Aug. 26, 1996
60 min.
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Rev. Eric Camden 7th Heaven

Rev. Eric Camden

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  Played by:
Stephen CollinsStephen Collins
Stephen Weaver Collins (born October 1, 1947) is an American actor, writer, and singer. He is perhaps ...

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Rev. Eric Camden Quotes

10x20 - And More Secrets Season 10 / Episode 20: - And More Secrets

Kevin: Should I give her that stuff that makes her throw up?
Rev. Eric Camden: What stuff?
Kevin: I don't know... I don't think we have any.
10x17 - Highway to Cell Season 10 / Episode 17: - Highway to Cell

Rev. Eric Camden: You have friends.
Ruthie Camden: Uh... No, I don't.
Rev. Eric Camden: You... have friends.
Ruthie Camden: No, I don't.
10x02 - Home Run Season 10 / Episode 2: - Home Run

Rev. Eric Camden: I'll get it! I'll get it! I got it!
09x03 - The Song of Lucy Season 9 / Episode 3: - The Song of Lucy

Rev. Eric Camden: Who's side are you on?
Annie Camden: Ruthie's.
Rev. Eric Camden: Traitor.
08x06 - Charity Begins at Home Season 8 / Episode 6: - Charity Begins at Home

Rev. Eric Camden: The flight?
Carlos: Nice. They gave me nuts.
08x04 - I Wasn't Expecting That! Season 8 / Episode 4: - I Wasn't Expecting That!

Simon Camden: The situation could get out of control, me leaving and all.
Rev. Eric Camden: What are you afraid will happen, that I'll throw myself at your legs and make a scene on the bus station?
Simon Camden: Dad, I'm not worried about you making a scene. But you do sometimes get this... moist look in the corner of your eye.
Rev. Eric Camden: And that bothers you, my moistness?
08x04 - I Wasn't Expecting That! Season 8 / Episode 4: - I Wasn't Expecting That!

Kevin Kinkirk: Lucy and I haven't had sex since I got pumbled by that woman.
Rev. Eric Camden: Good night.
07x02 - Monkey Business Deux (2) Season 7 / Episode 2: - Monkey Business Deux (2)

Mary Camden: Remember when you just met Robbie? You didn't like him either, and now he's living in your house and you treat him like he's your son.
Rev. Eric Camden: That could be a problem with this guy since he's too old to be my son.
07x02 - Monkey Business Deux (2) Season 7 / Episode 2: - Monkey Business Deux (2)

Rev. Eric Camden: [Yelling at Mary] I hope that every time you even think of kissing him you think about kissing your father!
06x17 - Lip Service Season 6 / Episode 17: - Lip Service

Rev. Eric Camden: Rosina, this dish... is sensational. What do you call it?
Rosina Glass: Peas.
06x01 - Changes Season 6 / Episode 1: - Changes

Annie Camden: I am who I am, and that's who I am!
Rev. Eric Camden: You're Popeye the sailor man, toot-toot!
05x13 - Kiss Season 5 / Episode 13: - Kiss

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Simon] You know, it's polite to knock.
Simon Camden: If you're gonna make out on top of the desk it's polite to lock the door.
05x09 - Tunes Season 5 / Episode 9: - Tunes

Rev. Eric Camden: [knocking on Matt's door]
Matt Camden: Who is it?
Rev. Eric Camden: Pants.
Matt Camden: Pants who?
Rev. Eric Camden: Pants daddy.
05x06 - Broke Season 5 / Episode 6: - Broke

Rev. Eric Camden: [about Mary] You know, she quit her job at the pool hall, she quit her job at Pete's Pizza. She doesn't have any friends... well, not any good ones. She needs a job.
Annie Camden: Yes, Mary needs a job, and money, and friends... good ones. But she has bills to pay. She also needs to take a job to pay those bills. And the job she takes probably won't be a job she loves or even likes. And then she'll see how important it is to have a job you love. And jobs people love usually involve training and/or education. That will force her to set goals and move forward.
Rev. Eric Camden: Are you just going to will her into this realization?
Annie Camden: She's not on our schedule. We need to give her time. She'll realize it when she realizes it.
Rev. Eric Camden: In the meantime, no job plus no money equals no car, right? I mean, if she can't pay for the car, she'll lose it.
Annie Camden: So let her lose the car.
Rev. Eric Camden: This isn't about losing Mary's car. This is about losing Mary!
Annie Camden: You think I don't know that? You know, just because I'm not a minister or a therapist doesn't mean I don't know when she's in trouble. I'm her mother! And I think she needs to be the one to ask for help, and she's not ready yet!
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, I'm her father, and I say she needs help now, whether she asks for it or not!
Annie Camden: What you mean to say is that you're the expert, and what you say goes!
05x03 - Losers Season 5 / Episode 3: - Losers

Mary Camden: [to Eric as he feeds the twins] Where's Mom?
Rev. Eric Camden: I am perfectly capable of feeding my own sons. I do it all the time! I have fed my children for over 21 years now. True, for many of them, your mom cooked most of those meals while I was out earning the money to pay for those meals, but from time to time, I have fed one of my offspring, or all of my offspring, just as I am doing now, without the aid of Mom!
Mary Camden: I'm just looking for Mom because she asked me to pick up some soap for her.
Rev. Eric Camden: Oh. She's upstairs.
05x03 - Losers Season 5 / Episode 3: - Losers

Mary Camden: Dad, please. They really are my friends, Frankie is my friend! She asked me to bring over those college brochures tonight so we could look over them, and make a plan to go back to school.
Rev. Eric Camden: And did you?
Mary Camden: No.
Rev. Eric Camden: Because she was too stoned? Mary... who are you and what are you doing with these people?
05x03 - Losers Season 5 / Episode 3: - Losers

Mary Camden: [to Eric] If you're not going to help them, I'll help them.
Rev. Eric Camden: How? You don't have a job, you don't have any money. You have to help yourself before you can help anyone else!
05x03 - Losers Season 5 / Episode 3: - Losers

Mary Camden: [about Frankie and Johnny] They are good people. They're both working, and they're trying to raise this kid, and it's really hard.
Rev. Eric Camden: So hard that they have to smoke pot.
05x02 - Help Season 5 / Episode 2: - Help

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Ruthie] Actually, your principal called this morning, and you're not in any trouble. He thinks he may have found a way to get you out of Miss Riddle's class.
Ruthie Camden: Thank God!
Rev. Eric Camden: What did you say?
Ruthie Camden: Thank God. You should thank God. I talked to God and told him how unhappy I was at school, and asked Him to help.
Rev. Eric Camden: You prayed to get out of Miss Riddle's class?
Ruthie Camden: If you don't ask, you don't get. I just thought you and Mom could use some help.
05x02 - Help Season 5 / Episode 2: - Help

Ruthie Camden: [to her parents as they are visiting Eleanor Roosevelt School] They have horses! Horses!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: [to Eric and Annie] The school offers both English and western style instruction.2
Ruthie Camden: And there's no homework!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: We feel the children work hard during the day. At night, they should be free to relax and be kids. After all, we do have them seven hours a day. Of course, if Ruthie would like to spend time at home studying any subject beyond the core curriculum, we'll set up an individual program for her.
Ruthie Camden: I may want to do that, considering I don't have to be at school until ten!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: [laughs] We have a flexible schedule. Students can start as late as ten, but then they go until five. Not every student does his or her best work early in the morning. Plus, we have a 14 to 1 student ratio and a whole list of after-school trips and projects. Last year, we took a group of students to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. and met the President. I think that Ruthie would make a wonderful addition to our school. If you have any questions, please call.
Rev. Eric Camden, Annie Camden: Thank you. [shakes her hand]
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: Bye, Ruthie. [leaves]
Ruthie Camden: Boy, when God answers a prayer, he answers a prayer!
Rev. Eric Camden: Does that mean you want to go to school here?
Annie Camden: Oh, yeah!
05x02 - Help Season 5 / Episode 2: - Help

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Annie] You know, at first I wasn't thrilled with you going back to college, but you going to school isn't about for me, its about you. You do so much for me and the kids and the church. It's your turn to do something for yourself.
Annie Camden: Boy, what a difference a week makes!
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, what kind of husband would I be if I didn't support you 100% by helping out with the house and kids?
Annie Camden: A jerk.
Rev. Eric Camden: Exactly, so keep studying.
05x02 - Help Season 5 / Episode 2: - Help

Ruthie Camden: [to Eric] So did you get me transferred out of Miss Riddle's class?
Rev. Eric Camden: Yeah. I think I did.
Ruthie Camden: You and God make a great team!
05x02 - Help Season 5 / Episode 2: - Help

Rev. Eric Camden: [about Mary to the Colonel] Look, Annie and I aren't happy that she's not going to college, but she's working. She's earning a living, paying her bills.
John 'The Colonel' Camden: Who let her buy the car?
Rev. Eric Camden: No one let her. She just went out and bought it. And as much as I think she shouldn't have, that car is a responsibility that she can't run away from. She has to work hard and and keep her job because she has to pay for that car.
John 'The Colonel' Camden: Son, to win a war you've got to fight. You got to get in there and get your hands dirty and make something happen, and you have to have a battle plan. What's your battle plan?
Rev. Eric Camden: This isn't a war.
John 'The Colonel' Camden: Oh, it's a war all right, and a stake is Mary's future.
Rev. Eric Camden: As much as we would like to force Mary into doing what we know is best for her, we can't. She's an adult. She has to do this on her own.
John 'The Colonel' Camden: And what if she doesn't?
Rev. Eric Camden: She will.
05x01 - Here We Go Again Season 5 / Episode 1: - Here We Go Again

Mary Camden: Yes, I'm starting a new job today.
Rev. Eric Camden: You've had a new job every week this summer.
Mary Camden: That's not true. I was a day camp counselor for almost three weeks.
Rev. Eric Camden: [sarcastically] You know, just because you're mad at Mom doesn't mean you have to take it out on me.
Rev. Eric Camden: I'm not angry, the world is angry... at your mom, and I'm not taking it out on anyone.
05x01 - Here We Go Again Season 5 / Episode 1: - Here We Go Again

Mary Camden: Hello? Is anyone listening to me? I need a car!
Annie Camden: Hello! Earn money and buy one.
Mary Camden: You guys bought Matt a car. Why can't you buy me a car?
Annie Camden: Matt was going to college. You, on the other hand, are not going to college. You are working, so you can buy your own car. How much money have you saved this summer?
Mary Camden: Saved? On what I make? Please. You guys are forcing me to buy on credit, and you can stop talking about college, because I'm not going to college until I figure out what I'm going to college for.
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, maybe so you can earn a living and someday even have your own house, and your own car.
Mary Camden: Well, maybe I don't want to have my own house. You don't own this home; this is the Church's home.
Rev. Eric Camden: Yes, but this house is a benefit of my job, which I earned after five years of college and we do have a car. Two cars. Well, three if you count the one we bought for Matt, who's in college.
05x01 - Here We Go Again Season 5 / Episode 1: - Here We Go Again

Annie Camden: I've signed up for school today.
Rev. Eric Camden: What school?
Annie Camden: College, Crawford. I want to get my teaching credentials in early childhood education.
Rev. Eric Camden: Now? You do know that we have 7 kids now.
Annie Camden: We have the twins and Ruthie, but Simon starts high school tomorrow, Lucy graduates high school this year, Mary's out of high school and working and Matt is out on his own.
Rev. Eric Camden: Matt is hardly out on his own. He sleeps out on his own. He's still a kid.
Annie Camden: Oh stop it. He and Heather are practically married.
Rev. Eric Camden: No, they're not. That's just what we say to each other whenever we think those two might be shacking up. And Mary is going to college, she's going to go to college eventually... I hope, as soon as she figures out that she doesn't enjoy minimum wage jobs.
Annie Camden: Unfortunately, I think Mary is quite happy with her stint in the world of minimum wage.
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, I'm not happy with it. With my luck she'll probably decide to go to college when Lucy decides to go and with Matt's we'll have 3 tuitions to pay, oh plus yours. And by the way, who says that Lucy won't have the kind of senior year that Mary had. And Simon is starting high school. Do you remember what it was like when Matt started high school? High school boys are, well they're high school boys. And we shouldn't forget Ruthie, who is well on her way to being more difficult than all the other kids rolled into one. Oh and bonus, the twins are entering the terrible twos. They are not entering, they are there.
Annie Camden: So, what are you saying? That the family is so dangerous that I can't take 1 or 2 hours away from them to take one course? I'm going back to school!
Rev. Eric Camden: When were you going to tell me this, as you were backing out of the driveway tomorrow morning?
Annie Camden: No, I planned to tell you just when I told you.
Rev. Eric Camden: [sarcastic] Well, thank you Mrs. Camden!
05x01 - Here We Go Again Season 5 / Episode 1: - Here We Go Again

Mary Camden: Look, if I never go to college are you really going to be this mad at me for the rest of my life?
Rev. Eric Camden: [Hugs her] Yes. Because you're too smart not to learn all you can as long as you can.
04x08 - ... And Expiation (2) Season 4 / Episode 8: - ... And Expiation (2)

Annie Camden: What are we gonna do?
Rev. Eric Camden: Call around. Find a lawyer, I guess. I didn't see this one coming.
Annie Camden: Not this, no. Not in a million years.
04x08 - ... And Expiation (2) Season 4 / Episode 8: - ... And Expiation (2)

Mary Camden: What if I get expelled?
Rev. Eric Camden: Well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens, and then deal with it.
Mary Camden: I know, I blew it, but up until now, I've been a pretty good kid. Now it's gone. It's all gone. Who knew that one mistake could ruin your whole life?
Annie Camden: Your dad and I... when you're an adult, you know that one mistake can ruin your life. Your life's not ruined. It's going to be radically different, but only you can decide if that's going to be a good different or bad different.
04x08 - ... And Expiation (2) Season 4 / Episode 8: - ... And Expiation (2)

Mary Camden: I knew the choices I was making was wrong and I did it anyway... and I am sorry. I am sorry that I did it, and I am sorry for the way I've been acting, and I am sorry for everything that everyone has gone through because of me. And it kills me to know that sorry doesn't make a difference, and that it doesn't undo what I did, and it doesn't make my family like me again.
Rev. Eric Camden: Hold on...
Mary Camden: Look, I know you love me. But how could you like me? I don't even like myself, and I don't know what to do to make things better

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