Apr. 01, 1963
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Sonny Corinthos General Hospital

Sonny Corinthos

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  Played by:
Maurice BenardMaurice Benard
Mr. Benard's multi-cultural upbringing began in San Francisco where he was born to parents from Nicaragua ...

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Sonny Corinthos Quotes

Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Griffin Munro: "Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord.
Sonny Corinthos: I would love to leave vengeance to God, but here's the thing - God doesn't deliver. He talks a good game, but He doesn't actually do a damn thing.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Alexis Davis Cassadine: [Knock on door] Who is it?
Sonny Corinthos: It's Sonny.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Sonny, who?
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Alexis Davis Cassadine: I'm not smoking this in front of you.
Sonny Corinthos: What are you talking about? Why not?
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Because it's illegal.
Sonny Corinthos: Well, you jok - that's - come on. That - are you joking?
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: Alexis, you're scared. I'm scared. But Sam has a right to protect her child.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Since when you care about anybody's rights but your own? Make her! You can make her! You can pressure her into inducing labor! You can do it, or you can get Jason to do it! If all of the sudden, at the last minute you have suddenly developed a conscience...
Sonny Corinthos: You want me to bully a pregnant woman?
Alexis Davis Cassadine: I want my baby to live! I do! I don't mean to beg you and ask you to ask another woman to risk her baby for mine. But if the situation were reversed, If Kristina were drowning, Sam would - would save her, she would. She wouldn't stop to think about what it would do to her baby. She'd dive in and pull her out. That's all she needs to do. She just has to dive in and pull my baby out! If she doesn't do it, she's going to die. Sonny, please.
Sonny Corinthos: Now, listen to me, OK? Sam made the best decision she could for her child's life. I can't - I can't fight her on that. I can't. We will find another way to save Kristina. I promise you.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Don't lie to yourself. If she doesn't get those stem-cells, she going to die.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: The doctors they think that this is Kristina's best chance, maybe her only one.
Samantha McCall: You know, Sonny, as soon as the baby is born, Kristina is more than welcome to the stem cells. But I cannot induce this labor. It is just too big of a risk to our daughter.
Sonny Corinthos: I respect your decision. We'll find another way to help Kristina.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: I had nothing to do with the fire, Ric.
Ric Lansing: Oh, the PCPD finally has ironclad evidence against you. It's locked up in my apartment. It goes up in smoke, and you're going to sit there and tell me it's a coincidence?
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: You've always loved me, more than I could understand. You need to pray for me, Lily. Can you ask God? Can you ask God to help me? I can not watch Carly die the way I watched you.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Faith Rosco: Jason was at the table with the five families when my men opened fire. I told them not to leave survivors. This is your last chance to work with me, Sonny. Let go.
Sonny Corinthos: Get out of here.
Faith Rosco: You are in no position...
Sonny Corinthos: Get out of here.
Faith Rosco: To give orders. The only reason I left you alive was because I have a soft spot for children, hmm? How could I leave your baby all alone in this world, hmm. Poor little tyke. His Mommy's brains are creamed corn. Uncle Jason has surely beled to death by now. Where does that leave Morgan, hmm? If I take away his Daddy, who till take care of the poor little orphaned boy?
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Faith Rosco: The mighty Sonny Corinthos answer to no one, huh? Well, guess what you answer to me now. I run this territory you just retired. Because if you don't everyone you love will disappear. Your precious baby, your little carrot top, your spunky sister and what's left of your wife.
Sonny Corinthos: Your days are numbered.
Faith Rosco: Really, you lost, Sonny. You lost. Your enforcer is dead. And unless you show me a little respect, you will be, too.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Jason Morgan: So what do you want to do about Faith.
Sonny Corinthos: She thinks you're dead. She came to the chapel. She told me so herself. She wanted me to retire.
Jason Morgan: Well, it won't be the first time she's wrong.
Sonny Corinthos: It's going to be the last time, because I going to finish that bitch tonight.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: I'll find you a place, set you up. I'll make sure you're safe.
Samantha McCall: You're kidding me, right?
Sonny Corinthos: Not at all. I'll get you - I'll get you some money, you know, a car, a driver, if that's what you need, and I'll come visit you as often as I can.
Samantha McCall: I'm not your wife, and I am sure as hell not your whore.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: Your boyfriend's waiting.
Carly Corinthos: Oh, I'm not sure I can say the same thing about your girlfriend. Yeah, Sam and I, had a little chat. I told her that - that she means nothing to you, and she now knows that, and that she never will.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: My relationship with Sam is none of your business, Carly. Stay away from her.
Carly Corinthos: You're not having a relationship. You're sleeping with Sam because she's a dead ringer for Brenda.
Sonny Corinthos: Is that what you told her?
Carly Corinthos: I felt she had a right to know.
Sonny Corinthos: Really?
Carly Corinthos: Mm-hmm.
Sonny Corinthos: Well, you're wrong, as usual, because when I see Sam, I don't see Brenda. I see a beautiful, passionate woman who doesn't lie about who she is or what she wants. Nice change of pace, isn't it?
Carly Corinthos: Hmm. Well, if she has any sense she will be gone by the time you get upstairs, and if she is dumb enough to stay, then she deserves the heart-stomping that she will eventually get with you. She's not good enough, Sonny. She's not going to be enough for you, because no one ever is. That hole inside of you is so deep and it is so embedded, no woman could ever hope to fill it up. She isn't going to be good enough. She's not going to be loyal enough, and she certainly will not be strong enough to ease your pain or to fix you in all the ways that you are broken. You are wrecked inside, Sonny, and eventually you wreck everyone around you. But not my children, Sonny. You will not do that to my boys.
Sonny Corinthos: Forget about them. As of now, you have no children.
Carly Corinthos: Don't you even try it. Michael and Morgan are mine. I carried them, I gave birth to them, and I love them more than anything in this world. And you...
Sonny Corinthos: You don't love anybody but yourself and Alcazar.
Carly Corinthos: Oh, you are so full of it.
Sonny Corinthos: Kids are just something you can...
Carly Corinthos: You...
Lorenzo Alcazar: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Sonny Corinthos: Do me a favor, Al? Keep your slut away from me.
Carly Corinthos: Oh, you sick - you sick bastard! let me go! You're sick!
Sonny Corinthos: Yeah, yeah, yeah, take hold of her.
Carly Corinthos: Shut up! Pig! Let me go! Let go!
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Michael Corinthos: Dad, can I ask you something?
Sonny Corinthos: Mm-hmm.
Michael Corinthos: Why do people get so sick?
Sonny Corinthos: It's part of life.
Michael Corinthos: I hate when bad things happen.
Sonny Corinthos: Yeah, well, you know what maybe the lesson it that you need to be thankful for every minute you're OK.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Ric Lansing: Don't threaten Alcazar. Don't be around Durant. Just do yourself a favor, go home, be with your wife and your kids. And try your best to pretend like you're a law-abiding citizen.
Sonny Corinthos: What is motivating this brotherly concern here?
Ric Lansing: Look, you may be an amoral thug, but you're not stupid, all right? You're smart enough not to make public death threats. The fact that you just did proves you're nothing thinking clearly.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: Without Laura, he's like bleeding to death. But he doesn't die. He just keeps going, you know; looking for a reason, any reason, to get out of bed and face another pointless day.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Samantha McCall: I didn't take Jason's bribe because I can't be bought.
Sonny Corinthos: That's a lot of cash.
Samantha McCall: I know. I want to be rich, but I'll do it on my own. I wouldn't let Jax pay my way, and I won't take a bribe from Jason to leave you alone.
Sonny Corinthos: I can respect that.
Samantha McCall: Well, that is nice to hear, but it really doesn't matter. The only opinion I respect is my own.
Sonny Corinthos: I'll remember that.
Samantha McCall: The way I see it is I'll be damned if I let anyone else mess up my life besides me.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Faith Rosco: You know, didn't I hear that Carly was a guest at this hotel? That means that she and her lover could be crispy critters real soon. Is that what you were counting on? Or maybe deep down inside, you're still worrying about little Carly?
Sonny Corinthos: Do you understand we could die? You're wasting time!
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Det. Andy Capelli: You're under arrest, Morgan.
Justice Ward: Aren't you going too far, Capelli?
Det. Andy Capelli: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Sonny Corinthos: Capelli, we're in a burning building, where's he going to go?
Det. Andy Capelli: He's going to go down! Down! 20 floors to be exact, and I'm taking him.
Ric Lansing: You're taking him?
Det. Andy Capelli: Yeah. That'll eliminate the rescue chopper from making a final trip.
Ric Lansing: No, I'm sorry, Capelli. You work for the department. We don't want to lose you. It's unacceptable.
Det. Andy Capelli: It's my job.
Sonny Corinthos: Ric! This is murder! You know it is - the kind you like the best, where you don't have to get your hands dirty!
Ric Lansing: Go ahead. take him down and make sure both of you make it.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: Maybe it's better for you not to wake up. I don't think we're going to make it out of here. I don't want you to be afraid. I'd give my life if you were just home with the boys. Taking care of them. I've never loved or hated anyone the way I loved and hated you. The way I hate and love you right now. Please, wake up.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: What?
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Calling you a pea brain would be an insult to peas.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Carly Corinthos: Sonny, didn't you know that I would be here?
Sonny Corinthos: Yeah, if you got word, yeah. Just like I'd find you.
Carly Corinthos: And I know you would find me if I was in trouble.
Sonny Corinthos: I'd find you. I'd save your life if I had to, If I - I'd die trying. That's just he way it is.
Carly Corinthos: So we've got the crisis situation down. Sonny, why are we so lousy on the day-to-day?
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: I don't see you for years. You show up on my doorstep asking for a favor.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Guilty as charged. But I have to say it's not like you've gone out of your way to stay in touch with me either, mister.
Sonny Corinthos: Right, right.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: In fact, last time we spoke I think you were getting married to Carly, which was unexpected, to say the least, but it looks like everything's worked out all right. I understand you had a baby.congratulations.
Sonny Corinthos: Thank you.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Can I see him?
Carly Corinthos: No. Morgan's sleeping. Maybe some other time.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Oh. What about that other little tyke?
Sonny Corinthos: He's across the hall with Jason.
Carly Corinthos: His name is Michael.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Michael. Right. Yes, A. J. 's son.
Carly Corinthos: No, he's A. J. 's nothing. Sonny's is Michael's legal adopted father.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Naturally. I never intended to imply otherwise.
Carly Corinthos: Well, then, maybe you should think before you open your mouth and say things that are offensive.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Ohh. Look at you.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: Sister Agnes said I was asking for Carly the whole time I was lying shot in that convent. I was half delirious. I could've asked for anybody. I could've ask for Sam, even Brenda. Hell, I could asked for you to get me the hell out of there, but I didn't. I wanted to see Carly. I wanted to see her face. The Nuns called Carly to come, she came! that's what I can't get past. This was her chance to get out of my life, to let go. The more this goes on, Jason, the more I realize maybe, just maybe I couldn't let go any more than she could.
Jason Morgan: Sonny, just leave - leave things the way they are right now.
Sonny Corinthos: I want Carly as my wife, not my roommate! I want to be able to sleep with her. I want to be able to trust her and I want her to be able to trust me. If I tell her the truth and she leaves, at least it's resolved. And if she stays, at least I know that she did it knowingly with her eyes open because she wanted to.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: There were times, you know, when I wanted to be with you, and - I wouldn't admit it. Then I got shot, and I couldn't hide from it anymore.
Carly Corinthos: And that's when I realized without a doubt - I still loved you, and I always will.
Sonny Corinthos: You know when I woke up and saw you there, I thought I had died.
Carly Corinthos: Did you think you were in heaven or in hell?
Sonny Corinthos: I didn't care, you know, as long as you were with me.
Carly Corinthos: That is an excellent answer.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Carly Corinthos: Deputy Sparks has left the building
Sonny Corinthos: Oh, That was... Thank you.
Carly Corinthos: You're welcome. It was kind of fun. I haven't pitched a fit in ages.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Alexis Davis Cassadine: I guess really what I want to know is, is what on earth entitles you to ask a favor of me after you lied to my face, induced me to suborn perjury all in the name of your pregnant little girlfriend? I mean, it begs the question why you would ask me a favor, right?
Sonny Corinthos: Mm-Hmm
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Because the truth is I am fresh out of favors for you.
Sonny Corinthos: Mm-Hmm
Alexis Davis Cassadine: The truth is, is that I am sick to death of you, Corinthos. I am sick of your self-imprtance and your sense of entitlement to do whatever you want to anybody you please whenever you choose because you think the world owes you a big, fat favor. You aren't any better than anybody else. You aren't any more special than anybody else. And if you happen to break one law too many and D. A. Lansing happens to find out about it and catch you, good for him.
Sonny Corinthos: Should I take that as a no, or...
Ric Lansing: You know, why don't you do us all a favor, Sonny, and just admit that you gave the order to blow up that ship and kill Faith Rosco?
Faith Rosco: Oh, get your filthy hands off me! I didn't do anything!
Lucky Spencer: Stop - look what I found.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Alexis Davis Cassadine: I have no personal fondness for Faith, but she is a human being. Do you have any ability to comprehend that at all?
Sonny Corinthos: When someone targets me and my family? Absolutely not.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: You're a monster.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Jason Morgan: I'm trying to do what's best for this child.
Sonny Corinthos: You mean my daughter?
Jason Morgan: No one's forgetting that, Sonny.
Sonny Corinthos: I want to be the one making decisions for her, you know?
Jason Morgan: OK. But, you know, children are dependent on the adults who are with them. Decisions are going to have to be made around the clock. You know that.
Sonny Corinthos: You just come over and ask me, then.
Samantha McCall: Sonny, you won't be there when she takes her first step or says her first word or gets sick or needs a ride to a play date because you can't be there. You have a wife and kids of your own.
Sonny Corinthos: How many times do I got to say this? This is my child, too, as much as Michael and Morgan.
Samantha McCall: Yeah, but she's not going to be a part of your family! Let's face it, she's not going to be a priority. She's going to be the kid you visit when you have time off from Michael and Morgan. We both know there's a lot more to parenting than biology, Sonny.
Sonny Corinthos: Oh. So you're just going to take the place of the father? Is that what's going on here?
Jason Morgan: No, I'm just the one who's going to be here all the time.
Samantha McCall: Jason will be here living day in and day out with me and your baby during the time that you're supposed to be here, and that's the reality of it, Sonny. You can fight it all you want, but at some point you're going to have to deal with it.
Unknown Episode Unknown Episode:

Sonny Corinthos: My life doesn't leave room for betrayal.
Samantha McCall: No, it goes deeper than that. You can't stand to be disobeyed.
Sonny Corinthos: Jason does what he wants. I give him orders. He doesn't always follow them
Samantha McCall: You mean like when you told him to stay away from Courtney?
Sonny Corinthos: Yeah, that's one. There's other ones, you know, but we get past them.
Samantha McCall: Really? Well, this time is different.
Sonny Corinthos: Why?
Samantha McCall: Why?
Sonny Corinthos: Yeah?
Samantha McCall: Because if you see Jason as someone who's going to keep you from your daughter, you're going to see him as an enemy.

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