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Richard Castle Castle

Richard Castle

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Nathan FillionNathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion (born March 27, 1971) is a Canadian actor best known for his role as Richard Castle on ...

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Richard Castle Quotes

06x16 - Room 147 Season 6 / Episode 16: - Room 147

Richard Castle: [stumped by a murder case] I think... I'm man enough to admit I'm completely theoryless.
06x15 - Smells Like Teen Spirit Season 6 / Episode 15: - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Richard Castle: This is a real-life "Carrie".
06x09 - Disciple Season 6 / Episode 9: - Disciple

Carl Matthews: You broke three of my ribs.
Richard Castle: I'm sorry. I was going for double digits.
06x04 - Number One Fan Season 6 / Episode 4: - Number One Fan

Emma Briggs: I am not a murderer!
Richard Castle: Says the woman pointing a gun at me.
06x04 - Number One Fan Season 6 / Episode 4: - Number One Fan

Richard Castle: I tend to be sarcastic when I get nervous.
06x02 - Dreamworld Season 6 / Episode 2: - Dreamworld

Richard Castle: [to Beckett, having survived exposure to a deadly toxin] Next time I say "I'm dying to see you", let's keep it metaphorical.
05x24 - Watershed Season 5 / Episode 24: - Watershed

Richard Castle: Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?
05x23 - The Human Factor Season 5 / Episode 23: - The Human Factor

Kate Beckett: [catching Castle spying on her getting dressed] Pervert!
Richard Castle: That's "Field Marshall Pervert" to you.
05x23 - The Human Factor Season 5 / Episode 23: - The Human Factor

Richard Castle: Beckett? No tank is gonna get me! [strikes toy tank with bat, then toy helicopter flies at his head] Beckett. Get up, we gotta go!
Kate Beckett: [laughing] You totally fell for that. You acted like it was rise of the machines.
Richard Castle: No I didn't. I didn't think it was rise of the machines.
Kate Beckett: [Still laughing] If that was actually a killer tank, you bailed!
Richard Castle: I went to get the bat to protect you, to eliminate the threat!
Kate Beckett: There's a camera here Castle, I saw the look on your face!
05x22 - Still Season 5 / Episode 22: - Still

Kate Beckett: Castle, listen... thank you for staying with me.
Richard Castle: Always. [Castle and Beckett lean in for a kiss, but sirens announcing Captain Gates' arrival stops them] [to Kevin Ryan as they hug] Perfect timing.
Det.Kevin Ryan: Definitely.
Det. Javier Esposito: You good?
Kate Beckett: Yeah... did she see it?
Det. Javier Esposito: No.
Captain Victoria Gates: Glad to see you, Detective. Even you, Mr. Castle. I have to say, I don't know too many men who would've done what you did.
Kate Beckett: Neither do I.
Captain Victoria Gates: Oh, for Heaven's sake Detective, just kiss the man! [Esposito looks shocked]
Kate Beckett: Sir, you know?
Captain Victoria Gates: What? Do you think I'm an idiot? I needed to maintain plausible deniability, which I can continue, as long as you two both act professionally at the precinct.
Richard Castle: I know I can, but Captain, she has a long history of coming on to me at work...
Kate Beckett: I don't think it'll be a problem, Sir.
Captain Victoria Gates: Good. Meanwhile, as long as we're on neutral ground here, I'd say, uh, he deserves it, don't you?
Kate Beckett: Yes, Sir.
05x17 - Scared To Death Season 5 / Episode 17: - Scared To Death

Kate Beckett: [searching the victim's apartment] Did you find anything yet?
Richard Castle: Yes. A closet with more stilettos than yours. I didn't think it was possible.
05x16 - Hunt (2) Season 5 / Episode 16: - Hunt (2)

Richard Castle: At least tell me your name.
Castle's Dad: Hunt. Jackson Hunt.
Richard Castle: Sounds made up.
Castle's Dad: It is.
05x16 - Hunt (2) Season 5 / Episode 16: - Hunt (2)

Richard Castle: You're a spy?
Castle's Dad: "Intelligence asset" is the proper term.
05x15 - Target Season 5 / Episode 15: - Target

Richard Castle: [Beckett is talking to Stevens, with no luck] I'd like a minute with him.

Douglas Stevens: [Castle closes and locks the door to the room] I just said I don't wanna talk, so you can't question me. I have rights. I'm not going to say anything without a lawyer.
Richard Castle: I'm not a cop.
Douglas Stevens: Then who are you?
Richard Castle: You remember the girl with the red hair? I'm her father. Please know, I will do whatever it takes to get her back. The police outside are my friends... my daughters' friends too. So it's just you and me.
Douglas Stevens: If you touch me I'll press charges...
Richard Castle: I don't care. Where are they?
Douglas Stevens: I'm just a driver. I, I don't know anything...
Richard Castle: You know Henson ditched the van for the black Yukon. So where did he go? Where did he take the girls? I won't ask you again, where did he take the girls?
Douglas Stevens: [Beckett standing watch, hears Stevens' screams] *Stop!*

05x15 - Target Season 5 / Episode 15: - Target

Kate Beckett: Tell me what happened with Douglas Stevens.
Richard Castle: I appealed to his humanity.
Kate Beckett: I didn't think you had that side to you.
Richard Castle: Well, when it comes to the people I love, I do.
05x14 - Reality Star Struck Season 5 / Episode 14: - Reality Star Struck

Richard Castle: Spoiler alert!
05x10 - Significant Others Season 5 / Episode 10: - Significant Others

Javier Esposito: Noah Kesswood, former officer in the Army's military intelligence corps.
Richard Castle: Former military intelligence?
Kate Beckett: Noah uses a fake identity, starts dating Michelle, and then he disapears just after she's killed?
Richard Castle: It's The Bachelor meets Homeland.
05x06 - The Final Frontier Season 5 / Episode 6: - The Final Frontier

Richard Castle: There's been a murder at Supernovacon?... Shiny!
05x03 - Secret's Safe With Me Season 5 / Episode 3: - Secret's Safe With Me

Alexis Castle: How can you be so smart and so clueless at the same time?
Richard Castle: Practice.
04x23 - Always Season 4 / Episode 23: - Always

Richard Castle: Every morning I bring you a cup of coffee, just so I can see a smile on your face. Because I think you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating, person I've ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you, if you care about me at all, just don't do this.
04x22 - Undead Again Season 4 / Episode 22: - Undead Again

Kate Beckett: [as Kyle, presumed dead, arises from the autopsy table and flees, Beckett in pursuit] Castle, call for backup!
Richard Castle: [picking up phone] How do I...
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Nine.
Richard Castle: Nine [Dials nine, then to Perlmutter] Is there a police code for "zombie on the loose"?
04x21 - Headhunters Season 4 / Episode 21: - Headhunters

Detective Ethan Slaughter: [as they are about to enter a bar, looking for a suspect] You packin'?
Richard Castle: Packing? No; I'm not a cop. My vest says 'Writer' on it
Detective Ethan Slaughter: [hands Castle his ankle gun] Rule number 3: You ride with me, you ride strapped. C'mon
Richard Castle: Hey... hey. What about regulations?
Detective Ethan Slaughter: You signed a waiver, didn't ya?... OK, you take the front; I'll go in the back
Richard Castle: Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa. Shouldn't we call for backup?
Detective Ethan Slaughter: You got a skirt says 'Writer' on it, too?
04x20 - The Limey Season 4 / Episode 20: - The Limey

Richard Castle: [Castle arrives at a murder scene in his Ferrari, with a blonde. To Becket:] Hey there.
Kate Beckett: I feel like I just walked into a bad episode of Miami Vice.
Richard Castle: OK, first: there are no bad episodes of Miami Vice. Second: who died?
04x20 - The Limey Season 4 / Episode 20: - The Limey

Richard Castle: [Castle wheels in a white board] OK boys, here it is.
Kevin Ryan: Here's what?
Richard Castle: My foolproof plan for getting Nigel's fingerprint. Nigel lives in a high-rise apartment, here on Park Avenue.
Javier Esposito: High security.
Richard Castle: Exactly. Ryan, you'll be here, front door, dressed as a flower delivery boy. Esposito, you'll be here, dressed as a hobo.
Javier Esposito: Question: why does the brown man gotta be the hobo?
Richard Castle: You want the flowers?
Javier Esposito: Hobo it is.
Richard Castle: You guys will cause a distraction here, while I... rapelle down the side of the building, with Nikolai.
Kevin Ryan: Who's Nikolai?
Richard Castle: He's a Romanian gymnast I met on YouTube. He's extremely flexible, and fits right in the duffle bag, with a glass cutter.
04x19 - 47 Seconds Season 4 / Episode 19: - 47 Seconds

Kate Beckett: [questioning a bombing suspect] I was shot in the chest, and I remember every *second* of it. So do you.
Richard Castle: [watching in the observation room, to himself] All this time... you remembered?
04x19 - 47 Seconds Season 4 / Episode 19: - 47 Seconds

Richard Castle: You're a pretty smart kid, you know that?
Alexis Castle: Well, they say that genius skips a generation.
Richard Castle: Apparently so does funny.
04x17 - Once Upon a Crime Season 4 / Episode 17: - Once Upon a Crime

Richard Castle: And into the woods we go.
04x17 - Once Upon a Crime Season 4 / Episode 17: - Once Upon a Crime

Kate Beckett: So what, you're prince charming now?
Richard Castle: Well, if the shoe fits...
04x17 - Once Upon a Crime Season 4 / Episode 17: - Once Upon a Crime

Kate Beckett: I know, and it's really starting to piss me off.
Richard Castle: Yeah, and you get cute when you get angry.

Richard Castle: But not when you get angry with me.
04x14 - The Blue Butterfly Season 4 / Episode 14: - The Blue Butterfly

Richard Castle: [reading the journal of a private investigator from the '40s] The blue butterfly! It's a necklace. That's why Stan Banks was killed. Why am I narrating?

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