Jul. 11, 2008
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Sam Braddock Flashpoint (CA)

Sam Braddock

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David PaetkauDavid Paetkau
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Sam Braddock Quotes

05x04 - Eyes In Season 5 / Episode 4: - Eyes In

Mike Scarlatti: [From scene of roadblock] Boss, that truck was not gonna stop.
Winnie Camden: [over intercom] Truck's continuing along 33.
Sam Braddock: We can intercept at Dixie road.
Gregory Parker: Then what? We've got an awfully determined subject here.
Ed Lane: We could stop it with a .50 cal steel core round.
Sam Braddock: Hit the intake manifold, engine stops dead.
Mike Scarlatti: Ed that's ten square inches traveling eighty miles an hour hidden under a hood.
Ed Lane: Boss we can't wait this out here. That truck gets into a populated area it's gonna go from bad to worse.
Gregory Parker: Okay set it up Eddy.
05x04 - Eyes In Season 5 / Episode 4: - Eyes In

Mike Scarlatti: [Over intercom] Ed the intake manifold runs long the top of the block about three feet back from the grill.
Ed Lane: Okay Spike we got it.
Gregory Parker: We're in position.
Mike Scarlatti: For a clean shot, you're gonna want to hit it three inches off center.
Ed Lane: Left or right?
Mike Scarlatti: Hard to say without knowing if the engine's stock. You're just gonna have to find it. But the main thing is, you aim low you could hit the radiator and that thing could rumble on for miles.
Sam Braddock: If you miss high you could deflect off the hood and hit the driver.
Mike Scarlatti: And we got a runaway bomb.
05x02 - No Kind of Life Season 5 / Episode 2: - No Kind of Life

Dr. Jason Alston: He was a courier. He brought me drugs.
Sam Braddock: What kind of drugs?
Dr. Jason Alston: Aspirin.
05x02 - No Kind of Life Season 5 / Episode 2: - No Kind of Life

Jules Callaghan: Bringing a child into that world... it doesn't seem right.
Sam Braddock: Simple as that?
Jules Callaghan: Isn't it?
Sam Braddock: Yeah, I suppose.
Jules Callaghan: Then what's the matter?
Sam Braddock: It's our world too.
05x01 - Broken Peace Season 5 / Episode 1: - Broken Peace

Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti: [Debriefing about May Dalton's death] She was right beside me in the truck how could I not have known?
Jules Callaghan: Spike what, are we supposed to frisk all our witnesses?
Sam Braddock: Okay May said she and her mom never felt safe right? That the cops couldn't protect them.
Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti: That he could track them down anywhere I remember that.
Gregory Parker: [Reading from audio transcripts] Tobias has done everything so that we can feel safe.
Sam Braddock: C'mon from that we're supposed to know that Tobias procured her an illegal gun? Which she kept with her at all times just in case?
Gregory Parker: She should never have been on that roof, that was my fault.
Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti: Boss, don't go there.
Jules Callaghan: We all signed off on it.
Sam Braddock: It was a judgement call.
Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti: She insisted, y'all heard that right? She said let me go up there, let me talk to him.
Gregory Parker: That's irrelevant she was emotionally involved. That wasn't her choice to make, we made that choice!
Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti: She knew when she said it and she had a loaded weapon! I'm just saying!
04x18 - Slow Burn Season 4 / Episode 18: - Slow Burn

Gregory Parker: We usually get to choose our teammates, but in your case we had greatness thrust upon us. Proud to have you here.
Sam Braddock: There's nowhere else I'd rather be.
04x16 - Blue on Blue Season 4 / Episode 16: - Blue on Blue

Sam Braddock: Is everything good with you?
Mike Scarlatti: All clear.
Sam Braddock: [turns off communications radio] I mean, OK, last night Natalie came home from coffee with you and she seemed upset.
Mike Scarlatti: [turns his radio off too] She was upset?
Sam Braddock: Well, she was trying to hide it, but yeah. She asked if you ever stopped with the kidding around.
Mike Scarlatti: I don't know, I make jokes. That's what I do. You usually your sister's wing man?
Sam Braddock: I'm not her wing man. OK, you know what, never mind.
Mike Scarlatti: We're not dating.
Sam Braddock: Well, that's good because that would be weird. Trouble has a way of finding her
04x16 - Blue on Blue Season 4 / Episode 16: - Blue on Blue

Mike Scarlatti: Guys, I just want to say, I'm sorry. I made some choices today. I pulled you guys into trouble.
Raf Rousseau: Yeah but you didn't choose that trouble.
Mike Scarlatti: I didn't know what else to do, so I turned to you.
Jules Callaghan: Someone needed you and you reached out.
Sam Braddock: Where's the part where you made the wrong choice?
Mike Scarlatti: This is gonna sound crazy but, I think of Lou, and my dad. And today I nearly lose you guys, and I start thinking, anybody who gets close to me

Sgt. Gregory Parker: Spike, without you around...
Ed Lane: Buddy, we'd fall apart.

Ed Lane: You hear me?
04x16 - Blue on Blue Season 4 / Episode 16: - Blue on Blue

Raf Rousseau: Hey wasn't Morris the guy you bagged last year at the Lake Shore warehouse?
Sam Braddock: Yeah three million worth of heroin.
Jules Callaghan: And now we just risked our butts off to save his life?
Mike Scarlatti: So we can safely get his sorry butt back in jail.
Raf Rousseau: Must be nice to get a little closure.
Mike Scarlatti: [Raises both arms up] Justice League!
04x16 - Blue on Blue Season 4 / Episode 16: - Blue on Blue

Sgt. Gregory Parker: [Enters home where Natalie and Spike are being held hostage] How ya doin' Spike?
Mike Scarlatti: Could use a set of handcuff keys.
Sgt. Gregory Parker: Copy that.

Sgt. Gregory Parker: Sir I need you to put that gun down and step away from the girl. You're not going anywhere, please I need you to listen to me.
Mike Scarlatti: [Spike gets free of restraints] No don't listen to him! Listen to me! Maybe you get past us. Maybe, by some miracle, you get out of the country. You know what? Doesn't matter.
Sgt. Gregory Parker: Spike that's enough.
Mike Scarlatti: I don't care what third world jungle you hide out in. I will find you. Whatever I have to do, I will do.
Sam Braddock: [From outside house near glass door] Device is set ready for entry.
Mike Scarlatti: I will never forget you. Not after what you did to my friend's sister! And not after what you did to my team!
David Fleming: Back off!
Mike Scarlatti: What, what you wanna shoot me? Go ahead, go ahead. Go ahead! Shoot me!
Sgt. Gregory Parker: Sam!

04x15 - Team Player Season 4 / Episode 15: - Team Player

Gregory Parker: [on radio] Sam, he's not responding. Give him a nudge.
Sam Braddock: [pounds on door] Sir, this is Sam Braddock from the Police Strategic Response Unit! We need to talk to you! Please, answer the phone! [subject picks up phone and slams it to the floor]
Raf Rousseau: He's... not so keen to talk, boss.
04x15 - Team Player Season 4 / Episode 15: - Team Player

Mike Scarlatti: We gotta get up there, try a face-to-face.
Sam Braddock: Does he look like he wants company, Spike?
Mike Scarlatti: So, what are we going to do? Watch? Hope for the best?
04x14 - Day Game Season 4 / Episode 14: - Day Game

Mike Scarlatti: [In locker room making a phone call] Hey uh this is Mike Scarlatti, yeah I'm calling about the wine kit. I got it ready here I just got to... [Ed sneaks up and takes Spike's phone] What are you doing?
Ed Lane: Hey sorry to interrupt this is Edward Lane, I'm Mr. Scarlatti's wine representative. I'm sorry to tell you that we got a better offer so um thank you, and you have a great day. Done. [Hangs up phone and pats Spike on the shoulder] Just like that.
Sam Braddock: We were thinking maybe you shouldn't sell this stuff Spike.
Raf Rousseau: You don't wanna waste it on a guy who won't appreciate it.
Ed Lane: Buddy, come on we can figure out how to make a couple bottles of this stuff. It's gonna be great.
Mike Scarlatti: Are you serious?
Sam Braddock: I'm more of a beer guy myself.
Ed Lane: Christmas presents, Sam. [Sam nods]
04x14 - Day Game Season 4 / Episode 14: - Day Game

Don Colby: I gave my statement a thousand times.
Sam Braddock: Should have no problem getting up for one more.
04x11 - A New Life Season 4 / Episode 11: - A New Life

Ed Lane: History Channel. You should look into that.
Sam Braddock: Planning on it. Just waiting until I'm 70, sir.
04x10 - Wild Card Season 4 / Episode 10: - Wild Card

Raf Rousseau: Who's this Harvey Micks?
Sam Braddock: He's the top of the totem pole. Organized Crime had him on three murders last year but nothing sticks.
Mike Scarlatti: [From truck] Three murders this year, four murders last year. Harvey Micks has got expensive lawyers and lots of employees willing to take the fall for him. You don't want to get invited to this guy's company picnic.
04x09 - Cost of Doing Business Season 4 / Episode 9: - Cost of Doing Business

Mike Scarlatti: I found a clean part of the call. I enhanced the background and made a loop, listen. [Plays loop from phone] Guesses?
Gregory Parker: Shopping cart?
Sam Braddock: Parking lot?
Mike Scarlatti: Skateboards. Some guy not quite making a trick.
Ed Lane: Home run Spike.
04x07 - Shockwave Season 4 / Episode 7: - Shockwave

Ed Lane: A suspicious package was found in the lower level of the North Tower, corner of King and Bay.
Gregory Parker: Security guard was on patrol, sees something in the trash can he doesn't like and he calls it in.
Sam Braddock: So what was the package?
Ed Lane: Blue and white vinyl gym bag. He opened it up saw some wires, didn't go any further.
Rafik 'Raf' Rousseau: Wow vinyl gym bag, I haven't seen one of those since high school.
Mike Scarlatti: Hey, I had one of those.
04x07 - Shockwave Season 4 / Episode 7: - Shockwave

Sam Braddock: [Raf and Sam have guns drawn] Tony, you're going to have to keep your hands where we can see them.
Mike Scarlatti: Alexi, Alexi Kanisky?
Tony: You know who I am.
Mike Scarlatti: I know you're the only man who can help me. We know what happened at Lewellen.
Tony: I can't help you.
Mike Scarlatti: Yeah, you can.
Tony: I won't help you.
Mike Scarlatti: Then, you're killing all of us.
Tony: Then we die.
04x07 - Shockwave Season 4 / Episode 7: - Shockwave

Mike Scarlatti: [Spike unhooks himself from the harness] Galina. Boss, the code is Galina. It's alpha-numeric, like a phone. Quick, help me out, what were those numbers I keyed in again? It's alpha-numeric, it's like a phone. G...
Gregory Parker: Buddy, buddy, buddy what're you doing?
Mike Scarlatti: If Galina's the code I can disarm the infrared and get rid of the detonator.
Ed Lane: Spike get in the harness.
Mike Scarlatti: [Counting on fingers] G: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. G is four.
Gregory Parker: Spike, there's no time you get outta there!
Mike Scarlatti: A, A is two am I right? Four, two. L: A, B, C...
Sam Braddock: Get outta there Spike.
Mike Scarlatti: L, L is five. I, four. N? What's N boss? Boss what's N? N, N, N...
Gregory Parker: [Reading through audio transcripts] Two, four, five, six, were the keys, two and four were double tapped. Eddy you get outta there.
Ed Lane: Spike!
Mike Scarlatti: [Yelling] Ed get outta here! Am I right N is six? Six, six, N is six, am I right? [Desperately] Please, please help me. Help me please, help me. Help me! Help me!
Tony: Six and then two.
Mike Scarlatti: [Punching in final two keys] Six, two. [Infrared beam disappears] IR's down, opening the box.
Gregory Parker: Spike ya got it?
Mike Scarlatti: No I gotta get the fuse out. [Hands Alexi a screwdriver] Help me.
Tony: Okay easy, easy, easy.
Mike Scarlatti: Okay, okay.
Gregory Parker: Eddy, you get outta there right now damn it, right now!
Ed Lane: Sixty seconds, I'm not leaving him down there.
Mike Scarlatti: Ed one man down range. Ed one man down range.
Ed Lane: Spike. [Ed pounds fist and runs back to trucks]
Gregory Parker: Michelangelo?
Mike Scarlatti: Boss I know, I know it's gonna be tight we're almost there. I'll grab the detonator, stop the bomb. [Spike and Alexi access the detonator which is beeping. Spike grabs it and throws it right before it goes off] Bomb diffused.
Ed Lane: [Relieved] Lets get him out!
04x07 - Shockwave Season 4 / Episode 7: - Shockwave

Rafik 'Raf' Rousseau: It's a long way down, it's gonna take some time.
Jules Callaghan: Nine people are down there. How much time for each person?
Ed Lane: Up and down maybe three minutes per person.
Jules Callaghan: My God that's twenty-seven minutes.
Sam Braddock: That's not enough time.
Rafik 'Raf' Rousseau: If you send some tools down here we can cut the metal and make the hole bigger. We might be able to take this bomb right out.
Gregory Parker: Spike could that work?
Mike Scarlatti: Could work or we could trip another counter measure and blow the bomb up early.
Jules Callaghan: Okay but we gotta try 'cause not everybody is gonna make it.
Mike Scarlatti: You saying I can't diffuse a bomb?
04x07 - Shockwave Season 4 / Episode 7: - Shockwave

Sam Braddock: [pulls a lid off a trash can - on radio] Spike! I found your bag. You must've walked right past it.
Rafik 'Raf' Rousseau: Uh, we're with the package now.
Mike Scarlatti: Sam, get those people out of here right now. There's two bombs.
04x07 - Shockwave Season 4 / Episode 7: - Shockwave

Sam Braddock: [on radio disoriented as he regains consciousness] Sarge? Jules?
Gregory Parker: [smiling] Sam, welcome back! You gave us a hell of a scare there, buddy. You okay?
Sam Braddock: I'm sore, but, uh, all my pieces are in one place.
Jules Callaghan: Braddock, you're supposed to leave the bombs for the demolition guys.
Sam Braddock: I'd love to.
04x06 - A Day in the Life Season 4 / Episode 6: - A Day in the Life

Jules Callaghan: Valentine's Day.
Sam Braddock: Busiest day of the year.
Raf Rousseau: Really? Valentine's Day?
Mike Scarlatti: Yeah, doesn't matter how you test, tac, talk.
Gregory Parker: Nothing prepares you for Valentine's Day.
04x05 - The Better Man Season 4 / Episode 5: - The Better Man

Jules Callaghan: Why did he take Wordy's gun?
Sam Braddock: He's team leader - if he took it, there's a reason.
Jules Callaghan: Well, it's not safe.
Sam Braddock: Ed knows what he's doing.
Jules Callaghan: We're walking into a warrant without cool heads.
Sam Braddock: Yeah, Boss and Ed not on the same page. I don't like it.
Jules Callaghan: Teams and secrets. [shares a look with Sam] All right, I'm gonna shut up now.
04x05 - The Better Man Season 4 / Episode 5: - The Better Man

Sam Braddock: You could fire once.
Gregory Parker: But you can't shoot all of us.
04x05 - The Better Man Season 4 / Episode 5: - The Better Man

Naismith: [Sam, Wordy, and Spike find a cell phone buzzing in a garage and pick it up] It's me. Can you talk?
Sam Braddock: [whispering] That's Detective Naismith.
Naismith: I don't have long. Are you okay?
Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth: Warren? It's Wordy. Where are you? [smiles] Talk to me. Tell me what's going on. [Naismith hangs up] Warren!
Mike Scarlatti: He's the guy behind this whole operation.
Sam Braddock: He blew the cover on his own raid?
04x05 - The Better Man Season 4 / Episode 5: - The Better Man

Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth: I wanted to be, you know... perfect for you guys. The way you're perfect for me.
Gregory Parker: Just so you know, Wordy's medications keep his symptoms fully under control. It could be that way for years. So, he's not going anywhere.
Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth: No, boss. I'm a time bomb. A-a month, a year, two years, it doesn't matter. I'm not perfect and you guys need me to be. 'Cause one day, my hands are gonna catch a tremor and your lives are gonna be in 'em. It's not worth the risk.
Jules Callaghan: But Wordy, which one of us is perfect? You know? We're just people.
Sam Braddock: I'm not perfect.
Mike Scarlatti: I'm definitely not perfect, buddy.
Jules Callaghan: We all have our things, you know? Injuries, whatever it is. But we - we work it through.
Ed Lane: Wordy, we are still better together than any other six people you can find on the force.
04x04 - Through a Glass Darkly Season 4 / Episode 4: - Through a Glass Darkly

Jules Callaghan: [Ed enters locker room as Spike, Sam, and Greg are laughing behind his back] I checked out that weapon's ID site last night, I'd like to patent it. It gives you the impact pattern on virtually any kind of cartridge. [Spike continues laughing]
Jules Callaghan: [Jules enters locker room] Did you guys tell him yet?
Ed Lane: What?
Gregory Parker: Buddy you got baby spit-up all over your back.
Mike Scarlatti: [Still laughing] You want me to impact pattern that for you?
Ed Lane: [Looks at his back] Well it looks like it came from an eighty degree angle.
Sam Braddock: High velocity.
Ed Lane: Yep, that's my girl
04x03 - Run, Jamie, Run Season 4 / Episode 3: - Run, Jamie, Run

Sam Braddock: We talked about a few days and now it's a couple months!
Natalie Braddock: No, it was until I found a job, which I'm trying to do. I'm trying to get my life together so that I can belong somewhere. I really appreciate you being there for me.
Sam Braddock: The thing about cramping my style? Just watch what you say.
Natalie Braddock: What do you mean?
Sam Braddock: It could give the wrong impression.
Natalie Braddock: The wrong impression?
Sam Braddock: Yeah, about Jules, that we're involved, which we're not, 'cause that could get me fired, okay?
Natalie Braddock: O-okay. So, she doesn't come around for sleepovers sometimes?
Sam Braddock: Officially, she never has.
Natalie Braddock: Got ya. No sleepovers. And that is not her shampoo in the shower or her toothbrush in the sink. [smiles] Can I have the car keys?

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