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Mar. 09, 2009
60 min.
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Alexis Castle Castle

Alexis Castle

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  Played by:
Molly C. QuinnMolly C. Quinn
Molly Caitlyn Quinn (born October 8, 1993) is an American actress whose works have included theatre, ...

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Alexis Castle Quotes

08x21 - Hell to pay Season 8 / Episode 21: - Hell to pay

Richard Castle: [Referring to the hidden safe in his office] If I opened it, I was bound to be disappointed with whatever it was inside. If I never opened it, literally anything I imagined could be in there.
Hayley Shipton: So, you chose fantasy over reality.
Richard Castle: Well, duh.
Alexis Castle: But, we're going to open in now, right?
Richard Castle: Well, duh.
08x21 - Hell to pay Season 8 / Episode 21: - Hell to pay

Richard Castle: That sneaky little devil. It was Victor Crowne that did this.
Alexis Castle: How do you figure?
Richard Castle: Well, clearly he's trying to take possession of any weapon that could be used against him, And erase any and all evidence of his true identity as the spawn of satan!
08x18 - Backstabber Season 8 / Episode 18: - Backstabber

Martha Rodgers: Okay, ladies, I have decided that I should change my autograph. So... what do you think?
Alexis Castle: Gram, that looks exactly like your usual autograph.
Martha Rodgers: No, no, no, no, no. My usual autograph, when I am merely an actress, is like this, sort of carefree and... and whimsical...

Martha Rodgers: ...whereas the other conveys insight, wisdom. They're completely different. Can't you see that?
Hayley Shipton: [sharing a look with Alexis, they decide to play along] Insight.
Alexis Castle: Wisdom. Sure, absolutely. Good job.
Hayley Shipton: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a business to run, especially since you know who is completely useless.
Richard Castle: [entering] I heard that. And if I'm so useless, why would Beckett ask me to consult on a murder? Oh, mother. New autograph.
Martha Rodgers: Yeah.
Richard Castle: Nice. Conveys wisdom, insight. I like it.
08x18 - Backstabber Season 8 / Episode 18: - Backstabber

Hayley Shipton: Damn it, Alexis, what are you doing here?
Alexis Castle: Well, I needed some case files for work. But if this is how you get when people come over unannounced, I am happy to give you back your spare key.
08x18 - Backstabber Season 8 / Episode 18: - Backstabber

Alexis Castle: I see what's going on. You've got your go bag, your guns. Is this why you wanted to go by that crime scene? Hayley, if you're in trouble, talk to me.
Hayley Shipton: I can't. It's not safe.

Hayley Shipton: Okay, look, I did a favor for a friend last night. At least I thought he was a friend. It was meant to be a quick P.I. job, but technically I broke a few laws.
Alexis Castle: [Hayley moves to leave again] Okay, well, tell Beckett. Tell my dad. They can help.
Hayley Shipton: No, they can't. The friend I was working with, we were in MI6 together. He just phoned. It turns out that the job wasn't legit. Something bigger is going on. Something bad enough that he told me to go Code 44.
Alexis Castle: Uh, what does Code 44 mean?
Hayley Shipton: It means abandon everything and everyone. It means run for your life and don't look back.
Alexis Castle: You can't do that.
Hayley Shipton: I have no choice.
Alexis Castle: Yes, you do. After years of floating from one place to the next, you've finally found a real home here.
Hayley Shipton: And I might be putting you and it in danger by staying. I have to go, now.
Alexis Castle: No, you have to stay and fight. Figure out what's really going on and fix it. Please at least try.
08x18 - Backstabber Season 8 / Episode 18: - Backstabber

Hayley Shipton: I wish I remembered something about her. A tattoo, a scar. You want a laugh? The only thing I recall about this woman is poor Ned fumbling around with her fancy corset.
Richard Castle: [getting an idea and getting on his laptop] Tell me more. Was it cotton or lace?
Alexis Castle: Ew.
Hayley Shipton: Perv much?
Richard Castle: I'm serious.
Hayley Shipton: Okay, it was lace with black leather. Why?
Richard Castle: Narrows it down. Padded?
Hayley Shipton: No.
Richard Castle: Back or front clasps?
Hayley Shipton: Back clasps and buckles, and it had a metal ring in front with snaps.
Richard Castle: Were there crystal studs across the décolletage?
Hayley Shipton: Actually, yes.
Richard Castle: La Seductrice. Give me a moment to pull up the 2016 Mon Cheri collection.
Hayley Shipton: That's it. That's the one.
Richard Castle: And voilà. My work here is done.
Alexis Castle: Hey, dad, should I even ask?
Richard Castle: Nikki Heat research.
08x18 - Backstabber Season 8 / Episode 18: - Backstabber

Alexis Castle: Dad, Hayley's gone.
Richard Castle: Gone where?
Alexis Castle: I don't know, but she ditched her cell phone. I can't track her.
Richard Castle: Hang on. I'm putting you on speaker. What was the last thing Hayley did before she disappeared?
Alexis Castle: She discovered the computer worm was one she helped design years ago.
Richard Castle: So Edgar used Hayley's own code to help frame her.
Kevin Ryan: But why did she take off right when she was closing in?
Kate Beckett: Because she knows who the killer is, and his name isn't Edgar. I did some research on her dead MI6 partner, Wesley Connors, and I found this article from six years ago.
Richard Castle: Wait a minute. Wesley Connors is the man in the brown leather jacket.
Kate Beckett: I knew he looked familiar.
Javier Esposito: This article says he's been executed.
Alexis Castle: Guys, when Hayley recognized the code, she looked like she'd just seen a ghost.
Richard Castle: That's because she did. Wesley Connors is still alive.
08x18 - Backstabber Season 8 / Episode 18: - Backstabber

Richard Castle: You all right?
Hayley Shipton: Sure. I'm fine.
Richard Castle: You don't have to mourn your friends alone, you know.
Alexis Castle: You don't have to do anything alone ever again.
08x17 - Death Wish Season 8 / Episode 17: - Death Wish

Alexis Castle: Dad, what are you thinking?
Richard Castle: Lars found the lamp, and clearly, he rubbed it, but that makes him the genie's master, right? But if no one has rubbed the lamp since and I were to discover it... then that would make me the genie's new master.
Alexis Castle: Okay. Let's just pretend that all this is real. You do realize that if Lars was the genie's master, it didn't work out so well for him in the end.
Richard Castle: What are you saying?
Alexis Castle: Be careful what you wish for. It just might come true. And in this case, it might just get you killed.
08x17 - Death Wish Season 8 / Episode 17: - Death Wish

Alexis Castle: The mystery blonde is real.
Richard Castle: Thank you!
Alexis Castle: But she's not a genie. Her name is Genevieve Sutton. She has an office on Second Avenue. She's listed as a security consultant.
Kevin Ryan: A fixer by the sound of it.
Javier Esposito: Now, how did you get this info, Alexis?
Alexis Castle: Well, after dad left, I dusted his desk for prints. Got a little help from Hayley, who ran them through the DMV database, and voila.
Richard Castle: [crestfallen] So she's not a genie?
Alexis Castle: Sorry.
Richard Castle: Genevieve is short for "genie". I mean, seriously, if she can grant wishes, a driver's license, that would be a piece of cake.
Alexis Castle: Mm-hmm, but why would a genie want to do that?
Kevin Ryan: Oh, seriously, who cares?
Javier Esposito: Make-believe time with Castle is over.
Kevin Ryan: We're gonna bring in Genevieve and find out the real story.
Alexis Castle: [Ryan and Espo leave] Someone need some ice cream?
Richard Castle: Me.
08x17 - Death Wish Season 8 / Episode 17: - Death Wish

Dr. Marion Baker: King Solomon's tomb. Remarkable. It's arguably the greatest discovery in the last fifty years.
Richard Castle: [showing her the photograph of the lamp] Now, this, Dr. Baker, is what I need your expertise with.
Dr. Marion Baker: Certainly. Oh, you see these grooves. They indicate it was a wheel-made lamp, versus the mold-based ones that became so popular in the 40s...
Richard Castle: Uh, fascinating, Doctor, but can you skip ahead to the part where King Solomon seals a genie inside of it?
Dr. Marion Baker: [thinking it's a joke] Ah. Did Sidney put you up to this?
Alexis Castle: Who's Sidney?
Dr. Marion Baker: The schmuck I beat out for tenure.
Richard Castle: Dr. Baker, I do not know Sidney. This is not a joke. I am very serious.
Dr. Marion Baker: But you're acting as if you believe in genies.
Alexis Castle: Doctor, it's not an act.
08x16 - Heartbreaker Season 8 / Episode 16: - Heartbreaker

Martha Rodgers: I have to say, Katherine, it is so good to have you home.
Kate Beckett: Thank you.
Alexis Castle: I second that motion.
Kate Beckett: Oh, thank you.

Kate Beckett: Lucy! What the hell? Turn it off!
Lucy: [the music stops] Whoa. Language, Kate. Is there a problem?
Kate Beckett: Oh, really? Well, then, let me make it up to you.
Martha Rodgers: [Kate picks Lucy up and sticks her into the refrigerator] Isn't that a little extreme?
Kate Beckett: No. No, actually, I-I-I don't think so. Look, uh, this... this might sound odd, but ever since I got back, it's like Lucy's been jealous.
Alexis Castle: She's an "it". A CPU wrapped in a plastic pyramid. She doesn't have emotions, and she certainly can't be jealous.
Kate Beckett: [the electricity inexplicably goes out] You were saying?
08x14 - The G.D.S. Season 8 / Episode 14: - The G.D.S.

Alexis Castle: So, there will be time to hit the beach while we're in L.A., right?
Richard Castle: No, we're here to learn about my missing time, not work on your tan.
Alexis Castle: Oh, give me a little credit, dad. I'm not that shallow. We were hoping to scope out some quality man candy.
Hayley Shipton: Hmm. Surfers are hot.
Alexis Castle: Mm.

Richard Castle: You are a bad influence.
Hayley Shipton: [taking it as a compliment] Thank you!
08x14 - The G.D.S. Season 8 / Episode 14: - The G.D.S.

Alexis Castle: [entering their hotel room] Hmm, not too shabby.
Richard Castle: Glad you like it, 'cause this is going to be home base. And you are going to be running it while Hayley and I hit the streets.
Alexis Castle: Wait. That's not fair.
Richard Castle: Too bad. We don't know what we're gonna find here. I was shot while I was missing, remember? That could have happened in L.A.
Hayley Shipton: Your father's right. Until we get more information, we have to proceed with caution.
Richard Castle: Look on the bright side. There are worse places to be trapped than a five-star hotel with room service.
08x14 - The G.D.S. Season 8 / Episode 14: - The G.D.S.

Richard Castle: [reading a note left for him at his hotel] "Mr. Castle, your services are required. A body has been found at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. The LAPD needs your help." And it's signed "The D.G.S."
Alexis Castle: Who's G.D.S.?
Richard Castle: The Greatest Detective Society.
Alexis Castle: What's that?
Richard Castle: It's the greatest detective society. It... it's a legendary organization. Rumor has it Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a secret member.
Hayley Shipton: And... it's a myth. It's... it's a fairy tale old P.I.s tell rookies to get them to do the scut work.
Richard Castle: Said the detective that didn't get an invitation.
08x14 - The G.D.S. Season 8 / Episode 14: - The G.D.S.

Richard Castle: Phillip Harris was right. There is a phantom serial killer murdering people on both coasts.
Hayley Shipton: That's clever. Splitting up his hunting ground kept everyone from knowing his existence. Did the boys get any leads?
Richard Castle: Just one. His sister said that Phillip Harris was working undercover at Zenith Studios.
Alexis Castle: [explaining to Hayley] Oh, they're the ones who ruined the Nikki Heat movie franchise.
Richard Castle: Not ruined. Destroyed. Terminated. Extirpated, vaporized, eviscerated.
Hayley Shipton: Do you plan on running through the whole thesaurus?
Richard Castle: No. I think that'll about do it.
08x14 - The G.D.S. Season 8 / Episode 14: - The G.D.S.

Alexis Castle: Are you going to kill me?
Hayley Shipton: What? Why would you say that?
Alexis Castle: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because you're connected to my dad's missing time and now you're hiding in the back of my rental car.
08x14 - The G.D.S. Season 8 / Episode 14: - The G.D.S.

Alexis Castle: Dad? What did Hayley tell you?
Richard Castle: The truth.
Alexis Castle: Why did Hayley lie to us?
Richard Castle: Because I asked her to.

Richard Castle: It's... complicated.
Alexis Castle: Can you trust her?
Richard Castle: Yes. Absolutely. And you can, too.
Alexis Castle: But you can't trust me with the truth?
Richard Castle: Whoa, hang on. Alexis, that's not about trust. I am your father. And from the day you came into this world, it's been my job to protect you.
Alexis Castle: So what's our next move?
Richard Castle: There is no next move. We let sleeping dogs lie. It's safer that way, for everyone.
08x13 - And Justice For All Season 8 / Episode 13: - And Justice For All

Richard Castle: [entering his P.I. office] Your fearless leader is here.
Alexis Castle: [handing him a stack of folders] Oh, yay. Now go file these.
08x13 - And Justice For All Season 8 / Episode 13: - And Justice For All

Richard Castle: I didn't open this place to make money. I opened it for the exciting cases, you know? The double-crossing dame, the stolen relic, a locked room mystery.
Alexis Castle: Dad, you're just naming plots from 1940s gumshoe novels. Speaking of, aren't you supposed to be writing your next Nikki Heat book?
Richard Castle: Would if I could. Come on, guys, let's just ditch this corporate nonsense and find a case worthy of investigating, you know, with mysteries, with bold characters, and twists and turns and...

Richard Castle: [without missing a beat]... murdered man ends up in a pit of deadly snakes? Now, that... now that is a case worth investigating.
08x12 - The Blame Game Season 8 / Episode 12: - The Blame Game

Richard Castle: Guess who's about to have the best day ever?
Martha Rodgers: Could it be the fellow who just interrupted us, rather rudely, with "booyah"?
Alexis Castle: What's going on, dad?
Richard Castle: I'm sorry. I can't tell you. I'm sworn to secrecy.
Alexis Castle: Okay.

Alexis Castle: Anyway. So my psych professor said fear is an emotion, which it is, but then I argue...
Richard Castle: You're not even gonna try and pry the secret out of me?
Martha Rodgers: Darling, we are right in the middle of something here, so if you just wait for a moment, we will give you our full attention, okay? Okay. What is it, darling?
Alexis Castle: Gram, you know he's just gonna keep pouting until he gets his way. Dad, just tell us your secret.
08x12 - The Blame Game Season 8 / Episode 12: - The Blame Game

Richard Castle: I just got off the phone with the personal assistant of none other than... Stephen King.
Martha Rodgers: Whoa!
Richard Castle: He's in town visiting his New York apartment, has called to see if I'm available for a meeting to talk about a - dramatic pause - collaboration.
Martha Rodgers: Ooh!
Alexis Castle: Hold on. Isn't he still mad about... the thing?
Martha Rodgers: What thing?
Alexis Castle: The baseball thing. See, Stephen King is a huge Red Sox fan and...
Martha Rodgers: Oh, and your father is a Yankees fan. Oh, no. Richard, what did you do?
Richard Castle: It was a silly joke.
Alexis Castle: Mmm. More like a thinly veiled threat.
Richard Castle: Tomato, to-mah-to. Obviously, it's water under the bridge, because he wants to talk about collaborating on a project.

Richard Castle: "Richard Castle and Stephen King present..." Wish me luck, ladies.
Martha Rodgers: Darling, if you think you're going to get top billing over Stephen King, you're gonna need more than luck.
08x12 - The Blame Game Season 8 / Episode 12: - The Blame Game

Hayley Shipton: Alexis, where is your father?
Alexis Castle: He's not with you?
Hayley Shipton: If he were, would I be asking you where he is?
Alexis Castle: Meow.
08x12 - The Blame Game Season 8 / Episode 12: - The Blame Game

Hayley Shipton: I don't mean to get so bitchy. It's just that your father blew off that meeting I set up with potential clients.
Alexis Castle: He had an impromptu get-together this morning with Stephen King. Maybe he's still there.
Hayley Shipton: Do you have King's number?
Alexis Castle: No. But his assistant called my dad's cell, which is linked the office computer. Okay, here's his call log. Got it.

Alexis Castle: It's disconnected. I must have misdialed.

Alexis Castle: Something's wrong.
Hayley Shipton: [checking her phone] Yeah, there's a new tweet from Stephen King. "Watch me live on 'Australia's 7PM Project' in twenty minutes."
Alexis Castle: If Stephen King is in Australia... where's my dad?
08x12 - The Blame Game Season 8 / Episode 12: - The Blame Game

Alexis Castle: Dad's missing, and we can't reach Beckett's cell.
Javier Esposito: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Hold on.

Javier Esposito: Beckett's at a forensics conference, Alexis.
Alexis Castle: No, she never showed.
Hayley Shipton: Rick was lured into an empty building this morning. I hacked a nearby street camera and got footage of a white van fleeing the scene.
Javier Esposito: [quietly to Ryan] Neighbors saw a white van in front of Emma's building.
Alexis Castle: Who's Emma?
Kevin Ryan: A murder victim. We think her killer might have been driving a rusty white van.
08x12 - The Blame Game Season 8 / Episode 12: - The Blame Game

Javier Esposito: You guys okay?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Thanks for rescuing us.
Hayley Shipton: [sarcastic] Yes, because clearly you're helpless without us.
Richard Castle: How'd you guys even find us?
Kevin Ryan: Well, we had our best person on it.

Alexis Castle: I can't leave you alone for five minutes.
Richard Castle: Does this mean no hug?
08x12 - The Blame Game Season 8 / Episode 12: - The Blame Game

Hayley Shipton: You worry a lot about your father.
Alexis Castle: You would, too, if Richard Castle was your dad. I mean, the guy's abducted like, what, twice a year? I think that's a tad above the national average.
Hayley Shipton: Yet he always comes home. Do you know why that is?
Alexis Castle: Yeah. He's really lucky.
Hayley Shipton: No. He's really good at what he does.
08x11 - Dead Red Season 8 / Episode 11: - Dead Red

Alexis Castle: What is all that?
Martha Rodgers: Oh, my lord.
Richard Castle: Somewhere in one of these bags is the perfect baby shower gift for Jen and Ryan. I just need your help picking which one. Ready? Ta-da!

Alexis Castle: No.
Martha Rodgers: Is that a bulletproof baby ve...
Alexis Castle: It's completely inappropriate.
Richard Castle: Really?
Martha Rodgers: Oh, my... so wrong.
Richard Castle: Okay. Well, then you're gonna hate the onesies that say "I'm with Officer Stupid".
08x11 - Dead Red Season 8 / Episode 11: - Dead Red

Alexis Castle: Too bad you can't go to the shower.
Richard Castle: Oh, well, Beckett got, uh, baby showers in the break-up, so...
Martha Rodgers: That's funny, 'cause you... recently, you just, uh, don't seem to be so tortured by all that.
Richard Castle: Oh, well, you know, Beckett asked for some time, so I'm just giving it to her. Every day.
Martha Rodgers: Well...
Richard Castle: [under his breath] Sometimes twice.
08x11 - Dead Red Season 8 / Episode 11: - Dead Red

Martha Rodgers: [seeing Castle's gift ideas for Jenny's baby shower] Richard, I... honestly, why can't you just buy a simple tradition... why is this so difficult for you?
Richard Castle: It's not. This next one is perfect. Trust me.
Martha Rodgers: Okay.
Alexis Castle: [Castle reaches into one of his bags] Is it a baby-sized lightsaber?
Richard Castle: [laughing it off] No.
Alexis Castle: [Castle reaches into another bag] Please tell me that's not the creepy robot nanny that sings Leonard Cohen lullabies.
Richard Castle: What's wrong with Leonard Cohen lullabies?
Martha Rodgers: It's more like "Silence of the Lambs" than "Mary Had a Little Lamb". Oh, don't worry, sweetheart. Fortunately, Alexis has purchased the perfect baby shower gift.
Alexis Castle: [she hands over a gift basket with more traditional baby gifts] All you have to do is sign the card.
Richard Castle: Do you have any idea how hard it is to find machine-washable Kevlar? Why didn't you tell me this before I went shopping?
Martha Rodgers: Because we would have so missed torturing you. You are our favorite reality show.
Richard Castle: [sarcastic] I'm so happy I could entertain you.

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