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Alexis Castle Castle

Alexis Castle

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Molly C. QuinnMolly C. Quinn
Molly Caitlyn Quinn (born October 8, 1993) is an American actress whose works have included theatre, ...

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Alexis Castle Quotes

08x08 - Mr. & Mrs. Castle Season 8 / Episode 8: - Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Richard Castle: [to Alexis and Martha] Ah, my two favorite redheads. And what are you doing here?
Alexis Castle: We wanted to know how your anniversary went.
Martha Rodgers: And we came prepared either way.

Martha Rodgers: Tears, or...

Martha Rodgers: ...cheers. Which one is it, kiddo?

Richard Castle: Guys, it was great. And when I say "great", I mean after the last few weeks, it was *great*.
Alexis Castle: Does this mean you and Beckett are back together?
Richard Castle: Uh... well, no, this means, uh... we're making progress. And I'm gonna, you know, keep the mojo going by wriggling my way into her homicide cases.
08x07 - The Last Seduction Season 8 / Episode 7: - The Last Seduction

Javier Esposito: George Keller.
Alexis Castle: According to Lindsey's log book, he is the last person billed for Scott's services.
Kevin Ryan: Is he connected to Keller Toys?
Richard Castle: He's the president of the entire Keller empire. Toys, video games, books, educational videos, you name it. It's a multi-billion dollar company.
Alexis Castle: And a brand synonymous with family values, which is ironic since he's a renowned playboy, already on wife number three.
Richard Castle: You say that like it's a bad thing.
08x06 - Cool Boys Season 8 / Episode 6: - Cool Boys

Alexis Castle: DEFCON 1. Slaughter is here.
Richard Castle: Here? Like right behind the door here?
Alexis Castle: Yeah.
Richard Castle: What does he want?
Alexis Castle: I don't know. He just said he was an old friend.
Richard Castle: That can't be good.
Martha Rodgers: Is that the old friend who almost got you killed a few years ago?
Richard Castle: Yeah, like six times.
08x03 - PhDead Season 8 / Episode 3: - PhDead

Richard Castle: Good morning, my lovelies. Isn't it great to be alive?
Martha Rodgers: Richard, are you feeling okay?
Richard Castle: Never better. Because I know how to win Beckett back.
Alexis Castle: Is she wanting to be won back?
Richard Castle: When we first met, it was my roguish charm that caused Beckett to drop her guard, but it was my Sherlockian skills that made her fall in love with me. I just have to solve a few cases with her to show her that together, we are still magic.
08x03 - PhDead Season 8 / Episode 3: - PhDead

Javier Esposito: [entering an apartment the victim was leasing] I thought Peter was majoring in marketing, not medieval torture.
Alexis Castle: This stuff isn't for torture. It's a BDSM dungeon.

Alexis Castle: What? I read "Fifty Shades". And clearly so had Peter.
08x02 - XX (2) Season 8 / Episode 2: - XX (2)

Richard Castle: So what do we know?
Alexis Castle: Last night, Beckett's old team from the Attorney General's office was killed.
Richard Castle: Right. And then this morning, she gets a call from their new hire, Vikram, and all hell breaks loose.
Alexis Castle: Which means everything must be connected to Beckett's time in the A.G.
Richard Castle: But how? That was two years ago.
Alexis Castle: Maybe she stayed in contact.
Richard Castle: And kept me in the dark? Well, before today, I wouldn't have believed it. Now I can't help but wonder what else she's keeping from me.
Alexis Castle: Don't go there, dad.
Richard Castle: Easier said than done.
08x02 - XX (2) Season 8 / Episode 2: - XX (2)

Richard Castle: Hey, Alexis. I have another clue.
Alexis Castle: So do we.
Richard Castle: We?
Alexis Castle: Me and Hayley. Her feelers paid off. Vikram showed up at a hotel in Midtown an hour after they left the prison.
Richard Castle: Was Beckett with him?
Alexis Castle: I don't know. We just got here. I'll call you as soon as we figure anything out.
Richard Castle: No, no, Alexis. I don't want you involved in this.
Alexis Castle: Dad, I can take care of myself.
Richard Castle: Alexis, no. It is too dangerous.
Alexis Castle: I'm not a kid anymore, dad. Beckett's family. I'll call you after.
08x02 - XX (2) Season 8 / Episode 2: - XX (2)

Vikram Singh: Just us again. What now?
Kate Beckett: Now we figure out what the hell LokSat 2011DB means.
Richard Castle: [cut to Castle's office] It's a product number. Serial number?
Hayley Vargas: Keypad code.
Alexis Castle: Safe deposit box.
Kate Beckett: [cut back to Rita's safe house] Okay, so LokSat represents the CIA operation used to transport drugs for Bracken and Vulcan Simmons.
Vikram Singh: So it's a... it's a...
Richard Castle: [cut back to Castle's office] A code name?
Kate Beckett: [cut to the safe house] Uh, maybe. But you know what? Maybe it's something more. Maybe it's not just the name of the operation. Maybe it's the name of the transportation company.
Vikram Singh: A modern-day Air America.
Kate Beckett: Exactly. And 2011DB is the tail number on an airplane.
Richard Castle: [cut to Castle's office; "simultaneously" with Beckett] The tail number of an airplane.
08x01 - XY (1) Season 8 / Episode 1: - XY (1)

Richard Castle: Alexis, I don't want to say "You have some explaining to do", but I think you have some explaining to do.
Alexis Castle: Wait, did I forget to tell you I've been working P.I. cases for you?
Richard Castle: Must have slipped your mind.
Alexis Castle: Hey, didn't the guys do a fantastic job remodeling the place?
Richard Castle: [excited] I know, right?

Richard Castle: But you're changing the subject.
08x01 - XY (1) Season 8 / Episode 1: - XY (1)

Richard Castle: Why are you working my cases?
Alexis Castle: Truth is, it's all your fault.
Richard Castle: You set up shop in my office behind my back, and it's my fault?
Alexis Castle: Exactly. A month ago, when you sent me here to open the place for your foreman, a potential client came by. I was intrigued, so I sort of said I was your associate, and then I kind of solved the case. Since then, I've closed three others.
Richard Castle: Alexis, you can't just... you closed four cases?

Richard Castle: That's more than I have.
Alexis Castle: I know. Step your game up.
08x01 - XY (1) Season 8 / Episode 1: - XY (1)

Alexis Castle: Dad, did you notice any candy wrappers or fruit juice, anything with sugar, at the dry cleaner's?
Richard Castle: Uh, an empty soda can. Why?
Alexis Castle: I think Beckett's mystery man might have been having a diabetic incident. But based on his symptoms, sugar is not enough. You need insulin to regulate...
Richard Castle: Honey, I need to go. Let's talk about this later, though, okay?

Hayley Vargas: Red, don't wait for the old man. If you've got something, follow up on it. Look, Beckett's on the run. She can't go to a doctor, she can't go to a hospital, so how does she get her hands on insulin?
Alexis Castle: She would have to get creative.
Hayley Vargas: There you go.
08x01 - XY (1) Season 8 / Episode 1: - XY (1)

Alexis Castle: Dad's missing! We have to find him!
Javier Esposito: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. What are you... what are you talking about?
Alexis Castle: I've been tracking his cell phone on the sly. That way, if he ever disappeared again, I'd know. And an hour ago, his phone suddenly went dead.
Kevin Ryan: Okay, maybe the battery just died.
Alexis Castle: No. Not with where he went.
Kevin Ryan: And where's that?
Alexis Castle: Winterkill Correctional. I tracked Beckett there earlier.
Javier Esposito: Winterkill. That's where Bracken is.
Alexis Castle: He's connected to this somehow. That's why dad went to see him.
08x01 - XY (1) Season 8 / Episode 1: - XY (1)

Richard Castle: Why doesn't Beckett trust me?
Alexis Castle: She does.
Richard Castle: Then why is she keeping me in the dark? I don't need protecting.
Alexis Castle: Yes, you do. You're a writer, dad. And you and Beckett are magic together. But you don't have her training or her skill set. When you disappeared last year, I thought you were dead for two months. And then you went missing today, and I was so scared.
Richard Castle: Honey...
Alexis Castle: Beckett has a reason for keeping quiet. If you love her, you have to trust her.
08x01 - XY (1) Season 8 / Episode 1: - XY (1)

Javier Esposito: We got a positive ID on the guy running with Beckett.
Richard Castle: Great. Who is he?
Kevin Ryan: His name is Vikram Singh. He's a low-level analyst for the Attorney General's investigative office.
Alexis Castle: In D.C.? That's where Beckett worked.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but that was two years ago, and she never mentioned anyone named Vikram.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, as far as we can tell, their paths never crossed. He's only been on the job a few months.
Richard Castle: Then how would Beckett know him? We need to call Rachel McCord. She was Beckett's partner.
Kevin Ryan: McCord's dead, Castle. Killed yesterday in an automobile accident, along with three other members of her team.
Richard Castle: That can't be a coincidence.
Javier Esposito: It's not. The last member of her team was stabbed to death at a club that same night. Witnesses saw him flirting with a hot brunette.
Richard Castle: This doesn't make any sense. What does any of this have to do with Bracken?
08x01 - XY (1) Season 8 / Episode 1: - XY (1)

Alexis Castle: [the unnamed assassin is killed staging a jail break] Why did she do it? There's no way she thought she could escape.
Richard Castle: It wasn't about escape. She knew her fate was sealed as soon as she got caught. That's why she went out on her own terms.
07x23 - Hollander’s Woods Season 7 / Episode 23: - Hollander’s Woods

Alexis Castle: Dad, how old were you when you knew?
Richard Castle: Knew what?
Alexis Castle: That you wanted to be a writer.
Richard Castle: Since I was a kid, I guess. Why?
Alexis Castle: I'm finishing my junior year, and I have no idea what I want to do. By the time you were my age, you'd already published your first book, and now you're winning this amazing award because you followed your passion. How can I be amazing if I can't find mine?
Richard Castle: Trust me. You will. Or... or it'll find you. And one day, you will look back, and you will realize that... every experience you ever had, every seeming mistake or blind alley, was actually a straight line to who you were meant to be. And whatever you become, there is no question in my mind you are going to be amazing. And you know how I know?
Alexis Castle: How?
Richard Castle: 'Cause you already are.
07x23 - Hollander’s Woods Season 7 / Episode 23: - Hollander’s Woods

Richard Castle: [putting a large portrait of himself on the counter] Boom! "Hello. I'm serious and brooding Richard Castle."

Richard Castle: "And I am friendly, accessible, ruggedly handsome Richard Castle."
Alexis Castle: Wow, dad, could your head get any bigger?
Richard Castle: Can you blame me? I'm accepting the Poe's Pen career achievement award. It is the biggest honor a mystery writer can get. I am joining the pantheon of greats to whose heights I have always aspired, so... which big head?
Kate Beckett: Uh... I like the ruggedly handsome, smiling giant you.
Alexis Castle: Hmm... I like the serious, brooding giant you.
Richard Castle: Oh. All right, mother, you are the tie breaker. Which of these should be hanging behind me at the ceremony next week?
Martha Rodgers: Darling, you know I refuse to play favorites. I love both of my son's big heads equally.
07x21 - In Plane Sight Season 7 / Episode 21: - In Plane Sight

Alexis Castle: What are you going to do?
Richard Castle: Something very stupid.
07x21 - In Plane Sight Season 7 / Episode 21: - In Plane Sight

Alexis Castle: I made plans for tonight.
Richard Castle: What... what plans? With who?
Alexis Castle: Oh, some friends who are doing their semester abroad in London. We're meeting at a pub in South Kent.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but the, uh... Sherlock Holmes Society is convening at 221B Baker Street. You don't want to miss the actual home of Sherlock Holmes.
Alexis Castle: You do know he's fictional, right?
Richard Castle: Yes, but his address is real. And I will be speaking, and if you're not there, who will be proud of me?
Alexis Castle: I'm always proud of you, dad. But I've heard you speak a million times. I know what you're gonna say.
Richard Castle: That is improbable.
Alexis Castle: You'll say you don't believe in writer's block. That you wrote your first novel to impress a girl, that reading great writers inspires you, and drinking with them inspires you to beat them on the bestseller list.
Richard Castle: [awkward pause] Okay, clearly I need to develop some new material.
07x20 - Sleeper Season 7 / Episode 20: - Sleeper

Alexis Castle: What really went on in Thailand, dad? I know you must have a theory.
Richard Castle: Uh... believe me, I have dozens.
Alexis Castle: Which one scares you the most?

Alexis Castle: I don't need you to protect me. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm not afraid to hear the truth.
Richard Castle: That's right, you aren't, are you?
Alexis Castle: Why not let me in?
Richard Castle: I wanted to forget everything, so in my darkest moments, I wonder if I... did something terrible.
Alexis Castle: I know you. You would never do anything bad.
Richard Castle: I could never leave the love of my life, desert her, and you, for two months. And somehow I did.
07x14 - Resurrection Season 7 / Episode 14: - Resurrection

Richard Castle: Where are you off to?
Alexis Castle: Oh, I signed up for an escort service. I have to meet a client.
Richard Castle: What? On a what?
Alexis Castle: [snickers] I just wanted to see if you were listening. I am going to the library to study.
Richard Castle: Not cool.

Alexis Castle: Bye, Kate.

Kate Beckett: Oh, bye, bud.
Richard Castle: [Alexis leaves] A goodbye kiss? When did that start?
Kate Beckett: Just now. Hey, no, I'm as surprised as you are.
Richard Castle: Well, I don't know that I'm surprised. I mean, you are pretty lovable.
Kate Beckett: Well, you raised a great person, so...
Richard Castle: Hmm. You say that now. You weren't here for the beginning.
07x11 - Castle, P.I. Season 7 / Episode 11: - Castle, P.I.

Richard Castle: I know our victim took a trip to Radnor University; I just have no idea why. I hacked into her social media accounts...
Alexis Castle: Wait, you know how to hack into social media accounts?
Richard Castle: "Hacking" might be overstating it. Her password for everything is "Sparkles", her dog's name. Point is without police resources, the best I can do is go through her friend's online posts and look for some connections to Radnor University.
Alexis Castle: Are there any?
Richard Castle: There's one thing, but it happened fifteen years ago. I have no idea if it's even relevant. I just wish I knew what Beckett had.

Richard Castle: Richard Castle Investigations.
Kate Beckett: Hey, babe, just checking in. Whatcha doing?
Richard Castle: Oh, just hanging out at the office. How about you?
Kevin Ryan: [with Beckett and Espo at the precinct] He has an office?

Kate Beckett: Uh, just wondering how your day's going.
Richard Castle: Good. Really good, actually. How about yours?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, mine's good, too. Uh, really, really good.
Richard Castle: That's good. Great. I should have said great. Mine's great.

Kate Beckett: Great. That's...
Richard Castle: Okay. So... I'll see you tonight.
Kate Beckett: Uh... see you tonight.

Kate Beckett: He knows something.
Alexis Castle: She has something.
Javier Esposito: And you have to find out what.
Richard Castle: And I'm gonna find out what.
07x11 - Castle, P.I. Season 7 / Episode 11: - Castle, P.I.

Alexis Castle: I thought you became a P.I. to work with Beckett. When did it become a competition?
Richard Castle: When she took something beautiful that we built together and shared it with another man.
Alexis Castle: [thinking he means Beckett is cheating on him] What?
Richard Castle: Investigatively speaking.
07x10 - Bad Santa Season 7 / Episode 10: - Bad Santa

Richard Castle: All right, ladies of the Castle household, just a reminder that your portion for the holiday poem is due in less than... seventy-two hours.

Alexis Castle: I just have to do a polish.
Richard Castle: I can't wait to see it.

Richard Castle: How's yours coming along? Are you ready for your big debut in the Castle family Christmas card?
Kate Beckett: [covering] Yeah! Absolutely.
07x10 - Bad Santa Season 7 / Episode 10: - Bad Santa

Kate Beckett: You guys, I completely forgot. He said that it wasn't a big deal, but I think it actually kind of is.
Alexis Castle: It's a very big deal. We even get a little competitive.
Martha Rodgers: I started working on mine in July.

Alexis Castle: Welcome to the family.
Martha Rodgers: [snickering] Yeah.
Kate Beckett: So, what do I have to do again?
Alexis Castle: Write six funny, poignant, and eloquent lines describing highlights of the past year, for you.
Kate Beckett: [slightly relieved] Oh, yeah.
Alexis Castle: And they must rhyme.
Martha Rodgers: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: [worried again] What word rhymes with "I'm screwed"?
07x04 - Child's Play Season 7 / Episode 4: - Child's Play

Richard Castle: Oh, my god. Ice cream? Are you trying to kill me?
Alexis Castle: At least you'll die happy.

Alexis Castle: Kate?
Kate Beckett: [swallowing the bite of food in her mouth] Mmm. Oh, no, thanks. I couldn't. Not after this amazing meal that you guys just stuffed us with.
Martha Rodgers: Oh, darling, dessert is not optional. Not after I traipsed all over town to find Richard his favorite flavor of ice cream.
Richard Castle: Potato chip fudge?
07x04 - Child's Play Season 7 / Episode 4: - Child's Play

Alexis Castle: Dad, what took you so long? School ended hours ago.
Richard Castle: Alexis, sweetheart...
Alexis Castle: I've been really worried.
Richard Castle: Yes, I know. And I think I know why. Because I disappeared. But... I'm back now, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay.
Alexis Castle: I just keep thinking I'll lose you again, or something terrible will happen. I know it sounds crazy...
Richard Castle: No. No, it does not sound crazy. I would feel the same way. Matter of fact, I did.
Alexis Castle: [remembering] After Paris.
Richard Castle: After Paris. I... I couldn't let you out of my sight.

Richard Castle: And I know that you consider yourself the adult of the family.
Alexis Castle: For good reason.
Richard Castle: For very good reason. But... but part of being an adult is realizing you can't always protect the people you love.
07x04 - Child's Play Season 7 / Episode 4: - Child's Play

Alexis Castle: Where do you think you're going?
Richard Castle: Um... second grade.
Alexis Castle: Not without finishing your breakfast.
Richard Castle: I ate most of it, and I'm just... I'm late.
Alexis Castle: Come on, dad, just one more bite.
Richard Castle: Alexis, I'm not a...

Alexis Castle: [handing him a paper bag] Now don't forget your lunch.
Richard Castle: [leading Beckett to the front door] Okay, you're right. It's weird. I'll talk to her.
07x02 - Montreal Season 7 / Episode 2: - Montreal

Alexis Castle: [Castle has discovered lead regarding his disappearance] So, according to the JPEG's geotag, the photo was taken here, and this is the building you were coming out of.
Kate Beckett: Montreal Global Bank.
Richard Castle: What was I doing at a bank?
Alexis Castle: Dad, the key! The one sewn into your pants when they found you. What if... the bank is where it came from?
Richard Castle: A safe deposit box.
Alexis Castle: It's the right size.
Richard Castle: We need to get up there. This is the break we've been waiting for.
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine. We'll go this weekend.
Richard Castle: We can't wait for the weekend. We gotta go now.
Kate Beckett: I'm in the middle of a case.
Richard Castle: Fine. I'll go. Montreal's a short flight, I'll be there and back in a couple of hours.
Kate Beckett: No! Not after everything we've been through. You're not going alone.
Alexis Castle: She's right, dad. You can't go by yourself. I'll go with you.
Richard Castle: Yes. Yes, she'll go with me.
Kate Beckett: We have no idea what's out there. No idea who's out there. That's too risky.
Richard Castle: It's Canada. How risky could it be? And need I remind you, I'm a grown man. I don't need to ask your permission. That being said, please, please, please can I... can I... can I go?
Kate Beckett: [giving in] Okay, fine. But only because I know you're not gonna do anything stupid if she's with you. Don't let him do anything stupid.
Alexis Castle: Promise.
07x01 - Driven Season 7 / Episode 1: - Driven

Kate Beckett: Was he going through anything that I didn't know about?
Martha Rodgers: Like what?
Kate Beckett: Pressure that he was under that he kept to himself.
Alexis Castle: Of course not. Right, Gram?
Martha Rodgers: No, no, no, no. I would've noticed.
Kate Beckett: And what about the wedding? Did he have any misgivings?
Martha Rodgers: Misgivings? Katherine. That was the farthest thing from his mind. He couldn't wait to be married to you.
Alexis Castle: You don't think he'd just walk away, do you?
Kate Beckett: No.
Martha Rodgers: Then what's going on here?
Kate Beckett: I don't know. But there's got to be another explanation.

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