJ. Monica clashes with ...
Apr. 04, 2002
40x05 40 40x05 #9992
Luke tells his son that Nikolas helped Helena to escape but Lucky refuses to believe it. Luke ends up face to face with Helena. Nikolas tries to assure Gia that everything is going ...
Apr. 05, 2002
40x06 40 40x06 #9993
Lucky clashes with Nikolas and announces that the war between his family and the Cassadines is back on. Luke catches Helena and threatens to kill her. Luke ends up handing her over ...
Apr. 08, 2002
40x07 40 40x07 #9994
Kristina tells Alexis that she is worried that Nikolas has done something bad. Nikolas asks Gia to leave him alone so that he can take care of some mysterious business. Laura learns ...
Apr. 09, 2002
40x08 40 40x08 #9995
Lucky demands that Nikolas be arrested but Mac reminds him that no hard evidence exists. Taggert asks his sister why she lied about the accident. Sonny is surprised when Alexis agrees ...
Apr. 10, 2002
40x09 40 40x09 #9996
Laura tells Bobbie it’s fine with her if she wants to pursue Scott. Lucky argues with his brother. Alexis angers Ned when she tells Ned's news about AJ to Sonny. Alexis insists on ...
Apr. 11, 2002
40x10 40 40x10 #9997
Luke asks his son to move back into Wyndemere to get evidence against Nikolas but refuses when he remembers his promise to Laura. Zander is pleased when Carly tells him that she is ...
Apr. 12, 2002
40x11 40 40x11 #9998
Lucky remains unwilling to accept Nikolas as his brother. Luke burns Helena's picture to symbolize that she is out of their lives. Elizabeth asks her sister to help find Lucky but when ...
Apr. 15, 2002
40x12 40 40x12 #9999
Gia sees Lucky kiss Sarah and informs Elizabeth, who doesn‘t believe her. Elizabeth witnesses Lucky comforting Sarah after she shares her past with him. Jax hears AJ's offer to return ...
Apr. 16, 2002
40x13 40 40x13 #10000
Everyone gathers for Audrey's ten thousandth day of service at the hospital and she is given a special piece of jewellery by Alan. Everyone remembers the past and Bobbie and Laura end ...
Apr. 17, 2002
40x14 40 40x14 #10001
Alexis is worried how Sonny will react to his sister marrying AJ. Courtney's happiness ends when she sees AJ drinking. Elizabeth sees her sister with Lucky and worries that they are ...
Apr. 18, 2002
40x15 40 40x15 #10002
Kristina asks Alexis about Sonny's future plans for AJ. Mike learns about his daughter’s marriage to AJ. Sonny prepares for AJ's downfall. Alexis realizes that Sonny intends to kill ...
Apr. 19, 2002
40x16 40 40x16 #10003
Elizabeth tries to find out the truth about Lucky's relationship with her sister. Edward is happy that AJ wants full custody of Michael. Monica tells Janine that AJ married Courtney ...
Apr. 22, 2002
40x17 40 40x17 #10004
Zander asks Carly if she knows about Alexis and Sonny's new romance. Carly later finds them in bed together when she takes a birthday card to Sonny from Michael. Kristina tells Zander ...
Apr. 23, 2002
40x18 40 40x18 #10005
Sarah learns that Lucky and Elizabeth has split up. Carly tells Zander about seeing Sonny in bed with Alexis. Sonny refuses to let business get in the way of his relationship with ...
Apr. 24, 2002
40x19 40 40x19 #10006
Sarah interrupts Lucky's attempt to try and talk with her sister. Skye isn’t pleased when she learns that Jax has decided to stay in his partnership with Carly. AJ manages to manipulate ...
Apr. 25, 2002
40x20 40 40x20 #10007
When he finds Bobbie babysitting Michael, Jax asks her where Carly is. Zander also shows up looking for her. Zander informs Jax that Carly might have driven herself off the cliff. Alexis ...
Apr. 26, 2002
40x21 40 40x21 #10008
Scott hears about Carly‘s accident and has to tell Bobbie. Courtney is confused when Sonny tells her to tell AJ that the trade will never happen. Alexis later informs her about Carly's ...
Apr. 29, 2002
40x22 40 40x22 #10009
Skye tries to make a deal with Edward. Courtney confronts AJ. Carly's car is brought up with no one inside it. Sonny insists that Carly is still alive. Courtney asks Gia to help her ...
Apr. 30, 2002
40x23 40 40x23 #10010
Zander tells Kristina that he killed Carly and Ned witnesses her comforting him. AJ learns from the police that Sonny may have ordered a hit on him. Luke tries to comfort his sister. ...
May. 01, 2002
40x24 40 40x24 #10011
Sonny learns about Michael's disappearance. Ned and Kristina share a kiss. Sonny warns AJ not to try and gain custody of Michael. Elizabeth sees Lucky with her sister when he asks for ...
May. 02, 2002
40x25 40 40x25 #10012
Alexis believes that Taggert has not looked good enough for Carly and when a new lead comes in she decides to follow it up herself. A tired Jax is comforted by Skye. When Sonny learns ...
May. 03, 2002
40x26 40 40x26 #10013
Monica promises to stand by AJ’s decision to try and gain custody of Michael. Edward is shocked by Courtney’s decision that she doesn’t want to have children until her thirties ...
May. 06, 2002
40x27 40 40x27 #10014
Zander feels responsible for what happened to Carly and is later questioned by Sonny. Bobbie refuses to believe that Michael only imagined seeing Carly. Maxie turns to Lucky for support ...
May. 07, 2002
40x28 40 40x28 #10015
Lucky decides to stay away from both Elizabeth and Sarah so that the two sisters can have the chance to make up their differences. When he bumps into Sarah at the gym, Lucky gives into ...
May. 08, 2002
40x29 40 40x29 #10016
Sarah feels guilty for kissing Lucky. Skye and Jax make love. AJ is able to get back into Courtney’s good books. Sonny cracks up as he realizes the truth about Carly. Ned tells Kristina ...
May. 09, 2002
40x30 40 40x30 #10017
Sonny believes that Carly has come back but discovers that it is only Bobbie and Michael. Sonny tries to find out from Michael what he saw. Rae says goodbye to her daughter and leaves ...
May. 10, 2002
40x31 40 40x31 #10018
Bobbie refuses to believe it is Carly‘s body that has been found at the car crash. AJ hears about what has happened to Carly. After Lucky decides to keep his distance from Sarah fate ...
May. 13, 2002
40x32 40 40x32 #10019
Scott, Luke and Bobby learn the results of the DNA test. Kristina and Alexis share some sisterly time together. An upset Sonny finds support from an unlikely source. Lucky‘s views ...
May. 14, 2002
40x33 40 40x33 #10020
The news of Carly‘s death hits the residents of Port Charles in many different ways. Zander is upset when he visits the morgue. Felicia tries to make amends with Maxie who appears ...
May. 15, 2002
40x34 40 40x34 #10021
Bobbie and Sonny decide how to tell Michael about what has happened to Carly. Sonny shares some secrets with Alexis and later makes one last promise to Carly. AJ moves ahead with his ...
May. 16, 2002
40x35 40 40x35 #10022
AJ asks Skye to help and he upsets Courtney by admitting what he has been up to. Everyone gathers for Carly‘s funeral. Sonny is surprised when Alexis shows up. Gia is given an ultimatum ...
May. 17, 2002
40x36 40 40x36 #10023
Everyone is shocked by Carly’s appearance at her own funeral. Carly‘s arrival leaves Sonny pondering about his relationship with Alexis. Michael‘s future is in doubt following ...
May. 20, 2002
40x37 40 40x37 #10024
Carly tries to discover the truth. Zander shares his concerns about Carly to Kristina, and she offers him some advise. Nikolas and Gia wonder who has decided to haunt Nikolas and Nikolas ...
May. 21, 2002
40x38 40 40x38 #10025
Alexis hears an admission from Sonny. Nikolas gets closer to uncovering the plot against him. AJ tries to plant doubts in Scott’s mind. Courtney shares her feelings with her fath ...
May. 22, 2002
40x39 40 40x39 #10026
After learning some information about Sonny from Jax and Mike, Carly decides to go see him. Alexis and Sonny make a decision about their future. AJ tells Carly that he intends to win ...
May. 23, 2002
40x40 40 40x40 #10027
Carly visits Sonny but Alexis shows up and faints in Sonny's arms. Luke confronts AJ about Bobbie. Laura tries to offer AJ some advise. AJ receives more bad news with the return of ...
May. 24, 2002
40x41 40 40x41 #10028
Alexis tells Sonny and Kristina that she is going to be fine. Carly and Jason forget the past for a while. Jason tries to force his brother to leave Carly and Michael alone and also ...
May. 27, 2002
40x42 40 40x42 #10029
Felicia tries unsuccessfully to tell Lucky about her daughter’s feelings towards him. Skye meets her brother Jason for the first time. Carly manages to avoid answering Sonny’s questions. ...
May. 28, 2002
40x43 40 40x43 #10030
Carly and Sonny seem unable to get over the past. Carly encourages her mother to ask both Alexis and Sonny to her party. Scott wants to know what Alexis is up to. Sarah asks her sister ...
May. 29, 2002
40x44 40 40x44 #10031
Carly is confronted by Jason who wants to know the truth. Edward tries to force AJ into going along with his plans. Sonny becomes suspicious of Alexis' behavior. When Lucky tries to ...
May. 30, 2002
40x45 40 40x45 #10032
Scott hopes for a future with Bobbie who gives him her answer. Jason urges Carly to tell Sonny the truth but she thinks otherwise. Later, Sonny tells Jason to investigate Carly's story. ...
May. 31, 2002
40x46 40 40x46 #10033
Kristina and Ned take Alexis to the hospital after her clash with Carly as she is worried about the health of her unborn baby. Sonny remains unsure whether he can trust Carly. Sarah ...
Jun. 03, 2002
40x47 40 40x47 #10034
Laura worries that the wedding is being rushed. After AJ opens his heart to her, Courtney angers Edward when she sees through his games. After AJ angers him too, Edward plots his revenge. ...
Jun. 04, 2002
40x48 40 40x48 #10035
Sonny shares his doubts about Carly to Jason. Carly looks like she might have ruined any hopes of a happy ending with Sonny when Zander sees her in a compromising position with someone ...
Jun. 05, 2002
40x49 40 40x49 #10036
Zander is upset when Sonny believes Jason over him. AJ asks Janine for money when he realizes that his grandfather has frozen all his assets. When Kristina refuses to do want Ned wants ...
Jun. 06, 2002
40x50 40 40x50 #10037
Alexis is interrupted by Ned as she is about to tell Sonny the truth. Sonny learns that an old threat has returned to Port Charles. Lucky uses the distance between Elizabeth and her ...
Jun. 07, 2002
40x51 40 40x51 #10038
Alexis is angered by Carly and she tries to decide whether to tell Sonny the truth. Jason tells Sonny about the latest mole and he is instructed to deal with him. Zander is surprised ...
Jun. 10, 2002
40x52 40 40x52 #10039
Carly continues to clash with Alexis and she tries to cut Alexis out of Sonny’s life. News of Zander’s injuries stop Alexis from deciding whether she should tell Sonny the truth. ...
Jun. 11, 2002
40x53 40 40x53 #10040
Taggert fails to learn anything but Carly sees the truth when Taggert turns his attention to an injured Zander. Alexis reacts to Sonny's business dealings and comes to a decision concerning ...
Jun. 12, 2002
40x54 40 40x54 #10041
Alexis is confronted by Sonny when he learns that she is thinking about leaving Port Charles. Bobbie tries to help Laura find her ring by hiring a psychic, but she is told more than ...
Jun. 13, 2002
40x55 40 40x55 #10042
Sonny is fine when he sees Alexis and Ned together. Carly’s plans are put in doubt by a phone call. Alexis shares her dilemma with Ned. Laura looks for her ring while Luke goes to ...
Jun. 14, 2002
40x56 40 40x56 #10043
Carly decides to lie to Sonny about the doctor‘s news. Ned tells Alexis the truth and she supports his plan of action. Elizabeth is unsure of her feelings for Jason and Zander but ...
Jun. 17, 2002
40x57 40 40x57 #10044
AJ fails to get a job while Jason unintentionally helps his sister-in-law. Courtney misinterprets Jason's help, and AJ makes things worse when he shows up. Skye clashes with Jax and ...
Jun. 18, 2002
40x58 40 40x58 #10045
Carly shares her fears with Jason. AJ makes Jason sound bad to Courtney. Edward tries to make Skye doubt Jax. Lucky leans on Sarah and rejects Gia's attempt to make amends. After Felicia ...
Jun. 19, 2002
40x59 40 40x59 #10046
Kristina continues to feel insecure about her relationship with Ned. Laura worries about her wedding and begins to fell uneasy when she and her mother talk about the past. After offending ...
Jun. 20, 2002
40x60 40 40x60 #10047
Sonny urges Carly to believe in him.. When she suffers with stomach cramps, Alexis slips away from Ned and goes to the hospital. When Carly sees Doctor Bonds with Alexis, her curiosity ...
Jun. 21, 2002
40x61 40 40x61 #10048
Carly is shocked when she finds out that Alexis is pregnant. Kristina isn’t happy when she finds Alexis hugging Ned. Ned lies to Kristina. Skye is upset when Edward shows her photos ...
Jun. 24, 2002
40x62 40 40x62 #10049
Elizabeth tries to warn Jason about the set up when he calls. Zander messes with Jason's set of instructions when he arrives to issue a threat and ends up getting them both him and ...
Jun. 25, 2002
40x63 40 40x63 #10050
Carly listens in as Alexis is told by the doctor to tell the father of her unborn child that she is pregnant. Sonny finds Carly encouraging Alexis to leave Port Charles. Sonny makes ...
Jun. 26, 2002
40x64 40 40x64 #10051
Carly plots to get Alexis out of town and gets one of her former employers to offer her a job in New York. Sonny worries that Carly could be a target as his business dealings become ...
Jun. 27, 2002
40x65 40 40x65 #10052
Carly worries that Alexis will tell Sonny the truth when she decides to take the job in New York. Carly and Sonny decide to renew their vows. Elizabeth and Zander are stopped from escaping ...
Jun. 28, 2002
40x66 40 40x66 #10053
Sonny's vows to Carly are interrupted by Taggert who has a search warrant. An angry Carly and Sonny end up being arrested. Alexis manages to get them released. Scott rescues Lesley ...
Jul. 01, 2002
40x67 40 40x67 #10054
Elizabeth and Zander remain trapped in the crypt as Jason tries to workout what has happened to them. A worried Lucky follows Jason but is soon discovered. Skye gives Jax one last chance ...
Jul. 02, 2002
40x68 40 40x68 #10055
When Alexis decides to stay in Port Charles, Carly isn’t happy. Felicia and Roy try to find out if Sonny supplied Roy's money and they decide to spend the money. Sarah reminds Lucky ...
Jul. 03, 2002
40x69 40 40x69 #10056
Sonny is convinced that Carly is lying to him. Sonny learns that Alexis is working for Jax. Sonny learns the truth from Jax after confronting him. Jason is worried about Elizabeth and ...
Jul. 04, 2002
40x70 40 40x70 #10057
Elizabeth and Zander find a possible way out from the crypt but when Elizabeth breaks a gas line their chances look bad. Jason tries to save Elizabeth and Zander after managing to put ...
Jul. 05, 2002
40x71 40 40x71 #10058
Carly decides to tell Sonny about her fertility treatment to explain why she stole the money from the club. Carly clashes with Alexis. Jason manages to rescue Elizabeth from the crypt ...
Jul. 08, 2002
40x72 40 40x72 #10059
Luke tries to find out why Rick really returned to Port Charles. Elizabeth, Jason, and Sonny recover after the explosion but Zander is badly hurt. As Zander recovers in hospital it ...
Jul. 09, 2002
40x73 40 40x73 #10060
Carly gives Alexis ideas on how to lie to Sonny in order to stop him from discovering the truth. Carly is horrified when Sonny arrives at the hospital where Doctor Bonds is examining ...
Jul. 10, 2002
40x74 40 40x74 #10061
Carly manages to stop Sonny from seeing Alexis with Doctor Bonds. Jason wrecks Alexis' attempt to hide her pregnancy when he discovers documents saying that she is pregnant and he informs ...
Jul. 11, 2002
40x75 40 40x75 #10062
Sonny tells Carly that he knows about Alexis' pregnancy and that he could be the baby’s father. Carly is woried when Sonny wants to find out the truth. Taggert tries to find out more ...
Jul. 12, 2002

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