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Susan SullivanSusan Sullivan
Susan Michaela Sullivan (born November 18, 1942) is an American actress, with credits in daytime and ...

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Martha Rodgers Quotes

07x22 - Dead From New York Season 7 / Episode 22: - Dead From New York

Richard Castle: [Reading Twitter reviews of her preview on Broadway] Martha Rodgers is amazeballs.
Martha Rodgers: Yeah, now, about that. Is that amazeballs a good thing?
Richard Castle: It sure is. Congratulations.
07x12 - Private Eye Caramba! Season 7 / Episode 12: - Private Eye Caramba!

Kate Beckett: Martha, what do you think of Rick's P.I. venture?
Martha Rodgers: Well... it's always been a big fantasy of his to be a private investigator, and he says that things are picking up. He's getting more calls at the office every day.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, from fans wanting to meet him. Or people with crazy theories about where he disappeared to for two months. Or cases that aren't even worth looking into, like missing cats.
Martha Rodgers: Hmm... well, that does seem a bit beneath him.
Kate Beckett: You know, he did this because he was hoping that we would be able to work together again, and he thought he might have some interesting cases to solve, but right now it doesn't seem like he's getting much of either.
Martha Rodgers: Well... and if I know my son, then, uh...

Martha Rodgers: ...he may be sticking with it because he's too proud to walk away.
07x12 - Private Eye Caramba! Season 7 / Episode 12: - Private Eye Caramba!

Richard Castle: Good morning!
Martha Rodgers: Well, you're in a good mood.
Richard Castle: That's because I have retooled the Richard Castle Investigations website.
Martha Rodgers: Aha.
Richard Castle: Now the entire world can have access to my savvy detective skills, though I will take only the most compelling cases, rife with mystery and intrigue.
Kate Beckett: Castle, the site looks amazing.
Richard Castle: My clients deserve only the best.
07x11 - Castle, P.I. Season 7 / Episode 11: - Castle, P.I.

Martha Rodgers: Richard! You're dressed.
Richard Castle: Well, it is morning, isn't it?
Martha Rodgers: Well, it's just that ever since you were banned from working cases with Katherine, you and your pajamas have seen an awful lot of each other.
Richard Castle: I think you're exaggerating. I admit I've taken the occasional day off to recharge, but I hardly think it's fair...
Kate Beckett: [entering] Wow. Castle, you're dressed?
Richard Castle: Yes! I'm dressed. I did not think it would be such an event.
07x11 - Castle, P.I. Season 7 / Episode 11: - Castle, P.I.

Kate Beckett: Does this mean you have something special planned for today?
Richard Castle: As a matter of fact, I do have something special lined up. A... surprise, actually. For you.
Kate Beckett: Really? What kind of a surprise?
Richard Castle: Well, now, if I told you that, it wouldn't be a surprise. But trust me, you're gonna love it.
Kate Beckett: Okay, now why does that scare me?
Martha Rodgers: Because you're smart.
Kate Beckett: Hmm. Come on, Castle. Spill.
Richard Castle: Master interrogator like yourself and that's the best you've got?
Kate Beckett: Maybe I'm just getting started.
07x10 - Bad Santa Season 7 / Episode 10: - Bad Santa

Kate Beckett: You guys, I completely forgot. He said that it wasn't a big deal, but I think it actually kind of is.
Alexis Castle: It's a very big deal. We even get a little competitive.
Martha Rodgers: I started working on mine in July.

Alexis Castle: Welcome to the family.
Martha Rodgers: [snickering] Yeah.
Kate Beckett: So, what do I have to do again?
Alexis Castle: Write six funny, poignant, and eloquent lines describing highlights of the past year, for you.
Kate Beckett: [slightly relieved] Oh, yeah.
Alexis Castle: And they must rhyme.
Martha Rodgers: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: [worried again] What word rhymes with "I'm screwed"?
07x04 - Child's Play Season 7 / Episode 4: - Child's Play

Richard Castle: Oh, my god. Ice cream? Are you trying to kill me?
Alexis Castle: At least you'll die happy.

Alexis Castle: Kate?
Kate Beckett: [swallowing the bite of food in her mouth] Mmm. Oh, no, thanks. I couldn't. Not after this amazing meal that you guys just stuffed us with.
Martha Rodgers: Oh, darling, dessert is not optional. Not after I traipsed all over town to find Richard his favorite flavor of ice cream.
Richard Castle: Potato chip fudge?
07x02 - Montreal Season 7 / Episode 2: - Montreal

Martha Rodgers: [the doorbell buzzes] Aha! That will be my date.
Richard Castle: Ooh, you have a date?
Martha Rodgers: Uh-huh. Robert. We met at the grief counseling group, when you were presumed...
Richard Castle: You... you picked up a man at grief counseling?
Martha Rodgers: Yes. Now, I will thank you to go into the other room.
Richard Castle: Why?
Martha Rodgers: Because at the moment, our relationship is based on mutual loss, and if he finds out that you have returned and are alive, it will just... it will ruin everything.
Richard Castle: Mother, you realize I was on television this morning?
07x01 - Driven Season 7 / Episode 1: - Driven

Kate Beckett: [at the scene of Castle's car crash] It's empty. He's not here! He's not in the car!
Javier Esposito: You sure he's not in the car?
Kate Beckett: Even with a fire that hot, there'd still be a body. He's got to be nearby.
Martha Rodgers: You really think he...
Kate Beckett: He's here. He has to be. We have to start a search.
Kevin Ryan: We could use more men.
Kate Beckett: [running over to a patrol cop] Sergeant! I'm Detective Beckett, NYPD. The man that was in that car is one of our own. We need to scrub every inch of this area.
Sgt. Taggert: I'll get my men on it.
Kevin Ryan: You have search and rescue dogs?
Sgt. Taggert: I'll call them in.
07x01 - Driven Season 7 / Episode 1: - Driven

Kate Beckett: Was he going through anything that I didn't know about?
Martha Rodgers: Like what?
Kate Beckett: Pressure that he was under that he kept to himself.
Alexis Castle: Of course not. Right, Gram?
Martha Rodgers: No, no, no, no. I would've noticed.
Kate Beckett: And what about the wedding? Did he have any misgivings?
Martha Rodgers: Misgivings? Katherine. That was the farthest thing from his mind. He couldn't wait to be married to you.
Alexis Castle: You don't think he'd just walk away, do you?
Kate Beckett: No.
Martha Rodgers: Then what's going on here?
Kate Beckett: I don't know. But there's got to be another explanation.
06x23 - For Better Or Worse Season 6 / Episode 23: - For Better Or Worse

Martha Rodgers: 297 wedding guests. It's a minor miracle, our final total is below 300.
Richard Castle: There. I am done. Five hundred autographed copies of "Wild Storm". My pre-wedding signing obligations are finished.
Alexis Castle: Good. Now sign this.
Richard Castle: What's this one?
Alexis Castle: Final payment for the rooftop venue.
Richard Castle: You mean the perfect venue. A 360-degree view of Manhattan. The stars above us, the world at our feet. It's too bad Beckett didn't want to bungee jump off the side of the building for our big exit. Now, that would have been cool.
Alexis Castle: The tuxes will be in tomorrow evening. Did you tell Esposito and Ryan?
Richard Castle: I did. They will be here to try them on and to collect them. You are the most adorable best man a groom could hope for.
Martha Rodgers: [the front door buzzes] Ah, probably the concierge with more gifts. Ah, hi, Gerard. Put them over there with the others. Thank you.
Richard Castle: [picking up his jacket] All right. I'm out.
Martha Rodgers: Bye.
Alexis Castle: Dad! Don't forget the forms for the marriage license.

06x23 - For Better Or Worse Season 6 / Episode 23: - For Better Or Worse

Martha Rodgers: Who is Rogan O'Leary?
Richard Castle: A guy she met freshman year at Stanford.
Kate Beckett: Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick.
Alexis Castle: And you married him?
Kate Beckett: Not really.
Richard Castle: Except she did. The two of them drove to Vegas, had too much to drink, and thought it would be a riot to take a cab to a drive-thru wedding chapel.
Martha Rodgers: You didn't.
Richard Castle: She did.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I did. But I never thought that it was for real. And I broke up with the guy a couple of weeks later, after I found out he was a compulsive liar, degenerate, and a thief.
Richard Castle: Yes, but not before you tied the knot. And here I thought you were a one-and-done kind of girl.
Martha Rodgers: Does your father know about this?
Kate Beckett: I really am gonna be sick.
Richard Castle: [the doorbell buzzes] And that'll be my lawyer.
06x23 - For Better Or Worse Season 6 / Episode 23: - For Better Or Worse

Alexis Castle: We lost our venue? How is that even possible?
Richard Castle: They had a circus party there tonight, with some first-time fire breathers. Now our rooftop venue does not have a floor.
Alexis Castle: This is a disaster.
Richard Castle: I have no place to get married and no one to get married to. I think "disaster" is an understatement.
Martha Rodgers: So-called disaster is merely opportunity in disguise. We'll just find another place to hold the wedding.
Richard Castle: Are you kidding? Where are we gonna find a venue in Manhattan that holds 300 people, in less than two days?
Alexis Castle: [getting an idea] Ooh! We already have one. Not in Manhattan. We can move the whole party to our house in the Hamptons.
Richard Castle: [liking the idea] Yes. Yes! We've held larger parties than this out there.
Alexis Castle: We rent luxury buses to shuttle our guests and pay the vendors' transportation costs.
Martha Rodgers: Brilliant! I will call the housekeeper first thing in the morning and have them start getting the place ready.
Richard Castle: Do you really think we can pull this off?
Martha Rodgers: Oh, please! I once staged "A Chorus Line" on a subway platform when our company lost its space. I think I can move a wedding. Alexis will help with everything. You just make sure Katherine finds that deadbeat husband of hers.
06x23 - For Better Or Worse Season 6 / Episode 23: - For Better Or Worse

Lanie Parish: [seeing Beckett in her wedding dress] I must say, your mother had great taste.
Martha Rodgers: [entering] Yes, she did. Look at you. I believe you're the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.
Kate Beckett: Thank you, Martha.
Martha Rodgers: Lanie, darling, could you just give us a minute?
Lanie Parish: Oh, sure. I'll just tell your dad that it's perfect.
Kate Beckett: Thanks, Lanie.

Kate Beckett: Martha, I... I... I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you and Alexis for... for putting all of this together.
Martha Rodgers: And I want to thank you for making my son so very happy. I brought you something, in case you didn't have something blue.

Kate Beckett: Oh, wow. They're... beautiful.
Martha Rodgers: They were given to me by my mother to wear on my wedding day, and by her mother before. Only women of substance have worn these gems. They've been waiting, Katherine. For you.
Kate Beckett: I am so honored, Martha. Thank you.
Martha Rodgers: [Beckett hugs her] Oh, darling, they look exquisite on you.
06x23 - For Better Or Worse Season 6 / Episode 23: - For Better Or Worse

Lanie Parish: It's been an hour already, and the natives down there are getting restless.
Martha Rodgers: Where do you think he is?
Kate Beckett: I don't know. When I spoke to him last, he said he was less than twenty minutes away.

Richard Castle: [voicemail] This is Richard Castle. Leave me a message.
Kate Beckett: [hanging up] Straight to voicemail.

Kate Beckett: Hello? Yes, this is she.

06x21 - Law & Boarder Season 6 / Episode 21: - Law & Boarder

Richard Castle: H-O-I-V-L. "Hoilv". "Vlohi". Hovil! No, that's not a word, either.
Kate Beckett: Did you seriously stay up staring at this Scrabble board all night instead of going to bed?
Richard Castle: With these five remaining tiles, I have to craft a word scoring nine points. Then I turn defeat into victory.
Alexis Castle: [coming downstairs] Oh, my gosh. Did you really beat dad at Scrabble?
Richard Castle: I concede nothing. Except that I need more coffee.
Martha Rodgers: That is quite an accomplishment, young lady. Nobody beats him, ever.
Kate Beckett: Oh, yeah, he's mentioned that. Repeatedly.
Martha Rodgers: Ah, how the mighty have fallen.
Richard Castle: "Richard Castle, one word short." I cannot allow this to be my epitaph.

Richard Castle: I saw that.
06x20 - That ’70s Show Season 6 / Episode 20: - That ’70s Show

Richard Castle: Hey, what is taking so long down there? Harold is ready to go and I am running out of excuses.
Kate Beckett: This is a total fiasco!
Richard Castle: A fiasco named Martha Rodgers?
Kate Beckett: She's turned this into a huge production. She's even brought in actors.
Richard Castle: She what? Would... would you put her on, please?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Uh, Martha? Hey. Castle.
Martha Rodgers: [taking the phone] Richard?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Martha Rodgers: Ah. Hi, darling.
Richard Castle: Actors, mother?
Martha Rodgers: In light of the abysmal talent pool you have here, yes, I've hired a few actors. And not only that, I have written these scripts so that everybody knows exactly what they're playing.
Richard Castle: We don't need scripts! And we don't need actors to play cops. We have actual cops!
Martha Rodgers: That is such an ignorant thing to say, and an insult to the craft of acting.
Richard Castle: Mother, all we need is to walk Harold through the precinct and into interrogation.
Martha Rodgers: Richard, I am trying to create an authentic experience here, so that the two of you can crack this case. Now, is that so wrong?
06x14 - Dressed to Kill Season 6 / Episode 14: - Dressed to Kill

Richard Castle: Mother, what are you trying to force on my lovely fiancée?
Martha Rodgers: No, no, no, no, no. I am just trying to to expose Katherine to the glorious world of wedding magazines.
Kate Beckett: [unenthused] They are all very girly, with a lot of gauzy photos of lovestruck brides looking off into the distance.
Richard Castle: Perhaps they're contemplating the 50% divorce rate.
06x12 - Deep Cover Season 6 / Episode 12: - Deep Cover

Martha Rodgers: [Castle and Beckett are trying to decide on their wedding date] A little unsolicited advice?
Richard Castle: Do you give another kind?
06x12 - Deep Cover Season 6 / Episode 12: - Deep Cover

Jackson Hunt: Let's run this, just so we know we're all on the same page. Richard, what do you do?
Richard Castle: As soon as the Kingfish network goes online, I log in, I download the list.
Jackson Hunt: You don't just log in, you gotta be first.
Richard Castle: Right.
Martha Rodgers: But why does he have to be first?
Richard Castle: It locks out the Iranians from downloading the list.
Kate Beckett: Right. And while Castle's downloading, I'll track the signal using the WiFi analyzer on my phone.
Martha Rodgers: You can find a spy on your phone?
Richard Castle: Mother, there's an app for everything now.
06x06 - Get a Clue Season 6 / Episode 6: - Get a Clue

Richard Castle: This is straight out of a slasher flick. Usually find murder victims at the end of hallways like these. I cannot believe Alexis lives here.
Martha Rodgers: Richard, Alexis and Pi have invited us to dinner. This is a big step for them, so let us not be judgmental.
Richard Castle: Fine.
Martha Rodgers: [snickers] Besides, remember that hovel you lived in in college?
Richard Castle: The only difference is I wasn't shacking up with Pi.
06x03 - Need To Know Season 6 / Episode 3: - Need To Know

Martha Rodgers: [Castle is, once again, irked at Pi] Darling, couldn't you just pretend to appreciate Pi's efforts?
Richard Castle: What efforts? Half the time, I don't know if I'm smelling our new compost bin or my daughter's rotting ambition.
06x03 - Need To Know Season 6 / Episode 3: - Need To Know

Martha Rodgers: Is that Charlie Reynolds? Turn that up.
Reporter: Police are currently investigating. Reynolds was an actor, best known as the star of the 90s comedy "2 Cool for School", where he played lovable nerd Dewey Hancock.
Martha Rodgers: [the news report continues, under] Oh, how awful. I did a guest spot on that show.
Richard Castle: It was a simpler time, when Dewey's catchphrase, "Hubba hubba", passed as sparkling dialogue.
Reporter: In a bizarre twist, the body was found hanging from the hook of a construction crane.
Martha Rodgers: Oof, gruesome.
Richard Castle: Yes... if by "gruesome", you mean "awesome". Look, that's Esposito and Ryan. This is exactly what I need.

Richard Castle: Former child star literally getting the hook. Hoisted on his own petard. Hung out to dry.
Martha Rodgers: Okay, I get it.

Richard Castle: Did you see that? He just declined my call.
Martha Rodgers: Looks like Charlie isn't the only one hung out to dry.
06x02 - Dreamworld Season 6 / Episode 2: - Dreamworld

Martha Rodgers: Look, I know you're busy. But I'm- I'm worried about Richard
Javier Esposito: Why?
Martha Rodgers: Last night he was just whisked away by a couple of Federal Agent... thugs. Then when I talked to him today he was nice. Sincere. No smart ass quips. So something is definitely wrong.
05x24 - Watershed Season 5 / Episode 24: - Watershed

Richard Castle: [angry that Beckett interviewed for another job without telling him] Just tell me, how am I supposed to trust her? How am I even supposed to... to be in a relationship with her if she won't let me in?
Martha Rodgers: Well, Richard...
Richard Castle: After everything that we've been through together, I... I just don't understand.
Martha Rodgers: I hate to say it, kiddo, but I do. Look, the truth is Katherine is a bright, ambitious woman. She should be interviewing for that job.
Richard Castle: Whose side are you on?
Martha Rodgers: You want her to put you first, when neither one of you know where the relationship is going. Do you know how absurd that is? I mean, that is as bad as your not signing that check for Alexis' program.
Richard Castle: This isn't about me.
Martha Rodgers: Are you sure? I know you. You do not hold back. Except this thing with Katherine. It took you, what, three years to tell her how you felt, another year to act on it. And now, the first sign of trouble, you're ready to run. Why? And you're having a good time. You both are, and I know you say you love her. But darling, this is who she is. So is it possible that the reason you have held back is because somewhere deep down inside, you don't think this is going to really work?
05x20 - The Fast and the Furriest Season 5 / Episode 20: - The Fast and the Furriest

Richard Castle: [Opens the fridge] Where'd it go?
Martha Rodgers: Where'd what go, darling?
Richard Castle: My leftovers from Le Cirque. They were right here in this hole in the fridge is. I was going to use that Chateaubriand for my morning scramble.
Martha Rodgers: Well I certainly didn't eat them. I wouldn't look this good if I was pigging out on leftovers.
Richard Castle: Yes, well, this isn't the first time this has happened. Food has been going missing for the past month. It's not just leftovers, either. It was the peanut butter, uh... artichokes, a whole quart of Mulligatawny soup, gone.
Martha Rodgers: Well, maybe you've been sleep eating... again.
Richard Castle: Again? I've never sleep ated - sleep ate - eaten. [Gets a look] Have I?
Alexis Castle: [Coming downstairs] Hey, I'm off to class.
Richard Castle: Hey. How did you like that Chateaubriand? Wasn't that a wonderful white wine reduction?
Alexis Castle: What Chateaubriand?
Richard Castle: All right. It's the housekeeper. I knew it. She has been putting on weight.
Martha Rodgers: Sorry, darling. She hasn't been here for three days.
Alexis Castle: Maybe there are tiny borrowers living under the floorboards who come out at night to steal your food.
Richard Castle: Not realistic. They're too small to get the fridge door open.
05x19 - The Lives of Others Season 5 / Episode 19: - The Lives of Others

Richard Castle: It was all a fake? Nothing was real. You let me think I was crazy? You let me think you were gonna die!
Kate Beckett: But, Castle, you were so bored over the past couple of weeks... stuck at home with no case to solve, and... I saw that this apartment was for rent. And I just, I thought that...
Martha Rodgers: Richard.
Richard Castle: No. No. This is... without a doubt... the greatest birthday gift of my life!
05x16 - Hunt (2) Season 5 / Episode 16: - Hunt (2)

Martha Rodgers: Richard, where are you?
Richard Castle: I'm at the precinct with Beckett. Why?
Martha Rodgers: Don't lie to me, Richard. Beckett is here, your passport is gone. Now what the hell do you think you're doing?
Richard Castle: [cut to Castle] Getting my daughter back.

05x16 - Hunt (2) Season 5 / Episode 16: - Hunt (2)

Richard Castle: [noticing a package on the kitchen counter] Mother, what's this?
Martha Rodgers: Oh, it came for you this morning. Why? Is it important?

Richard Castle: Mom... there's something I want to tell you.
05x15 - Target Season 5 / Episode 15: - Target

Richard Castle: [entering the kitchen to find Martha making breakfast] You're cooking! This must be a dream. Or, perhaps, a nightmare.
Martha Rodgers: I choose to take the higher ground and ignore that. Breakfast is served.
Richard Castle: These are my patented special pancakes that I make for Alexis.
Martha Rodgers: Well, not so special. I learned how to prepare it for her this past year.
Richard Castle: Oh.

Richard Castle: So, the student becomes...

Richard Castle: ...the failed student. The dropout. You fed her this? Mother, you are forever forbidden from practicing the art of Pancake-do.

Martha Rodgers: Where did I go wrong?
Richard Castle: Where do I begin?

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