Jan. 20, 2008
45 min.
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  • Goof (continuity error): In Walter White's back yard you will notice an outline of a fire place right by their sliding back door, but inside the reverse wall is the dining room/kitchen. Their fire place inside should be on the side of the house.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): In the opening credits, the "Br" and "Ba" in "Breaking Bad" are presented as if they are entries from a periodic table of elements. The additional pieces of information included are atomic number, atomic mass, oxidation states, and electron shell configuration. Each of these is depicted accurately for both Br (bromine) and Ba (barium), except the electron shell configuration for Ba is copied verbatim from Br. Oddly, the periodic table that the entry for Ba is visually extracted from contains the correct information. However, the creators were most likely aware of this, but thought the opening had enough merit to warrant this disregard for correctness under artistic license.
  • Goof (factual errors): In the opening credits letters in the names are highlighted in green so as to represent a chemical element symbol. However, Michael Slovis, the Director of Photography, for several of the beginning episodes, they highlight the Ch. There is no chemical element symbol Ch. After a number of episodes they caught it and thereafter they only highlighted the C.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): In multiple episodes the view in the rear view and side mirrors is reversed from what it should be. It makes the driver in the trailing car appear to be sitting in the right front passenger seat of the car.
  • Goof (miscellaneous): The names (in the opening credits) contain capitalized letter(s) shown in a different color, referring to the chemical symbols of elements of the periodic table of the elements. In the opening credits of the first two seasons, one of them mistakenly implies that Ch is an element. This mistake is corrected in the following seasons.
  • Goof (factual errors): A 5000 ml. round bottom boiling flask is neither super expensive or hard to come by. Anyone can order glassware, especially if they have a job like a chemistry teacher.
  • Goof (factual errors): Walt accompanies Hank and Gomez on a bust but civilians are not allowed into DEA vehicles by law. (It is possible that Hank knowingly broke the rule.)
  • Goof (continuity error): There are several instances where the seasons change from one scene to the next. In particular, Walt walks into his school and there are no leaves on the trees; when he walks out a short time later, the trees are fully green.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Walter vomits outside the RV, he is sick off-screen. However, when we see the whole screen, the ground is clean and dusty.
  • Goof (factual errors): Jesse uses hydrofluoric acid to get rid of the corpse. This is extremely toxic and can only be used in a controlled environment with extreme safety measures. The gloves and masks he puts on are nowhere near enough, let alone them standing near it once the bathtub gives way. They would have suffered extreme lung and eye damage from just standing there.
  • Goof (factual errors): Hydrofluoric acid eats through skin but reacts with the calcium in bones and is neutralized. The presence of bones suggests all the acid has been neutralized. It's highly unlikely the acid would eat through the enamel and steel of a tub before the soft tissue and bones in a body.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Walter knocks himself out from coughing, he drops and breaks the plate. The initial shot of the broken plate shows 5 broken pieces. However, in the next scene, the plate is shattered to 8 pieces.
  • Goof (continuity error): At the end, Walt is sitting in his car on an overpass above a divided highway. From inside the car, you clearly see that he is positioned over one side of the divided highway, with vehicles zooming by directly beneath him. But when the camera cuts to an exterior view just before he starts his engine, his car is now over the wide, grass divider, nowhere near directly above either side of the freeway.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Walter drops the yellow plate, it breaks into several pieces of roughly the same size. In a subsequent shot, one fragment of the plate is now shattered into much smaller pieces.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Jesse and Walt are arguing in Jesse's driveway, the strings on Jesse's coat change lengths between shots.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Walt blows up the BMW with the KEN WINS license plate, Walt pops the hood and then short circuits the battery. In BMW 318i models (the one in the scene), the batteries are actually located in the trunk of the car, instead of the front as shown in this scene.
  • Goof (audio/visual unsynchronized): When Skyler and Walt are speaking with Dr. Delcavoli about Walt's cancer and possible treatments, the audio of Walt asking about possible side effects was dubbed over, however the original track can be heard faintly underneath, with Walt adding a "Hmm..." (which matches his facial expression) before asking his question.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): The black Fender Stratocaster given to Elliot by a friend at his party is a Fender Stratocaster Mexican version. Eric Clapton only played Fender Stratocaster American. When he picks up the guitar, the headstock is from a Mexican made Stratocaster (subtle differences, i.e., the missing Fender logo up the very top).
  • Goof (continuity error): When Jesse and Badger are getting high in the alley in the beginning of the episode, the position of Badger's visor keeps changing on his wing between shots.
  • Goof (continuity error): In the scene where Walter is drinking orange juice after having cooked, the right ear stem of Walt's eyeglasses is about an inch above his ear. When the camera cuts away to another view, his right ear stem has moved down an inch to be directly above his ear.
  • Goof (factual errors): When Walt was talking about drinking, he says that in the 30's they would have been breaking the law. There where no rules against drinking during prohibition, only the sale and distribution of alcohol.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When discussing alcohol with Hank, Walton says that if they had been drinking the liquor in 1930, it would have been illegal, and one year later it would have been legal. Prohibition in the United States did not end until the ratification of the 21st Amendment in December, 1933.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When talking about melting the lock to gain entry to the chemical warehouse, Walt says that the Nazi rail gun the "Schwerer Gustav," could not be destroyed by bombs, and in the end was destroyed by one man who parachuted in and melted the gun. In reality the Gustav was probably destroyed to prevent its capture. After the siege of Leningrad it was moved back to Germany and not seen again until Allied soldiers discovered it, destroyed, in eastern Germany.
  • Goof (crew or equipment visible): In the second scene where Skyler is rubbing ointment onto her stomach, she goes to wipe her hands and the hand + camera of the cameraman behind her becomes visible for a second in the left side of the mirror.
  • Goof (continuity error): At the hot dog place where Jesse buys a gun, the camera shows a close-up of the highly animated wiener-dog neon sign. The outline of the dog's body is lit up constantly, with no animation or blinking. Then the camera cuts to a wide view of the same scene, and the neon outline of the dog is not lit up at all, and stays that way.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): Gonzo is dead, but you can see him breathing when he's laying on the ground.
  • Goof (crew or equipment visible): In the bathroom scene, as Skyler White applies the lotion to her belly and moves to the second mirror, the hand and camera of the hand-held operator are reflected in the left side of the mirror.
  • Goof (audio/visual unsynchronized): When Tuco tells Walter to get in the car, Walter slowly closes the car door, but the sound of a door slamming is heard. An incorrect sound effect which does not match Walter's action.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): After Skyler puts lotion on her "belly" and is wiping her hands off, you can see the edge of the prosthetic pregnant device just a little lower than her bra.
  • Goof (factual errors): In the shootout with Tuco, Hank's Glock Model 22 makes two clicking sounds as he pulls the trigger twice after he empties his first magazine. A Glock does not operate this way.

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