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Home Alone

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Eight-year-old Kevin makes the most of the situation after his family unwittingly leaves him behind when they go on vacation. But when a pair of bungling burglars set their sights on Kevin's house, the plucky kid stands ready to defend his territory. By planting booby traps galore, adorably mischievous Kevin stands his ground as his frantic mother attempts to race home.


Nov 16th, 1990


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  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): When the alarm clock turns off because of the power loss, we can clearly see that this Panasonic clock has a battery back-up feature, which means that even after the blackout, it shouldn't have stopped working. However, a battery may not have been installed or may have been dead.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Kevin cuts the rope in the treehouse, the rope clearly has far too much slack for even a single person, let alone Harry and Marv, to be hanging from it.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kevin walks up to the church at night, there is a door clearly in the very center of the building. When Kevin is shown inside the church, there is a baptistery in the center where the door was on the outside.
  • Goof (continuity error): The blind spot mirrors on the burglars' van change positions and sometimes disappear between shots.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Kevin is sliding down the steps the toboggan is lined-up with the stairway, when he goes out the door, the toboggan is now lined-up with the doorway. He should have just crashed into the wall and not gone out the door.
  • Goof (errors in geography): When Kate phones the Chicago Police from France, she calls them on a payphone that is a BT model that wouldn't be found in France.
  • Goof (plot holes): In a scene where a policeman shows up to pick up Kevin and bring him to his family, he kept knocking until he decided no one was home. In reality, a policeman wouldn't think no one is home when Kevin was in the house as they would actually get him to get out of the house so that they could bring him to his family.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): When the pizzas arrive, the guy says the cost will be $122.50. In the kitchen, however, Peter says "Ten pizzas times twelve bucks.", which would mean the pizzas should cost $120.00. For the pizzas to cost $122.50, they would need to cost $12.25 each. However, the extra $2.50 was most likely added as a delivery charge, or an automatic gratuity considering the size of the order.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): All of Kevin's booby traps should have killed or at least seriously injured Harry and Marv.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): In the beginning of the movie after Peter realizes he will not be able to shave in Paris without a power adapter, Kate tells him to grow a goatee. This would be impossible, since a goatee would still require shaving part of your beard. However, it seems like Kate is merely making a sarcastic joke while Kevin is bugging her.
  • Goof (factual errors): The plane in the movie is a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10-10, which was flown by American Airlines, however it was only used for domestic flights due to its limited range of 3500 miles. There was a long range version used for intercontinental flights, the DC-10-30, but that one had three sets of rear landing gear. It is clearly visible during the takeoff scene that this one only has two sets of rear landing gear, so it is definitely a DC-10-10 which could have never made the trip from Chicago to Paris.
  • Goof (continuity error): Throughout most of the film, the pictures hung on the wall going up the main staircase are consistently fifteen in number, with Peter & Kate being the lower-most bottom-row photos, and Kevin being the one at the very top end, by itself. However, in a couple of scenes there are only 14 pictures - no Kevin up top; completely different (non-closeup) photos where Pete and Kate should be; and several other pictures are different too. (The two scenes are: When Kevin is crazily running around celebrating his newfound freedom (22:23), and later when he's running upstairs screaming after having seen Old Man Marley in front of the house (32:07).)
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When the McCallisters are leaving in the morning and the neighbor boy is talking to the van driver, he is mouthing the driver's lines (the first time the driver speaks).
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kevin is watching TV in the kitchen, there is a gingerbread house next to the TV in shots directly facing the TV. But when the shots are from the side (on Kevin watching TV), the gingerbread house is not there.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kevin first uses the BB gun to shoot the figurines down the laundry chute, he pumps the rifle forward and then back at 23:21 on the DVD. Later in the film when he prepares to shoot the two robbers through the dog door, he pumps the rifle back and then forward at 76:12.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Heather is performing the head count there are 9 kids in front of the van, the Murphy kid in the van and Heather doing the counting so 11 bodies all together. However when Buzz says 11, 92, 12. he actually does put her off. Heather's count goes like this: Fuller(1) Sondra(2) Heather(3) Jeff(4) Tracy(5) Linnie(Hand on Linnie's head, 'Buzz don't be a moron!') Buzz(6) Brooke(7) Murphy kid(8) Meagan(9) Rod(10) Heather again(11). When Kate asks her for the final count Heather says 11 kids including me, 5 boys, 6 girls which is correct she just doesn't realize she counted herself twice. One theory is that Devin Ratray actually mistakenly put Kristin Minter off and the actress herself knowing the script called for 11 people assumed she hadn't actually counted herself and did so again.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): The iron Marv pulls down has round holes, but the imprint it leaves on his face has rectangular ridges rather than round ones. Since the ridges on his face are caused by the holes in the iron, the shapes should match.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): On the grocery store cashier's register monitor, no changes whatsoever occur during the transaction.
  • Goof (continuity error): Immediately after landing in Paris, Peter McCallister leaves a message on the Murphys' answering machine while Marv and Harry are burglarizing it. The phones are still supposed to be down, and since the Murphys live across the street from the McCallisters, their phone service should be down as well.
  • Goof (continuity error): The night Harry and Marv break in to the house Kevin sits down and blesses his macaroni and cheese dinner just before the stroke of nine. This draws obvious attention to his plate. Later just before Harry is covered with feathers you can see a completely different plate with three sections of food on it.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): SPOILER: In the film that Kevin is watching, "Angels With Filthy Souls", Johnny shoots Snakes with a Thompson machine gun. Snakes is standing in front of a door with a glass window. At the short range that Johnny shoots him, at least some of the bullets would have gone right through Snakes and broken the window.
  • Goof (miscellaneous): Apart from Megan Kevin's elder sister and to a lesser extent Kate none of the family seem to be concerned about Kevin's welfare while abroad.
  • Goof (audio/visual unsynchronized): When Aunt Leslie says "Fuller! Go easy on the Pepsi", it is quite clearly a close-mic voiceover recorded off set (most likely in post-production), as the rest of the dialogue has a completely different natural reverb to this line.
  • Goof (continuity error): While setting traps in preparation for the burglars, Kevin douses all the stairs outside his house with water. They freeze solid in a short time, indicating it to be quite cold. However, later when we see Kevin running across the Murphy's driveway, not only are there visible liquid puddles, but he runs at a full sprint without so much as a slip.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Harry and Marv are climbing across the rope and Harry tells Marv to go back, we see them from behind, then when it cuts to the shot facing them front-on, Kevin can be seen in the background about to cut the rope. If you look closely this is not Kevin, it is his stand-in.
  • Goof (continuity error): We see Kevin purchase and use a big bottle of laundry detergent. Yet at the end of the film, he tells his dad that he bought "fabric softener".
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kevin is rooting through Buzz's trunk, a box of Junior Mints moves around between shots.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Buzz tells Meagan they live in the most boring neighborhood in America where nothing dangerous will ever happen. However earlier in the movie he seems to really believe old man Marley was a real serial killer living there.
  • Goof (continuity error): Kevin purchases a large bottle of laundry detergent at the grocery store. While walking home, the two plastic grocery bags he is carrying burst spilling their contents. The bottle of detergent is not among the contents that spill.
  • Goof (continuity error): Harry protects his burnt hand with a handkerchief when he climbs along the rope towards the tree house, but alternating shots show the tail of the handkerchief either sticking out or not.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): Obvious stand-in for Harry as he walks towards the front door in the side-on shot. This person is much taller than Joe Pesci.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): Before Kevin's family go to France a repair man tells Kate the phone lines will take a few days to get fixed yet Kate manages to phone the police when the family arrive in Paris which should be impossible. The police Kate phones may be located some distance from their home, and the phone lines there were not damaged.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Marv is climbing the basement stairs, his bare foot comes down on a nail which then makes him fall off the stairs. However, the shadow of his foot appears next to the nail rather than over it.
  • Goof (continuity error): The Christmas ornaments Kevin places by the tree under the window change positions repeatedly.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): On the phone with the French operator, Peter yells "I am looking for my son! Do you know where he is?" It seems a silly question as Peter should know that Kevin is at the house, but in a previous scene a police officer goes to the McAllister house and receives no response to repeated knocks and bell-ringings. It's likely that the police would've relayed this information back to the McAllisters and that this would explain Peter's frantic mood.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): When Kevin is at the counter of the grocery store, the clerk scans a bag of toy soldiers and looks at Kevin. He says "It's for the kids". But when the clerk asks, "What about your brothers and sisters?" Kevin replies, "I'm an only child." While this seems that Kevin is stumbling over his lies, he is not. He is at the grocery store alone, buying "grown up" things such as orange juice, milk, bread, toilet paper and laundry detergent. He is also reading a tabloid and discussing the quality of microwave dinners just as an adult does. When the cashier scans the toy soldiers she looks at him questioningly. Kevin makes a joke saying they are "for the kids" referring to his own children. Obviously he doesn't have children, but his purchases and actions make him seem grown up.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Kevin arrives home after speaking to Old Man Marley at the church, he runs right in the house without unlocking the front door - he left his house unlocked even though he knew that there were burglars in the area.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kate is losing her temper with the desk agent in Scranton, her coat changes in how open or closed it is between shots.
  • Goof (continuity error): After Harry touches the heated doorknob and Kevin flees from the door at 80:48-80:51 on the DVD, the charcoal lighter cord runs out of the foyer into the next room from which the camera is shooting. Later, when Harry and Marv are hit with paint cans at 84:18, the door and the red-hot charcoal lighter can be seen in the background, but its cord does not leave the foyer.
  • Goof (factual errors): American Airlines has never flown a morning flight between Chicago and Paris.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Harry and Marv follow Kevin in their van, they initially stop when they are slanted on the road. After the stop for when Kevin turns around to look at them, they are fixed perfectly against the curb.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): After Marv is hit with an iron, a wrinkle can be seen in the mark on his face revealing that the iron print is actually a plastic sticker. It can also be seen later when Kevin puts the tarantula on Marv's nose.
  • Goof (continuity error): While Kevin is in the kitchen with the whole family. Buzz is clearly stuffing the last piece of Kevin's pizza in his mouth. In the next shot he is shown with half a piece of pizza in his hand and his mouth is not stuffed.
  • Goof (crew or equipment visible): While Kevin is holding shears to cut the rope in the tree house, a few inches ahead of where he is to cut you can see something that looks like fishing line that is holding up the rope. This line is visible twice, as he appears with the cutters and again just as he is cutting the rope.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Marv goes to look and see if anyone is home, Kevin is washing up and has his sleeves rolled up. He plays "Angels with filthy souls" and gets fire crackers out. He reaches into a drawer to get a lighter and we only see his arms where his sleeves are down. When you see a full view of him, his sleeves are rolled up again
  • Goof (revealing mistake): Each time that Kevin leaves his home and returns, he only turns the knob to enter this home. Clearly, he never uses a key. When he knew that the burglars were coming back at 9pm, he leaves the church, arrives home and runs directly into the house showing it was already unlocked.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Marv and Harry are arguing in the van, they realize they are about to hit Kevin and screech to a stop. But the distance they had to stop was not enough time to avoid hitting Kevin. Nor did the distance shown at first match the next scene.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): Kate did not realize Kevin was missing until the family are in mid flight on the plane. Given the family would have to go to the flight desk then security Kate should had discovered Kevin was missing at the airport. But Peter threw away Kevin's ticket along with the paper towels (they're red, same as the ticket) in the kitchen scene, so there are 10 kids and 10 tickets.
  • Goof (continuity error): When the characters are in the upstairs hallway, the walls change back and forth from being covered with a hunt club green wallpaper to being painted in a shade of green slightly different from the wallpaper. This is because some of the scenes were recreated on a sound stage at New Trier High School and they had to try and match the colors as best they could.
  • Goof (continuity error): Towards the end of the movie, Kevin calls the police from his parents' bedroom. This should be impossible. The phones are out, which is why his parents can't reach him.
  • Goof (factual errors): When Marv picks up the answering machine while Kevins' dad is leaving a message the phone comes off the hook which would have affected the answering machine message being recorded.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Harry and Marv are in the van and Harry is listing the automatic light cues, when Harry lists #671, the McAllisters' house, we can see the lights turn on in their reflection on the van's windshield. However in the next shot, which is of the house, we can see the lights turn on again.
  • Goof (errors in geography): When the whole family arrives in Paris (which is really the underground walkway under the O'Hare Airport Hilton, that connects the terminals at O'Hare, and looks like it may include parts of the old Terminal 4), Kate uses a public phone to call home. But this device can't be a French one, because all phones available in France in the 90s required telephone cards and we clearly hear an operator asking Kate to insert coins.
  • Goof (crew or equipment visible): When the female police officer transfers Mrs. McCallister to Sgt. Balzac in the Crisis Center, a crew member's reflection is seen in the glass just above the stenciled word "center."
  • Goof (continuity error): Kate tells the pizza boy that her brother-in-law drove in from Ohio earlier that day with his family, yet later in the film only Kate and Peter's cars are seen in the garage. There is no other vehicle parked anywhere near the house.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): The house loses power in the night from the falling tree branch. This causes them to oversleep. The power gets restored before they leave, obviously, because we see the parents' alarm clock showing 12:00. The timers for the lights would be affected, and the lights would not turn on at the same time that the burglars were expecting. However, Kate asks Peter on the plane if they set the timers on the lights. Peter says "I did." This indicates that they did in fact re-set the timers.
  • Goof (continuity error): When the crime-boss in the "Angels With Filthy Souls" movie shoots Snakes with the sub-machine gun, it makes just a few brief thin-sounding bursts of rapid-fire. Yet when Kevin is playing back his "clipped/rearranged" version of the movie to scare the pizza-delivery guy, the gunfire is much deeper-toned and lasts a lot longer, and the individual ammo-round-discharge sounds are slower and more spaced out.
  • Goof (crew or equipment visible): When the police officer is chasing Kevin, the shadow of the camera is briefly visible on Kevin's back.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): Harry's Stunt double can be seen when he first slips off Kevin's front steps. It is also the same stunt double in the behind shots as he holds onto the side railing while trying to climb the steps.
  • Goof (crew or equipment visible): SPOILER: Near the end of the film, as Kevin looks out of the window to see Mr. Marley reunited with his son, a hand holding a camera is clearly visible.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Old Man Marley hits Marv with the shovel, it shows that Marv's body is a mannequin.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kevin is at the top of the stairs getting his sled ready one shot shows him throw his scarf over his right shoulder and it slips down his arm. In the next shot, from behind, the scarf is clearly thrown behind his shoulder.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Kevin is shooting at the toys that go down the laundry chute, he is closing the wrong eye for aiming a rifle.
  • Goof (continuity error): Just before Marv and Harry step into the small pile of toy cars and slip up at the bottom of the stairs, Harry had been covered in feathers. In the next shot, he has no feathers on him at all, they just mysteriously disappear.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): When Kevin makes the sign of the cross before eating his dinner, he makes it what would appear as wrong, touching his right shoulder first - however, some eastern catholics, such as Byzantines, bless themselves this way.
  • Goof (factual errors): The plane shown landing at the Scranton Airport is a McDonnell Douglas DC-10. The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Airport has never had regular service from a DC-10 by any airline. The largest planes to land at Scranton are Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s. DC-10s are far too large to be accommodated by the airport for non-emergency situations.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): When Kevin is having a flashback of his family yelling at him, we see Linnie turn around and go down the stairs. When this actually happens, we don't see her turn around at all. However, the other flashback visions were also not shown exactly as they had happened earlier in the film. They were all a little exaggerated as usually happens in a kid's mind.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kevin and Buzz are first seen fighting over the pizza Kate rushes over to break it up, in the next shot when Peter is throwing away the napkins Buzz is seen running his hands through his hair and Kate is talking calmly to Kevin, and in the next shot after Aunt Leslie asks Fuller if he's okay Kate is seen trying to break up the fight again and yells at Kevin.
  • Goof (continuity error): The stained glass window in the church is different in the interior and exterior shots. Seen from outside, it has four panels, while inside it has seven.
  • Goof (errors in geography): As the family bids farewell to Mom at the Paris airport, tail colours of an Eastern Airlines jet are visible outside the gate window. Eastern was a domestic U.S. airline and would not have serviced Paris.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): Obvious stunt double in the long shots of Kevin swinging across to the tree-house.
  • Goof (factual errors): When Kate calls the police from France, the woman answers the phone "Village police," but when the officer goes to the McCallister home, he clearly has a City of Chicago flag on the right shoulder of his jacket.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): SPOILER: When Marley is shown hitting Harry and Marv with the shovel, it is a double swinging the shovel.
  • Goof (continuity error): When the McCallisters take off for Paris Orly from Chicago O'Hare, they are on board a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10, a tri-jet. When they land in Paris, they are on board a Boeing 757, a twin jet. Given that flight appears to be non-stop, the fact that they took off in a plane with three engines and landed in a plane with two engines is an error.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Marv is trying to enter the basement, there's snow on each side of the entryway. When the camera angle changes to show him from inside the basement, the snow is gone.
  • Goof (factual errors): Kevin's Daisy Red Ryder air rifle (notable by the distinctive shape of its trigger-guard and lever), has an additional pump-action mechanism which The Daisy Red Ryder has never had, and which would be unnecessary besides, due to the lever.
  • Goof (continuity error): When the Cop starts to chase Kevin for stealing the toothbrush, they run passed a woman in a red coat with a skate on her shoulder twice.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kevin goes across the street to his neighbors house entering though the flooded basement his clothes are soaked as he rushes up the stairs. In the next scene where he goes though the door to run into Harry and Marv his clothes are dry.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): When Kevin calls 9-1-1 to report that robbers are in his house, he uses a phone that says "Pacific Bell," which isn't available in Chicago. They would not receive service from Pacific Bell, but Pacific Bell does sell phones which can be used anywhere with any service.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Kevin accidentally steals a toothbrush from a drug store, the cop who chases him falls on the ice after getting hit by a hockey player. He lands on his back and his hat starts to fall off his head and his arms are pushing the hat back on his head, but when the Cop looks up and sees that Kevin got away, he is lying on his stomach and his hat is off his head.
  • Goof (continuity error): Harry is seen wearing a wedding ring in the shot where Marv tries to kill the spider that is on Harry's chest. Later in the movie Harry is no longer wearing the wedding ring.
  • Goof (errors in geography): When the plane takes off from Chicago, it's morning. It takes about seven or eight hours to fly from Chicago to Paris, and Paris time is seven hours ahead of Chicago time. That would put them in Paris around one or two in the morning. Yet when the plane arrives in Paris, it's already broad daylight.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Harry grabs the heated doorknob with the "M" engraved on it, he grabs it with his knuckles at 9:00, facing left. After he puts his hand in the snow to cool it, he looks at it and sees the "M" upright on his hand.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): While Jeff is zipping up his bag as Kevin tells him he never packed a suitcase, you can clearly see nothing but newspaper sticking out.
  • Goof (continuity error): After Kevin steals the toothbrush, he slides between a hockey player's legs. The hockey stick was between the player's leg in the first shot, the next shot when Kevin slides through the player's legs the stick is off to the player's side.
  • Goof (continuity error): After the McCallisters realize they've overslept and are frantically running around the house, Heather goes up the same set of stairs twice.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Kevin is shooting the toys by the rifle into the laundry chute, you can see that the third bullet doesn't hit the mark (the toy) but clearly passes above it (can be seen as a small dot of somewhat metallic color) and yet the toy falls down the chute.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): As Kevin flies through the air outside the front door after he sleds down the stairs, you can see the rollers on the bottom of the toboggan.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): There is no explanation about why Old Man Marley had a bloody rag on his hand while in the store or BandAids on his hand when he and Kevin shake hands in the church. However, the novelization by Todd Strassman explains that when he was in the store, he cut his hand on the blade of his shovel by accident. Even without the novelization's explanation, it is still possible that he had blisters on his hand caused by shoveling snow which burst, necessitating the bandage.
  • Goof (continuity error): Kevin has a pizza delivered to the house even though the phones are supposed to down. There is never any indication of if or when the phones were restored, but in the scene immediately before, Kevin's father was trying to reach Kevin.
  • Goof (crew or equipment visible): When Kevin Walks into Buzzs' room looking for his family after being left alone, on the bottom right of the frame you can see a crew members leg.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Harry slips down the stairs while trying to go in through the front door, he drops his crowbar and doesn't pick it up, but in the next long shot the crowbar is no longer on the ground right next to the steps.
  • Goof (continuity error): When the shopping bag bursts while Kevin is walking home from the store, the milk carton rolls a couple of times on the sidewalk. Realistically, a full carton of milk would just fall flat and not roll, due to the weight, making it appear that the carton was empty and not heavy, thus was able to roll a bit upon hitting the sidewalk.
  • Goof (continuity error): When Peter calls the Murphy home while Harry and Marv are robbing it, Marv picks the entire phone off the table. At this point a receiver is visible on the phone. In the next shot of Marv, it is gone. If it was in fact supposed to fall off, the answering machine would have been cut off anyway.
  • Goof (errors made by characters, possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Kevin crosses himself before his macaroni and cheese dinner, he goes from right shoulder to left shoulder. Catholics go from left to right. Byzantine Catholics (and Orthodox) do go right to left but they do not use the open palms/four fingers.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Marv is hit in the face with the iron, if you look closely before he falls down you can see that the iron hits him on the forehead, but when he sits up, the iron has left a print that covers his whole face.
  • Goof (incorrectly regarded as a mistake): As Harry is driving down the driveway after a burglary he is wearing his black knit cap. Just after he hits the brakes to avoid hitting Kevin he pokes his head out to tell Kevin to be more careful and his cap is missing. However, he can clearly be seen removing his hat as he is winding the window down to talk to Kevin, which is why he is not wearing it in subsequent shots.
  • Goof (revealing mistake): When Marv slips at the bottom of the stairs near the basement door, the "ice" moves underneath, being a sheet of Plexiglas.
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